Unknowingly Fulfilled My Professor’s Fetishes

Hello everyone, my name is Ajay Kumar, and I am based in Visakhapatnam. A little introduction. I became bi-sexual under different circumstances and was later diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. It drew me closer to the bisexual world.

The following story is a work of fiction.

This incident happened in November, and the time was around 11:55 PM. I was casually browsing through my messages. One of them read, “Hi, I read your Story on ISS and loved it. I’m a 38-year-old female from Visakhapatnam Looking for a Slave. Are You Interested ?”

When I read the message, I thought that a random guy was trying to make conversation, pretending to be a female. The conversation headed in the most cliched way.

“My husband doesn’t care about my needs. He only thinks about his pleasure. He is very demanding and dominating in bed, so I’m looking for a slave to dominate. When I read your story, I felt like you are a good fit as you are from the same city as well. Blah. Blah.”

I asked this person to share a picture and got the typical answer, “I don’t feel comfortable sharing my picture.” I was about to block, but she wrote, “Let’s meet in the ‘X’ mall tomorrow evening. If we both come to a mutual agreement, we can take this further, or it will be our last meeting.”

My mind just went blank when I read that. I was like, what the fuck just happened? Can it be a real woman? Or someone is trying to fool me. Somehow, I convinced myself to take this chance, and I went to the mall. After what seemed like an eternity, I received a message.

“I’m on X Table in the food court, and I’m wearing a blue Saree. Where are you, and how can I identify you?” such boldness created so many doubts in my mind I went to the food court and found the table. I saw a lady wearing the exact coloured Saree sitting there alone.

Still doubtful, I sat at a table behind her. I texted her that I was at this table and I was wearing a grey T-shirt and closely observed the lady. After a couple of minutes, the lady turned around, looking straight in my direction. The moment I saw her face, my heart just stopped.

My face turned pale as if I saw a ghost, and my body started shivering and sweating. The lady was none other than my Engineering College Professor, Shalini Ma’am. I couldn’t believe that she could be this person. Shalini Ma’am is the most strict and scariest professor in our college.

She is slim and tall, milky white complexion and big black eyes. She always wore a Saree and draped it so elegantly. I was still processing all this information. She didn’t have any expression on her face. She stood up, so I thought she would leave.

But instead, she took her food tray and came towards me. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. I just kept looking at her with a blank expression. She sat down and said, “There is no need to make this awkward,” and smiled. I answered I would have never guessed that she was into this lifestyle.

She just smiled and answered that she was also a human being. She has some needs and fantasies, too. But being a wife and a mother in this chauvinistic society, she was not able to explore this and just fantasized about it till now. Her answer triggered something in me.

I just straight away asked her, “So, Ma’am, How can this Slave be of Service to you?” Her face lit up at this remark, and the next thing she did just blew me away. She took a scoop of ice cream from the bowl and spread it on her feet.

She looked me dead in the eye and asked me to go down and lick the ice cream off her feet. I looked at her with a shocked expression. She just said “NOW” firmly, and her voice sent shivers down my spine. I looked around.

After making sure that no one was looking in our direction, I bent down and went under the table.  I took her ice cream-clad feet in my hand and brought them close to my face. The smell of her sweat was overpowering and intoxicating. I slowly took my tongue out.

I licked the ice cream completely off her feet. Her sweat taste sent goosebumps all over my body.  I wanted to continue licking her feet. But I didn’t want to cause any suspicion, so I came above. Her face was red with excitement, and she had a broad smile on her face.

We spent the next hour discussing my limits and her fetishes and reached a final agreement about the session.  On Monday morning, I went to her apartment at the agreed time and waited for her ALL CLEAR. She directed to meeet to her apartment, signaling me to enter without making a sound.

I entered, and she locked the door behind me. Once inside, I turned around and looked at her. She was wearing her typical cotton Saree with her pallu in her right hand. She was covered in sweat and had a big grin on her face. She handed me a box and asked me to strip right there and wear the items inside the box.

Saying so, she left and sat on the sofa, looking at me. I put the box on a table and stripped naked right there without any hesitation. I opened the box and looked at my Ma’am. She had an evil grin on her face. I just smiled and wore the items inside the box.

First, it was a pink padded bra and panty. A waist chain with very tiny bells, Anklets, Bangles, nose ring and earrings (press type), and a necklace. The last item was the dog collar, which I wore with pride. Except for the body hair and the light stubble on my face, I looked like a girl.

I looked at Ma’am for my next instruction. She snapped her fingers and asked me to stand before her. I slowly started walking towards her. With each step, the anklets, bangles, and waist chains were making tinkling sounds. After a long walk, I stood before her.

She stood up very close to me, and I was not able to look into her eyes. I held my head down, looking at her feet. She held me by my chin and pulled my lips towards hers. I was happy that I was about to taste her luscious lips, but I was wrong.

With both hands, she grabbed my boobs over the bra and started pressing them hard. It was giving me pain, but I just submitted my body to her and just stood there. She slowly moved her hands from my boobs and slid them towards my waist. I let out a gasp, and she laughed.

She grabbed my waist firmly. Then spanked my ass hard and pulled me more onto her while gripping my ass cheeks with her hands. Ma’am then sat and asked me to kneel. She then extended her left foot towards my face, and I held her foot with my hands and started licking it.

I ran my tongue through the gaps of her toes. I sucked them, and I licked her feet with my tongue. Her sweat taste was making me mad and I just kept lapping at her feet. When she was satisfied with one, she extended the other. I gave the other foot the same treatment.

She stuffed her one foot in my mouth and started fucking my mouth with her feet causing me to gag and spit out saliva on her feet. She then rubbed that saliva on my face using her foot. Ma’am was laughing hysterically, looking at my state and then ordered me to be on all fours like a dog.

She took a biscuit packet from the drawers, threw one on the floor and then commanded, “Go, Doggy, get your food.” I understood the assignment. I ran like a dog and ate the biscuit from the floor. She continued this for some time, and every time I ran for a biscuit, the jewellery was making tinkling sounds.

She was laughing, looking at me. Ma’am then asked me to come and sit at her feet. I went near her feet and stood on my knees. She stood up, removed her Saree dress and stood in front of me in just Black Bra and Panty. My mouth watered, looking at her.

Her whole body was glistening with sweat. Looking at her like that, I couldn’t control myself. I just jumped on her, caught her boobs in my hands and made her fall on the sofa with me on top of her. I licked, kissed and bit her neck. She was surprised by this.

Before she could regain her composure, I ripped her bra and saw those small boobs. I pressed them hard, causing her to gasp for air, then took her nipples between my thumb and index finger and pulled them hard. I took her nipples one after the other in my mouth.

I sucked them, chewed them while mauling her boobs harshly. Ma’am regained her composure and caught my cock and balls over my panty. She twisted them hard. If she hadn’t closed my mouth in time, the whole apartment would have heard my screams. Tears were flowing like rivers.

I was trying to get away from her. But she gripped my cock and balls firmly, almost crushing them. The pain caused me to slide and fall flat on the floor on my back. She used all of her strength to twist again. It felt like someone was ripping my cock and balls from my body, and I fainted.

I woke up feeling a sharp slap on my left cheek. I opened my eyes and saw Ma’am sitting on my stomach with her legs on either side of my body. She was fuming with anger in her torn-up bra. I tried to move, but my hands and legs were tied to the bed tightly in a spread-eagle position.

My mouth was stuffed with some cloth, and it was taped shut. I started begging her for forgiveness, but She just slapped me 10 times. Her slaps were so hard that her handprints were imprinted on my cheeks. With teary eyes, I was begging her to stop but she was in her rage mode.

She then put a pillow under my ass and sat on my stomach. I moved my bra up, exposing my boobs completely. She then took my nipples in her hands and twisted them. I was trying to get away from her but she just laughed with an evil look.

After torturing my nipples, she took a lit candle and poured hot wax over my abused nipples. She was laughing at my suffering. Ma’am then spread my ass cheeks and shoved a candle in my asshole in one go. There was no lubrication, and it stung like hell. She used the candle to fuck my ass.

With one hand, she was pouring hot wax on my chest, navel, thighs and cock. With the other, She was thrusting the candle in with full force and twisting it in my ass in a circular motion. The stinging sensation from the hot wax, the feeling of rope rubbing against my skin, the stimulation of my ass.

Her evil laugh was enough to build the pressure inside me. Before I knew it, my whole body shook violently. I lifted my ass in the air, and streams of cum jetted out of my semi-erect cock and landed all over my body. If my mouth hadn’t gagged, the whole city would have heard my moan.

It took me a while to recover from the orgasm. I was completely awake and I wasn’t tied up and nothing stuffed in my mouth. So I apologized to her. She kissed me, patted my head, and said, “Good Boy.”

Ma’am put a finger through the loop on the dog collar and guided me up. She sat in a position with her back against the bed with her legs spread and folded at her knees, exposing her clean-shaven pussy. I got onto my hands with my face near her crotch and looked at her, requesting permission.

She smiled and nodded. I came near her pussy entrance. The smell of her pussy sent shivers through my body, and my mouth watered. I gave a long, wet lick and tasted her juices. It tasted sweet and had a very strong, musky flavour. I pounced on her pussy.

Ma’am spread her pussy lips, guiding me to go deeper and deeper into her pussy. I latched on to her clit with my lips and sucked on it, nibbled at it softly for a good five minutes. I moved on to her holy hole and used my tongue to fuck her pussy. She was at her peak and started abusing me verbally.

She held my head tight against her pussy and crushed it between her thighs. She lifted her ass from the bed and came with a huge moan. I felt some liquid on my tongue. The consistency and the taste were so different compared to her juices from before.

She was still recovering from her orgasm. My eyes fell on her clenching asshole. I’m usually grossed out by the idea of going anywhere near the asshole with my mouth, but today, I leaned in and licked her asshole. Ma’am was shocked and looked at me with a questioning face.

I just smiled and licked again. She had goosebumps all over her body, that was the motivation I needed, and I continued licking her asshole. The taste was so bad that I felt like vomiting. But I wanted to please my Ma’am. I took some liberty and slid my hands below her ass cheeks.

OMG, her ass was smooth as butter. I slid my hands below her ass and held her ass cheeks with my hands to spread them. With my thumbs, I spread her cheeks, exposing her asshole. At first, it was just shallow licking. Then I used my tongue to outline the crevices of her asshole.

The licking helped, and I saw that her asshole was not clenched, and I did it. I inserted my tongue into her asshole. She let out a loud moan and closed her mouth with her hands to avoid making sounds. I was so lost in ecstasy that I didn’t even care about the taste.

I slid it as far as I could and rotated it around her asshole, and licked her insides too. Finally, she reached her orgasm, and a fart escaped from her. I looked at her, and her face was red with embarrassment. I would have been very happy if she farted again. But I didn’t want to embarrass her any further.

We both went into the shower area, and she asked me to kneel in front of her. I sat on my knees, looking at my Ma’am. She put her right foot on something giving me a clear view of her pussy. She started rubbing her pussy and asked me to masturbate looking at her pussy.

I was stroking my semi-erect cock looking at her juicy pussy. I was getting close, and she just started pissing on me. My body shuddered as I was getting drenched in her warm piss. Her piss is hitting my chest with full force and trickling down towards my cock in my hands.

The smell was very strong. The warmth of her piss was so soothing and oddly satisfying. I continued beating my piss-soaked cock harder. Soon I came looking at her beautiful stream of piss.

Once she was done pissing, she turned on the shower and asked me to clean her body. I cleaned up after her and got dressed as it was time to leave. Ma’am gave me a tight hug and kissed me on my lips. I finally got to taste those luscious lips after all. She broke the kiss and said, “Thank You for Today.”

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