Unspoken Desires Among Siblings – Part 1

My name is Avi, and I’d like to share my true story with my younger sister, Siddhi. The story takes place a decade ago when I was 24 and Siddhi was 19.

It soon became apparent to Siddhi that she would need better educational opportunities than she had in our hometown. I worked in the city and was living in a PG (paying guest accommodation). So we decided to let my sister move in with me. We rented a small apartment together.

During the weekends, we spent quality time in each other’s company. Because we were newcomers to the city, our circle of friends was limited. We spent the weekend shopping, watching movies, and eating out together.

Back in our hometown, she wore traditional outfits. But now, in line with the fashion preferences of her college group. She requested a one-piece outfit and a shorter length. I complied with her request.

I took her shopping, and she found a few trendy outfits she really liked. Among them, she fell in love with one piece, but it was only available in a larger size than she was. In terms of her figure, she has 32 boobs, 28 waists, and 30 asses. She is 5’4″ tall, weighs 52 kg, and has a cute little face and curly hair.

Her favourite piece was slightly loose around her upper body. Our relationship has grown closer and more like close friends than just siblings. I suggested delicately that she wear a padded bra underneath.

She agreed. Her cheeks were tinged with shyness, but a smile graced her lips. She asked me with shyness if I wanted to accompany her while she shopped. I smiled back and nodded. We walked hand in hand, chatting and laughing along the way.

We examined the selection of padded bras and other items. She had never purchased a branded undergarment before, so the innerwear collection blew her away. She couldn’t resist and bought several pieces. She had to show me the fitting of the items she bought.

So she stepped into the dressing area and tried them on. I couldn’t help but admire her beauty and grace. I praised her beauty and told her how stunning she looked in the stylish one-piece over the padded bra. She blushed and thanked me for the compliments.

Until now, I had never had bad thoughts about her. But when I saw her in shorts and innerwear, I felt different. Now, we’re getting closer and more comfortable with each other. Our apartment had only one bed, so one of us usually slept on the floor.

However, when winter came around, and we were already close and comfortable with each other, we decided to share the bed. We both felt a sense of warmth and comfort in the shared bed. We also felt more secure and loved than ever before. We felt closer together than ever before.

While I used to masturbate at night while sleeping alone, it was not a problem. However, now that we share a bed, it is more challenging. Before going to bed, we would typically watch TV shows, often choosing crime dramas like ‘Crime Patrol’ on the laptop.

The laptop would usually be on the left side of the bed, with her sitting in front of it and me sleeping behind it. She would often be distracted by the show, and I would often fall asleep. This made it difficult for me to find a good time to masturbate without her noticing.

In those quiet moments, we snuggled up to watch our favourite shows. I often hugged her from behind, a comforting gesture that felt natural in those quiet moments. In spite of this, I could sense some shyness in her, a warm, gentle touch on her cheeks.

Over time, things changed. She stopped wearing innerwear to bed, opting instead for shorts and a T-shirt to show how close we had become and how much trust we had developed. With no need for words – our actions spoke for themselves.

It was like we were living in a world of comfort and understanding. When we were watching a show one night, I gently placed my hands on her boobs over her T-shirt. I believed that the time had come for us to take our relationship to the next level.

I felt that she was not wearing a bra, as her nipples were already erect. She accepted my gesture as a routine part of our relationship and didn’t object or express any discomfort. But I could tell from the expression on her face that she considered it special and enjoyed it a lot.

In the end, she closed her eyes to enjoy the touch of my hands fully. I interpreted that as consent from her. My dick has been hardened to its fullest extent in response to her consent. I began rubbing her bobs while rubbing my naughty boy, which was hard on her ass as well.

At that moment, she opened her eyes and locked her gaze with me. However, we had reached a point where turning back was no longer an option. Additionally, she acknowledged this and, with a feeling of contentment, began to move her ass in and out.

Our eyes met, we smiled, and we both knew there was no going back – we’d have to continue to move forward! As lust completely consumed our thoughts, I put my hands in her T-shirt and felt her smooth boobs for the first time in my life.

She also felt a level of sensation she had never felt before, and her breathing became more intense. I rubbed her navel area with the other hand and moved down from there. It was not hard for me to reach her uncovered pussy in shorts with loose rubber and without an inner.

The moment I touched her virgin pussy, she quickly pulled my hands away from her shorts. It seems she was too wet and did not want the climax to start too early. I rose and removed her T-shirt and my shorts. I climbed on top of her.

Her shorts and my boxers were on. I kissed the cheek, and she kissed my lips as well. As I inserted my tongue in her mouth, she moaned in pleasure as I moved my hands up and down her body.

I then moved my mouth down to her neck and then down to her breasts. I slowly made my way down to her virgin pussy, and I started teasing her with my tongue.

I’ll be writing about the rest of the night in the next part of the story.