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I was talking to one of my old crushes on WhatsApp. I kept looking at her pictures and going crazy. Her sexy, fair skin and her sultry face always made me too horny to concentrate. She started talking freely with me, and then told me about a wild experience she had with a professor back when she studied in London.

She needed a recommendation letter so that she could get into a higher program, and he refused to give at first. She asked him again and again, but he wouldn’t change his mind.

One day, she walked into his classroom when he was alone. He protested the recommendation letter because she was a horrible student, but she didn’t care.

She told me openly that she sucked his dick to get the recommendation. That shit made me so hard!

I imagined her looking him dead in his eyes as she tied up her hair. He would look at her confused until she got on her knees and pushed his legs open. She would undo his belt and pull his pants down to his ankles and get under his desk.

I imagined her sultry face going up and down as she sucked and slobbered on his white dick. I imagined her gooey saliva dripping down his white cock and down her fair, brown neck. I imagined her moaning like a whore as his cock throbbed and shot his explosive cum all over her sultry face. I imagined her smiling as she wiped off her face and stroked him gently. She’d ask him once more for a recommendation letter as his hips convulsed.

Maybe she’d given him a sloppy, slutty kiss as she chuckled into his throat. He’d smack her ass and get under her clothes and feel up her soft body. Maybe she was wearing a thong as well. I imagine the professor pulling her pants down to caress and smack her fair ass softly, making it jiggle like crazy. She would have let him feel up every inch of her in that wonderful moment, and he definitely gave her what she wanted. She got that recommendation letter for sure. Damn, I’d have asked her to fuck for it.

I didn’t tell her I thought this. I kept it to myself, but I kept imagining her naked body and it made me restless for days! I couldn’t concentrate I needed to fuck someone. I didn’t have anyone I could ask for a booty call, so I went online and watched a ton of porn. That wasn’t enough, so I clicked on one of the ads and ended up reading sex stories on ISS. I came across a story about a site called Delhi Sex Chat and immediately clicked the link.

This place was awesome. It had sexy women of every shape, color and size. I was rock hard before I even started chatting. I made an account and bought credits with my card and scrolled looking for a hottie to chat with. I needed someone to take care of me and I found her. Her name was Sheela.

Sheela was a gorgeous Indian model from Delhi with perfect perky titties. I could see them in her pics. They were perched so perfectly in her comfy bra, and it made me thirsty! So I asked for a private show. I told her all about my sexy, slutty friend and she loved the idea. She booked me for one, and I could barely contain my excitement.

Sheela came online wearing a blue full sleeve sweater and tight white leggings. She licked her lips gently as she looked into the camera. She was holding books and pleading with her eyes to me. She asked me to roleplay as the professor I described.

Me: Yes, what is it?

Sheela: Sir, you haven’t written my letter of recommendation yet.

Me: I’m not planning to either. You’ve been such a bad student and your grades are barely passing. So why would I?

Sheela put down her books and looked at me. She smiled slyly and began tying up her gorgeous hair. She smiled again and chuckled as she ran her hands down the side of her neck and moaned softly.

Sheela: Maybe I can make it all worth your while….sir.

Me: What do you mean by that?

Sheela: Take off your pants.

I didn’t even care about the fantasy anymore and did as she said. She purred like a slutty kitten as she looked down at the bulge in my pants. I pulled off my boxer shorts too, and she moaned louder with delight as she saw my hard cock.

Sheela: Want me to suck on that cock…don’t you?

Me: Get on your knees and get to work sweetie.

Sheela: I love being on my knees, professor. Will you fuck me with that smart dick after?

Me: I wanna bury my cock deep inside you.

Sheela: I want that too. I want that cock buried so deep that your cum shoots into my brain and makes me smarter. This cunt is all for you tonight.

She pulled off her tight top and let it fall. She played with her breasts as she unhooked her bra and licked her lips.

Sheela: Is this how you wanted me? On the floor between your legs?

She sat on the bed, on her knees, and opened her legs as she pulled her leggings down a bit to show her gorgeous hips. I started stroking slowly as she brought the camera closer and held it above her neck and angled it down. I was now looking at her body from a higher angle. Sheela pulled out a veiny dildo and sucked on it as I stroked myself.

Sheela: Damn, sir. Your cock is definitely a mouthful. I love it.

Me: Let me fuck that throat then.

She started choking hard on the dildo and coughing. Saliva dripped out of the sides of her mouth as she moaned and struggled. She pulled out the dildo to breathe and moaned as she licked the tip of it with passion and delight. I wanted to fuck her so bad.

Me: I really wanna fuck that sweet body now. I wanna cum inside you so hard.

Sheela: Ufff. I’ve been waiting to hear that. Let me tease you with my body first. When I’m wet enough I want you to enter me….and don’t come back out until you’ve fucked my brains out, professor.

Me: You got a deal!

Sheela started rubbing her body softly. She moaned as she played with her nipples. I stroked slowly as I watched.

Sheela: Oh, god. I love it when you stroke. Do it slowly for me. Don’t cum yet.

She opened her legs and turned around. I watched her hips move from side to side as pulled her leggings down to her knees. She smiled as she sighed deeply and turned around. I started stroking again as she laid back.

Sheela: Oh God! Love that stroking. Bring that cock closer to the camera.

I did as she asked and she yelped with pleasure as she slid her hands down her chest. She opened her legs and her pussy was dripping as she began to play with it. She stuck two fingers in and out and moaned as I stroked faster. She took the dildo and moaned heavily as she shoved it inside her. Drips of white pussy juice drizzled down her thighs as she threw her head back and moaned.

Her hips danced wildly as the dildo went deep inside her. I stroked hard and fast and I could feel myself get close to the end.

Sheela: Yes, baby! Cum deep inside me. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard!

I groaned as my cock throbbed and exploded. Drips of cum oozed out of my cock as I squeezed it. Sheela brought her face close to the cam and moaned as she imagined the cum dripping onto her slutty face. She licked her lips and then turned around and smacked her ass really hard.

Sheela: Come back anytime you miss this sweet ass baby. I will be here… (licks the dildo and moans) waiting just for you (winks).

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