When an ISS reader has crush on you – Part 3

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I’m Krish, a 28-year-old guy from Hyderabad living in the USA. This story is a continuation while a new one in itself. It is my first full-fledged encounter with Vaishnavi.

After a steamy session with Amrutha, I encountered Vaishnavi when I came out of the room for water. I pinned her to the wall and pulled her pyjama down. I fingered her while squeezing her boobs. Muffling her moans with my other hand, making her have a heavy orgasm.

This story is about what happened after that, how we did more than oral or virtual pleasure.

It’s been two weeks since I last touched Vaishnavi intimately, and the tension between us was boiling. Meanwhile, I was still visiting Amrutha, and we were having a good time.

Vaishnavi and I continue chatting and exchanging lustful and seducing messages. We were describing how we wanted to devour each other and make love. We had occasional kisses and hugs in the apartment.

As time passed, our chats became calls, video chats, and erotic snaps. The tension between us was so evident that it could be cut with a knife. After a month of virtual methods of satisfying each other, we finally got to be together in person.

Amrutha was leaving for India for vacation. This meant Vaishnavi and I had time alone. I met Amrutha on her last day. Vyshnavi opened the door with an ear-to-ear smile as I rang the bell.

Caging her excitement, I moved past her into Amrutha’s room. She was frantically packing at the last minute, mumbling. I tried to calm her down, but she wasn’t having it. So I had to pull her hard towards me and pin her to the wall.

I was smiling at Amrutha as her breath became more audible. I slowly moved my hands down her jeans into her panty. I was rubbing and patting the top of the pussy lips. I slowly pushed one of my fingers in, touching her clit and making her gasp.

I continue moving my fingers in and around her pussy. I bend over to whisper how much I miss pounding her. I want to take and devour her, making her wet with my words. I continue the fingering, increasing the intensity as my words impact more.

The thighs tighten lips are bitten hard, eyes are squinted. The orgasm rushes through her pelvic region. Holding onto me, Amrutha tries to control her moans. Her legs give in and shiver, and her pupils dilate.

Her phone starts to announce the alarm set for her to leave for the Airport. I left her wanting more. Amrutha packed, and we left. I dropped Amrutha off at the Airport, hugged her, and kissed her juicy lips. My hands squeezed her butt cheeks one last time before I told her goodbye.

I was back in the car. I checked my phone to see the code to get into the apartment complex from Vaishnavi. I smile at the message and reply, “Be there soon, freshen up, and get ready.”

Excited and happy at how things have turned out, I arrive at the apartment. I knock on the door in anticipation. I was guessing tracks or pyjamas. But she blew my mind and opened the door in her bathrobe. A red knee-length bathrobe with long sleeves. A knot around the waist as if to indicate she is my present.

Nervously smiling, she welcomed me in. I could see her cleavage through the bathrobe with water drops in the valley. Hugging her, I walk in. Pushing the door with my leg while my lips are in contact with hers. My hands rest on her waist and hips.

The kiss broke as we hit the sofa, and she stumbled and fell on it. She looks at me with her eyes filled with joy and lust. I stood in front of her with her face parallel to my pelvic region. Pushing it forward, I signalled my intentions to her.

Like an obedient slave, she understood and sprung into action. Removing my jeans, she pulled them down. Revealing my hard cock in the boxers, ready to be freed from the confinement. She exposed my hard shaft to the open world. With her eyes fixated on it, she moved her lips close to the dick.

Her breath was hitting it hard enough to make it swing.  Kissing the tip, she slowly started to lick the length of the cock. She moved to the balls and back to the tip again, kissing and licking the entirety. She pulled my foreskin back to reveal the pink mushroom head to kiss it.

My 6 inches had blood gushing into it as attention grew. Slowly, Vaishnavi started to lick the head and engulfed it in her mouth. Taking the dick in completely, she gave me a good head. I moved my hips to and fro to help her with the movement.

Trying to fit the entire length into her throat, she gave a better blowjob. Minutes into the action, my phone started vibrating. Still, as I checked it, I saw Amrutha calling me.

A small panic passed through me. I showed the phone to Vaishnavi, who stopped sucking my dick and sat still. I answered the phone to find that she had reached her gate, and everything was good. It relieved me. I looked down at Vaishnavi, who was still worried.

Gesturing all good with my hand, I continued to talk with Amrutha. She was describing how she wished we had more time and could do it with me now. It brought back my lustful mood.

Looking at Vaishnavi, I ran my fingers through her hair and held her head. I swiftly pushed it towards my dick. Shocked, Vaishnavi resisted but gave in as the dick touched her lips. She continued from where she had left off.

Amrutha was on call, explaining the acts she would have performed with me. Vaishnavi was sucking my dick. I was at my peak horniness. Holding her head, I moved my hips aggressively to and fro. I started to almost mouth fuck her with occasional deep throats and gags.

Trying to be discrete, Vaishnavi handled my aggressive mouth fuck well. It impressed me even more. Holding on to her head even tighter. I started to fuck it hard and move even faster, hitting various corners of her mouth. I started to moan, lost control over myself, and went ballistic.

Amrutha and Vaishnavi enjoyed it. Amrutha thought I was self-pleasing myself thinking about her. But I was happily fucking Vaishnavi’s mouth hard. With a loud moan, I shot my load into Vaishnavi’s mouth. Holding her head firm, not to let her remove my cumming dick.

Hearing me moan so loud, Amrutha was so happy. I could sense pride in her voice when she ended the call. I let go of my grip on Vaishnavi’s hair. She rushed to the sink to spit out the cum and clean her mouth.

Though angry with what I had done, she liked my aggression and dominance. It was a turn-on for Vaishnavi. I knew that later. Her face had mixed emotions as she approached me after the clean-up. But my lust for her hadn’t died yet. I held her by the arms and pushed her onto the sofa again.

I went on my knees, spreading her legs and pushing her bathrobe aside. I viewed her wet pussy for the first time. I had touched it earlier. Kissing the inner thighs, I kissed the pussy, rubbing my nose on it. I continued to kiss circularly, moving my head.

Licking the pussy, which was wet and had a unique smell, made Vaishnavi moan, twist, and turn.  Her moans got louder. As I lifted my head, I could see that her eyes were closed. Her hands were moving all over her head and face. I continued.

Her thighs locked my head while I tried to squeeze in my hand for a little help. I used my fingers to give her more pleasure, along with my tongue. I started to push my tongue deep and lick and move it fast and deep. Vaishnavi started to moan even louder.

Her thick thighs crushed my skull. I started to lick and finger vigorously as her pleasure was my pain. Slowly, the grip started to loosen up, and the moans were louder. Her legs started to tremble, signs she was close to her orgasm. I pushed my tongue deeper while adding another finger to rub the pussy faster.

It ultimately made her shiver, twist, and shout in pleasure. She clenched her fist hard onto the sofa and orgasmed. I looked at her cute yet exhausted face. I gave a devilish smile. I stood up and undressed while she caught her breath.

Standing stark naked with my dick hard as a rock, oozing the precum. I pulled her up into me for a hug, walked her into her room, and fell onto her bed. I held the ribbon tied around her waist, holding the bathrobe firmly against her body. I untied the knot and removed the bathrobe.

This revealed her naked body, especially the boobs, to my eyes for the first time. Seeing those areolas with nipples pointing toward me awakened the beast inside. Pulling the bathrobe out instantly, I made her naked and kissed her lips. I threw away the robe while getting over her.

My 6 ft 1-inch completely overshadowed her 5 ft 3-inch stature. I continued to kiss her and sink her into the mattress. I was on top of her, sucking on her lower lip. My hands touch and feel the bare skin from the boobs to the butt cheeks.

Rubbing and feeling her side frame, I was biting, kissing her lips, and sucking them, giving her both pleasure and pain. I slowly get on top of her. I continue to kiss and push her legs wide, adjusting between her legs, squeezing and settling there.

I break the kiss and stare into her eyes, tapping my hard shaft on her body. I hold my dick and guide it through glory. As the tip touches the insides of her vagina, I pause for a moment. I use my hips and pelvic muscles to thrust the power into making this one hell of a ride.

Pushing in deeper with each stroke, I move in smoother and faster than I assumed. I start to move in and out like a piston in an engine. The thrusts and pounding start getting deeper and faster. I adjust and settle into the missionary position.

Thrusting, I pull Vaishnavi’s hands up and start kissing her armpits. Showering kisses and bites on the meaty area, making her moan louder. Alternating between both hands, I suck, lick, and bite the armpits. Her moans from the pounding and the acts on her armpits give a rhythmic sense of pleasure.

Occasionally kissing her lips, I tried to kiss and suck the boobs. Every time I tried that, my dick would fall out of her pussy, making me stop and reset. This restarted the pounding all over. Thus making me stick to my arms, armpits, and face for any action for my mouth.

My fetish for armpits made me feast on them with pleasure. Yet my want for the boobs made me pull out and grab Vaisnavi by the hip. I pull her on top of me, making her ride me as I sleep on my back. Watching her boobs swing up and down as she swung on my dick.

Her boobs flap against her own body as she rode me was a treat. Seeing that made me want the boobs even more. Pushing me to grab them and start squeezing, pinching, twisting, and pulling the nipples. Making her shout and give me an angry eye.

Withdrawing my hands, I let my mouth take over. I started to suck on the boobs while thrusting my dick as deep as my hips allowed me. Sucking, kissing, and licking both the boobs to the heart’s content. I pushed myself up and hugged her with my dick still inside her.

I turned her back into a missionary position and started pumping myself hard into her. With her legs spread wide and mid-air, I started moving fast and deep. With my face buried in her neck and shoulder, I thrust as fast as possible.

Only to slow down to ask where I should release my load. To which Vaishnavi answered on her tummy. I went ballistic. As I near my climax, I see her wrap her legs around me. I assume she had another orgasm of her own.

I broke away from her lock and held my dick. It splashed the semen all over her tummy. Unloading all my semen, I fell on her with huge gasps for air. Rolling to the side, I kissed her forehead and embraced Vaishnavi in a warm hug. I slowly slid into sleep. A blast of messages from Amruthai awakened me.

That’s it, folks, for this part. Stay tuned as I write about more adventures with Amrutha and Vaishnavi.

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