Women Of My Family – Part 4 (All About A Hot Mom-In-Law Sex)

This is a fictional story about hot mom-in-law sex. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

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Anand learned about sex. Then the death of Anand’s father had made him a lonely introvert. Now getting married to Neha has changed his life. Anand finally fulfills one of his desires with his wife Neha and her friend Anjali. Then as Anand and Neha visit Neha’s parents’ place, he was stunned by her mom’s beauty.

Neha helps Anand see her mom naked and then sets him up to give a massage to her mom to seduce her.

The story continues.

After good 15 minutes, she walked out wrapped in a towel, covering her body from her boobs to her thighs.

Suma: So, my daughter knows about all of this?

Me: If not, why would she leave the house with only the two of us and plan to come back only in the evening.

Suma: She even told you about my sex life and encouraged you to have sex with me?

Me: You can ask her if you want to.

Suma: Would she be ok if I had sex with her husband? Especially, sharing her husband with another woman?

Me: To be honest, she would love it. She wouldn’t mind sharing me, as she helped me have sex with quite a few of her friends. When she found out how much I was lusting after you, she felt very happy that she finally found a way to make you happy.

Suma: What? You had sex with her friends, and she knows about it?

Me: Oh my dear Atha. You don’t know the other side of your daughter. She is very wild and crazy. You will get to know about it slowly if you decide to join us.

Suma: Join us?

Me: I mean, if you decide to have sex with me.

Suma: I thought about it. My sex life is indeed pretty bad. I used to receive many offers to have affairs, and at one point, I even considered them, but I always backed out as I was afraid. The thought that, what if my daughter found out about it and hated me for it, would scare me.

Suma: But, if my daughter is ready to share her husband with me to be satisfied, I would love to experience it. I am just afraid that it might lead to complications.

I was happy to hear that, and that was the green signal I needed. I immediately pounced on to her, embraced her in my arms, and kissed her lips. I chewed her red lips. I let them go after 5 minutes.

Me: Don’t you worry, Atha. We will take care of everything. You relax and enjoy.

Suma: I hope so, beta.

Both of us walked back into her room. I kissed her cheeks, forehead, eyes, and chin. Then, I kissed all over her neck and continued onto her shoulders. I pulled her towel, and it fell on the floor. Finally, I came face to face with my favorite boobs ever.

I admired their beauty for a few minutes, and then I pounced on them. I took both her boobs in my two hands and fondled them, squeezed them. Then, I scraped my fingers over her erect pink nipples. She was standing there and enjoying all the attention she was getting.

After playing with her boobs for a few minutes, I leaned forward and bit one of her nipples. She shouted in pain. Then I licked it to soothe it. I kissed and licked all over her boobs. As I bit on them, they turned pink, leaving my teeth marks on them.

Her skin was so smooth, fair, and delicate that I wanted to bite every part of her body. After sucking her boobs for some more time, I turned her back towards me. I kept kissing and biting her back, leaving teeth marks everywhere. Then, I licked all over her back. Then kissed her waist.

I made her sleep on the bed and finally removed her panty. She was not expecting to have sex and probably didn’t have sex in a long time. Hence, her pussy was fully covered with her pubic hair. I guess she must not have shaved in a long time.

This was the first time I have seen an unshaved pussy. All the girls I had sex with knew they were going to get laid and hence shaved neatly. I did some digging to clear her hair, to get a clear view of her pussy. It was brownish pink in color and was inviting me to explore it.

Of all the boobs I have seen, I think Atha has the best. Of all the pussies I have seen, I think Neha has the best pussy. I rubbed my finger across her pussy lips, which gave her a vibration, and she shivered on the bed. After fingering her pussy for a bit, I proceeded to kiss her pussy lips. She gasped.

Suma: What are you doing? Why are you kissing there?

Me: Why Atha? I would love to taste your pussy. Also, your’s is the only pussy that is so bushy. I want to taste the sweaty smell.

Suma: What do you mean you want to taste my pussy?

Me: Atha. Don’t tell me that uncle had never eaten your pussy!

Suma: No. He never put his head near my pussy.

Me: Oh my poor Atha. You have missed so much in life. Don’t worry. Just relax and let me play with your pussy. You will enjoy it.

I started kissing and licking all over her pussy. Then, I proceeded to kiss her thighs till her knees. I bit her thighs as well. Then, I came back to her pussy and started exploring it with my tongue.

I felt all her muscles in her vagina with my tongue, and she was moaning in pleasure. After tongue fucking her for a few minutes, she orgasmed. I licked all her cum and swallowed it. She was shocked to see me swallowing her cum.

Suma: I loved it. It was my first orgasm after a very long time. And you did it with just your tongue. Even though your uncle does have sex occasionally, he rarely gives me an orgasm. And I can’t believe you swallowed my fluids. Yuck!

Me: Atha. You are just being introduced to the world of sex. I guess all you did with uncle was just the tip of the iceberg. You will learn and experience a lot more things. I am guessing you wouldn’t want to suck my dick.

Suma: Eww. No. Although, I am waiting to see it. I felt it when you were giving me the massage. I thought that Neha is a very lucky girl. I didn’t think that I was going to get lucky today.

I removed all my clothes immediately, and she was amazed looking at it.

Me: What happened, Atha?

Suma: Your uncle’s dick is probably half your size.

Me: Don’t worry, Atha. I am going to make good use of it today.

She took my cock into her hands and stroked it for a bit. She kept staring at it in awe while feeling it in her hands. After few minutes, I couldn’t wait any longer. I placed my cock over her pussy and pushed it in. It was hard to enter, as it had been quite some time since she took a cock in her pussy.

She shouted in pain at first. I didn’t move to give her time to adjust. After a minute, I started stroking slowly. She started enjoying it. I gradually increased my pace. With every jerk I was giving, she was enjoying it more. I gave her another orgasm before I ended up cumming in her.

I rolled onto the side and lay down next to her.

Suma: Wow. That was amazing. No wonder my daughter is so happy all the time. I wish I, too, had found someone like you.

Me: Don’t worry, Atha. Even though your daughter found me, I am all yours from today. I will see to it that you are also happy all the time.

Suma: I hope so, too, beta. Now I understand why she set us up. I am lucky to have a daughter like her and a son-in-law like you.

Me: Me too, Atha. She is the best wife one could ask for.

We chatted for few more minutes, after which she wanted to go freshen up. I was not done yet, as I was getting ready to explore another favorite part of mine.

Me: Where are you going, Atha?

Suma: We are done. Let’s freshen up.

Me: Done already? Not so soon, Atha. We just started. I have so many more things to do.

Suma: What? Are you crazy? I already had two back-to-back orgasms. I am not even used to having one good orgasm. I think I am done.

Me: Don’t worry, Atha. We will not bother your pussy.

Suma: Then?

Me: I have been going crazy looking at that ass of yours for a long time. Especially the way it jiggles whenever you do your sexy walk. How can I let you go without eating that ass of yours?

Suma: What? Are you going to eat my ass? That’s crazy!

Me: Not just eat. I am going to fuck you in your asshole too.

Suma: What! No way! I have never been fucked in my asshole before.

Me: Oh wow. Lucky me. I am going to take your asshole virginity then. Poor uncle, he doesn’t know how to enjoy his woman.

Suma: No, please. I heard it would pain.

Me: Don’t worry, you will get used to it.

She started begging me to leave her asshole alone, but I was determined to fuck it. As she got up from the bed, I pulled her onto me and started kissing her again. I sucked her boobs and licked her nipples for a few minutes, and got her aroused.

Then, I made her sleep on the bed with her back facing upwards. I started kissing her back and went all the way down to her ass. I took her ass cheeks in my mouth and sucked on them. I bit them as well, leaving my teeth marks again.

Then, I made her come into a doggy position. She was begging me to stop. With one jerk, I pushed my cock into her asshole. It was never explored before. So it was hard to go in, and she was shouting in pain. I gave her a minute to calm down and pushed in my cock harder.

Finally, it went in, and I started stroking slowly. Initially, she shouted with pain, but after a few minutes, she started enjoying it and asked to go faster. I did increase my pace, and after a good few minutes, I cummed in her asshole.

I was a little tired and fell asleep naked right there on her bed. She, too, fell asleep beside me. She woke me up for lunch after some time. She already had a bath and was dressed.

She fed me right there on the bed while I was sitting naked. She wore a full-sleeved blouse, completely covering her back. I was surprised by the change in her dressing.

Me: What happened, Atha? Why did you wear this blouse instead of your regular deep-cut blouses?

Suma: All because of you! You left your love bites all over my back and my boobs. I can’t wear those sexy blouses now.

Me: Haha. I will be careful next time, Atha. But now, I want to go for another round.

Suma: No, no. I can’t take another round. Wait for some time, and your wife will be back. You can do whatever you want with her. I don’t have so much energy.

Me: Alright, Atha. At least let me enjoy those beautiful boobs of yours. Just let them free until others come back.

She opened her blouse and bra. I took her boobs into my mouth and hands like a newborn baby and kept on sucking them. I fell asleep sucking them and only woke up in the evening.

She woke me up again, asking me to get dressed as her husband and my wife might return. I had a quick shower and dressed up. Uncle and Neha came home. We chatted and had dinner as if nothing had happened and later dispersed to our rooms.

Neha: So?

Me: So What?

Neha: You bastard. Tell me everything that happened today. I saw a change in my mom, and for the first time in years, she completely covered her body. If I am not wrong, that must be because of your bite marks.

Me: Haha. You know me so well, baby. That was the reason she gave. She wanted to hide them from you and your dad.

Neha: I knew it. I think I trained you well from an introvert to a confident flirt who could seduce and convince even my mom.

Me: Yes, baby. It is all because of your training and how amazing you are. You are probably the first woman in the world who gifted her mom to her husband as a gift for their first anniversary. I enjoyed fucking your mom on our first wedding anniversary.

Neha: I hope there is some energy left for me too then.

Me: Of course, baby. There is always energy left for you. Come to me.

Neha: Yes, yes. I will. But before that, I too need a gift for our wedding anniversary.

Me: oh yes. Anything you want in this world. I will do everything I can to get it.

Neha: Are you sure?

Me: Yes, baby.

Neha: My mom.

Me: What? Your mom? I didn’t get it.

Neha: You dumbo. Even I want to have sex with my mom.

Me: What? Are you serious? You went crazy at me for just looking at her, and now, you want to have sex with her?

Neha: Haha. That I was testing you to see how much you wanted her and how much you loved me. You passed my test. So, I helped.

Me: What! You never cease to surprise me.

Neha: Ever since I became interested in girls, I started getting attracted to her because of her sexy dressing style. Even though I have seen her naked many times, I could never do anything.

Neha: I was afraid to move on her as I didn’t know how she would react. So, when I found out that even you were lusting after her, I thought we should give it a try and helped in whatever way I could.

Me: Wow. And I thought you were an amazing wife. At least you could have told me.

Neha: I wanted to see what you would do. I wanted to leave it for Plan B in case you failed. I was giving you hints, though. Which wife would help her husband to have sex with her mom?

Me: That’s true. I was too dumb to grasp it. So what shall we do?

Neha: Does she know I am a bisexual?

Me: No. I haven’t talked about you much. I just told her that you encouraged and helped me to have sex with her.

Neha: That’s good. Then we will take it from there tomorrow.

Me: Ok, done. After getting to know your dirty secret, I can’t control it any longer. Let’s have some fun now.

Neha was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I was wearing the same too. I pulled her onto me and started kissing her. I took her lower lip into my mouth and chewed it like chewing gum. Then, I removed her t-shirt and pulled down her shorts along with her panty.

She got naked as she wasn’t wearing any bra. I immediately removed all my clothes. Now, she took the lead and started kissing all over my chest. Then, she licked and bit my nipples. She proceeded to take my cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

As I already banged her mom a few times in the morning, I didn’t want to waste any more energy on a blowjob and pulled her and made her sleep on the bed. Then, I jumped onto her and started exploring her pink pussy. After spending all day with a bushy pussy, I liked the feel of cleanly shaven pussy.

I licked all over her pussy lips and pushed my tongue into her vagina. I tongue-fucked her for some time and gave her an orgasm. I licked and swallowed all her cum. I made her come into a doggy position and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy.

I started stroking slowly. She was begging me to go faster, but I decided to tease her. So I slowed down even more. She started getting desperate and cursed me to go faster. I was enjoying it. After a few minutes, I increased my pace and started fucking her vigorously.

Neha: Looks like someone just remembered my mom.

Me: Oh yes, baby. I would love to fuck you both together. Her sexy boobs and your amazing pussy. The two things I love the most in this world.

Neha: Sure, baby. Hope we can fulfill your wish tomorrow.

This gave me more energy, and I started fucking her even crazier. After a good few minutes, I ended up cumming in her. As I removed my dick, she took my dick in her mouth and licked it clean.

Me: Ah. I love it so much. You should teach this to your mom. She didn’t even take my cock into her mouth.

Neha: Don’t worry, babe. We will teach her a lot in the next few days.

After having a round of wild sex, we slept while getting excited for the following day.

To be continued.