Women Of My Family – Part 5 (Lust For My Mom)

This is a fictional story about the women in the family. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

are a bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, group sex, and mainly incest. Enjoy the story. You can give me feedback at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#1c6e797d78326f68736e75796f2d2524255c6c6e73687372717d7570327f7371″>[email protected]

Anand learned about sex. Then the death of Anand’s father had made him a lonely introvert. Now getting married to Neha has changed his life. Anand finally fulfills one of his desires with his wife Neha and her friend Anjali. Then as Anand and Neha visit Neha’s parents’ place, he was stunned by her mom’s beauty.

Neha helps Anand see her mom naked and then sets him up to give a massage to her mom to seduce her.

Anand finally seduces his mother-in-law and has sex with her. Then he finds out the real reason why Neha had helped him to seduce her mother.

The story continues.

The next day, we woke up as usual and got ready. As we went into the hall, Atha was already up and went about her work in the kitchen. We had breakfast and were eagerly waiting for Uncle to leave for work. As soon as he left, Neha went into the kitchen. I went and locked the main door and followed her.

Neha: What’s up, mom? What is this change in you?

Suma: What change?

Neha: You were going to wear your new blouses. But you wore this old one.

Suma: Oh, that? Nothing. Just like that. I wanted to wear this.

Neha: Nothing or is it all the love bites that my husband gave you?

Suma was shocked to hear this. Though she knew that her daughter encouraged me to have sex with her, she didn’t expect Neha to talk about it so openly. She was lost for words and was thinking about what to say.

Neha: It’s alright, Mom. Don’t worry. Anand told me everything. I hope he could make you happy and he satisfied you.

Suma: I am feeling embarrassed, beta.

I went behind Suma and hugged her from behind with my hands on her exposed waist. I started kissing her neck. She tried to push me away and resist as her daughter was right there, but I held her tight and continued kissing her neck.

Me: It’s ok, Atha. You don’t have to be embarrassed about anything. Tell your daughter how amazing it was yesterday. She wants to hear from you if I satisfied you or not.

Suma: Let me go, Anand. It feels awkward in front of Neha.

Me: I won’t until you answer her question.

Suma: Yes. I enjoyed it very much. He was amazing.

Neha: Mom, you don’t have to be embarrassed that I am here. You can do anything with him that you want to. You have as much right as I do. You can treat him as your husband, that my dad could never be, and fulfill all your desires.

Suma: If you still feel embarrassed, remember that I shared my husband with my friends. I would be more than happy to share him with my mom, who I love so much.

Suma: I don’t know what to say, beta. You are such an understanding daughter.

Me: Yes. She is a very understanding daughter, so much so that she will do all the work while we go and have fun.

With that, I took Atha into her bedroom and started undressing her. She was still resisting. She was still embarrassed that her daughter was in the next room while she was having sex with her daughter’s husband.

I used a little force, and she gave in. Within no time, I got her completely naked. I removed all my clothes too. I kissed her lips while caressing her boobs. She started getting aroused slowly and started responding to my kiss. After kissing for a few minutes, I started sucking her boobs.

It aroused her even more, and she started enjoying it. I made her sleep on the bed and continued sucking her boobs. She was lost in the excitement and closed her eyes when she felt another boob getting sucked. She opened her eyes and was shocked to find that even her daughter joined me in sucking her boobs.

She wanted to resist, but she was enjoying it. Finally, she mustered enough energy to talk.

Suma: What are you doing, Neha?

Neha: Nothing, mom. Just helping Anand, to make you happy.

Suma: What! But why?

Neha: I never realized how amazing your boobs were until Anand told me, mom. I have been bisexual all my life and had sex with other girls many times but never focused on you. If only I did, I would have tried to satisfy, if not all, most of your desires, mom.

Suma: What! You had sex with other girls?

Neha: Yes, mom. I started my sexual journey with a girl. Though a cock might be missing, lesbian sex is also amazing and very satisfying. You will find out soon, mom.

Suma: But I am your mom.

Neha: Sex is about people enjoying and pleasuring themselves. It doesn’t care about relations or genders. So enjoy it, mom.

Suma realized that there was no point in debating anymore and just gave in. She understood that her daughter and son-in-law were determined to have sex with her together, and there is nothing much she could do to stop them. So she decided to stop resisting and start enjoying us.

Both I and Neha continued sucking Suma’s soft and delicate boobs, leaving our love bites everywhere. I proceeded to kiss Suma on her waist and belly. Neha proceeded to kiss her mom on her lips. I enjoyed watching this union of mother and daughter.

After kissing her mom for a few minutes, she stopped to admire the true beauty of her mother.

Neha: Wow, mom. Do you never shave your pussy?

Suma: No beta. Until yesterday, I used to have sex occasionally. Your dad didn’t mind if it was shaved or not, as he never put his head there. So I didn’t care about it. Only yesterday, Anand showed me the pleasure of tongue fucking, and I enjoyed it. I would have shaved today but didn’t have the equipment.

Neha: Oh, don’t worry, mom. I have it. Let me just get it.

With that, Neha went and got the shaving kit. I was still busy licking and kissing her waist. Neha proceeded to shave her mother’s pussy right there. After she was done, she cleaned it with some water there only. I looked at the freshly shaven pussy, and it was beautiful.

I kissed it and licked it for a minute. In the meantime, Neha removed all her clothes too. Once she was naked, she came and pushed me.

Me: What?

Neha: You enjoyed it yesterday. It is my turn now.

Me: Ok. It’s all yours, madam.

I moved aside and was enjoying the mother-daughter show while caressing Atha’s boobs. Neha was using all her experience in tongue fucking to give her mom her best orgasm. The action turned me on, and I moved towards Neha’s pussy and started tongue fucking her.

Both reached their orgasms in a few minutes. Neha swallowed all of Atha’s cum, and I swallowed Neha’s cum. All three of us lay down next to each other, with my cock still standing tall.

Me: Who is going to care of my cock now?

Neha: I will, baby.

Me: No. I want you both. Your mom never gave a blowjob. Teach her.

Neha: Is it mom?

Suma: Yes. How can you suck that?

Neha: It will be amazing, mom. Come, I will teach you.

Both of them got up and sat next to me on either side. First, Neha licked all over my cock and asked Atha to repeat the same. She did with some hesitation. Then, they both licked at the same time. I enjoyed it. Then, Neha took my cock in her mouth and sucked for a few minutes, showing her mom how to do it.

Next, Atha took my cock hesitatingly into her mouth and started sucking it. Though she was uncomfortable at first, she got used to it and started getting better at it. They alternated between each other, and I ended up cumming in Atha’s mouth.

She immediately took my cock out as she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth. Neha took it in and took all my cum into her mouth. Then, she proceeded to kiss her mom to make her taste the cum.

Atha, realizing she had no option, ended up kissing Neha and tasting and swallowing my cum. We lay down for a few minutes. I was busy playing with Atha’s and Neha’s boobs. After playing for a few minutes, my cock regained its strength and was eager for a pussy.

I was confused if I wanted Neha’s or Atha’s but decided to go with Atha’s. I positioned myself over Atha and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. I started stroking slowly. Looking at this, even Neha got excited and jumped in to join us. She gave me her pussy to eat.

I loved it. I was fucking mother’s pussy while eating daughter’s pussy. After fucking for a good few minutes, all three of us cummed. Neha proceeded to lick and swallow the mixture of mine and her mom’s cum. We were a little tired, and all three of us slept naked.

After waking up, my cock was active again. I took my place over Neha, pushed my cock into her pussy, and stroked her slowly. I was playing with Atha’s boobs, who was sleeping next to us and was watching us. I asked her to come and sit on Neha’s face. She did it hesitatingly.

While I was fucking Neha, Neha was eating her mom’s pussy who was sitting on her face. This made Suma jump up and down, and in the process, her boobs were jiggling. I took them in my mouth and started sucking them. I loved it, sucking mom’s boobs while fucking daughter.

We continued for a good few minutes and ended up cumming. Neha swallowed her mom’s cum. We made sure that Suma licked Neha’s pussy and licked both our cum. Though she didn’t like it, she did it for us. We told her that this was just the beginning. We freshened up before Uncle returned home.

Over the next few days, we would get totally naked and have wild sex every day after uncle left for work. We introduced Atha to the world of sex and even taught her to enjoy her daughter’s pussy. By the end of the week, she got very good at giving blowjobs as well as eating pussy.

All three of us had an amazing time having sex with each other. But after a week, we had to leave and go to our home. Atha got very sad as her happy days came to an end. We promised her that we would visit her every weekend and visit us whenever she wanted.

After coming back home, I started missing Atha a lot. Especially her sexy body and big boobs. Though we would visit her twice or thrice a month, I wanted to regularly enjoy her and her amazing boobs. Though Neha was amazing in bed and had a great pussy, her small boobs kept bothering me now and then.

It is then I remembered about another milf in my life. A woman with nice big boobs to play with. My mom. All this incest sex between me, Neha, and Suma got my feelings towards my mom rekindled. I stopped thinking about her sexually after my dad passed away.

But I was slowly getting attracted to her again. This attraction towards her was turned into full-blown lust towards one rainy night. I went to pick her up from her friend’s place one night when it was raining. She was wearing a transparent white saree as she didn’t expect it to rain.

She sat on the bike, and I started driving back home. There was very loud thunder as we were driving, and it felt like it was right next to us. She got scared and hugged me tightly. After a very long time, I got such a tight hug from my mom. I could feel her amazing boobs pressing on my back.

This gave me an instant boner and bought back all the memories of me fantasizing about her. She kept hugging me all through the 15 minutes long ride. I was enjoying every moment of it. I even braked suddenly two times to feel her boobs even more.

After 15 minutes, which felt like years, we reached home and rushed into the house. Neha gave us towels to dry ourselves. After drying ourselves for a couple of minutes, I looked at my mom. Her wet white transparent saree hugged her completely, showing her curves, cleavage, and amazing waist.

It is then I realized how much my mom has changed in the past few years. She was in her forties now, but she maintained her body well. She was not as big as Suma nor as thin as Neha but somewhere in between. Her boobs were of good size, and as she had a more or less flat stomach.

Her boobs appeared bigger than they are. She also had a round ass. I thought she must have been working a lot on her ass in the gym. She walked into her room to change and pushed the door to close it. But to my luck, it didn’t close completely and left a narrow gap.

I thanked the gods and got closer to peek in. Neha was busy in the kitchen. As I kept staring in, she slowly removed her wet saree first, then her blouse. Then she untied her petticoat, which fell on the ground. Then she unhooked her bra, giving me a good look at her boobs, again after many years.

They were just the way I remembered but got a lot bigger. Her dark brown areolas and nipples on her dusky body were mesmerizing. I was waiting for her to remove her panty, but she did not and wore a nighty.

I was sad that I couldn’t get to see her pussy, But I was happy that I got to see her amazing boobs again after so many years. Like the first time I learned about sex, I had to rush to the bathroom again to jerk off. My cock fought to come out of my pants. After jerking off, I walked back into the hall.

As I was looking at my mom, all I could see was her naked image from before. I then decided that I had to add my mom to our sex club and fuck her out of her mind.

After dinner, Neha and I went into our room. As soon as we entered, I locked the door and pounced on Neha. I started kissing her and undressed her of her knee-length nighty. I continued kissing her while I unhooked her bra and removed it.

She was confused with my sudden rush but responded to my kiss. After kissing her for a few minutes, I stopped to get undressed. As soon as I removed all my clothes, my cock was hanging completely erect. I proceeded to pull down Neha’s panty and pushed my finger into her pussy.

I was sucking and licking her boobs while I was fingering her still standing. After getting her wet and ready, I pushed her back onto the desk in our room and lifted her legs into the air. I pushed my cock into her pussy.

I started stroking vigorously while holding her leg with one hand and her boob with the other. I went crazy and fucked her like a wild dog and, after a good few minutes, ended up cumming in her and collapsed on her. She hugged me tight and bit my ear.

Neha: Woah. That was crazy. What happened to my baby that made him go so crazy? That he couldn’t even wait to get on the bed and fucked me right here on the desk?

Me: Hmmm.

Neha: Come on. Tell me, baby. The last time I remember you went so crazy was when you got your anniversary gift. I want to know the reason behind today.

Me: I don’t know how to tell, but I also have a secret to tell.

Neha: What is it?

Me: Ever since we have been having sex with your mom, I have been reminded about my past.

Neha: Which is?

Me: My fantasies about my mom.

Neha: What?

Me: Yes. Just like you, even I have fantasized about my mom. I have learned about sex for the first time when I saw my parents have sex. I have seen her almost naked that day, and since that day, I used to fantasize a lot about her. But I stopped thinking about her sexually after my dad died.

Me: After we started having sex with your mom, I slowly started getting attracted to my mom again. And today…

Neha: And today? What happened today?

Me: When I picked her up, she hugged me tightly for the first time in many years while on the bike. I could feel her amazing tits on my back. That gave me a rush. And after many years, I ended up seeing her awesome big boobs while she was changing her clothes.

Me: That was the tipping point for me. I even jerked off after that, but I was still so horny that I ended up fucking you so wildly. Just the thought of her is making me go crazy. I want to fuck my mom, just like we fuck your mom.

Neha: Woah. You horny bastard. You don’t even want to leave your mom. First, it was mine, and now it is yours. Honestly, I was expecting this was going to happen sooner or later.

Me: What? How?

Neha: I don’t know. I just had that feeling. After looking at how crazy you are about my mom and incest and older women and milfs in general, I felt that maybe it was because you had some feelings for your mom. And my suspicion was correct.

Me: Ya. You are right. I tried to suppress them, but the recent events brought them out. Now, I can’t stop thinking about having sex with her.

Neha: Then we will have to think about an idea to fulfill that desire of yours soon.

Me: I love you, baby. I know you will help and support me in this. I am so lucky to have you.

Neha: Haha. Don’t flatter me so much. I would love to help you, but I also have a selfish motive in this.

Me: What is that?

Neha: Even I wanted to have sex with her. I have seen her boobs a few times, and I was also impressed with them. I didn’t know how to bring it up with you. Luckily, you only brought it up.

Me: Haha. You call me a horny bastard. But you are hornier than me, and you are the one who made me a horny bastard.

Neha: Yes. And I am happy that you are such a horny bastard. Otherwise, I don’t know what I would do with all my sexual desires.

Me: Don’t worry, baby. We will fulfill all those desires together.

Neha: Yes. Think of a plan to seduce your mom soon.

Me: Actually, I have a weird plan, but not sure if it will work.

Neha: What is it?

Me: We will have to involve your mom. And take her help to seduce my mom.

Neha: Ok. I don’t know if she will accept, but nothing wrong with giving it a shot. I am sure we will be able to convince my mom.

Me: Yes. Don’t worry. She will accept. We will implement it this week.

With that, we fell asleep. Over the next few days, we started executing our plan. We convinced Suma to be a part of our plan and asked her to stay at our place for the next week.

We told Uncle that Neha was feeling homesick so that Suma would stay with us for a few days. He readily accepted it. My mom was happy about Suma staying with us for a few days.

To be continued.