You and Me – Making out with your friend

Hi Guys. I am Rahul, a mature male with lots of passion and cravings for love. My write-ups are of our lovemaking, i.e. of Deepa, met here, through this site, and Me.

Today’s story is about being with her friend. It goes here as under:

She had booked the room herself. Her name is Anu. I was to reach around noon. I reached and was parking the car, and the message popped up on the phone. It was Deepa asking my whereabouts. I replied, am in the parking. In less than a minute, she messaged back the room number.

I parked the car and moved to the elevator. The room was on the top floor, a penthouse type. It was not a Five Star Hotel but a nice property, very elegant. An exclusive and expensive property it was. I reached the room and rang the doorbell.

Though the door was open, I thought it right to ring the bell and wait. In no time, she (Anu) came and welcomed me with a broad smile. Instead of calling out to come in, she chose to come to the door herself to greet. I introduced myself. She said with a smile, “Of course, who else it would be?”

I entered in, and she took my bag, a small one I was carrying, and offered me to sit. It was a large room, larger than the usual. A sofa set for four to sit, 1+2+1. There was a work table. She was probably working there. The laptop lid was open. Her Jacket, a Blazer, is hanging on the back of a chair.

She offered me water and sat on the side seat. We asked about each other’s well-being, etc. She said, “Let me get some bites and drink,” and stood up to get those. By the time she’s preparing, Let me narrate about her.

Anu is short in height, maybe 4’11” or less, slim and trim, yet curvy young lady. Fair complexion, very well done hair, little more than shoulder length. Spotless and beautiful face. She had attired herself in Office formals, Dark coffee coloured trousers and Fawn coloured Blouse. Footwear, Belly with heels.

In all, she looked very pretty and elegant. She seemed to be a moneyed person. She had an appeal. I could not move my eyes off her. She was like a magnet. I wasn’t expecting anybody like her. She came and placed a basket filled with packed snacks, very well chosen.

She removed assorted canned juices from the fridge and also a few creamy chocolate pastries. For pastries, she said with a smile, “You like chocolate, isn’t it?” I smiled back, “Yes!” I didn’t wish to eat anything but picked a Cold Coffee Can.

She removed the snacks back, took a juice can for herself and resumed to her seat. While sipping the drink, we were quiet and actually were a little hesitant.

She initiated, “Thank you for coming. You really made Deepa struggle hard to convince you. She was positive that she would be able to get through. However, I felt dejected when she told me you are not agreeing. I had almost lost hope. You know my situation, right?” Anu got a little sad saying this.

Upon her expression, I got up and sat next to her on the sofa. I spoke, “Why should you think all this? Am I not here with you now?” Saying this, I took her hand in my hand and consoled her. She pulled my arms around her, making me hug her. I gave a light hug. She bent her head and rested on my shoulder.

I moved my lips on her cheek and kissed her. She moved, lifted her face, and we had a lip-lock. While in a smooch, she moved her hand on my chest shoulder, sliding to my arm and reaching to my hand. She pulled my hand and placed it on her breast. It was a nice feel.

I had thought she must be wearing a padded bra, but no. I felt just a thin fabric bra, and the boobs were natural. No pad. I felt her boobs and took a handful in my palm, caressing them one by one. She kept on kissing, opened her mouth and pushed her tongue in my mouth.

She moved her hand on my neck and took my cheeks lovingly in her hands. We came out of the lip-lock. She stood up and suggested to get rid of our clothes. I nodded yes, and I, too, stood up. I was in cotton Pants, Shirt and Floaters. She moved to open my shirt buttons.

I, too, opened my buttons. She said she would be back and I should carry on. She went to the washroom. I continued, removing my shoes, pants and shirt. I stayed in my vest and underwear, felt a bit awkward to get stripped fully. I shut off the lights in the room.

I drew window curtains open and stood there having a view outside. She had come out of the washroom. I had my back on her. She hummed to draw my attention. I turned back, and she was in her bra and panty, Beige coloured, designer type.

She said, “I have left these for you,” pointing at her garments. I smiled and said, “Of course, with pleasure.” She was standing close to the bed. I moved and got close to her. She moved her hands and raised my vest. I helped her and took it off. I pulled her and undid her bra.

I bent down and slid down her panty to the floor. She stepped out of it. I stood up, stepped back a little and gazed at her. Oh boy. I couldn’t move my eyes away from what I was seeing, spectacular sight – such beautiful breasts. Firm and exact of my preferred size.

What a craftsmanship of God. Perfect body! She looked gorgeous. Well-massaged and supple skin. She’s a petite beauty. I spoke to myself. She said, now her turn, and she went down on her knees and held my underwear. Slowly, she pulled it down.

It got stuck on my dick head, grown now. She stretched the elastic and pulled it further down. Her forehead touched my dick head. She brought it down to my feet, and I stepped out. She held my dick and gave a brief kiss on its head. I pulled her up. We hugged.

When we hugged, I had to bend down. I am 5’10”, and she is not even 5’. It didn’t bother both of us. However, I wondered how she chose me to couple with her. She moved to the bed and asked me to step up. I crawled up. I stopped at her legs. I was looking at her with full eyes.

I put my hands on her legs. She parted her legs a little, letting me have a full glance at her. Her pussy was awesome. Well shaped and tiny and tight lips. It appeared so fresh, untouched and virgin. She wasn’t dark there as usual it gets darker. But it was as fair as her body skin.

Maybe she has bikini waxing and never used the hair remover, etc. She was crystal clear, neat and clean. No hair, as I keep my dick and around hairless. I touched her pussy, and she moaned. She pulled me up on her. Took my body weight on her, and we hugged.

We kissed and had a deep and long smooch. I moved my hand on her breast. Her breasts are a handful. I cupped those full in my palm. Pressured it. Gentle squeeze. She came off the lip-lock. Moved her hand to my head and pulled to her breast. I moved my tongue on her nipples.

Her nipples were mid-size and had gone tight. I had both breasts one by one. My fingers went to her pussy. She had gone wet. She was enjoying it, but she pulled my head away. She asked me to get in her. Actually, she was too hungry and couldn’t wait any more.

I got up from the bed, and she asked, “What happened?” I replied, getting the condom. She said, “No. No condom, I don’t want it, please leave it. You, too, don’t like it, anyways.” I was surprised at her statement. I looked at her with a question mark on my face.

She smiled and teasingly replied, “What do you think? Sir, I and Deepa share everything. I know all about you.” I smiled back and was surprised that they could even discuss this! I settled on my knees in between her thighs. I looked at her pussy. I got rock hard. Her pussy is so sexy, maddening me.

Another thought came to my mind. She appeared so naive and innocent. Seeing her for a moment felt like not to touch her pussy. And let it be the way it is, at peace and unharmed. She (the pussy) is so cute. I am in love with her pussy. I was still, and she asked me to move ahead.

I moved and put my finger in her pussy. Her lips welcomed me and engulfed my finger. She felt a sensation and moaned. I moved my palm all over her pussy. Also, collected all of it and squeezed gently. She moaned more again asked me again to get in.

She stretched her upper body towards me and held my dick. She pulled it to her pussy and moved her body forward to take me in. I held my dick, moved the tip on her pussy lips. With touch, she got even wet. I moved my dick head up and down along her pussy length, slightly opening pussy lips.

She was desperately waiting for it to get in. Without any foreplay, considering her urge, I start pushing in. Gently and slowly, I got in just a quarter inch but was not able to penetrate. It was too tight. I wondered if she was small or am I was large! Yet I tried pushing in.

It got in, and she started managing its pressure. I was just a little more in, and she inched back with a jerk. I stopped immediately. It pained her. I was withdrawing myself, but she instantly held me. She said she was fine because she was not sexually active.

So maybe that is why. I said it’s okay, no problem, but withdrew myself. I sat there as it was. She asked why I was not moving ahead. I replied I am trying to see if my cock can soften and reduce its size somehow. She said how it will, and I want it as it is. I wasn’t sure, and I didn’t want to hurt her.

She said, “Okay, wait, let me handle it. I know how it will.” Saying this, she left the bed, went to her dressing table and got two things. First, a rubber ring, it is thick and light weight and second, a small bottle of some transparent Gel kind of a thing.

She came on the bed, sat on her knees and put the rubber ring on my dick. She slid it like a condom we do. She pushed it to the roots. She told me now my dick would go in her up to this much only. I laughed and praised her. “Good, smart move.”

She opened the bottle and took the Gel in her fingers. She applied it all over my dick head and also some on her pussy. She wiped her fingers lay down on her back, and asked me to get on her now. I held my dick again and moved to get in her, gently, and it slipped right in, without any much effort and pain to her.

The Gel had so much lubrication that my dick slid in flawlessly. No grip at all. Great, it was. I was half in. She pulled me on her body. I laid on her and gradually kept going in. Her pussy was welcoming it. In some time, with little effort from both of us, it was full in.

I started making small moves. In and out. Taking due care that the moves remain cool and calm. The Gel probably had some numb effect. In some time, the effect of Gel is reduced. We can get feelings and sensations in our genitals now. She started getting pleasure in the penetration with sweet pain.

She moaned. Upon some to-and-fro movements, she was feeling high and lusty. She hugged me tight and pulled me more on her body. She asked me to crush her under me. I had pretty much weight on her. She felt it now. I rose a little, and she breathed. We both smiled at this.

We got more into the activity. She held my waist and guided my rhythm, push and pull. I kept a steady pace. She started oozing. Enjoying the moves, her moans gradually get louder. She had so much cum, as if it had been held by a dam for ages.

Today, the dam gates have opened. Maybe we will have to pull a towel under us. Her cum was so much I could sense pleasure on her face. We reached our peak. She built her orgasm, shuddered and finally went still. I kissed her and got down from her. She had a wide smile. I was very happy having pleased her.

If we come to think, it is so sad one is not able to have sexual pleasures and satisfaction. It is no luxury. It is a basic requirement, so natural and called for. What a pity it is. Further, we stayed there as it is. There was no movement and no talking either. I think she also was feeling a little shy like me.

I broke the silence and asked if we should wash. She said yes and added, “Let’s eat something.” I agreed. She proposed she would order something from the kitchen. I was to reply, but she added not to worry about room service coming in. I said I was not hungry and would not eat much, but if she wished.

She offered to eat from her fridge only then. I pointed at the washroom and offered her to go first. She left the bed, collected some garments from her wardrobe and moved to the washroom.

Meanwhile, I was straightening the bed sheet. I noticed blood drops on it, not much, just one or two, not very prominent, but a light shadow of blood. I wondered if she’s in periods! Then why did she decide for today? She came out draped in a translucent, purple-coloured night dress.

It had string at the shoulders and thigh length. I collected my clothes to put on, had brought with me today, and moved to the washroom. I came out with cotton shorts and a T-shirt on me. Very systematically, she had placed food on the table in variety. Sub sandwich, packed snacks, assorted juices and Chocolate pasties.

I called her to the bed and showed the stains. I asked if she was on her period or have I had hurt her. She glanced at it and blushed. Gave a shy smile and said, “No, I am not in periods. I am very happy to see it.” Hugged me, rose on her toes, pulled my face down and kissed me.

I was looking at her in surprise and she spoke, “This must be my hymen broken, as much time has passed since I…” and she went quiet. I got it and embraced her kissed her, not registering her sadness, which was shaping up. We moved to have lunch.

After lunch, she sat across my thighs on my lap, facing me. She raised herself, and her boobs reached my face. She held my head and pulled on her breasts, making me have the pair mouthful. I sucked hard and chewed. She moved her hand down on me, held my tool and rubbed my tip on her pussy lips.

Sat on it and took it in deep. She asked me to go to bed. I made a move to get up, but she didn’t let me move. I asked what. She asked again to move onto the bed. I asked her to climb down. She asked me to carry her like this, in this posture, carry her, keeping my dick in her. I smiled and lifted her.

Moved ahead, and instead of going to bed, I moved to the wall. I lifted her and moved my dick off her. Made her stand on her feet and then turned her around, her back at me. Again I lifted her from back and let her hands rest on the wall, inserted my dick in her pussy from back in the doggy style.

I took her weight on my hands, and she balanced herself with her hands on the wall. I moved in and out of her. She was moaning with pleasure. This posture was a new experience for both of us. I enjoyed it, too. Since I was carrying her weight, so just in a while, we stopped.

I carried her to the bed in the same posture. She fell on the bed on her stomach and giggled. Immediately, she turned around and pulled me. I lay flat on her body. We kissed a long smooch. I then moved to her side. We lay unmoved. She took my hand in hers and pampered me.

Later, after a little gap and rest, she asked me, “Do you know how ice candy? I replied, “No, what is that? Do you have one?” She replied, “I have the candy and will make it Choco flavour.” Having said this, she moved to the fridge and took out chocolate pastry.

She picked the cream over it in her fingers, came to me and applied it to my dick. All around its head and to half of the length, barring the tip. It was cold. She licked her finger and moved ahead, taking dick in her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed the dick in her mouth as much as she could.

She held it tight in her cheeks and stretched her mouth out, giving it a tight suck. She slurped all the cream along with my pre-cum. She continued sucking me with utmost pleasure and taste. I moved ahead to pull her up, but she didn’t let go of my dick. I then moved her and made her waist rest on my chest.

I got in between her legs, thighs and settled my mouth on her pussy. We got in 69 posture. I put my palm on her hips and pulled her down more on my mouth. I sucked and ate her pussy vigorously. In between chewed her pussy lips. We sucked each other for a long-long time.

In between, she oozed lots, and I sucked her to the core, making her dry. We both had drained our energies. We were fully done, and we left the bed. I could see happiness and complete satisfaction on her face. We got dressed and I was preparing to depart.

I offered to pay for the room. She refused. I offered to share, at least. She said, wait. We need to talk more. She told me about herself. Her husband is in the business of Handicrafts export and she too is in financial activities. She is an investor.

She owns this Boutique Hotel. She is an investor partner here. Also said that she had offered this place to her friend. But looking into the perspective of secrecy, they had not gone ahead with the idea. So there is no expenditure that I need to think about.

She continued, “And honey, I need to talk to you about your business now. You are into the stock market. Tell me more about it, what do you do, how does it work.” I told her about the market and investment ways we do. We work on profit profit-sharing basis. We guarantee no loss.

Loss if any, we will pay out of our pocket. And further details. She had some questions about this, and I answered them all. She was fully attentive and alert on the subject. In the end she proposed me to handle her account. I was happy to have added a client.

I then rose to say goodbye. She thanked me for being there. Also winked and said, “We have had a very short and brief play today. I would call it an introduction meeting. Next time, we enjoyed it to the fullest, and she gave a tight and warm hug, and we had a brief smooch.

I then moved to go. She opened the room door for me. I reached my car, and a message popped up. It was Deepa, “Thank you so much, we shall meet soon. And I will eat you up this time.” I smiled and drove away.

Guys, this was today’s love, awesome it was. The next should be coming soon. Till then, yours /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”0371626b766f6b6671663134323143646e626a6f2d606c6e”>[email protected].