10 Best Indian Sex Stories of December 2023

Dear Readers, December 2023 was an exciting month where we had a list of our best authors. But the most read stories were different from those. Check the list to see if your favourite stories are on this list.

1)Caretaker for disabled bhabhi – Part 4

By: decent_larka

I went to Bhabhi to help her pee. Read how I masturbated in her panty in the heat of the moment and then we had a bath which became sensual.

‘Her pussy lips separated, and a jet stream of urine rushed out from her hairy pussy, making a hissing sound as it hit the toilet water! Bhabhi also made a loud “Aahh” sound in relief. Her mouth opened and her eyes closed.’ Read the entire story here.

2) Mother Son Love During The Quarantine – Part 3

By: TheBlackGuy

Sarika and her son’s sessions were getting steamier by the day. Raj had a new erotic massage for his mom, and Sarika gave him a sexy, hot gift in return.

‘Raj then circled the ice cube around her left breast a few times. Then spiralled it upward towards her hardened nipples. He placed the ice cube on her nipple and gently pressed the cube on her nipple. He took the ice cube away then, then sucked the nipple.’ Read the entire story here.

3) Son’s desire to sleep with mother’s sister – Part 1

By: Ram.nexus

The story is about a son’s uncontrollable lust toward his mother’s sister. His mom discovers it and that leads to an unexpected outcome. Read on.

‘I pulled the saree off of her. Next, I pulled the petticoat while leaving her with only panties. She didn’t say a word since the panties are still on. Now, I made myself naked and hopped on top of her. She felt the heat of my naked body.’ Read the entire story here.

4) An Affair With My MIL – Part 1

By: deegeevee

My wife moved to the USA after a few months of our wedding. So I lived with my in-laws. As I had no sex for long, I got horny looking at my MIL’s boobs.

‘I loved it, but I had no idea why she wanted me to call that name because her name was Vaani. I just went with the flow and told her, “Shinchu, suck my dick slowly.” She knelt in front of me in the kitchen and lowered my shorts. She then kissed the bulge in my underwear.’ Read the entire story here.

5) Mom becomes son’s temporary wife – Part 1

By: ramyaakash

Story of single mom repaying her son’s hard work with her body and soul. Without him, she couldn’t have done it. She decided to be his temporary wife cum girlfriend.

‘I kissed and started licking the penis. He then asked me to take it in my mouth. I agreed and engulfed my son’s penis with my mouth. I couldn’t put the entire thing but I managed to take half of it. I rolled my tongue over his dick again and again. He shouted, “Amma” (mom) and held my head and came!’ Read the entire story here.

6) Exploring sluttiness in friend’s hot wife – Part 2

By: shhanky

A hubby kept his newly wedded wife with his friends. Read how her slutiness overcame her mind and she group fucked by her hubby’s friends.

‘Then Pankaj moved down and started to lick her pussy. He started to bite her pussy lips and placed them nearby. Tanya kept on moaning hard. Pankaj started to finger fuck her asshole while biting her pussy. By this time, Nimesh took out his 7 inches and showed it inside her mouth.’ Read the entire story here.

7) Neighbour took Advantage Of My Sexual Hunger

By: sushma.ssh

I am a housewife, and my hubby is a workaholic. My neighbour plotted and took advantage of my loneliness. He satisfied my hungry pussy with his big dick.

‘He got the free show. I was in the birthday suit and closed my eyes. Ahh! I was shy, and he bit my neck and hugged me tightly. I sense his hot whiff on my shoulder and huge bulge. His fingers were moving all over my nude body. He touched my ass and pressed my ass cheeks.’ Read the entire story here.

8) Bhabhi turned me from a boy into a man – Part 3

By: Eroticstoryfan

The hot bhabhi took her devar’s virginity by riding his cock. She turned him into a hardcore fuck machine from an innocent teenager by the end of his stay.

‘Her tits stood upright proudly over her chest. I reached out and held both the boobs squeezing them firmly. She changed her motion from up and down to circular and rotated her hips all over my crotch. This change created a new sensation and heightened the fun.’ Read the entire story here.

9) Devoted and cultured MIL’s sacrifice – Part 1

By: kinkyroughmale

This story revolves around my cultured, spiritual, and innocent mother-in-law, who made a strong decision to save her daughter’s marriage.

‘I give her several orgasms in the same session. Because of this, she always behaves like my slave and always tries to get intimate. But she knows that only she gets satisfaction during chudai (fucking), and not me.’ Read the entire story here.

10) Meri maa ki shaadi – Part 2

By: kamesh

Meri maa mujhse shaadi ke liye maan gayi thi. Padhiye fir kaise hamari shaadi hui, aur fir maine suhagraat par apni maa ko garam karke choda.

‘Maine uski nabhi mein jeebh dali, aur chooma. Main ab neeche jaane laga. Unki panty mein jannat thi. Main unki panty par hath ghuma raha tha, jisse unki aankhen band ho gayi. Fir maine panty ke upar se hi chut ke cheer ko ghisane laga.’ Read the entire story here.

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