The Corporate Wife – Part 5

Next week, there was a high-level office meeting in Delhi in a five-star hotel. My boss had some other engagements. So, I was nominated to attend. I packed my luggage and took a flight to Delhi.

I had to deal with our group CEO, Mr. Paul directly. He came from the UK to India. He was very young and handsome. I wore a formal black pencil skirt with a white shirt. I presented my PPT to him. I had to face many questions from other attendees and the CEO. But I handled all the questions well.

In the evening, there was a party in the lounge. I went to my room and changed into a saree with a deep-neck sleeveless blouse. I applied some makeup. I was showing off a little cleavage through my semi-transparent white saree. I wore the saree below my navel and showed my toned belly.

I was drinking white wine in a corner. Then Mr. Paul came, “Hey Sarika, the beautiful lady. You handled the questions very well. I did not expect it. Rohit must be very lucky to have you in his team. Good, keep it up.”

I said, “Thank you, Paul.” He offered me a drink. I accepted, and we started chatting over a drink. We finished 2 drinks. In between, a few other people also greeted Paul, but he was talking to me for quite some time. I was enjoying his company.

But then the VP came, and he had to leave me to discuss with other guests. I had a few more drinks and had dinner. I came to my room at 11 pm. I was a bit drunk and exhausted. I changed my dress and got fresh. I wore a pink nighty without any bra or panties and was about to go to bed.

Just then, the bell rang. I thought it might be the housekeeping. However, I did not order anything. I casually opened the door without looking through the magic eye. To my surprise, it was Paul.

I said, “Oh. What a pleasant surprise!”

Paul said, “If you don’t mind, can I come in?”

I said, “Yes, sir. Certainly, my brain is not working. I should not have kept you waiting at the door.”

He came inside. I made a drink for both of us and sat on the sofa.

Paul said, “My discussion with you remained incomplete. So, I should make it complete today. But I think I came at the wrong time. You really had a hectic day.”
I said, “No, Paul. It is my pleasure. Always at your service.” We chatted for some time and finished a few drinks. Both of us were high. Our discussion changed from official to personal.

Paul said, “You look very sexy. You have maintained yourself.”

I said, “Really? Thanks for the compliment.”

He was eyeing my boobs. Suddenly, he kissed me on my lips. I did not resist. If you can please your CEO, then you can get a good hike. I also reciprocated. Soon, we were liplocked. He started fondling my melons and removed the strap of the nightslip to pull it down.

He started sucking my boobs. I moaned, “Ah, Paul. Please fuck this bitch tonight. My pussy is itching.”

He lifted me in his arms and took me to bed. He unzipped his pants and took out his 9-inch tool. He entered my pussy and started moving his dick in and out by standing on the side of the bed.

I moaned, “Ah. Oh yes, oh fuck me harder. Oh yes. Oh my God.”

He had good stamina and fucked my pussy well for 10 minutes. After he was done, he put on his pants and kissed me.

I was intoxicated and said, “Thank you, Paul.”

Paul said, “Thanks, Sarika. It was wonderful.”

He left, and I slept till 9 am. The next day, I had a flight at noon to Bangalore and I hurried after waking up. I got an email while I was at the airport confirming a good hike. It was so kind of Paul. My pussy earned a good hike this time.

Abhi planned our honeymoon in Goa next month. I was a bit excited, although sex was not the thing of excitement as I enjoyed many varieties. Thanks to Olivia. Abhi booked a resort with a private beach.

Abhi was a bit conservative. But, somehow, I persuaded him to buy a bikini and a few sexy dresses for the trip. On the plane, I wore a top with jeans, exposing a bit of cleavage. I landed in Goa at 9 am. Abhi’s flight was delayed. So I waited for him at the airport.

Before Abhi’s arrival, I covered my top with a scarf to look homely in front of him. I went to a resort in South Goa. It was a nice resort with a garden and a beach.

We checked in and ordered some food as we both were hungry. I changed into a pair of short pants and a top. Abhi also wore shorts and a T-shirt. Abhi was in a great mood, and we started our action. He started cuddling with me and removed my top. He was sucking my boobs.

Abhi said, “Your boobs have grown up so much.”

I said, “Yes, but you do not enjoy it.”

Abhi said, “Yes, my bad luck. But these few days, there will be no respite.” I smiled. He started his first fuck. I screamed, “Ah Abhi, fuck me. I missed you so much. Oh yes. Oh Ah. Oh my God.”

He filled my pussy with his cum, and we laid for some time. Then we decided to go to the beach. I took out the bikini. Abhi was a bit hesitant, but there were not many people in the hotel or the beach. I was looking really sexy.

To ease Abhi’s conservative thoughts, I covered a towel on my body while crossing the resort lobby. Luckily, no one was on the beach, and we enjoyed ourselves in the water for an hour. We came back at 1 pm and had a bath together. We went for lunch and had an afternoon nap.

I woke up at 5 pm as Abhi was fondling my boobs. I understood what he wanted. I sucked his dick, and he fucked me again. I had the second orgasm of the day.

In the evening, I wore hot pants with a V-neck crop top. I was exposing a good amount of boobs. Abhi was a bit ok as most ladies were exposed like this. We roamed on the beach and came to the beach shack. We had some food for dinner.

I said, “Let’s buy some drinks to try in Goa.”

Abhi was hesitant as he was not a seasoned drinker. So we decided to go to the room and drink. We bought a whiskey bottle and came to the room. A few boys were checking in while we entered. I changed to a transparent baby doll and made two pegs.

I was trying to seduce Abhi after drinking and enjoy the fuck. I finished two pegs. But Abhi passed out after a few minutes. I was a bit disappointed. My pussy was craving for a fuck. I somehow made Abhi to sleep on the bed. But I was having no sleep.

I made a strong peg and came to the balcony. I was watching the sea and enjoying my drink. I did not notice two foreigners drinking on the lawn. One of them came to me and introduced him.

He said, “Hey, beautiful. I am John, and he is Alex. We are from France. Do you want to join us for a drink?”

I said, “Hi, I am Sarika. Yes, sure, but drinks will be on you.”

We were sitting on the lawn and having drinks. Abhi was sleeping in the room. We had two pegs together. They were very friendly. They were checking me out and directly asked for a one-night stand, “I think you’re really attractive, and we’d like to make you feel good for a night if you’re interested.”

I said, “Thanks. Umm. That will be good. But not here.”

They smiled, “Yeah, we have a room.”

I went to their room, and they pounced on me. They removed my baby doll and made themselves nude. John entered my pussy, and Alex gave his dick to my mouth. Soon, Alex entered my ass. I was never fucked in the ass.

It pained a lot, but he applied some lube, and it eased a bit. I was getting double penetrated by two dicks on my honeymoon while my husband was sleeping in the other room drunk.

I moaned in pain and pleasure, “Ah, Oh yes. Oh my God. Oh fuck.” They ravaged my holes interchangeably for 15 minutes. I got up and put on the baby doll and went to my room. Abhi was still sleeping, and I slept beside him.

The next morning, Abhi woke me up at 10 am. I had a hangover. But the more problem was my ass was paining due to the fuck.

Abhi asked, “What happened, darling?”

I said, “Last night, I slipped in the bathroom while you were sleeping as I was drunk.”

Abhi said, “Hope your desire to drink has gone now.”

I smiled but was really happy to get such an amazing fuck from two white dicks. I got fresh and went for a day tour wearing a V-neck mini dress.
We stayed in Goa for 3 days. Abhi fucked me many times in those 3 days. My ass pain eased on the second day as I took a painkiller. I came back on a Saturday afternoon. Olivia had no plan on that day.

I arranged whiskey with ice and started sharing my honeymoon experience with Olivia. She was very excited to hear about my adventure. Olivia was a bit drunk. She casually said, “My pussy got wet hearing your story.”

I joked, “You want some pleasure?”

She said, “It would not have been bad.”

I went close to him and started kissing her. She was wearing a satin nightie. I started playing with her nipples and squeezing her boobs. Olivia moaned and said, “Ah, Sarika. Thank you. You are awesome.”

I said, “Always at your service, madam. You have shown me how to enjoy life and survive in the corporate world.” Gradually I removed her nighty and started eating her pussy. It was dripping wet. She moaned and said, “Please go inside.”

I delayed insertion and was playing with her clitoris to take her to the peak of enjoyment. Olivia again said, “Ah, Olivia. Oh my God. You are too good. Please don’t tease me. Please, my pussy. Please. Ahh.”

After a few minutes of arousing her to the verge of an orgasm, I slowed down. I inserted one finger inside her warm pussy. Her pussy was shaved and pinkish. Soon I pushed three more fingers and fucked her pussy well. She built a massive orgasm and drenched the sofa with her pussy juice.

We had one more peg. She said, “Let me return the favour.” She removed my shorts and soaked panties and finger fucked my pussy while sucking my boobs. Olivia said, “Your boobs are so big and soft. Ahh.”

I enjoyed it very much. I never thought of enjoying lesbian fuck so much. We used to sleep together from that night.