30 Years Old Wife’s Sex Adventures – Part 1 (Fucked By ‘Harmless’ Boss)

Hi, I am 30 years married woman whose husband fucks her good. Even after that, I have realized I have a very big sexual appetite. I like to orgasm multiple times a day!

I thought I will express my extreme horniness here. Some of these stories are true and some are my vivid imagination. (Try to guess which ones are true. ;-p )

Today’s story is about seducing my boss.

I recently got transferred to the head office, an office whose owner I have the hots for. He was a 50-55-year-old middle handsome looking eastern man will a casual vibe to him. Sometime during the interview, I got a vibe that my boss was checking me out and I let him enjoy it.

Every night, I get excited thinking about what I should wear the next day. Every day, my boss checks me out and I let him. His dirty glances excite me.

He must have been a player at his age and I was pretty sure he would be a good fuck even now. He was a divorcee with two kids. Sometimes, I do it for a social cause. 😛

On Fridays, the office likes to leave early. I am usually the last one to leave. Since the past few days, my boss cooks up some work and stays back as well. During those after hours, we exchange some pretty sly smiles and it was putting all my self-control to test.

That day was a Friday. I wore a white tight buttoned shirt and formal pant that made my ass look big. I have to go to a party afterward so I thought I will change at the office and directly go to the party.

I chose the tightest outfit and a pair of lingerie, thinking that I will keep the boss’s excitement going on throughout the party by wearing sexy lingerie inside. Then I made the loudest rustle of my clothes bag to let him know I was going to change.

I wanted my boss to imagine me naked changing in and out of my clothes! Little did I know he will follow me to the bathroom!!

My middle aged boss came in right after me and closed the door. I was shocked and asked him, “What are you doing?!”

He smiled slyly and said, “Why don’t you get ready, I will just stand here. I promise I won’t get in your way.

(The horny part of me convinced me that there was no harm in that!)

So I took a step away from him and started stripping out of my clothes. I turned away from him, I took off my shirt and pants quickly. Covering my assets, I grabbed my lingerie out of my bag as originally planned. That was when I realized I will have to strip completely and then wear a lingerie right in front of my boss.

(The horny part of me convinced me again that I will just keep turning around and he will just get to see my ass.)

I stripped out of my bra and then clumsily took out my panties. I heard his gasps and I caught eyes with him. He was fixed looking at me. I smiled and started wearing my lingerie. When he saw the lingerie, I heard another gasp and heard him adjust his pants. I was turned on too. I turned away and I started wearing my lingerie.

Just as I got done, he pounced on me. He got really close and turned me around in a quick movement. He then stepped away, took a look at me, and pounced on me again, this time with more aggressiveness.

My boss started kissing my neck and started touching my boobs. I was surprised by this and pushed him away. He kept kissing and slowly started going down my breasts, I could not control my moan and let out a noise. He understood I was enjoying it and started kissing and touching me all over my boobs. I was getting very horny and slowly, I stopped pushing him away and started rubbing myself on him. He needed no more confirmation when he felt the wetness through my panties.

His aggressiveness was turning me on, he was as turned on as I was. He bent me halfway and asked me to hold on to the sink. He then pulled my panties down and exposed my ass. My boss asked me to lift it put for him. I did as told, I was under his spell.

He raised my ass for him invitingly. With a swift movement, he spanked me! I stretched and before my stretching finished, he spank me again. I was on fire.

I kept pushing back up for more and he kept spanking me alternatively on my ass, changing his harshness from small pats to strong ones that actually hurt. After a few spanks, he opened my bra and it fell on the ground. Now my boobs wear hanging and would jiggly with every spank. It made me a slut.

I was enjoying my boobs jiggling and was getting more and more turned on. He roughly grabbed my pussy and rubbed his rough fingers around the area aggressively, I was scared. My boss spread my juices everywhere and spread my pussy with two fingers and located the clit with the other. I gasped when he touched it and he realized he had hit the jackpot.

He rubbed me lightly at first and then started increasing the pressure. He was going in rounds and rounds around my clit and would trick a finger in my pussy every now and then. He was doing all the things that make me crazy, I was moaning like a slut.

Somewhere between my moans, he stripped down his pants and took out his penis and without warning inserted it. I was beyond shocked!

He gave it a second for me to adjust and then grabbed my hair and pulled me toward him. My breast sprang up with that hair pulling and I now could see us fucking in the mirror. It was too erotic, he had me from behind, holding my hair and my tits bouncing. In the mirror, I looked lost deep in ecstasy and he looked determined to fuck.

He rammed into me again and again, holding me tightly bound to take in all he gave me. He slapped my tits and pinched them hard. He was being very rough with me and the way he had taken over my body was turning me on.

We fucked crazily like minks and we were getting extremely wet. He was sliding in and out of my hole like a well-oiled machine and I was swinging my back to fit him in deeper and deeper in my hole.

He was about to come and was about to take his dick out of me. I grabbed his ass and locked him in and told him that I was on birth control and he can come in me. He went maniac after hearing that and fucked me like a possessed man until he came with a painful moan. He looked extremely hot while coming.

We laid at the position we had come in for a minute to catch our breath and then he pulled out of me. A drop of semen fell on the floor and we looked at each other realizing what we had done. He helped me get dressed, gently kissed me on the neck and left.

This was the roughest and quickest I had ever been fucked and my pussy was really sore.

(I must be oozing post-coital pheromones at the party because a lot of men complimented me and a lot of girls looked jealous. All through the party, I could feel his come dripping slowly in my panties. It kept me horny through the party.)

Is this a true instance or my vivid imagination?