Sex With My Married Tamil Maid Jaya – Part 1

Hi guys, this is Rayan, I am a 21 years old Business Development Associate. This incident happened during my work-from-home period.

I live with my parents in Chennai, and we have a maid named Jaya working for us. She is a 41-year-old married Tamil woman with two children, with a dark complexion like a typical south Indian woman; wears saree every day and tucks her pallu (the loose end of the saree) into her navel, showing her dark double folded navel drenched in sweat.

As for her physique, I wouldn’t say that she is either slim or chubby, she is somewhere in the middle with a medium-sized body, but it’s definitely mouthwatering to see.

Her everyday work was to sweep, mop the house and wash the utensils. She usually arrived around noon and left by 3 in the afternoon.

One afternoon, I was working on my laptop in my room while talking to my teammate when I saw our Tamil maid Jaya standing at my door.

Jaya – Can I come in?

As I was on a call, I gestured for her to come in. I usually work on my bed since there isn’t much room for a study table in my room. My heart stopped when I saw Jaya’s dark double folded navel drenched in sweat and her sweat droplets dripping all over the floor.

She sat down and mopped the floor with a wet cloth. As she went through my room, I couldn’t believe what I had seen.

She caught me staring at her but she just ignored it.

I immediately hung up the call, turned on my mobile video camera, and began recording the Tamil maid’s movements and was focusing on her navel. After she mopped my room and left, I couldn’t wait to masturbate, imagining liking the servant’s sweaty navel with my tongue!

As soon as I locked my room’s door, I went into my bathroom and masturbated, pounding myself against the wall, licking the tile, imagining it as Jaya’s sweaty armpit, and moaning her name.

On the following day, the same incident occurred. When she entered the room, I turned on the video camera and started recording her. However, this time, she saw me recording her.

Jaya – Sir, what are you doing? Why are you taking my photos?

Me – I did not take your photos, I was simply taking photos of documents that my boss asked me to send. See the document below, this is what I was taking pictures of. Why would I take your photo?

Jaya – Oh, Ok sir. I felt like you took my photo

Me – Hahaha, no Jaya.

She left the room in a confused state while I went into the bathroom. I laid down naked, my penis was facing the floor, and I started looking at the photos which I had taken. I imagined I was on top of my sexy Tamil maid and rubbed my dick on the floor moaning, “Ah Jaya vaa di (Come on), Nee Semaya iruke di (you look bomb).”

During this time, I somehow forgot to lock my bathroom door. I felt like someone had been watching me. I found myself rubbing my dick toward the floor, and to my surprise, it was Jaya! She looked at my dark dick and I couldn’t stop! I just spilled out all the cum over my dick! Then I quickly used my hand to hide it from her view.

Me – Jayaaaa, what is this?! Can’t you knock on the door before entering?

Jaya – I did, but you didn’t respond. Your mother is calling you down for lunch.

Jaya was just staring at me up and down as I wore my pants and walked out. I asked her Jaya, “What did you see?”

Jaya – I saw everything. You lied to me that you did not take my photos.

Me – Jaya, I am sorry. Yes, I lied to you, but the truth is, I could not control myself whenever I see you. You are so sexy and attractive that whenever I see you, my dick gets hard and my whole body feels goosebumps.

Jaya – Oh my god, but this is wrong, I am a married woman with 2 kids.

Me – Jaya, I don’t know whether it is right or wrong, but the only thing is, I like you and you make me go crazy for you.

She just smiled at me and started walking out of the room.

Me – Jaya, stop, please don’t tell this to anyone.

She laughed and said, OK.

The next day it was Saturday and it was off for me. My mom went to the hospital for her routine checkup. My doorbell rang and when I answered the door. It was the Tamil maid Jaya wearing a red saree on her dark body.

Jaya – Where is your Amma (mother)?

Me – She has gone to the hospital for a routine checkup, she will come only by evening. She asked you to take the food kept in the fridge.

Jaya – Ok, I will get started with my work.

I sat down on my sofa and behaved like I was busy on my phone. But, in reality, my eyes were only on the south Indian maid’s sweaty body. I asked her to sit next to me on the sofa.

Jaya – Yes, what happened?

Me – About yesterday, you did not tell anyone about what you saw, right?

Jaya (laughed) – No, it is a shame, why would I tell anyone?

I was shocked that she was laughing about the incident. I asked her, “Did you like it, Jaya?”

She was quiet, then stood up, and turned around to walk.

I held her hand and she turned and stared at me.

Jaya – This is wrong, leave my hand, someone will see us.

Me – No, there is no one at home now. No one will see us and look Jaya, I am sorry if you felt bad. But I cannot control myself whenever I see you.

My eyes were literally filled with tears.

Jaya – You don’t have to cry for this, come on, sit down now.

She brought me a glass of water and asked me if I was a virgin?

Me – Yes, I am a virgin, but why are you asking me this?

Jaya – Hahaha, I get it now. But the woman with whom you will lose your virginity will be an extremely lucky one.

I was totally confused and I asked, “Why? Why would she be lucky?”

Jaya – Nothing, leave it.

I insisted, “No, you have to say now.”

Jaya:- Ok, Since I saw how passionately you pounded on the floor and licked the tile, imagining it was me, I feel that you will surely make your partner satisfied. You won’t be like my dumbass husband.

Me – Is it Jaya? Thank you, but what about your husband? Does he not satisfy you?

Jaya – Just leave it, don’t talk about him now.

I understood that my married maid was unhappy with her husband and that he wasn’t satisfying her. So I decided to fuck Jaya and bring my imagination into reality and lose my virginity with her.

In Part 2, I will continue, how I fucked the Tamil maid Jaya in the same spot where I used to masturbate – my toilet – applying Nutella to her body, especially to her armpits and licking her navel hole, and making her moan!

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