A Forbidden Affair – Part 1

It was 2 p.m., and I wondered why she was late today. I was scanning for her on the street. It was crowded, yet I could always identify it from afar. I was well accustomed to her silhouette, her gait, and the general path she took while returning home. It was like I was a paparazzi and she was a celebrity.

Just as I was about to turn back and get back to work, I saw a familiar figure. Making an appearance from just around the corner in time. There she was in all her beauty. A cold breeze blew a few strands of hair over her face, and as she pinned her hair behind her ears, our eyes met, and I could see a faint smile.

Maybe I had imagined it, or maybe it might not even be a smile. I questioned its authenticity while still looking her way. But my doubts came to a stop when she approached me to ask for something in my shop. As excited as it might be, I still have decorum to maintain as one of the owners of the shop.

She ordered what she wanted, and I made sure to pack it myself and hand it over to her. Admiring her from afar and seeing her as close as she was now. Her Auburn-coloured hair shimmering, her tanned skin shining in a golden hue. The way her cheeks contoured to a single point and made a dimple as she spoke.

Her hazel brown eyes had a golden radiance to them. With her soft and luscious pink natural lips, she was much more alluring up close.

“Uhmm, is everything packed?” She interrupted my train of thought and plunged me back into reality.

“Yes, there you go. That’s all you asked for.

“Thank you,” she replied with a smirk as she kept the things in her tote bag.

“You’re welcome.”

That was our first interaction ever. It hadn’t been long since I joined the family business and helped around the store, but it was the first time she had stepped into our store. I wondered if this was just a one-time thing, but the next day she came back.

It was unusual and out of the ordinary. Every day, she would come around and get things from our store, which wasn’t her normal go-to activity. One day, she came and ordered things, which she requested to be delivered to her place.

We did home deliveries. Or rather, we did them at specific times, though she requested that they be immediate. We had our delivery guys. But since all were on errands, we were not able to do it at that time.

“If they are not there, couldn’t you ask him to do it?” She asked my father while pointing towards me.

“Sure,” he said while looking towards me. “Your home is in the adjacent building, right?”

“Yes, it is. So it won’t be long,” she reverted quickly.

I took the goods and walked a few steps behind her towards her place. Walking behind her made me realise how voluptuous she was up close. Her loose denim longline shirt covered her upper body curves quite well. But her white leggings contoured her thighs and hips closely and revealed quite a lot.

Her buttocks barely peeked out of the edge of her shirt. But every step she took made her thighs and buttocks jiggle. Her leggings had traces of her lace and mesh underwear. It was oddly seductive and made my blood rush to the other head of my body.

Maybe she noticed me ogling at her, but she abruptly stopped at the gate of her building, making me bump into her. The bulge in my pants was out enough to have touched her butt first, but I quickly lunged back. “Sorry!” I whispered while looking towards her.

But she paid no heed and started climbing the stairs to her third-floor apartment. Her back was entirely towards me, and now I had a better view of her ass. She was what could be classified as chubby and fit, but her ass was exquisite. I don’t know if it was intentional, but her steps were heavier.

It made her ass and thighs reverberate a bit more. We reached the third floor. The floor had four doors, one to the right of the stairs and one to the left. A third door appeared, and we took a turn off the stairs. Besides that, there was a small, dimly lit hallway reaching the fourth door.

“No one lives with her except me and my family.”

We made our way towards the fourth door, where she lived. I followed her to the door, and she turned towards me as she opened the door. She asked for the goods to be kept at the entrance, and I obeyed.

I backed up and turned to head back to the store but was stopped by her voice.


I turned back as I wondered what she called for.

“I know you are always looking at me whenever I’m around your store.”

I was bamboozled. I was sure I was discreet enough, but it seemed I was wrong.

“No, I don’t.” I lied, trying to hide the truth.

“You are always around when I come around. You change the direction you face depending on where I am, and you always make sure to attend to me first when I come to the store. You thought I wouldn’t notice. You know I could complain to your father about this.”

I was afraid it might get worse if I tried to defend my actions even though I was caught. I accepted that I did look at her. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t get my eyes off of you. You are stunning, and I am attracted to you. I’ll stop doing it from now on.”

“What do you find attractive about me? I’m older than you, I’m married, and I have a kid. I am 36 now; you must be around 24-26.”

“I know you’re married. I know you are a mother, and yet I’m still attracted to you. I find you hot and gorgeous.”

She had a faint smile on her face yet a frown on her forehead. It was difficult to understand whether she was satisfied with the answer and would accept my apology or not.

We stood there for a few seconds, not knowing what to do about it. The silence broke as she approached me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“You’re a good guy, but this is not something you should be thinking about. It’s a forbidden kind of thing.”

I stayed still without answering as she took a step back from me. I looked at her, and without a thought, my body moved on its own. My hands reached for her face. My body towered over her as I looked into her eyes, and I kissed her. Her soft lips touched mine.

I could feel her warmth on my lips. Her breathing hastened, as did mine. Her lips parted away, accepting my lips to play with hers. She backed towards the wall and was pinned against it. My hands still cupped her face while hers held my wrists.

Just as our tongues were about to meet, she pushed me away. I got slammed against the other wall, bam. A sensation of stinging and sharp pain emerged from my left cheek as her right hand made contact with it. As much as I was shocked, I understood that I had done something that was not necessary.

We stood facing each other. Even seconds felt like an eternity as I stood there, wondering what to do. Just as I was about to go back, she lunged forward. Her hands wrapped around my head. She pulled me towards her, and our lips locked together once more.

I was against the wall, pinned by her, as our lips intertwined. The weight of her body against mine and her soft chest pressing on meā€”this was something I never expected to come true. My right hand made its way through her hair and cupped her head.

My left hand traced her spine and found its way to her lower back. I pulled her as close to me as I could. The bulge in my pants started to grow, and I knew she could feel it, too. She parted her legs and placed one leg between my legs. I pressed herself against my thighs.

She started thrusting her hips and rubbing herself off on my thighs while we kissed. I could feel her wetness down there as she continued rubbing herself off and moaning while kissing. I pulled her hands from behind my head and pinned them up over her head.

I pushed her against the wall. My right hand prevented her from hurting her head against the wall. My left hand pinned her hands against it. I pushed my leg high against her pelvic floor as she started to hump aggressively. Her body started convulsing, and her moans were stifled as her head fell on my chest.

She looked towards me while breathing heavily, wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me. “You have to go now. My daughter is about to come back home from school,” she said as she straightened out the folds in her clothes. Her leggings were soaking wet from her cum and sweating.

I understood that this might be a one-time thing and may not happen again, but a shot not taken is a shot missed. I asked for her number, expecting that she might reject the request, but I was never happy to be this wrong. She gave me her number and asked me to call her phone so she could have mine.

She kissed me for the last time and whispered in my ears,” I’ll surely make you pay for making my leggings wet.”

“We will see that the next time.”

We parted ways for the day and made sure there’d be more such days to come.

The above story is a work of fiction, and Part 2 is still in the works. Any advice, tips or suggestions are welcome on my telegram @MrStartler.