Intense Bathroom Sex With My Sultry School Teacher

Hey Friends. I’m Arun. I’m 20 years old. I’m here to share with you my 5th of the many encounters with my school Teacher, Maya Iyer. She is 35 years old. She is super fair and looks so beautiful and charming. She has a regular body type with no visible belly fat. She is the mother of an 8-year-old girl.

I originally had no plans of sharing this encounter. But I’m now sharing this because of Maya’s daughter. We had planned it as a normal encounter, just like many others. We made out either at my place or her place or by booking a hotel room. It was because of her daughter we got to fuck inside the bathroom.

Maya’s husband had gone on an official trip on 29th December 2023. He was supposed to be back only by 5th January 2024. We tried meeting on the 29th and 30th but couldn’t. Finally, we got so desperate that Maya asked me to come to her place on the 31st afternoon.

The plan was straightforward. Her daughter would sleep in the afternoon after having lunch. We will fuck during that time in Maya’s room. I left my house at 1:30 pm, telling my parents that I was going to a friend’s house for group study. On the way, I messaged Maya that I would reach in less than 30 minutes.

Maya replied stating, “Seems our bad time continues for the 3rd day.” I asked her, “Why?” Maya replied, “She is in no mood to sleep today. Firmly seated in front of the TV.” I told her, “Let’s see what to do. I can’t wait anymore.” She said, “I’m also equally desperate as you but don’t want to risk my life for it.”

I did not reply but continued towards her house. I entered her apartment. The watchman knew me as I had come there multiple times, saying I’d come for tuition. He quietly allowed me to go inside without any questions asked. I took the lift and got to the 3rd floor.

I rang the bell. Her daughter opened the door and asked who it was. I told her that I’m your mother’s student and came to clear some doubts. That little one closed the door on my face and went in to get her mother. I waited patiently. In a few seconds, both Maya and her daughter came and opened the door again.

Maya was completely in black that day. A colour which is in total contrast to her lemony skin tone. A plain black saree and black short-sleeved netted blouse. Her arms were so clearly visible through her sleeves that it seemed as good as a sleeveless blouse.

She called me in with some hesitation, not knowing how to react in front of her daughter. I told Maya in front of her daughter that I wanted some time with her to clear a few doubts. Maya’s eyeballs enlarged with a smile. She looked down at her daughter.

She asked her daughter, “Can you switch off the TV and sleep for some time? He wants to clear his doubts in his studies.” Her daughter was adamant and said that she wanted to watch TV.

I quickly responded, saying, “We’ll go to a room then.” Maya was not convinced somehow. She asked me to go to her room and start studying and said she’d join me later.

I went in, sat on her bed and waited for her. Maya came in after about 5 minutes. She was about to close the door. She overacted by asking her daughter to keep the TV volume down. I immediately countered and said, “Let it be as high as she wants.”

Maya closed the door with a broad smile. Dropping my book on the bed, I quickly rushed to her, unable to control my emotions. I pushed her to the wall just beside the door. Grabbing her soft waist, I jammed my lips over hers, sucking her lower lips.

In a couple of seconds, Maya pushed me back and whispered, “She might still hear us. I’m a little worried.” I looked around. My eyes caught hold of the washroom attached to her bedroom.

I looked at her and asked, “Can your daughter hear us through 2 doors?” With a confused expression, she asked, “What?” I pointed my eyes at the bathroom. She looked at the bathroom door, looked back at me and winked at me. Maya grabbed my T-shirt and took me inside her bathroom.

It was a rectangular-shaped bathroom, about 12 feet in length and 5 feet in width. There is a washbasin in front of the door and a shower in the middle of the bathroom. To the right of the washbasin was a toilet commode at the far end of the bathroom door.

As Maya latched the bathroom door and turned towards me, we jumped on each other, hugged and kissed intensely. She grabbed my head with one hand and rolled her other hand around my underarms, holding my shoulder from behind. I grabbed her waist, slid my hands down and started squeezing her buttocks.

Both of us were out of control as we sucked and kissed each other’s lips sloppily. I even went on to dig my tongue into her mouth. After kissing intensely for a few seconds, we slowly withdrew our lips from each other’s.

With a heavy breath, I told her, “I want to worship every nook and corner of your body today. That, too, I want to feel your body being fully wet.” Maya slowly looked up at the shower and asked, “So what are you waiting for?”

I quickly took off my t-shirt and removed my track pants and underwear in a shot. I placed my dress over the green marble surrounding the washbasin. I again stepped closer to her. Maya immediately grabbed my hard black dick and started stroking it.

I rolled my arms around her waist, lifted her, took her a couple of steps inside and placed her under the shower. Both of us looked at each other for a moment, filled with lust. I quickly opened the shower. As we started getting wet, we hugged each other.

We started to kiss our wet bodies from forehead to cheek to lips to neck. I could not control my lust. Maya was glowing even more as she got wet. I pulled her saree pallu down from her shoulder. Her bra, side of her boobs and nipples were partially visible through her wet blouse.

I pushed her to the wall under the shower. Maya stood with her hands down pasted on the wall, allowing me to worship her wet body. I was lost with too many options in front of me. I was drooling seeing her wet, glowing body. Her boobs were temptingly visible through her blouse.

Her hollow navel and the sight of her fleshy thighs over her wet saree tightly sticking over her legs. I felt like I had a platter of chicken, mutton and many more yummy dishes in front of me. Not knowing where to start, I placed my palms over her belly and rubbed it.

I circled my fingers around her hollow navel and stuck my middle finger into it. I dug my finger into her navel. Maya closed her eyes, bit her lips and pushed her bust to the front a little. It seemed she was inviting me to take on her boobs. I accepted her invitation.

I rolled my other arm around her bust and plunged my face into her cleavage. Tingling her navel with my finger, I kissed and licked her wet upper body. I even went on to bite her boobs over her blouse. I then slowly went up, kissing her neck. I rolled my lips over her jaw.

As I got up to her face, Maya grabbed my head. We started kissing again sensually. Kissing her tight, I slowly plucked my finger out from her navel and started groping her boobs with both my hands.

After a few seconds of sloppy kissing under the shower, we slowly withdrew our lips from each other’s. With a heavy breath, I grabbed her waist and told her, “I want to feel your wet body on mine directly.” Maya asked, “When have I stopped you in the last 1.5 years?”

Saying that she opened her mouth wide, and we started kissing intensely. Maya even forced her on me, pressing her spongy boobs hard on my chest. I could not resist the emotions. I grabbed her boobs, stuck my fingers into her blouse. I plucked the hooks in one shot, ripping open her blouse and exposing her bra.

She did not ask me anything but went on with the flow and continued smooching. In a flash, I rolled my arms around her bust. I ripped her bra hooks as well in some desperation. Her saree pallu was floating on the floor in a pool of water. I pulled her blouse and bra together down her shoulders and arms.

Her wet blouse sleeves were sticking tight to her fleshy arms. Maya withdrew her lips from mine and pulled her arms out of the sleeves. I pulled it down with some difficulty. I dropped her torn blouse and bra on the floor. All the while, the shower was on.

Maya was semi-nude, exposing her wet upper body. We hugged each other tight. The shower water was cold, but her body was so hot. I pressed her boobs right over my chest, hugging her tight.

I then bent down, grabbed her wet spongy boobs. I engulfed her light brown nipples into my mouth. I sucked her fat nipples sensually. Maya continued to moan with her eyes closed as I sucked her nipples hard. I even went on to bite her nipples.

Maya grabbed the hair on my head tight, moaning a little louder as I bit her nipples. I continued sucking and biting her nipples. I slowly pulled her saree tucked into her petticoat out. Digging my hand into her petticoat, I pulled the knot on her petticoat out.

I slowly pulled the thread, untying the knot of her petticoat. Her petticoat loosened from her waist. It slowly slid down her thighs. But got stuck on to her fleshy thighs just above her knees along with the saree wrapped around her waist over the petticoat.

I dug my hand into her orange panty, rubbing the wet and rough spots of her lower abdomen. With one hand around her waist, I continued sucking her hard, fat nipples and slowly tried penetrating my other hand between her legs. Maya accommodated my hand by spreading her legs a little.

I rubbed my fingers over her wet pussy lips. After rubbing her pussy lips for a few seconds, I stuck my middle finger into her tiny pussy hole. As I dipped my finger into her pussyhole, her dress was blocking my elbow, hindering my hand movement.

I slowly withdrew my mouth from her nipples, leaving her nipples and boobs red. I went down on my knees, kissing her belly and her waist. I looked up to her. Maya was also looking down at me with a narrow smile on her face. I pulled her petticoat and saree down her legs.

Maya stepped out of her petticoat, as it fell on her feet. I then slowly pulled her panty down her thighs her legs. Maya once again jumped out of her panty as it fell on her feet. I got her completely nude with this. My thirst and hunger kept growing as I looked at her drenched, wet body from the bottom.

I went deep down and slowly came up, kissing her feet, sucking the toes. Kissing her ankles, her legs, her knees and her fleshy thighs. Just as I reached the junction between her legs, I smelt fish. We both looked at each other with lust.

I stuck my tongue out and licked the rough patch of tiny hair sprouts on her lower abdomen. I then slowly rubbed my tongue downwards, trying to enter between her legs. Till such time, we both gazed at each other with a narrow, lusty smile.

As I stuck my tongue between her legs, Maya raised her head, closing her eyes. She went on to spread her legs even further allowing me to taste the black and pink jelly between her legs. With my head facing up towards her, I slowly licked and sucked her dark pussy.

I then went on to dig my tongue between her pussy lips and started licking the pink flesh inside. Her pussy flesh tasted sour and salty, with a pricking sensation over my tongue. After licking her pussy flesh on the outside for a few seconds, I stuck my tongue into her tiny wrinkled pussy.

My tongue stuck into her pussy hole. Maya’s facial expression changed as she started to smile with a shrunk face, holding my head with one hand and tucking her other hand into her head. Maya started to moan sensually. I slowly penetrated the tip of my tongue into her pussy.

Maya pressed my head hard between her legs and kept moaning a little louder. I covered her pussy with my mouth and started eating her pussy. I thoroughly enjoyed her pussy flesh and the fish smell it emanated. I continued licking and sucking the pink flesh between her legs hard.

Maya moaned sensually with a shrunk smiling face. I penetrated about an inch of my tongue inside her pussy and circled it inside her. After tingling her pussy with my tongue for some time and literally drinking her sour and salty pussy juice. I slowly withdrew my tongue from her pussy.

I was not done yet. I slowly went up, licking her rough abdomen. I kissed and licked her belly and her fleshy waist. As I kept licking her wet belly and waist, I had a close glance at her hollow navel. Unable to control my emotions, I grabbed her juicy buttocks.

I dug my tongue, this time into her navel. As I dug my tongue deep into her navel, I felt a strong pricking sensation at the tip of my tongue. Maya moaned loudly with a heavy breath, holding my head with both hands. Her upper body was a little bent over my head.

The bottom part of her mangalsutra fell on my head. She had her eyes closed and mouth wide open. Maya was blowing air out of her mouth, moaning in ecstasy. I tingled her navel deep with my tongue. Her sensual moaning made my lust hit the roof.

Rolling one hand around her waist, I rubbed her pussy once again. I dipped my middle finger into her hot, tight and wet pussy and started fingering her. With my tongue deep inside her navel, I started fingering her pussy as well, deep and hard.

After a few seconds, I slowly dipped my forefinger also into her pussy. I continued fingering her deep and hard with both fingers. As I continued licking her navel and fingering her pussy deep and hard, Maya started to moan louder in a pleading tone.

Her tone felt as if she was crying. But a glimpse at her face confused me as she still had a broad smile with a shrunk face and eyes tightly closed. Her loud sensual moaning made me hornier. I continued to drill her pussy and kindle her navel deep at the same time.

All of a sudden, Maya gasped aloud and continued with long moanings. I felt some hot, watery fluids flowing down my hands. Till this time, the water was cold, and her body was hot. But now, I felt hot water dripping out of her pussy over my hands.

This has happened a few times in our previous encounters as well, where she ended up ejaculating during our foreplay. I slowly withdrew my tongue from her navel and my fingers from her pussy. Maya cum for a few seconds with her belly moving in and out. As she finished ejaculating, I looked up to her.

Maya, resting her upper back on the wall and with a heavy breath, looked down at me and said, “That was too good. I love you.” I slowly stood up. We smiled at each other and hugged tight. I whispered in her ears, “Your turn now.” She closed the shower.

She grabbed my dick and by saying, “Come.” She took me further inside the bathroom. Maya closed the lid of the toilet commode and went down, kissing my body. She licked my nipples, kissed my belly and slowly sat down on the commode lid.

Looking up at me with a stare on her face, she stroked my dick, pulling my foreskin down. Stroking my dick, she said, “I have never done this, even to my husband. You are the special one.” I asked her, “Why am I special?”

She replied, “You do it really dirty. And that actually gives me more pleasure. Like, I have never cum just with sex. It takes a lot more for me to cum and feel that ecstasy. You give me that ecstasy. That’s what makes me bend a little for you as well. I used to feel like vomiting when you asked me to take your dick inside my mouth for the first time. But I agreed because you give me much more than sexual pleasures.”

Giggling at me, she continued, “Anyways, now I’m kind of addicted to your dick, and I love giving you a blowjob.” Saying that, Maya kissed my dick, rolled her tongue over the head of my dick. She slowly engulfed it in her mouth.  She started to give me a blowjob by sucking my dick deeper inside her mouth.

I placed my hand on her shoulders and closed my eyes. I enjoyed the heat inside her mouth, all over my dick and the itchy sensation. She scratched her teeth over my dick every time she took my dick deep inside her mouth and pulled out.

Maya licked my dick hole and sucked the head of my dick. It was out of my foreskin for about 1.5 inches. She then lifted my dick, licked the length of my dick from top to bottom, went down, kissed and engulfed my balls into her mouth. The blowjob was so intense that I felt like cumming inside her mouth.

After getting a tight and hot blowjob for some time, I started getting desperate for sex. But Maya was playing with my dick, sucking, licking and gently biting and scratching her teeth over my dick, squeezing and sucking my balls. I wanted to enjoy that for some more time.

But after a couple of minutes, my desperation peaked. I quickly tucked my hands into her underarms, lifted her and made her stand facing the wall. Maya responded well, anticipating me to fuck her from behind. She bent her upper body down, facing the wall.

I grabbed my dick, rubbed it over her pussy. Just as my dick stuck into her tiny wrinkled pussy hole, I pushed it inside her pussy with some force. Maya raised her head and gasped loudly. My dick penetrated her pussy in a single stroke. I grabbed her waist and started to penetrate her pussy deeper.

With about three-fourths of my dick inside her pussy, I started to fuck her hard and deep, jamming my waist over her fleshy buttocks. Maya grabbed the toilet seat and started to moan loudly. I moved my dick back and forth inside her. After drilling her pussy for some time, I started breathing heavily.

I slowed down with my dick deep inside her pussy. I rolled my hands up her body and grabbed her boobs from behind. I lifted her upper body with her back resting tight over my chest. My dick was still deep inside her pussy. I squeezed her spongy boobs from behind.

I kissed her shoulders, her ears, and her cheeks from behind. Maya turned her head, raised her hand to her back, grabbed my head and kissed me. In a few seconds, I slowly started to stir my dick inside her pussy. I then again started to fuck her squeezing her spongy boobs from behind.

I continued banging her deep from behind. I suddenly felt a strong tickling sensation running through my dick. I felt both tickling and a burning sensation as my semen gushed out of my dick. I started to moan this time as I splashed my semen like hot lava inside her pussy.

I even went on to bite her fleshy upper back. I experienced the extreme pleasures of sex. Maya made a hissing sound as I bit her back. After I cum, my dick shrunk in size, became softer and slowly oozed out of her pussy. Maya slowly turned around towards me.

We were fully wet and exhausted from head to toe. We hugged each other. We smiled at each other. I held her waist. She placed her hand on my shoulders and asked, “So, done with every nook and corner of my body?” I looked all over her body, and my eyes caught up with her underarms.

Maya realized what I was looking for. With a shrunk smiling face, she said, “You are indeed a dirty fellow.” Saying that, to my surprise, she grabbed my head and bumped my face into her rough underarms. There was a long, narrow, oval patch of minute grey hair sprouts over her underarm.

I loved the smell of her sweat as I licked and sucked her fleshy underarms intensely. Maya gasped as I bit her underarm flesh a little hard. I pulled out in a few seconds and went for the other underarm. I literally replaced the sweat and water on her underarms with my saliva and teeth marks.

With a final hug and a sip of the lips, we went back into the bedroom completely tired. She gave me a towel. We wiped our bodies dry, dressed up and went out to check on her daughter. That little brat was fast asleep on the sofa with the TV running.

Maya looked at me with a sigh of relief. I had some tea and left the place at about 4:30 pm as her daughter was still asleep.

So, friends, this was my real-life sexual encounter with my school physics teacher, Maya Iyer. Please let me know your feedback about doing kinky stuff with her inside her bathroom. You could also write to me at my email id .