A Fun Filled Trip To Bangalore

This happened when I was in Bangalore on a business trip along with my friend Sunny. One evening on a weekend my friend and Sunny and I decided to go and freak out. So we went pub hopping. After visiting a few, we came back to our hotel and hit the bar.

It was crowded, with not a single table free, so we went and settled at the bar on the bar stools. We sat there sipping our drinks, looking at the crowd hoping to find someone. We noticed a good looking woman sitting alone. Soon the glancing game began and we began flirting with our eyes.

Very soon I got an idea that she has been stood up or was looking for some fun. Taking a breath we approached her. I guessed that she was about forty. She had on a pink top that accentuated her breasts, which must have been about 34C, and a tight pant. It was kind of glued to her luscious hips, thighs and down.

I went in and boldly said, “Hello, do we know each other? You seem to be familiar. She gave a sly smile and replied. I hope not, since I am not here, looking for known people.”

“Wow! That’s great, so are we,” I replied giving her a smile.

She asked if we were waiting for a table. Yes, we replied, but the tables seem to be taken. Hence we were waiting at the bar. Oh! Well, I am alone so why don’t you join me? We happily accepted. We introduced ourselves as Rahul and Sunny. She said she was Sara, from Hyderabad.

But now visiting Bangalore and had a room in the same hotel. Since I too was from Hyderabad, it kind of broke the ice. We began chatting and I ordered drinks. Sara was very intelligent, pleasant, yet flirty. She said she liked our company. When dinner was over, Sara made a move to get back to her room.

I called for the check and we went towards the lift. It so turned out that she was on the same floor as us. She thanked us for our company, saying that it was awfully boring sitting alone by herself. I offered her my hand to say goodnight. Something made me pull her up close to me.

She offered her hand then planted a kiss on her mouth. She froze for a minute, and then relaxed and brought her arms around me. I felt her moan as we kissed. I asked her if she wanted to come into our room. She said, sure. As we went through the door she turned towards me.

Putting one arm on my shoulder, giving me a deep kiss. I felt her other hand on my growing bulge. Not wasting any time, She pulled down the zip on my jeans, took hold of my dick. She started to rub it, and my dick began to grow in her hand, becoming erect.

Sara then sighed and said that it’s been a few months since she had felt a dick. She went down on me like a hungry kid after a lollypop. She was moaning and I could see the immense pleasure she was having in her eyes. She cried that it was lovely. She rubbed her lips over my erect dick.

Then she started licking it and stroking it with her hand at the same time. She then flicked her tongue over the length and along the underside, moaning. Then she put it in her mouth, deep throating it. Then removing it very slowly, to stroke with her fingers.

Sunny was stunned and was watching us. Sara called out to him. “Sunny don’t just stand there watching,” she said, “Join us.” Just the words he was waiting for. He stripped off his clothes in a jiffy, and his dick was hard and fully erect. He went behind her as she was on her knees, sucking my dick hungrily.

He put his hands around her waist unhooked the buttons on her pant. He slid them off along with her panties in one stroke. She realized that Sunny was going to fuck her. She stopped him, saying, “Wait, I am not ready yet. Lie on your back and let me sit on your mouth, you can get me ready.”

We both are pussy lickers and Sunny was only too glad to comply. She sat on his face while continuing to suck my dick like mad. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would cum. Sunny was eating her pussy with the same passion that she was sucking my dick.

She was moving and turning and groaning. I was ready to shoot my cum in her mouth. I couldn’t hold it and shot my hot cum into her mouth. Sara took it all, without spilling any. When I was all done, I took off her top and bra, began to play with her breasts.

As I did, that she went wild, rotating her hips and grinding her pussy into Sunny’s face. “Oh yes, yes I am cumming!” she cried. “Rahul, suck my tits please, yes suck my nipples!” Then she moaned loudly as she had her first orgasm. I pulled off all my clothes, and then hers after she recovered.

Sunny was already naked. “I want to suck Sunny’s dick,” she said. Soon Sunny was lying on his back with Sara’s pussy draped over his mouth and his pole deep in her throat. Sunny was going wild, not having come yet this evening. I was sure he would not last long, the way she was sucking him.

I moved up behind her, spread her ass to put my now fully erect dick at the entrance of her pussy. It was wet and ready. I started to slide into her, but even with all the lubrication, she was tight. I slowly began to ease my dick into her pussy, inch by inch.

Withdrawing a bit and thrusting hard driving my dick all the way inside her. Sara’s gasped with pleasure as it hit all the way in. Sunny was ready and started coming, yelling as he shot his cum into her mouth. Once again taking it all in without spilling. I was fucking her, back and forth.

I could feel her grasp and release my dick. She really knew how to fuck! I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer the way things were going. Her ass was rotating and thrusting in time with my strokes. She was squirming and moaning and crying, “Yes! Yes! Yes, it’s so good, don’t stop!”

I could feel her tightening and trembling, ready for another orgasm. Soon she shrieked, “Yes! Oh yes, Rahul! Fuck me harder! harder!” And she exploded, and I too came like a volcano inside her hot pulsating pussy. We lay in for a few minutes. Then Sunny began to play with Sara’s tits.

His erection coming back to full mast. Sara spread her legs and he mounted her as I sat watching them. He was fucking her wildly, thrusting deep, and she was saying, “Yes, it feels so good, oh yes, Sunny give it to me, hard and deep!” Then she was shaking, moaning, “Yes! Yes!”

She clamped her legs around Sunny’s waist, her heels banging on his ass. With each thrust she pulled him into her with her legs, forcing him deeper. She was pumping her hips like mad. Their bodies grinding together. Sunny moaned as he started to come again.

Sara was too moaning and crying in pleasure as she joined him in orgasm. Sunny rolled off her then, and we all cuddled up and slept. When I woke up, I found Sara has gone and a note was on the table, thanking us for a memorable time.

When we went down for breakfast, we found out that she had had her breakfast and checked out. Well, it was great, and indeed memorable. Any couples, women in Chennai interested in having fun can reach me at .