Mother: My Life changer – Part 1

Hi ISS readers. I am going to write down a life-changing story of mine. I came to know that my real sex satisfaction can be achieved only through one person, that’s my mother. My name is Raja Ranjith. I am working in the IT sector. I am always horny. I have a 5.5″ inch tool, which became bigger and better after having sex with my mother.

My family consists of 3 people. My father passed away during the final year of my college days because of chain-smoking. He never satisfied my mother in anything. But my father made us study well and we got placed in reputed companies.

Then we started developing from the middle class to upper-middle class. My sister Ramya is also an IT professional working in Hyderabad now. Let me explain to you about my mother Suhasini. Just imagine how Disha Patani will look if she is a little plump.

She is an educated homemaker. She wakes up early in the morning, prepares breakfast and does all the household work. We are living in the South of India. So during summer times, it is always sweaty. Her fair skin glows and gives a golden tint.

Because of the sweat, the bra is visible. The saree, blouse, or if she wears nightie, everything is wet by doing the household works. By doing household work her shape has become an attractive one. Boobs and ass are assets(36-24-36). You will never get bored when you are playing with them.

All this thinking started when I started to search for new things for masturbating. Yes, I regularly masturbate. Previously, I masturbated by imagining actresses, by watching their hot songs, local magazines, cleavage show in movie clips, etc.

After some years my masturbation session got boring and I didn’t come across anything new. When I got the first android mobile in college, I started searching for a new type of porn on the internet. One of my friends suggested that instead of watching, read some sex stories which will give you satisfaction and temper your cock.

So I searched and came to know about ISS and started reading teacher, maid, office and other stuff except for incest. Because at that time I didn’t know about the meaning of that word. After a few months, these sections also made me bored. Again I started to search for new ones which will satisfy my cock.

Relationship between me and my mother is very friendly. I always share everything and openly talk about many things. During school days she explained to me about the male and female reproductive systems in a normal manner.

During college times, when I got hit by a ball on my groin she applied ointment there without any bad intentions. One sparky Friday night, I accidentally touched the incest section in ISS and I checked out the titles. It displayed mother, sister, cousin sex stories.

I didn’t like it so I went back and checked out new stories in the same teacher sections. While reading one story in the teacher section my mind got distracted to the word mother. I started thinking about my mother in a sexy way and started to think about my past incidents with my mom that happened at home.

As an IT professional, my weekends are off and my sister visits only twice or once in a month on weekends. Most of the time my mother and I are left alone at home. On one Saturday I woke up at 7 to pass urine. Normally I only get up after 10 on weekends.

On that day my bladder was full and I moved towards the bathroom. Our bathroom latch doesn’t work properly. I didn’t know she was there, when I opened the door she was bathing and showing her ass and soaping her big boobs. The door sound alerted her.

It made her turn and show her glittering side boobs and small portions of nipples of the left one. During that time I have no bad intentions, so I quickly closed the door.

Mom: Raj, what you want?

Me: Amma, I want to pass urine.

As there is only one bathroom in our house she asked me to wait for a few minutes.

Me: Amma please come quickly otherwise my bladder will blast.

Mom: Please wait, son. I’ll cover up and come.

As I am a good son, I didn’t check out my mother clearly when she came out of the bathroom. Because of the floral soap’s smell, my eyes went on to her towel-covered boobs and wet thighs. She was using a medium-sized towel to cover her up.

You guys know about morning wood. Because of the floral aroma of my sexy mother, my dick stood up and I was unable to pass urine freely. I took about 5-8 minutes to come out of the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom with a partially erected dick which made a medium-sized tent in my trousers.

My mother eyes went on to my trouser. She hid her naughty smile with hands after seeing my partial erect wood. I also checked out her wet upper boobs and thighs which triggered the erection process. She crossed me and went inside the bathroom. And I went to the bedroom to sleep again.

This incident crossed my mind while reading the teacher section in ISS stories. So my mind forced me to give the incest section a try. I entered the incest section and read one hot mom story. I started reading mother stories. On one Friday night, from 10 pm till 2 am I was reading as many as possible.

It made my dick thick hot rod and it starting ejaculating precum. After reading about 50 to 60 stories in one night, I masturbated like there is no tomorrow. I cummed loads on the white bed sheet. I woke up in the morning tired as I cummed more than ever and sat on the sofa with sleepy eyes.

My ears turned towards the vessel cleaning sound. My mother was doing it with low neck cut nightie which shows huge cleavage. My rod again started to grow harder. As she had not worn any inners, her boobs were hitting each other. They were sweaty and shining.

I was keenly watching it without even blinking and also my breathing was increasing. Suddenly a few drops of water sprinkled on my face. My mother was watching my reaction when she showed her cleavage. I came to sense and noticed that a lizard in the background wall where mom is standing.

Mom: (anger face) What are you looking at?

Me: What? I was watching that lizard on the wall on your backside.

She turned and looked at it.

Mom: Oh ok. (she became calm).

After saying that she was again started doing that same work by showing her cleavage.

Mom: Okay! Go to the bathroom and fresh up. I’ll make you tea.

Me: Okay!

Without even thinking, I got up from the sofa. Then only I realized that I have a huge tent in my trouser. As I was little sleepy, without any hesitation I moved towards the bathroom. But my mother looked at the tent and then she realized that what I am actually looking at. She covered her mouth and smiled naughtily.

This was the first incident which made a spark between both of us. After incest story section and this hot morning scene, my view towards mother got changed. I decided that I have to conquer her and enjoy her for my whole life.

On that day, while having breakfast she informed me that she needs to search for a girl and arrange my marriage as quickly as possible. It was a bit shock that the lizard reason didn’t work out well.

Me: Why amma? (innocent manner)

Mom: Your age is 26. And I am also getting old. How long I can take your responsibilities? I have to share it with my daughter in law.

Me: Who said you are getting old? You still look like 24 years old.

I had not talked to her like this before and I don’t know how I got this courage. She was surprised by my reply.

Mom: Don’t you think I am old and ugly?

Me: Just tell me when I should marry you. (kiddingly)

Mom: That’s a good one! I liked it.

Me: Amma, first look for a good boy for sister and then arrange a marriage for me.

Mom: Okay, but you have to control your urges for 2 to 3 years. Is it okay for you?

Me: Yes, fine. Till that time you have to take care of me. Will you?

Mom: (cunning smile) Of course I’ll take care of you.

Me: (with a plan) Okay, amma! Today is Saturday, are you having any important work?

Mom: Just I want to prepare lunch, some household work, and dinner. That’s it.

Me: Okay! After lunch, we will watch a movie of your choice. We will order dinner from outside and again we will watch a movie of my choice. Is it okay?

Mom: What is your choice and my choice?

Me: Your choice is some regional language movie and my choice is a Hollywood movie.

Mom: Oh okay. Then I’ll start making lunch for you.

Me: Which movie you want to play after lunch?

Mom: I want to watch a nice comedy movie!

Me: Okay amma. I’ll check on it.

Mom: What type of Hollywood movie you are planning to watch?

Me: Some romantic type movies.

Mom: Romantic means?

Me: Amma it is my choice but you have to watch it.

Mom: okay. I am not involving in it. But you know before you were born, I and your father watched porn movies on the VCR.

I am dumbstruck by her words and surprised, why she would inform me about that!

Me: Amma! What are you saying? Wait a minute, are you saying that you want to watch a porn movie after dinner?

Mom: (with a naughty smile) It’s your wish and she quickly went to the kitchen.

I was really happy how open and casual she was informing me that. I know her feelings. She is a single woman and always doing household works and taking care of me and my sister. Her sexual enjoyment was lost when my father passed away. So she has to satisfy her sexual requirements some other way.

I am not saying she wants to have sex with me. But she wants to watch porn and she wants to enjoy herself by fingering or something like that. The only way to get porn is through me. So she asked casually and I liked it. In my mind, I know it is the golden opportunity to take her fruit.

Mother has prepared a very good lunch. Then we started watching the movie by sitting on the sofa. She was wearing semi-transparent nightie with inners inside. I was wearing lungi without any inners. After a few minutes, I asked mom to show her lap to lay my head.

She was keenly watching the movie. I lay down my right part of the head on her lap in sidewise and I too was watching the movie. As it was a comedy movie we were laughing regularly. For one comedy scene, I was laughing and turned my head to check what was her reaction to that comedy scene.

She was laughing loudly by pulling her head backward. Suddenly I came to sense that I can’t see her face. The big boobs were in between mother’s and my face. It was bouncing while she was laughing. She was watching the movie but I was watching her bouncing boobs. This hot view made my rod stand.

In one comedy scene, she laughed by clapping and after that, she had actually placed her hands on my thighs. But she accidentally placed her hand near to my rod. I don’t know what she thought. She got hold of the rod and took back her hands in a flash. Then she saw me that I was watching her boobs from her lap.

She gave a slightly hard blow on my head and asked me to watch the movie. After that, she lost interest in watching the movie. I know she was watching my rod covered by lungi. I was waiting for the night and dinner time to come. After watching the movie, my mother started doing her normal household works.

I was watching TV, sitting on the sofa. She always does the floor cleaning with a wet cloth on weekdays. But I don’t know whether she is doing it intentionally or not, she started cleaning the floors. While watching movies she wore low neck nightie with inners.

But now she was wearing only the nightie without any inners. When I heard the sound of cleaning I moved my eyes towards her. If you see the shining sweaty boobs of her you guys will not believe that she is a mother of two children. It is still firm, big and hard.

I could see the whole fleshy mount but can’t view the nipples. My eyes stuck on her hard tangling boobs with my wide-open mouth. After a few minutes, she turned her attention towards me and checked where I was looking. She cleared her throat to turn my head to see TV.

But she failed as I was interestingly watching her sweaty and ripened boobs. She shook her head and concentrated on her work. She continued her cleaning work and was coming closer to me. She reached near my foot for cleaning. I was moving like a pendulum along with the shiny boobs.

I was dreaming about sucking ripened boobs and biting the nipples till she screamed. My mother asked me to raise my foot to clean near the sofa and she noticed my huge tent in the lungi. When I raised my lungi she got an erotic smell of precum which made her eyes wide open.

She pinched my foot and asked me to save the energy for the night as we want to watch the night show. I shook my head and closed my mouth with surprise. She covered her low neck opening and finished cleaning the room. Wait for the hot night show in the second part.

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