A Thief’s Sex Story – Part 1

My name is Pratap. I am a thief. But I don’t think I should tell you about my theft. This is the story of when I went to steal one day. I was afraid of robbing the bungalow even though I was in a deserted place daily. I will reach the bungalow by eight o’clock.

If I go fast, I will work fast. But in the bungalow, which is always empty, I heard the sound of someone talking. I looked into the window to see who it was. Two people are in their world. Maybe, they are husband and wife. That’s why I’m listening.

From the house, she looked out the window while I was watching. I thought she got me. They didn’t talk about me. Later, listening to their words, I remained there without being seen by them.

Her husband said, “Shilpa, let’s play a game today.” Shilpa said ok. “Shilpa, I will blindfold you, and you will not remove your blindfolds until I remove them. I should be caught like that,” he said. “If you can’t catch me, your beauty is still mine tonight,” he said.

She got shy on her face and just nodded. All my eyes are on the gold she is wearing. Meanwhile, he took out his handkerchief and blindfolded her. Meanwhile, the light from his phone flashed. He also got a call. He went to talk on the phone, shouting on the call.

Thinking this was a good time, I stepped forward and went to her. Shilpa is a good beauty, and she has good assets. Every piece of jewellery on her was born to touch her body. My breath was taken away as her body moved to her inhales and exhales.

Meanwhile, Shilpa said, “Come on, Vishal, it’s not because of me that I’m holding you as I see.” I was scared. I thought, if Vishal comes back, I may get caught. But there was no answer from Vishal. Then my eyes fell on his wife. The navel chain is wrapped around her waist and tucked in from the top.

Maybe her husband had put on the sari before she tied it. I looked around, but I couldn’t find its hooks anywhere. Shilpa is again going to call Vishal. At the same time, I put my hands on her navel chain from behind and held her tight. The speed of her breathing increased.

Saying, “Ahh Vishal!” she held both of my hands tightly on her tits. My desire increased. I started pressing slowly and slowly kissed her back part from behind. I kissed her shoulder on top of her blouse. I pressed the pallu pin with my mouth to make her pallu fall.

Her pallu went down, disclosing her cleavage on top of her. Her tits moving along with her breath made me even more excited. I started to squeeze, and she started to enjoy it. Both her tits were cramped and asking for freedom. Then I put both my hands down and pulled her saree wraps.

She did not know whether she had any clothes on or how much she was wearing. Isn’t that strange? Then I turned her towards me and kissed her. In response, she took my lips between her lips. This war of lips between us went on for a long time.

In between, there was also a fight between each other’s tongues. Slowly I reached for her tits, kissing her neck. I was kissing her without leaving even a single moan. Both of our heartbeats are doubling. Her nipples are peeking out from her blouse.

Then I took both hands, pressing her tits and opening her blouse hooks with my teeth. Pressing her tits to loosen those hooks and unhooking with my teeth. She put both legs around my waist and climbed on top of me to give me access to her 36b size tits. My face is right in the middle of her tits.

After removing four hooks, I lowered her, turned her back and removed the bra hooks all at once. Then her tits came out as if they were jumping and sat motionless on her body. Then I turned towards me again and started licking her belly. I slid my fingers into her petticoat, looking for nada.

Meanwhile, Shilpa said innocently, “Vishal! Are you doing all this on your own?”

“Hmmm,” I said with a small smile on my face. Because I am afraid that they will catch my voice if I talk more. Looking at her beauty, I am determined not to miss it. I stood on my knees to open her nada with my hands pulling her petticoat. My teeth work on her nada knot with my mouth.

She giggled. She is pushing me onto her nada! Maybe she felt like it more and more. I felt like checking how her pussy tasted. So I tasted the finger which went into her pussy. Slowly her petticoat and panty came down from her body. She looked hot being nude in front of me.

I lifted her onto my shoulders and made her sit on the couch. Every inch of her body is attracting me and making my dick hard. Slowly from her lips, kissing and biting reached her pussy between her thighs. Her pussy was still cleanly shaved, and the inside was pink and tight, dripping.

Taking some air in my mouth and blowing into her pussy. She raised her two legs and placed them on my shoulder. I started licking her pussy. She slid her hands in my hair and pushed me towards her pussy. She seems to like my work. My nose got stuck in the middle of her pussy.

I couldn’t breathe, but she was pushing me with both her legs and arms towards her pussy. Whenever I couldn’t breathe, I made my provision to breathe by biting her clit to her desire. Like this, I was sucking her flower petals.

I started licking her glory hole with my tongue. This time, she was holding my head as hard as before.

“Vishal, is it really you?” she shouts. “Vishal, is it really you? Do you have as much desire in you!” she says, “Ah, come on, Vishal. Oh my God, my pussy!” Saying that comes to the flow of her words.

Meanwhile, I put my index finger in her pussy and started shaking. Now my lips are sucking her pussy. My tongue is licking clit as well as her glory hole. My fingers reciprocating in and out with her juices to suck.

But she says, “Vishal, ah, eat me Vishal eat me, bite me harder.” The whole bedroom resounds with her screams. And I slid my middle finger along with the index finger. If it’s gone, it’s gone, but it tastes good.

Meanwhile, she said, “I can’t stop myself, but you will kill me. Fuck me. Yaar fuck me like a bitch.”

Then a voice came from behind! It was heard. I stopped my work.

To know what is happening next, please wait for part 2.

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