Omegle roleplay with a stranger

Hello ISS readers, I am a 30-year-old guy from a South Indian coastal village. I read a lot of stories here. This is just an Omegle chat in which I played a role-playing game that leads to humiliation and sex on a bus. The story is imaginary, but the characters are played by real people. Not wasting time, let’s enjoy it.


You: Hi.

Stranger: Hi.

You: I am from India. What about you?

Stranger: Mexico.

You: Wow. Name?

Stranger: Alice.

Stranger: Yours?

You: Girish.

Stranger: Nice.

You: I am 28.

Stranger: I am 22.

You: Your name is like in games.

Stranger: Haha.

Stranger: Is it? It’s quite a common name here.

You: What brings you here?

Stranger: Just bored.

Stranger: You?

You: Do you like to play roleplay?

You: Only if you like.

Stranger: Yeah.

You: Have you ever played before?

Stranger: No.

You: Okay, no issues.

Stranger: Have you?

You: In real life? No, not real at all. It will be just imaginary characters. Just for fun.

Stranger: Yeah I understand.

You: I have played 4-5 times.

Stranger: Oh.

Stranger: So experienced.

You: It’s like a conversation type.

Stranger: Right.

Stranger: Okay, I’ll try.

You: I will be your neighbor.

Stranger: Okay.

You: You are traveling on a bus.

Stranger: Oh, I see.

You: I am just standing near you.

Stranger: Oh.

You: You get a text from someone.

Stranger: I can imagine this.

You: It says you have to get to the last stop and flash your tits to the driver.

Stranger: What?! That’s so embarrassing.

You: You look blushed.

You: I ask you what is the matter. So, now you need to talk to me.

You: Hi.

You: What happened?

Stranger: Nothing.

Stranger: I just got a text.

You: What did it say?

You: Is there anything wrong?

Stranger: Um… it’s just that I have to do something.

You: What should you do?

Stranger: I have to flash my tits to the driver when I get to the last stop.

You: Omg!

Stranger: Yeah.

You: But would you be able to do it?

Stranger: No, I don’t think so.

Stranger: But when I think about it, it’s exciting!

You: But why do you need to do it?

You: You can just get down, right?

Stranger: Oh because, I am playing a game.

You: Oh, that’s interesting.

Stranger: Yeah, and I did consent to it, but the tasks get more risky.

You: Oh.

You: Are you wearing a bra today?

Stranger: No, I’m not.

You: Was it also a task?

Stranger: Yes, it was. I’m also not wearing anything down there as well.

You: Oh, my god! So hot you are.

You: I can smell your wetness.

Stranger: It excites me.

Stranger: That I could find out any second.

You: Can I see? (put my hand under the skirt)

You: It’s all so wet. So crazy you are.

Stranger: I was just a little bored.

You: I think you should flash him and give him his reward for his driving.

You: He would be a happy man.

Stranger: Take out your hand, someone will see!

You: You have a great body.

Stranger: I think you’re right. I should.

You: Okay.

You (removing my hand): Can I just come to the last stop with you?

Stranger: If the game permits.

Stranger: Why? Do you want to see it? Well, the game doesn’t specify any rules regarding an accomplice.

Stranger: Ya… If you are okay with it.

You: So, it should be fine.

Stranger: Okay… I will see what you can do.

Stranger: I’m actually so wet, it’s starting to drip.

You: Is your text friend on the bus?

Stranger: I don’t know, but he’s always watching. He must be, right?

You: I think so.

You: But it’s so great you are taking this challenge. So daring you are!

Stranger: Oh, thank you.

You: Only two stops are there now.

Stranger: Oh, we’re nearly there.

You: Your tits are poking your t-shirt. They really need attention.

Stranger: You’re right, they’re getting harder.

Stranger: Can you give them attention?

You: Why not.

You: Can I just pinch them?

Stranger: Yes, do as you please

You: (slowly groping both tits from behind)

You: (pinching right nipple softly)

Stranger: Oh, that feels good!

Stranger: I’m starting to pant already.

You (pulling it a little bit): You are so beautiful. And you should be so proud of your tits.

You: Just one more stop to go!

Stranger: Ya.

Stranger: Thank you.

You: Everyone is getting down.

Stranger: That’s good, phew.

You: Only 2-3 children are there.

Stranger: I can’t do it in front of kids.

You: Give me the left one. They are in front.

Stranger: Oh ok.

You: (slowly putting a hand under the t-shirt.

Stranger: Your hands feel so nice.

You: (holding left boob in left hand).

You: (Just squeezing it). (Right-hand goes underskirt).

You: Do you like it, my girl?

Stranger: Aahhh, yesss..I like it (biting my lip).

You: (slowly lifting the t-shirt).

You: (taking the nipple in my mouth).

Stranger: Oh no, they’ll see.

You: (sucking on it).

Stranger: Mm, feels good.

You: Sorry, I can’t help it now.

You: (Sucking both one by one). The Last stop came.

You: Go, go!

Stranger: Okay.

You: (Taking my mobile and starts recording the show of a lifetime).

Stranger: I walk towards the driver, face blushed and red.

You: Go.

You: You are bold.

Stranger: And I lifted my t-shirt completely, flashing the driver.

You: Omg!

You: You did it. I can’t believe you!

You: Come on, let’s run.

Stranger: Yes, let’s get away from here.

Stranger: Hahah.

You: I can’t believe I did that. It’s good that he was new.

You: You are so amazing.

Stranger: Never getting on that bus again.

You: You should do this more often.

You: It’s really hot.

Stranger: Haha, I don’t know.

You: My mobile is burning.

Stranger: Haha.

You: Haha. What happened with the text guy?

You: You tell him that the task is complete.

Stranger: Oh well, I’ll have to wait until I get another text.

You: Oh.

Stranger: But it might not be for a while. Don’t know when.

Stranger has disconnected.

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