A Virgin Boy With Dominating Mami – Part 11

Hey lovely readers, I hope you enjoyed the previous part where Mami started fucking Ishaan. Please read Parts 9 and 10 before continuing.

Let’s not waste time anymore and read how finally Ishaan had the ejaculation of his lifetime with his mami in her bedroom. After about 5 minutes, she loosened the grip and I gasped for the fresh air. She was still lying over me with my dick inside her.

After relaxing for more than 10 minutes, she got up from the bed and removed my dick from her pussy. She grabbed my boxer from the floor and wiped the sweat from her body and my chest. I was lying in the middle of the bed and she came and sat to the right of me near the edge of the bed.

Mami opened the side table’s drawer and grabbed a cigarette from it. I didn’t know she smoke also and was continuously staring at her. She then grabbed my head and pulled me toward her thigh. She allowed me to put my head on her smooth thighs.

Then she lit the cigarette and after taking two puffs, she removed her panty from my head. I was able to finally breathe properly and looked toward the clock. It was already 2:30 am, which meant she had been fucking me for the last 3 hours (I gulped down the fact that she had that much stamina).

Soon, my dick was flaccid and the condom was very loose around my dick. While taking a puff she saw that and leaned forward to remove my condom in a flash.

There was a small amount of water in the condom, probably mixed with my pre-cum. She lowered the condom opening above her mouth and drank the remaining water.

Mami (exhaling smoke): Mmmmm..Very tasty water, your pre-cum has a smooth taste.

Ishaan (nodding in yes): Yes (giving a smile also).

Mami lowered the cigarette towards me, asking me to take a puff. But I tried to avoid it as it would be my first time smoking a cigarette. Seeing this, she slapped my flaccid dick lying flat on my stomach. She started to laugh seeing me in the pain.

Mami: Get up.

She took a large puff from the cigarette while asking me to get up from her thighs. Once I was in the sitting position, she brought her lips close to mine and lip kissed me. Grabbing my head from behind, she opened her lips. Thinking she wanted to tongue kiss me, I too opened my mouth. But she exhaled all the smoke from her mouth to mine and pinched my nose tight with her left hand!

I was not able to breathe from my nose and had to inhale all the smoke. I felt something strong inside my head as the smoke went below my throat (if a large amount of smoke goes below your throat, you get a different hit as to normally exhaling all the smoke out).

Once she was satisfied that I have inhaled all the smoke, she broke the kiss. I started to feel dizzy because of the strong hit from the smoke. She pulled my face and put it on her shoulder. I was feeling normal after relaxing on her shoulder for some time as she completed her cigarette.

Once I was completely okay, I separated myself from her and laid down on my back. Still, my hands and legs were tied to each end of her saree.

As I relaxed, she got on her feet and sipped some wine while lighting a new cigarette. She held the cigarette in her mouth and pulled my legs towards the edge of the bed. Then she lowered my legs to the floor while my torso was still on the bed. She bent herself down and exhaled a huge amount of smoke on my flaccid dick. It was a very erotic scene, seeing her release the smoke on my dick and my dick twitch.

Mami smiled as my dick twitched to her naughty act and looked start into my eyes. She got hold of my feet which were still tied because of her saree and started to raise them above her head. Once up, she spread my knees apart and got herself between my legs.

Mami (in a commanding voice): Cross your feet behind my waist. (Holding the cigarette between her lips.)

As I crossed my tied feet around her waist, she positioned my dick below her pussy lips and started to rub my dick along the length of her pussy (between pussy lips and the pussy crack).

For the first time in the whole night, I was feeling her pussy heat and wetness directly on my dick. Slowly from flaccid to rock hard, finally my dick was back to being a strong pole. She was still rubbing her pussy over my dick shaft. But this time, my dick head was poking her pussy’s opening. Without realizing, she rubbed her pussy hard on my dick and her eyes popped as my dick head entered her pussy.

Mami (with wide open eye): Oooo.. (Making pout with her lips, exhaling out because of the pain).

The pain was sudden and more pleasurable for her. She stood still for a few seconds. Taking a puff in, she pushed her waist forward and within two pushes, my whole dick was inside her. Her expression from feeling the pain turned to enjoy a hard dick inside her. She couldn’t control herself now and started to ram her pussy on my dick very fast and vigorously.

She was fucking me standing while I lied down on the bed, crossing my legs around her waist. For grip, she put her hands on my waist and started to pull me toward her in sync with her forward motion, making my dick go deeper in her pussy.

Ishaan: Issshhh.. Ma’am, Your juicy pussy ahhh..

Mami (smiling): Hahaha.. (Dropping her head back while still fucking me hard).

Mami: Tell me how you feel inside me.

Ishaan: It’s very hot inside you and my dick is sliding smooth inside your pussy because of how wet it is.

Hearing me say this, my mami increased her pounding and as our bodies meet it started to make noise. Soon, the whole room was filled with noise. Then she threw her cigarette from her mouth towards me and it landed on my chest and gave me a smile to me. She moved her hands from my waist to my nipples.

She stood still with my dick inside while holding my nipples with her fingers. Then she pushed her pussy forward and pinch my nipple hard simultaneously. I was left with a mixed feeling of pleasure as well as pain. She continued ramming her pussy, pinching my nipple and stopped for a few seconds to take a breath.

But after doing this 7-8 times, she started to pinch my nipples continuously and started fuck my dick with her pussy continuously. I was in heaven with the pleasure that I was getting and enjoying the feeling of her pussy on my dick.

Soon, my mami left my nipples and started to dig her nails into my chest while pounding me with her pussy. She was exhausted from all the action in her pussy for 15 minutes and dropped flat on my chest. Taking in a few breaths, she moved her hands behind her and opened the knot on my legs.

Finally, my legs were free, but she got hold of my leg by bringing her hands behind my knees and started to lift them in the air. She got my both legs on her shoulder while my dick was still in her pussy. Being in that position, she looked into my eyes and pushed her pussy forward. She was fucking me in an amazon position.

Ishaan: Uffff..Isshhh..

Mami: Hehehe.. (making flying kiss gesture with lips only and winking).

Then she started to move her pussy vigorously with much more force and strength. Soon, my waist started to pain and it was evident on my face. She made herself stand with my legs still above her shoulder. Then she made my legs straight in the air with my dick going between my thighs and coming out from behind my thighs.

Mami started to fuck me in a standing amazon position with my legs in her air. Then she started to lick my calf and enjoy the sensation in her pussy while fucking me. She was not getting the full length of my dick inside her so she started to spread my legs in opposite direction. Through her continuous pounding and separating, my legs in opposite direction, she placed her hands on the inner side of my thighs pushing them apart.

Then she started to move her whole body up and down. Seeing her boobs bouncing up and down in front of me, I too got excited and started to move my ass up and down. We both were too excited. Me trying to fuck her from the bottom and she was pounding her pussy on my dick in sync. Seeing this, she stood still putting her hands on my inner thigh and I started to move my ass rigorously up and down.

I started to fuck her from below while she stood still and enjoy the pleasure of a dick entering her and coming out. Soon, I felt that her pussy was twitching inside and she started to shake while standing still. She increased the grip around my thighs poking her nails in. I was still moving my dick up and down inside her pussy vigorously while her body started to shake.

I felt a huge amount of liquid getting released on my dick inside her pussy which gave a different sensation at the tip of my dick. Then she lowered her pussy and her whole body on my dick, making my dick just stay still inside her pussy.

Mami (eyes closed): Ufffff…. Ufffff… Ahhh……. Umm…. Isshhh…

A gush of her cum started to flow from her pussy making my dick and thighs completely wet in her cum. Her whole body was continuously shaking while her pussy was squirting on my dick.

Suddenly, my dick started to twitch because of the squirt. She removed my dick in a quick motion from her pussy while she was still squirting. As a result, her pussy was directed towards my chest and her whole cum was splashing on my chest and my face. Seeing this, I felt a sensation in my dick and I exploded.

Mami (squirting on my chest): Ahhhhhh…. ahhhhh…. Ahhhh…

Ishaan: Uffffff… Umm…

As she was squirting, she squirted in such a manner that it hit on my standing dick which was also releasing my cum. My cum directly went up in the air while she was still squirting on my chest. It landed on her boobs and her chin as it went up with too much force. My dick was still pointing towards her and cum started to fall on her tummy. After releasing every drop of her cum on my chest, she smiled looking at me.

My cum formed a huge drop on her chin, so she wiped it with her finger and put it inside her mouth, and expressed her pleasure tasting my cum. She was too tired to stand and dropped on my chest directly with huge force.

Once she was above my chest, she started twisting her tummy and boobs on my body mixing my cum with her squirt on my chest and stomach. Soon, it was very sticky and she lowered her face onto my chest to lick my chest clean. She enjoyed the taste of both of our cum and continued licking.

Then I finally fucked my mami and after ejaculating, I was feeling sleepy and started to drift into sleep. She too was completely exhausted fucking me for the past 4 hours. Then she adjusted herself on the bed and put a pillow below our heads. She hugged me tightly and started to sleep. I was half asleep by now and she pushed my head on her boobs.

My whole head was covered with her huge boobs and was between her cleavage. I smelled her sweat and our cum between her squishy cleavage. But still, I drifted into sleep because of exhaustion.

I didn’t realize when I slept between her lovely boobs. But it was one of the best sleep that I had in my life. Then I woke up around 8:30 am and was still between her boobs. Seeing her boobs naked directly in front of me in the morning was very sexy for me.

I saw a sweat drop coming from her neck to her cleavage in half sleep. Then I just kissed her cleavage and licked her sweat drop and again went to sleep with a smile. Probably, she also smiled feeling my kiss on her cleavage.

At around 10:30 am I was completely awake and felt something moving. As I opened my eyes, I saw mami was also awake and stretching her body. She was looking like a model as she was stretching her hands out with a small amount of sunlight falling on her face and her wide-open boobs.

Seeing me staring at her, she pulled her bedsheet above her boobs in shock and realized that she had fucked me last night hard. Soon, a smile was back on her face, but still, her boobs were covered with the bedsheet.

Mami (smiling): Good morning, my naughty slave.

Ishaan (smiling): Good morning, ma’am.

She put her finger on my lips and said.

Mami: Call me Queen, when we are just alone and not doing anything.

Ishaan: Hmmm… (Giving a peck on her finger).

Then she grabbed her bedsheet around her boobs and stood up, leaving me laying naked on the bed. She leaned in forward and slapped my naked ass hard making a noise.

Mami: Get up, it’s already very late.

Ishaan: Hmm…

Wrapping the bedsheet around her boobs and covering her whole body, she started to pick all the clothes laying on the floor and put them on the chair.

Once done, she started to walk toward the bathroom, but just before entering, she dropped the bedsheet. I was mesmerized looking at her back and naked peached-shaped ass in the morning.

(Peached-shaped ass makes the best heart sign while fucking in the doggy style.)

I just took a mental picture of her peached-shaped ass and her sexy walk as she was entering the bathroom. After a few seconds, I heard her calling me from the bathroom.

Mami: Ishaan…. Ishaan… Ishaan.

Feeling frustrated, I got up from the bed and went inside the bathroom, but did not find her there. She was hiding behind the door. Then I moved further in and suddenly, mami pushed me on the commode. I somehow managed to balance myself and sit on the commode.

Then I saw her standing in front of me in a sensual pose with not a thread on her boobs and her smooth pussy. My dick started to get hard seeing her in a dominating and attitude pose. She came towards me and sat on my lap.

My dick was still growing and mami’s pussy was above my dick’s shaft. She put her arms around my neck and gave a wet American kiss on my lips.

Mami: A few days ago, you were saying something about some noise and making fun of me.

Ishaan: Ummm… Don’t remember, Queen.

As I said, I remembered; making fun of her peeing in the open after dropping mama at the airport. Then I gulped down and said.

Ishaan: Sorry ma’am, it was unintentional.

Mami: Sushhhhhh….. (Shushing me with her lips). Wanna hear that sound again? Feel how I peed that day.

Ishaan: No, it was a mistake, please Ma’am.

Then she leaned forward and kissed me. I felt hot pee falling on my hard dick as she kissed me. It was very hot.

Soon, her kiss became tongue-licking while she continued to pee on my dick. She was peeing with a lot of force and soon my complete dick was covered in her pee because of the flow and a stream of pee started to fall from my balls too.

Mami continued to pee for about 2-3 minutes, as she drank a lot of wine yesterday. Suddenly, I felt a splash of liquid rise from the commode and hit my thighs. She had pooed too while kissing. The whole bathroom was filled with the stinky smell, but she was not leaving my mouth and continued licking my tongue.

I gasped for air, but couldn’t breathe from my mouth and had to smell the stinky smell of her poop. It was a disgusting smell but still, she made me erotically smell that by kissing me.

My mind was taken over by my lust and I grabbed her ass cheeks. As she was kissing and pooping, I started to pull her ass cheeks apart. She enjoyed me pulling her ass cheeks and leaving my lips. I gasped for air from my mouth and she gave a peek at my upper lip. We were constantly looking into each other eyes as she continued to poop. Once done, she said in my ears –

Mami (husky voice): Grab the jet and wash my asshole.

Ishaan: Yes, Ma’am.

I grabbed the jet and started to spray the water at her ass. I was not able to know where it was hitting and probably. I was scared to wash her ass hole. Water might be spreading around her ass cheeks.

Mami: Please use your hands to clean. Water is just hitting my cheeks.

With a lot of hesitation, I moved my right hand towards the inner side of her ass. I was moving my hand very slowly to not touch the poop that might be still stuck to her ass.

Moving forward, I touched something which was like a bump on the skin. My eyes popped out.

Mami: Isshhhh… That’s my ass hole, Hehehe….

Hearing this, I was calm and brought my fingers forward to touch it. She left a loud “Issshhh” sound in her mouth. Then I used my left hand and spread the water while my right-hand fingers were running up and down between her ass crack and cleaning her ass hole.

Mami: Move the jet a little down, little down, down. (As I was moving the jet down). Uffffff… (As the jet water hit her pussy). Hmmm… Clean this too.

Then I started to spray the water on her pussy and clean it with the help of my right-hand fingers. It was a different feeling putting my fingers inside her pussy to clean and just feel the skin of her pussy.


I will end this part here as my horny readers would have ejaculated by now. Mami had something different planned for Ishaan in her dirty mind. She was hornier now as she had her favorite slave under her control.

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