Banging my Muslim mom

My mother, Shahida, was a 44-year-old single mother in the UK. A professional woman who worked hard to raise me. We were more friends than mother and son.

Shahida was short at 5ft 2 inches, had a busty body and had all the curves a mother has. As usual, after giving birth to me, she had a little belly and a beautiful thick mature ass.

I started to see my mother’s behaviour change towards me when I turned 19. She would occasionally walk into my room while I was getting changed and make remarks like, “You are so fit. Those women must bite their lips over you.”

At first, I didn’t take any notice, but I noticed it was getting too frequent. I would be getting changed, and Shahida would stare at me. It was as if she was looking forward to me coming home and getting changed so she could perv on my body.

Since we were like friends and were very open, I used to talk to her about my female encounters. My first girlfriend was 18, and I had never dated a woman younger than 30. So my mom knew I liked older women, which certainly didn’t help.

So now, whenever I spoke about my relationship with her, she would laugh and say, “They are not women. I wish I could show you what a real woman is.”

It came to a stage where she would insult the women I was in a relationship with. I finally had enough. I decided that if she made such a remark, I would demand she show me what a real woman is.

A few days passed. We were both off from work and spent time together on Sunday. That evening we sat together on the sofa, and she asked me about my girlfriend. The moment that I was waiting for. I told her. “She’s good. We met up a couple of days ago and did what we had to do,” winking at her.

She understood that I was talking about fucking my girlfriend.  As usual, she laughed and said, “Haha, did what we had to do? You don’t know what you are talking about.”

I got really angry and started to lash out at her, “What do you mean I don’t know? If you mean I don’t know how to fuck a woman, then you are wrong. You say this all the time that I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t know anything.”

“Why don’t you fucking show me how it’s done, then?”

“Since your divorce from dad, you probably haven’t been fucked properly, and you are taking your frustration out on me now.”

I realized what I had said and instantly started to apologize, “I didn’t mean that. I’m so sorry, mom.”

My mom looked at me with a disgusted face and said, “Yes, you are fucking right because I was too busy looking after your sorry ass.”

“I sacrificed everything for you, including a cock between my legs, so you didn’t feel neglected.”

My mom started to cry. I went over to her and hugged her while apologizing for my comments. I then held her head from the side and looked at her, saying, “You know I love you, right?”

Seeing the helpless expression on her face, I felt like a dick as I looked at her. I then laughed and said

“Ok, mom, how do I make it up to you?”

“Should we put something in between your legs?”

To my surprise, she said, “That would be a good start.”

Since we were more like friends, she tried to tease me. She places her hands on my cock. She was struck with surprise as I had an erection. She slowly starts to rub it while I stand there helpless. I then took her hand and said, “Mom! What are you doing”?

With both hands, she pushes me back, so I fall on the sofa. She goes down on her knees and starts to undo my belt. “You fucking fight with me and then have an erection. What does that mean, hey? Let me show you how a real woman fucks, you filthy cunt.”

My mom unzips my pants and, without delay, whips my hard erect cock out. She spits on the head, stimulating the tip with her soft mature hands. At this point, I had the biggest erection of my life. It was so hard that it hurt.

The blood inside my cock was rushing along with my heart beating so much that it wanted to come out of my chest. She spits on it more and more until her hand slides up and down without effort. Soon as it is wet enough, she puts her mouth on it. In an instant goes all the way down, swallowing my cock complete.

I could feel her nose touching my lower belly. For about 20 seconds, my cock was buried deep in her throat. It just kept going harder and harder. I then looked at her face, and she made direct eye contact with my cock inside her throat. Her eyes were starting to turn red.

She finally gags and takes it out, not leaving it alone for even a split second. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so turned on that it did not matter that my mom was sucking me. I grab her hair from the back of her head and start to move her head up and down my hard cock. I loved the gags and her tight throat.

After a few minutes of mom blowing my mind away, I could see she was getting tired. Her movement slowed down, and tears ran down her cheeks, filled with dark black mascara. Her face was fucked, literally. I let it up and spit on her face, rubbing my saliva on her face, ruining her expensive makeup.

It was only right to return the favour, so I lifted her and threw her on the sofa. Pulling her tight black trousers off her thick ass. As I slid her trousers down, she revealed her underwear. She was wearing deep red knickers, which were soaking wet.

I then took hold of her blouse from the middle and forced it open. The buttons flew off, and her juicy big boobs popped out. I moved her wet knickers to the side, opened her fat thighs and put my head in between her legs. I slid my tongue between her pussy walls and slowly entered her hole.

Mom was now moaning and groaning like a stupid slut, “Ah, fuck!” While licking her soaking mature pussy I started to edge my finger towards her asshole. Slowly feeling it in a circular motion until I find the entrance. I then entered her tight arse. It swallowed my whole middle finger.

My mom was in a state of ecstasy, gasping from all the pleasure she was receiving. After some time, she lifted my head and said, “Come here. Let me taste my pussy.” She put her tongue in my mouth and started to suck out all of her pussy juices.

I pushed her back. “You nasty bitch, go on the floor,” I said with lustful eyes. Mom goes down on her knees. I yank off her knickers, revealing her thick curvy ass. I spanked her hard.

“Ah, yes! You fucking love that ass, don’t you?”

“Not yet bitch. I will once I open it up wide.”

I grabbed her hair and said, “Crawl up the stairs with me. Time to show you what a real man can do to a horny slut.”

“Your making momma your bitch, are you?” She said, feeling insulted

I drag mom up the stairs and into the bedroom. I ask her to go to bed and stick her ass up. Like a good whore she crawls up the bed and bends down, lowering her back and lifting her soft mature ass. I paused for a second to think about what am I doing.

I had all sorts of thoughts going through my head. My mom was on the bed with her ass open, ready to be taken by her son. The thought lasted until I saw her beautiful fat ass and brown hole. I immediately rushed over and started to lick her ass, spitting, fingering and doing whatever I could.

Her asshole was so wet that my saliva ran down and entered her pussy before dripping onto the bed sheets. I slid my finger in, then two fingers, until it was wife enough.

I lifted my body and took hold of my hard fat cock, positioning it at level with her hole. I started to play with her ass with my cock until I felt it slowly entering.

“You ready to be fucked in the ass?” I asked

“Hmm, oh fuck yeah. Go in slow?” She insisted

“Why? Can you not take a bit of pain, hey?”

As I distracted her with words, I rammed my cock in hard, opening up her tight asshole. My mom screamed in pain but then held her ass and started to open her cheeks so I could enter her more.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She complained.

Her ass was squeezing my cock, but it felt so fucking good. I couldn’t believe I had my mom bent over, and I was inside her ass. I could tell no man had entered her ass because of how tight it was. As I thrust into her, my mom’s ass loosened up and started to go in with ease. Now I could fuck her properly.

So I started to thrust her from behind. Each thrust took her off balance until her hands gave up, and her body fell on the bed. I took hold of her cheeks and opened them, seeing my cock devouring her tight ass.

Mom enjoyed my cock so much that she insisted I fuck her pussy. So I obliged and turned her over. When she flipped, I saw her dark pussy, which nobody had entered for over 10 years. I placed my cock inside her and started to go in hard.

I got hold of her throat for balance and started to hump her fast. My cock was coming out of her pussy and then going in at the same pace. Her body was getting pounded with my weight.

She was now feeling every thrust of mine, my cock stimulating every millimetre of her pussy walls. Her pussy exploded with cum, so much that I couldn’t feel the friction on my cock hitting her walls..she was so wet her juices were pouring out and onto the bed.

“I want you to cum, mom. You going to cum for me?” I asked

“Oh fuck yes, you are killing me.”

I started to fuck her harder and harder until I felt her squeezing my body. I felt her legs starting to shake violently. I knew she was cumming, so I kept going. She was cumming so hard that she was moving her body like she was having a seizure.

“I am cumming!” she shouted.

Soon as she said that, I grabbed her shoulders and kept fucking her hard and fast. She couldn’t control herself. She was shaking so violently that she put both hands by my chest and pushed me. As I moved back, my cock came out of her swollen pussy.

Soon as it came out, I felt a gush of squirt, my mom was squirting all over me, and it covered my whole body. While she was moving in bed like a caterpillar, I moved over to her face and started to masturbate. Seeing her eyes rolling back and her mouth gasping for air, I was so turned on.

I couldn’t help myself, and I knew I was going to cum, so I put my cock inside mom’s mouth and exploded, filling her full of my cum. Mom was also stroking it and trying to squeeze every last drop out of me. My cock became so sensitive that I had to take her hands off it.

I saw her mouth full of cum, so I put my hand over her mouth and punched her nose, forcing her to swallow her son’s thick creamy milk. I could tell it wasn’t her first time. She gulped in and stuck her tongue out to show me she’s swallowed it. We both lay back, exhausted and recovering.

My mom finally discovered that I knew what I was doing. She raised a fine man who could satisfy real women and could