Adventures with an ISS Reader – Part 1

Hi Guys, this is Alex, back with more BDSM stories and complete slaves. So, stay tuned!

This story is a real incident that I have written with elements of fiction to make it more steamy and hot. Please don’t mail me asking for my details. Review emails are appreciated.

Chapter 1:

One day, while I was busy completing my story I got an email notification on my mobile. It was from someone called Snehal.

Snehal described herself as a 25-year-old, 5ft 4inch, fair girl from the Telangana State. She enjoyed the Dominant-Submissive theme in my story and had a curiosity to know more about it. So after giving it a lot of thought, she finally decided to send me an email which read like this below.

Hi Alex,

I am Snehal. I read your recent series, Project-EX and loved the way you write and describe your characters. I always wondered how it would make me feel if I was in the place of the submissive characters in your stories.

Would you help me explore this side of me?



She was bold enough to sign that email with that remark, SLAVE. I read that and instantly knew that she was a submissive girl. So, I decided to give this a try. So I replied,

Hi Slave Snehal,

Thank you for your lovely compliment. I appreciate your curiosity, but do you think you have it in you to submit to me?

I will teach you everything about the Dominant-Submission relationship and the basics that you can adhere to in your day-to-day life. But I need proof that you are willing to submit it to me.

Starting today, I want you to stay without your panties after 7 pm, and as soon as you remove your panties, I want you to send me a pic of your used panties in your hand. I will be waiting for it today. If you fail to do so, I will take it as a NO.



I decided to throw a stone in the dark, and it hit the goalpost. At sharp 7 pm, I got a picture in my mailbox. It was a picture sent by Snehal. She had a red coloured panty in her hand. It had a wet spot near her crotch, and the email read,


Please consider this picture as my submission to your service. I am willing to learn the basics of submission from my Master Alex and will obey all the orders. I have this desire in me to know about submission. I want a Master like you to bring it out of me.



This was the first time I was getting such kind of message from my readers and I decided to make full use of it. I wanted to be safe as well so I decided not to share any personal information or even a phone number. All emails were sent via my firewall-enabled laptop.

So, I started chatting with her and got to know her through her chats. She appeared to be a very submissive girl who wanted to enter the world of submission but needed some guidance.

Snehal: Master, this Slave wants you to guide her into this world of submission. I want to know how to be a slave to my Master and learn all the tricks. I am open to everything because I know you will never go against my consent.

Me: Yes, CONSENT. That is the main pillar of this relationship. Master and Slave need to give their consent for everything that they do. Master-slave relationships can be of many types. It can be a full-time role, a roleplay, fantasy or even something you do to spice up your boring sex lives.

Master and Slave should agree to every act that takes place. Be it name-calling, abuse, slapping, punishment, rope bondage etc. So, I want you to know this one thing properly: I will never go against your will or cause any permanent damage.

Before we start, I want you to tell me what type of relationship you are expecting from me. For safety purposes, we will not exchange any personal information with each other. That includes our full name, phone number, location, family, etc.

Snehal: Thank You, Master. I want to be your Slave over email, and later on, if things go well, I want to try it in real life once. I am fine with you calling me names, abusing me, slapping my body or whipping me. I’ve read your stories, so I know to what limits you can go even though they are all fictional. So, I am open to them all. I’ll give you my consent.

Me: Good. Yes, the stories are fictional, and it is impossible to do all of that stuff in real life. But we can explore the tip of the iceberg. So, tell me about yourself, Bitch. Starting from today, you will always address me as Master, Sir or Daddy.

Me:  While addressing yourself, I want you to forget about I, Me, Myself. I want you to call yourself the most humiliating words there can be. For example, BITCH, WHORE, COCK-SUCKER, SLUT, CUNT, CUMSLUT etc. So, surprise me with your vocabulary. Your Pronouns will be IT from now on. Forget She/Her.

I decided to start my act now.

Snehal: Okay, Daddy. This Bitch will make sure to obey your orders 24/7. So this whore is a 25-year-old from Telangana. This slut is fair-skinned, a bit chubby and slut’s boobs are 34C. This pet loves to rub its pussy in the free time and masturbate once in a week.

This Slut is also a virgin, as normal guys don’t attract me. This Slave wants to be treated like a Submissive Cunt and wants its Master to use and abuse its body as per his will. I speak Hindi, English and Telegu.

We continued our chats for a while before coming to the real part.

Me: Slut, your Master wants you to stay without your panties every day after 7 pm and sleep without it. You will only wear your panties after you bathe the next day. Your Master also wants you to keep your pussy clean shaved so that whenever you rub it, it should feel smooth as a butter.

Snehal: Okay, Master. What else do you want your Slave to do?

Me: I want my Slave to start rubbing your dirty pussy now. Rub it, imagining your Master fingering it. Your Master wants to lick your dirty cunt with his tongue and then make you suck his tongue so that you can taste your dirty pussy.

Snehal: Oh, Master, you are starting to make me wet. Your pet is rubbing its pussy, and its juices are already on the shorts that this whore is wearing.

Me: Good, pet. Let your shorts get soaked in your pussy juice. Your Master will make you wear the same dirty shorts while sleeping tonight. Push your finger inside your wet fuck-hole. Get as deep as you can. Your Master wants to rip your clothes from your body and start sucking on his whore’s boob.

Me: Your Master will suck on your nipple while he plays with your cunt. I will make sure to rub your clit and bring you to the edge of your orgasm but won’t make you cum.

Snehal: Oh, Master, you want to tease this pet. Please, Master, suck your pet’s nipples. This whore wants to play with its Master’s cock.

Me: Go down on your knees then, Slut. Unbuckle my pants and let me keep my 8 inches of cock on my pet’s face. I will slap my dick all over my Slut’s face and then place it on your lips. I want you to open your mouth and start worshipping your Master’s cock.

Snehal: With pleasure, Master. This slut has never sucked on a cock before but will make sure to give its Master the best blowjob he has ever received.

Me: That’s my good pet. I will push my dick inside your mouth and make you accommodate to its size. I want you to rub your saliva on my dick and mix it with my precum. Taste my precum, whore. I’m sure you will like it. I hope you are still rubbing your dirty little pussy.

Snehal: Yes, Master. I am feeling a tingling sensation in my pussy. This whore wants to cum, Master. May I cum, Master.

Me: Yes, Slut. You deserve to cum for the first time tonight. You will be cumming a few times more, so I hope you have the stamina for it.

Snehal: Your wish, My command, Master. This cumslut came so hard that its entire lower body was shivering for a minute. Thank you, Master. This was the best orgasm this whore has ever received.

Me: I will give you a few more, Slut. Now, taste your juices. I’m sure you will like them.

Snehal: Sure, Master. Now, please mouth-fuck this whore, Master.

Me: Yes, Slut. Your Master will bury his dick balls deep in his slut’s mouth. I don’t care if you choke on it or puke or gag. You are nothing but a plaything to your Master. Do you understand, slut?

I decided to give her a taste of real dominance with some strong words, but to my surprise, she took this as a sport.

Snehal: Yes, Master. Choke your slut, Daddy. This slut will never complain about the things its Master does.

Me: Good, Slut. Suck me cock like a good little bitch that you are. Make you, Master cum with the use of your dirty mouth. I will rub my juices on your face and make it sloppy. I want to cover my whore with all the juices over her face and make her look like a street-side slut.

Snehal: Yes, Master. Destroy my face, Master. This whore deserves to be treated like a piece of shit.

Me: I want to cum, slut. And when I cum, I want you to open your mouth and take my thick semen in your slutty mouth. Do you get that? Don’t swallow until I tell you to.

Snehal: Okay, Master. Cum for your whore Master. Bathe her in your white gold.

Me: Yes, slut. You can also cum as many times as you want. I will spray my cum on your face and your boobs and dump the rest in your mouth. Once you take my cum in your mouth, I will dip my finger in your open mouth and choke you with it. I will rub my cum on your face and your boobs.

Snehal: Yes, Master, I came for the second time, Master. My juices taste so good. Thank You, Master. Make me your whore Master. This pet deserves to be your whore. Please, Master, I beg you, Master. I will be the most obedient Slave for you, Master.

Me: Yes, my pet. Soon, I will make you my Slave. Now, wash up and go to sleep. I want you to take care of yourself and not exhaust yourself. Hope you enjoyed your short lesson today. You have been a good pet today, and I am sure you will be the most obedient Slave.

Snehal: Thank You, Master. I love you.

Me: I love you too, my whore.

We ended our short session.

We continued our sex chat for the rest of the days, where I ordered her to do some dirty things, and she did it all. She was the best submissive Slave I had ever come across so far. She even shared a picture of her pussy, and it looked so beautiful.

I ordered her to cover her face with a cloth and record her video while tasting her pussy juice, which she did immediately.

Our sex chats continued for a few more days. I liberated her and gave her the knowledge of a Dominant-Submissive relationship. She felt safe with me and wanted to meet me, but the only problem was the distance. I lived several thousand kilometres away from her in Mumbai.

But luck gave us an opportunity. I got a letter from my office where they wanted me to travel down to the same city for a business meeting. I decided to meet Snehal during this visit to her city and she was delighted to know this.

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