Unforgettable night with my chitthi – Part 1

Hello everyone, this is my first story please ignore if there is any spelling mistake in the story.

Let’s jump into the story. I will be addressing my aunt (mom’s sister) as ‘chitthi’ and my name will be Raj in the story.

One day I got a call from my chitthi.

Chitthi: Hello Raj, can you come to our home? Your chittappa (uncle) is travelling to US on work and he will be back only after 3 days.

I was very much excited and said, “Okay chitthi, I will come.”

I always had a close affection with my aunty because I have always seen a mother in her.

Around 8 pm, I reached my chitthi’s home and she welcomed me with a warm hug.

Chitthi: Hi Raj, how are you? Come inside, your uncle left for the airport just now.

Me: Hi chitthi, I am fine, How are you? How is your health??

Chitthi: All good, my Raj. Suggest any good movie or TV series, let’s watch it today.

Me: Sure, chitthi. Shall we watch, “Dark Desire” series on Netflix?

Chitthi: Sure, go ahead. What about the kids???

Me: No chitthi. The kids are not allowed to watch as there is some adult rated scenes.

Chitthi: Good that you told me before. You start watching, I will make the kids sleep and then I will join.

Me: Sure, chitthi.

Suddenly, when my aunty started toward the room to make kids sleep, I turned and saw my chitthi’s bra strap from her back. Then I turned to the other side.

It was too hot that day. My chitthi came around 12 am and I was about to sleep.

Chitthi: Raj, sorry your sister didn’t sleep soon. So it got late. Shall we start now? Are you feeling sleepy?

Me: Why did you change the dress? Are you feeling hot?

Chithi: Yea Raj, I changed from saree to night shirt and pants since it is hot.

Me: Oh, okay chitthi. Shall we start?

Then we started watching the TV series. After some time, there was a scene where the elder lady was fucked by younger boy and it was too erotic.

Me: Shall I forward the scenes?

Chitthi: No Raj, let it be there. We cannot understand the story if we forward the scenes.

When I turned to see my aunt’s reaction, I saw her nipples erect which clearly was seen through the impression of t-shirt. I guess she had removed her bra and was wearing only the t-shirt. I guess she was tempted by the sex scenes on the TV.

Me: Chitthi, one request.

Chitthi: Yes, Raj.

Me: Can I sleep tonight next to you?? I am feeling scared to sleep alone.

Chitthi: Are you kidding?! You are grown up now. How can you sleep with me?!

Me: Please chitthi, only for tonight.

Chitthi: Okay okay. Come, let’s go and sleep. We can continue tomorrow.

Me: Sure, chitthi.

While going to the room, my aunty told me to get the water bottle. I will filled the bottle. Before sleeping, I went to the washroom to pee. To my luck, I saw my aunty’s pink bra in the bathroom. I got to know that she was not wearing the bra.

I thought this was the right time play with her nipple.

Later while sleeping, we had a conversation –

Chitthi: Then what else? How is life?

Me: All good.

While talking, I slept off and she too slept.

After an hour, she was in a deep sleep when I woke up. I slowly tried to move her shirt up to see her navel but I could not as it was was too dark.

Chitthi: What happened, Raj??

I got scared and removed my hand from the t-shirt. I asked her, “Chithi, can I put some light? I have the habit of sleeping with some lights on.”

Chitthi: Sure.

I was very happy now and said thank you.

Chitthi: Are you feeling any insect roaming near us?

Me: No chitthi. Why?

Chitthi: I felt like that and in the night, I may hug you while sleeping. Is that okay with you?

Me: Yes chitthi, no problem.

She came very close to me. I could feel the warm breath from her and when I turned toward her, her lips were near to mine. Suddenly, I tried to kiss my aunty’s lips.

Chitthi: What is this, Raj???!! What are you doing?? I am like your mother!!

Me: Chitthi, I love you so much and I am feeling like doing some romantic with you..

Chitthi: No Raj, it’s not at all possible. Please go out of the room and sleep in the other room.

Me: Pease chitthi only for tonight. I won’t ask again.

Chitthi: Are you crazy?? Go out.

But I pulled her toward me. I was holding her hair. I went near her to kiss her lips. Her lips was so soft. I kissed her lips and enjoyed the lip lock for almost 10 minutes. My aunty wasn’t resisting this time. She responded to me and slowly her hand was moving toward my cock.

Chitthi: Raj, I guess you dream is getting fulfilled tonight.

Me: Yes chitthi, I want to treat you like my wife and I want to fuck you hard.

Chitthi: What are you waiting for?

Me: Can you please remove the t-shirt and pants. I also have a wish to see you naked, chitthi.

Chitthi: Anything for you, darling!

I was stunned to see my aunty’s boobs which 38c in size with dark brown nipple. She had a hairy pussy too. I was mesmerized to see her like that.

Then I pushed her onto the sofa nearby. I was sucking her boobs hard. Suddenly, she shouted very loudly, “AHHHH Raj! Please do slowly, it’s paining..”

But I didn’t listen to her and I continued to suck the nipples hard and my teeth marks were present on her boobs now.

Then I moved my hand downward to insert my finger inside my chitthi’s pussy.

Chitthi: Raj, what were are doing is wrong. Let’s not have a fucking session as my periods are close.

I didn’t listen to her, I inserted my fingers into her pussy and was licking her pussy for 10 minutes. She cummed so soon because she didn’t have sex with uncle for a long time. I drank all the cum and started inserting my dick into her pussy. In one shot, I inserted my dick into my chitthi’s pussy. She was in a tears due to the pain and she was moaning, “Uh uhhh amma.. Rajjj go slowly..”

After half an hour, I was about to cum. Soon, I cummed inside my aunty’s pussy without asking her. She was exhausted after my act.

Chitthi: Raj, it had been a long time since I had sex. Thanks for making me happy.

Me: I have one more request.

Chitthi: What is that?? Already I have fulfilled your wishes, right?

Me: I want to fuck your ass.

Chitthi: What the hell are you talking?! Have you gone mad??

Me: No, chitthi! I am damn serious.

Chitthi: No no, I am going to the washroom. That’s enough.

But I caught my chitthi’s hand and pushed her onto the sofa again. I made her stand in her fours in the doggy position. She was hesitating and telling me not to insert my dick into her ass hole as it could pain so much. But I inserted my dick into her asshole slowly and started fucking her ass hard. Chitthi was moaning loudly.

I fucked her for almost 30 minutes and then I cummed on my chithi’s body. We both collapsed after 1 hour of the intense fucking session. We were sweating so much and then we slept in the hall till the morning naked.

What happened next?

I will be explaining how I convinced my chitthi to be naked in front of me for one whole day!


Story to be continued in the next part.