Affair With The Lovely Neighbor

Hello to all the readers of ISS. This is Mr. K writing again from Bangalore. I am working in an MNC in Bangalore. Thank you for the few good responses for my previous story. Get ready for another interesting story that I am bringing for you all.

I will move to the story without wasting time. There was a lady next door in our apartment building. She is married but separated from her husband. So she stays with her parents now. She goes to work in a nearby location. She goes by 9 and comes back by around 7 pm from work.

Maria (name changed) has one daughter who is 3 years old. I rarely get to see her. She is so easy on the eyes and has got good assets. I like her for the same. Once I smiled at her but she did not smile back. I used to take a nice look at her whenever I get a chance and I decided to talk to her somehow.

To my luck, she also started to smile at me. One fine day, I was waiting for her at the bus stop where there is a lot of crowd. If I talk to her at the bus stop, nobody will notice me. She came to the bus stop and I started talking to her. I asked about her husband.

She became sad and told that he went with another lady. She asked why I keep looking at her and I gave her a smile without saying a word. I complimented her that she is beautiful. She complimented me back staying that I am handsome. I was on cloud nine at that moment.

After a few days of talking, I got her phone number. We both became good friends after a few days. One day, my folks went out of town and I was alone at home. I messaged her and co-incidentally her parents were also out of town. She called me to her apartment to have dinner.

I pretended that I don’t want to come to her apartment but eventually I went there. We finished having dinner and her daughter was already asleep. She went to the kitchen to keep the plates. I went to the kitchen following her and started to hug her when she turned towards my direction.

She was very shy and trying to push me away gently. I was in no mood and kissed all over her face. She gave up finally and took me to her bedroom. Once in her bedroom, we both sucked each other’s lips madly. I kept my hands over her boobs and it was so soft.

Then I removed her tops and she was in her bra which was holding her lovely melons. I asked her to remove her bra and sucked her boobs. She had me lay on her laps and breastfed me with her lovely boobs. I sucked her like a child and she was enjoying a lot. I made her completely naked.

Later I kissed her all over her body. Her tummy was so smooth and soft. She had a neatly shaven pussy and it was already oozing out. She was smelling so nice with her juices and I really enjoyed licking every drop of it. She wanted me to give her more pleasure over there. I sucked her pussy lips as per her wish.

While I was sucking her over pussy, she had orgasm two times. She pushed my head inside her pussy both the times that she had the orgasm. She confessed that she never had enjoyed this much in life. She used to finger herself but that was nowhere compared to the experience she was having now.

She said your tongue is so strong and the women who make love to you are too lucky. In the meantime, my tool was ready for the ride. She held my tool and pulled it out of my underwear. She said it is bigger than my husband’s tool. I told her it is all for her to enjoy.

She told me it is tempting her like a lollipop. She wanted to suck it though she has never done a blowjob before. She sucked me hard for 5 minutes and I came in her both. She enjoyed drinking every drop of it without spilling it out. She wanted my dick in her pussy right away.

I had carried a condom with me which luckily came handy. She spread her legs and invited me. I inserted inside as it took a few attempts to go through. She did not have sex for a long time and so it was tight. She was in pain initially but she started to enjoy the lovemaking.

She started to enjoy by lifting her hip to help in the fucking. I went on to fuck her really hard. I came inside her after 15 minutes. She told that her husband used to fuck her for hardly five minutes. She said she is very happy about this experience and she wanted it again whenever there is a chance.

I told her we still have the whole night and she can repay me if she wishes to do so. She was too tired and asked for a little rest which I agreed to. I fell asleep for some-time and Maria woke me up and told me it is payback time. I was about to get up from the bed.

But she pushed me back and said it is time to dominate. I was confused for a while but she quickly came on top of me. She wanted to ride me by sitting on my dick. I was more than happy for her to dominate me on the bed. I was holding her boobs while she was riding my tool.

It was such a pleasure of making love to her that we both had our orgasms within a few minutes and she collapsed on top of me. But she would not want to end the fun. She continued the lovemaking again after few minutes. This time she moaning very hard and abusing me.

The room was filled with moaning sound which was not too loud to anyone outside. That was a memorable night with the woman of my dream – Maria. We had only one chance after that night.

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