My Romantic First Night

This is Aravind, aged 29 living in Bangalore. I work in a software development company and got married just before a month. My wife’s name is Shreya, aged 26 and working in a Media company. Our marriage was an arranged marriage. We started our love journey after our engagement.

So directly coming to the story. On the day of the first night as we were tired, so we didn’t have any sexual intercourse. But on next day evening after coming from my work, I took her out for dinner. Soon after that, I asked whether she wanted to watch any movies. But she was not interested at that time.

So from there, I took her for a long drive. While talking to her on the way, I forgot how long we have come. We crossed outskirts of Bangalore. I stopped my car and asked her to come out of the car. It was the rainy season, so outside it was a cool vibe. I just held her hand and asked her for a walk.

She agreed and came holding my hand. After a little while, she asked me that we should go back to the car. So I said, “We will go back only if you kiss me.” It was the empty night road with streetlights and trees beside. She was shy and nodded no.

So I just pulled her towards me and kissed her cheek thrice. She was just closing her eyes. I bent down took her hand and kissed. I said, “From today, all that is mine, is also yours and it’s vice-versa.” Then we moved to the car. She was still smiling for whatever happened on the road.

I know I wanted to create memories between us. We reached our home. It was about 12:30 AM. She went to the bedroom and locked to change her dress. I knocked the bedroom door, from inside she said, “Wait.” I said, “Wear a saree and come.”

She didn’t respond to anything. I was waiting for her in the living room. She opened the door of the bedroom and she was exactly as I was thinking. She wore a red saree with a black blouse. I was aroused by her look. She came to me and sat beside me.

I held her face with my hands and gave a lip kiss. It was deep, to a certain extent where she pulled me and gave another kiss. Then we exchanged our saliva through a kiss. I then pressed her boobs from outside her dress. She came closer to my eyes and said to me, “I will see that naked today.”

I took her hand and made to press on my dick. Then I went near her ears and said, “Even you will see this.” She gave the naughtiest smile. I then moved my nose by touching her nose from left to right. I held her hand and asked her to come. We went inside the bedroom and I made her sit on the bed.

I went to the washroom, freshen myself and came out. After I came out, I switched off the bedroom light and lit a candle. I moved it towards her. She was glowing like a jewel in that light. I kept the light near the dressing table. I made her stand in front of the mirror and tied her eyes with a cloth.

I then slowly kissed her back which was naked out of her blouse. Then I kissed every inch of her face. She was hugging me tightly. My dick was popping out with hard. I removed her saree’s pallu, which fell on the ground. I licked her hard nipples which were covered by her blouse.

She was unable to hold the pleasure. She directly held my dick outside my night pant. I then bent and kissed her stomach. I was always fascinated by her navel. Before I have by hiding, seen her navel whenever it was visible. All that time I really wanted to pull her to me and kiss there, by bending my knees.

But I couldn’t do it before, but now she is now fully mine. I bent my knees and kissed and licked her navel. Then down to it she was wearing only her panty, which was pink in color. Soon after I touched it, she felt shy. I sniffed its fragrance through her underwear.

I know she had organism out on her underwear. I kissed above it, she moaned with pleasure. I licked it with the tongue. Meanwhile, she was holding my hairs and pulling my face to do the same. Then I stood to remove her blouse and even the cloth which I was tied on her eyes.

I removed her black blouse, inside she was wearing a pink bra. Her boobs were medium enough and looked sexy with her lingerie. It’s the first time I am seeing a woman in that beautiful scenario. Her nipples were hard and were visible from her laced bra. I licked that hard nipples out from her bra.

I didn’t want to remove it now itself. I wanted her to feel the best pleasure. Then I kissed her neck and made a small bite on her ears. She was standing like a sculpture and enjoying this foreplay. I took her two hands and made her rub my penis out from my pant.

While doing it she liplock my lips and then kissed my face many times. I then went back from her and hugged. I took her hairs back, she was standing just in her lingerie. I pressed her butt and moved my fingers below it. She moved my hands away. I asked her, “Why shouldn’t I touch there?”

She smiled without replying anything. I then removed the cloth which was tied to her eyes. I showed her beauty in front of the mirror which she was all this time stood. In that candlelight with this most adorable my wife. I said, “You are the most beautiful wife that I have met.”

I was still hugging her from beyond. On the mirror through the candlelight, it was me and her in the mirror frame.

After this, the story continues in the second part. Please wait for that. I want feedback for this from the readers. Readers can email to me .