Ajay My Student ‘Filled’ My Home

Hi all I am Ritika, I am a 36-year-old married lady working as a lecturer at a prominent college. I give you a brief introduction of myself and my family before writing up the incident.

I am married to a handsome and good-hearted man named Akshay for 13 years. Even though ours is an arranged marriage, we soon bonded well with each other that we live happily even though we are not blessed with kids for my husband’s biological problem.

Knowing the fact about my husband’s biological problem, we both decided to adopt a baby once we accumulate resources for happy parenting. My husband suggested about IVF or indulging in sexual activity with someone else to conceive. This didn’t interest me so we were fixed on adopting a baby.

We are an open book about each other that we know our past relationships and those relationships never mattered to us. Except getting pregnant, the rest of the sexual activities between us remained satisfying and memorable for both of us with many interesting adventures.

On my personality, I can say I am beautiful and attractive to all the age group men who feast on gazing at a lady in middle age. I am fair by skin, I stand 5.6 feet tall, weigh 61 kg, cut my black straight hairs to neck level.

My measurements are my plus point with a flat tummy to attract men’s attention which is 34C-30-36. I try to keep my pubic hairs in various ways like shaved, trimmed, shaped and bushy by which my hubby gets a good interest in cozying up with me on the bed.

Recently, one of our family friends had been transferred to a far-off city. She and her husband requested us to accommodate her son who was also my student so that he can continue his academics without break or of PG or hostel. We both readily agreed as we were in some corner had childless feelings.

Our family friend’s son Ajay joined our family and it was interesting days for us to see a boy in his 20s life so closely. Ajay was a well-grown boy, he was a jovial, playful, energetic and never compromising boy, the kind which we both liked.

In a couple of months, I could understand Ajay more personally. I understood he was a peeping tom, as I had noticed him peep while I bath or change my dress. I had found a few porn videos on his laptop. I also found a couple of my and maybe his mom’s lingerie in his bag. I took them casually and after discussing these with my husband, we had decided to educate him on sex at an appropriate time.

One afternoon when my husband was on an office tour, I had taken the help of Ajay to buy a few essentials. We lived on the outskirts of the city so we had to go a long way on a bike. While we were returning, heavy rain lashed us on a summer noon. The downpour was so heavy that we drenched in no time.

As it was a secluded place, we had no place to stopover so we took shelter under a tree. There was no sign of rain stopping. I was caught in such a situation with Ajay who didn’t miss the chance to closely feast on my wet body.

My light blue nighty in its wetness stuck to my body and had become fully transparent. My breasts, light brown nipples, waist, belly and black panty were exposed. Ajay was taking advantage of my situation.

I repeatedly tried to loosen my nighty from my body. I decided to go back home without waiting for rain to stop. I conveyed this to Ajay in embarrassment. He soon started his bike and in a while, we reached home. Ajay in the guise of searching keys made me stand in rain just to see my physical beauty.

I rushed to my room the moment he opened the door. I accidentally looked myself at the mirror in the washroom. I felt myself sexy and slutty. I was surprised by my student Ajay for not touching or fucking me to keep me after seeing my wet body where I was typically nude with him!

I remembered his bike riding where he used all his skills so that my breasts fell on his back. I had the view of his tent on his pant. Various thoughts were running in my mind. In that cold, I was really missing my husband and in a moment, my mind got bankrupt by thinking of my student in the place of my husband.

The thought was crazy, I was such horny that I was planning on how to get Ajay in bed! My urge was unbearable and I planned it. I opened the shower, and once again made my nighty and body wet in the cold water. I opened the backdoor and called Ajay.

Ajay was at the bedroom door in no time. I was on the balcony where the rainwater was splashing and the balcony was full of icicles. In the beginning, Ajay was thrilled to see icicles packed balcony and he played with them but soon he shifted his attention towards my body.

I was not minding him stare at my body and in fact, I was engaging him in talks. As he again got drenched, I was attracted to his broad bare chest and arms. I also saw a huge tent in his shorts.

I put my arms over his shoulder such that a part of my breast was touching him. With or without intention, he held my waist with his hands. I leaned over him, I kept my hand on his tent which gave him clear signs of my intentions. He gripped me tightly and Ajay was about to kiss my neck. I stopped him and said, “Let’s go in.”

He followed me. I sat on my bed. He came on his knees and hugged me, I too extended my hand to hug him tightly. Our wet bodies came in contact and my breast was jammed against his chest.

I voluntarily kissed my student’s tender red lips. He took my lips between his lips chewed them. His hands were pumping my breast so hard while I enjoyed his salvia and his tongue exploring my mouth. I slid my hand to my nighty to unzip to get my breast cuddled and sucked.

I unzipped my nighty and removed it from the arms. Soon, Ajay started to fondle my bare breast and suck my nipples. His soft bite on my hardened nipples brought shivers in my body. I was enjoying all this while I struggled to remove his shorts.

Ajay stood on the floor and pulled his shorts down. I was so horny seeing his erect dick. It was too hard that his swollen green nerves on his shaft up from the skin and running across his dick and his tight ballbag hanging drive me bitchy.

I held my student’s dick on hand and pushed back his foreskin to see his red bulb before his shorts are off from his legs. I licked his red bulb which was thicker than his dick. I started to suck his dick while I played with his balls which I like very much to do before and after every fuck.

Ajay held my head from moving and pushing his dick fully into my mouth and my throat. Even in that way, I was feeling I was pampered. I sucked for a long time and suddenly, he said, “Aunty, I am cumming..”

I was waiting to taste his sperm and swallow it. His sperm jets were shot in my mouth. It was thick and sticky. A huge amount of sperm flowed into my mouth. I swallowed my student’s salty cream and then fell back to the bed, taking a heavy breath.

Ajay laid over me, sucked my breast for a while and pushed my nighty down to my legs. I pulled my nighty off from my legs and was laying under Ajay in my black panty.

Ajay’s hands were running all over my wet body. His hands between my legs and over my panty made space to reach, rub and finger my pussy. Ajay pulled off my panty and kissed my clean shaved pussy. Then he left me and walked to the balcony.

Ajay came back with a handful of icicles. He knelt and stuffed much of icicles in my pussy! I was tickled and then he licked my pussy. I could sense icicles liquefying in my pussy and flowing out.

My student’s tongue over and inside my pussy was making me moan. The first time, I enjoyed my pussy stuffed with icicles and getting licked. This excitement made me go wet and squirt in very little time!

Ajay was still licking my pussy and his tongue was rolling deep in my married pussy. I was so exhausted and craving for a good fuck. I got up, laid properly spreading my legs for my student.

In a desperate situation, I said, “Ajay, ab chodo please”.

He continued to lick and finger me, I was such horny that I literally begged him to fuck me! The cute boy listened to me. He laid over me while his dick was over my pussy. He ran his hands all over my body before he sat between my legs. I held his dick and moved foreskin back. This time, I pushed back his foreskin a little more with a naughty smile that he yelled, “Aunty, it’s hurting”.

He adjusted to sit near my pussy. I kept his dick between my wet pussy lips. An excited and inexperienced boy stuffed his entire dick in my pussy all at once causing enormous pain in my pussy and a loud moan came out from me. My legs were hanging apart in the air on their own with that one hard push.

I told Ajay, “Dheere dheere se dalo”. He pulled back his dick and then probe his dick in and out of my pussy slowly. I was enjoying him to fuck that way for a while with closed eyes. I said to him, “Ajay, ab zor se chodo”.

He started to pump my pussy faster but I was missing his dick not reaching the depth of my pussy. I spread my leg, crossed them across his waist keeping my foot on his butts, and controlled his movement. Now I was feeling heaven with deep penetration.

We both were moaning high and breathing heavily. I released my legs gradually so my young student could fuck me harder and deeper. Even though he was a novice in fucking, his fucking was enjoyable as his dick was touching and scratching every sensitive nerve and muscle in my pussy. He often took a break from fucking me to kiss my face, suck my breast and give soft bites on my nipples and again rule my pussy with his dick.

While I reached exhaustion, Ajay was fucking me like a monster taking out loud moans and groans. I was all the while moaning, “AH MAR..MARO..”

I wanted to go wet with him and I was controlling myself to meet the time he drowned my pussy with his sperm. He was also moaning loud and saying, “Thanks aunty, I never thought fucking my dream lady come true.”

I was encouraging him to fuck me more. His throb became slower while he groaned loudly. I knew he was also exhausted. His hard but slow throbs were forcing me to go wet. Coincidentally, we both groaned loudly. My legs were in the air again. I was squirting while we both laid and hugged tightly. His dick was buried deep inside my pussy and drowning his warm sperm in me.

After this fuck, I was guilty and spoke to my husband about this. My husband took it casually and advised me to check if we can have our baby through Ajay. My relationship continued with Ajay as my husband had no objection. In a couple of months, I was pregnant and I am expecting to see my baby in another 1 month.

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