Hot Session With Mom

Mom and I sat in the room talking about random things . After an hour or so, when we thought that everyone must have gone to sleep, mom closed the door of my room and switched on all the lights and fans. She liked to do it with the lights on. Here I was, the shy one.

Standing in front of me was someone I once loved more than anything and had nothing but respect for her. With a sly smile, she took off her top and pulled the string of her shalwar. It fell on the floor, revealing the most beautiful thing. This is what I loved more than anything now.

There was no respect anymore. How can I respect someone who strips for me, sucks my cock like a hungry monster, and begs to cum on her face? The love I had turned into lust. All I can see now was a white-skinned and big boobs lady with and perfectly round ass.

She stood wearing nothing but the white pushup bra. It made her boobs look even bigger and were so sexy that even a glimpse of it made my cock rock hard.
She came closer and closer until our nose touched. Bending forward, she kissed my lips and grabbed my rock-hard dick. She was so hot.

I can’t imagine this was my mom. The woman whom my dad must have fucked like crazy to conceive me. The woman who gave birth to me. The woman who breastfed lucky me. The woman who took care of me since I was a kid until I was a full-grown man.

And I was giving it back now. I was going to fuck her harder than my father. So hard she will forget she ever enjoyed her wet pussy being fucked this nicely before. I would play with her boobs, grab them, press them so hard that they turn red and grow triple the size. I was going to fuck her brains out.

She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. My rock-hard cock jumped out. She looked at its massive size with a smile and continued kissing while her left hand massaged my cock. The more she touched my cock, the harder it got and fatter and bigger.

She loved it this way. To get her pussy fucked by a hard, fat, and long cock. She broke the kiss and went down. Like a ritual, she kissed the head of my cock then slid her long tongue all over the shaft. She opened her big mouth, and slyly smiling, she took the whole of it in her mouth.

Oh! She was so warm. Her tongue was rubbing the shaft and her teeth touching the head occasionally. She sucked it, then licked it, and then sucked again. I cannot forget the visuals in front of my eyes. Her head bowed down, her loose open hairs all over her face and on my stomach.

Her beautiful face with that sexy smile still glued on it while she sucked my rock-hard cock like one of the top pornstars. She knew tricks that made men crazy for her. But good, she was reserved just for me after dad.

She was the one in charge now. She did everything while I just laid on my back, moaning and watched her do her stuff. She didn’t like it this way. She wanted the man to be in charge. She wanted to be lead by the hunk who would ram her cunt to take charge. To tell her what to do and how to do it.

So I grabbed her hair and pushed her head on my cock. I started hitting on the back of her head without letting it go so that it can reach the end of her mouth. She started gagging but was still sucking. She was one horny woman with a lot of fire burning inside her.

I was moving her head back and forth now. Up and down to make her suck my dick. She loved how fat it was that she had to struggle to make it fit inside her mouth. She loved the taste of my sweaty dick. The smell of it, she just loved it.

I unhooked her bra and threw it across the room. Her massive boobs were now loose and hanging. I slapped it once and grabbed her left nipples. ‘Aah!’ she moaned but pushed my dick back inside her mouth and continued pressing her nipples.

I loved this. I increased the speed and made her suck it real fast. ‘Ooh! Aaah!’ I moaned. My eyes closed. I had no control over them. I was in my world. This was so much fun. ‘Aah!’ I moaned for the last time, discharged a thick load of hot white cum inside her mouth.

It filled her mouth. She swallowed as much as she can. The rest just rolled down her mouth, down her neck, and on her big fat boobs. I was relieved, but when I looked up, she didn’t look very happy. Her cunt wanted my dick.

She wanted me to fuck her like crazy. She wanted to moan in pain and pleasure. She wanted to get fucked real hard for the whole night, but I nutted. My gun shot the round, and I was out.

Her anger would blow up anytime. I didn’t like the expression on her face. It was of a mother who was very mad at her child. So mad that the child was about to be asked to go to his room and not watch TV for the next 2 weeks. Except this mother was naked and wanted cock.

“I wanted it inside me. Why did you come in my mouth?” she asked with an angry red face.

“No problem. See, just play with it again, and it will be hard again. Believe me,” I replied like a scared kid.

“Don’t fool me. I know it’s of no use now. I am in so much heat right now. I am so horny right now I can fuck anything. And you chose to get a blowjob instead of fucking me. I made so much effort, dressed so hot, and waited so long, and this is what I get!”

There was nothing more dangerous than to try to justify it. It was best to keep my mouth shut, and I did that. She got on her feet and started getting dressed. She was so mad she can’t get into her clothes easily. She was mumbling something I was in no position to ask.

She wore her clothes, wiped the leftover cum, and spit off her face with her sleeve. She left the room, closing the door behind her with a bang. She left her bra here. I picked it up. I pressed my nose inside it and took a deep breath.

Her smell filled my nostrils. Some more cum oozed out of my cock. I wiped it with her bra and then went to sleep. I missed something some people wish they get a chance to do at least once in their lifetime. Anyways there was a next time.