Amar Akbar Antony and their Wives – Part 5

This is a fictional story. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

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Amar and his wife Aarti plan their honeymoon to the Maldives. Amar met Akbar and Antony in the Maldives. Amar learns about the amazing sex life of Antony and Ashley and wants to join them. Then, Amar convinces Aarti to do a wife swap.

He convinces Alia to enjoy sex. Then, he helps Alia have the best sex of her life. Then, Ashley helps Amar have the wildest sex of his life. Then, the three couples enjoy one wild orgy together.

The story continues.

It was like any other day. Aarti had gone to her parent’s place for some work. My father, Ajit, had gone out on some work too. It was only me and mom, Asha, who was at home. I had just woken up and went to the hall to grab some water.

As I walked into the kitchen, I passed through my parents’ bedroom. The door was not completely closed. There was a small gap through which I could peek in. As I was walking through, I saw something from the corner of my eye.

I didn’t do it intentionally, but I turned my head to peek into the bedroom on an impulse. I was stunned to see the beautiful, semi-naked mom in the bedroom. Instead of turning away, my mind and body decided to stay and watch.

It looked like my mom had just walked out of the bathroom after a shower. She was wearing a bra and a panty. She was drying the rest of her body with a towel. As she was drying her hair, her big boobs, probably 36 or 38D, were jiggling like crazy. My jaw dropped looking at them.

She was probably one the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I haven’t realized it until then. She is in her mid-40s and was short, around 5ft 3in tall, fair, and chubby. She had fat in the right places giving her amazing curves.

She had brown eyes and red lips. Her ass was huge and much bigger than Aarti’s. She had very sexy thighs. The water droplets on her body magnified her beauty as well.

Even though she was my mom, I couldn’t stop gawking at her beauty. It took me a good couple of seconds to gain my senses and get out of there before she caught me ogling at her. Though I stared at her for just a couple of minutes, the image was stuck in my mind forever.

For the first time, it was then that I saw her just as a woman and not my mom. I then understood why every man would stare at us when we went out when I was a kid. I had seen a bit of her cleavage and her waist in a saree now and then. But that never had any effect on me.

But that day was completely different. I was not able to get her image out of my head. All I could think about was her beauty, big tits and sexy thighs. I tried very hard to not think about my mom sexually, but it was beyond my control. I started fantasizing about everything I would do to her sexy body.

That gave me an instant boner, and I rushed into the bathroom. I jerked off while fantasizing about my mom, imagining how sexy her nipples and pussy would be and what I would do to them. After a few minutes, I cum. I washed and returned to the bedroom.

I gained my senses and cursed myself for thinking about my mom in such a way. I had seen some incest porn before but was not a huge fan of it. But that day, I searched for incest to see if it was common or wrong. I was shocked to find out how common it was, and many guys lusted after their mom.

How a lot of guys even fucked their mom. I came across incest erotica as well and read a lot of stories. I was attracted to my mom and incest very much. I wanted to fuck her as well. Suck those big and amazing tits of hers, and fuck that pussy and big ass of hers.

From that day, whenever I saw mom, all I could see was her semi-naked image in bra and panty. I wanted to see her completely naked. I spent the whole day just thinking about her. I controlled myself very hard not to do anything stupid. I was eagerly waiting for Aarti to return home.

As soon as she returned, I grabbed her into the bedroom and locked the door. She was wearing tight jeans and a shirt. I unbuttoned her top two buttons, unhooked the bra, and let her tits out. I sucked and fondled them till they turned red. I pulled her jeans and panty down and let go of my shorts.

I pushed her onto the bed, got on top of her, and pushed my cock into her pussy. I fucked her like it was our last day on earth. I was doing all this to Aarti. But in my mind, I was doing all this to my mom, and I kept imagining her sexy body.

I went super crazy, and we had the wildest sex ever. Aarti was surprised and happy that I was so wild. From that day, I started imagining mom while fucking Aarti. I would ogle at mom’s tits and ass in secrecy. I tried hard to get more glimpses of her cleavage and see her naked but was unsuccessful.

I would give her hugs to feel her tits on my chest. I would rub my hands and body accidentally across her ass. Not being able to do anything with this amazing beauty in front of me would drive me nuts. I would show the effects of that on Aarti while fucking her.

She was not sure what was happening, but she was enjoying it. While getting desperate to fuck my mom, I came across a situation that could benefit me. One day, I was browsing my dad’s phone for something. I came across porn links in his browsing history.

At first, I was surprised that he was watching porn at this age, around 50 years, and with such a beautiful wife at home. But then I thought that he must have his reasons for that. Even I watch porn and read erotica. So, I wanted to take advantage of this situation.

But before anything, I had to introduce and convince my wife of incest. Initially, I started sending her wife swapping and group sex erotica. She read them and enjoyed them.

A few days later, I sent her erotica with incest. I was eagerly waiting for her reply and what she thought about it. One night after sex, I finally brought up the topic of incest.

Me: So, did you read that story I sent you today?

Aarti: Yes. It was weird. Sex between mother and son, father and daughter, Father-in-law and daughter-in-law etc. It is very weird. Who does that?

Me: It is called incest. And apparently, it is very common.

Aarti: Are you serious? There are families like that?

Me: Oh yes. At first, even I found it weird, but after reading a lot of erotica and doing research, I realized that many families have sex with their family members. And many more people fantasize about their parents, kids and in-laws.

Aarti: I don’t believe it. It sounds crazy. Who would have sex with their family members?

Me: Just go online and search for incest. You will find millions of stories and fantasies. It is even the latest trend in porn. If we are having so much fun with random strangers, imagine how amazing it would be with people who love us the most.

Aarti: I don’t know. It sounds strange. I don’t know if I could ever do something like that.

Me: Ummm…

Aarti: What’s wrong?

Me: Nothing.

Aarti: Come on. Tell me.

Me: A couple of weeks ago, I happened to see my mom in her bra and panty. She looked amazing. Since then, I have been unable to forget that image of hers. I have been lusting after her.

Aarti: What the fuck! Are you telling me that you want to fuck your mom?

Me: I am sorry. I am unable to control my thoughts. The fact that she is right in front of me and me not being able to do anything with her sexy body is killing me. It is driving me crazy every time I see her.

Aarti: Wow! I knew you were one horny bastard. Then, you turned me into a slut. And now you turned out to be this pervert who wants to fuck his mom? You baffle me. I don’t know what to say.

Me: I am sorry, Aarti. I know it’s a lot to take in. But think about it positively. We won’t have to hide our sex lives at home. We can be free and enjoy sex whenever and wherever we want.

Me: There will always be someone or the other to have sex with. We don’t have to wait for the night or be in the bedroom. It will be amazing.

Aarti: What do you mean? What about your dad? Will he be at home?

Me: We will include him as well. We will have our swap parties at home.

Aarti: What the fuck! Have you gone crazy? How can I have sex with your dad?

Me: There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I am sure he will be good in bed. If not, we will see that he will get good and satisfy all your needs.

Aarti: Woah. You are completely out of your mind. It looks like you have already decided on it. I know there is nothing I can do to change your mind. You already turned me into a sex craving bitch. Now, you want me to turn into a perverted bitch.

Aarti: You convinced me for group sex last time, and it was amazing. Now, this incest. I hope it won’t turn out into a nightmare. Do whatever you want to but see to it that nothing crazy happens.

Me: Of course, baby. I will take care of everything, and it will be amazing. We will have the best days of our life. But I will need you to help me in convincing my parents.

Aarti: Do I even have any other option? Tell me what it is.

Me: You will have to seduce my dad. Wear shorts and show him your sexy thighs. Show him your cleavage and curves. Once he falls into our trap, we can move on to my mom.

Aarti: I can’t believe the crazy stuff you make me do. Alright. But will your dad be seduced?

Me: I am sure he will. He is a horny man, and I know he watches porn. I will see to it that he does fall for you. You just do as I say, and I will take care of the rest.

Aarti: Ok. But I have a couple of conditions of my own.

Me: What are those?

Aarti: Your mom is a controlling woman. She has been dominating me since I moved into this home. So first, I need to dominate her in the bed. She needs to lick my pussy. And second, just like you shared me with other men, you have to share her with other men.

Me: Ok. Done.

From that day, Aarti started implementing our plan. Every time my mom went out, she would wear sexy clothes and walk in front of my father at home. To encourage him to look at her, I had another plan.

One night, I saw that both mom and Aarti had gone out for some shopping. Only I and dad were at home. I offered him a drink, and he accepted. We had a couple of drinks while chatting about general stuff. After a while, I brought up porn.

Me: Dad, can I talk to you about something?

Ajit: Of course, beta!

Me: I went through your phone, and I saw some porn links on your browser.

He was shocked, and his face turned pale. He didn’t know what to say.

Me: It’s alright, dad. There is nothing wrong with watching porn. Even I watch. It’s just that I want to make sure that you are careful next time. I am glad that I came across those links and cleared the history. If anyone else had seen it, it wouldn’t look good, right?

Ajit: I am sorry, Amar. It is just that back in our day. We didn’t have access to so much variety of porn and stuff. We would just watch some magazines. A friend of mine sent a few links, and I got curious. So I checked them out. I won’t do that again.

Me: It’s alright, dad. You don’t have to be sorry for watching porn. I will encourage you to watch more if you are ok with it. People have a lot of fantasies and stuff and cannot fulfil all of them. We can at least enjoy watching them.

Me: If it is ok with you, I can even send you some amazing stuff. Just be careful that mom or anyone else doesn’t know about it. Or does mom know you watch porn?

Ajit: No, no. She doesn’t. She will probably kill me if she knows that I watched porn. You know she is a conservative woman, right. But, sure. I will be careful next time. Does Aarti know that you watch porn?

Me: Oh yes. She does. We even watch it together quite often. She is an open-minded woman about such things. We share our fantasies and talk about stuff we would like each other to do.

Ajit: Oh wow. You are one lucky bastard.

Me: Haha. You can be too, dad. Even Aarti wouldn’t watch in the beginning. But, I convinced her. So now, we watch porn together. I am sure even you can convince mom.

Ajit: I wish. But she is a stubborn person. I hope someday.

I started sending porn clips to my dad in a secret folder from that day. First, I started with regular porn, then threesomes and group sex videos. Then, incest videos and incest erotica. Especially those with affairs between father-in-law and daughter-in-law.

In a couple of weeks, I could see a changed man in him. I could see he was enjoying them very much. I could see he started lusting after Aarti. Every time she wore shorts, he would stare at her sexy thighs.

Every time she exposed her cleavage to him, he would ogle at it as a boy who got to see cleavage for the first time. I was very happy with the outcome and realized that our plan worked. It was finally time to convince him of the master plan.

I took dad out to a bar for a drink. We had a couple of drinks while discussing actresses and stuff.

Me: So, dad, it looks like you are enjoying the porn I sent you.

Ajit: Yes, son. I was shocked to see that people enjoy sex in so many ways. I wouldn’t have guessed it in my wildest dreams.

Me: Oh yes, dad. There is a lot of crazy stuff out there. What did you think about that ‘My Family’ story I sent you?

Ajit: Ya. That was a little weird. Sex between family members? Does that even happen? People have a lot of crazy thoughts.

Me: That’s called Incest dad. And don’t tell me that you didn’t think about it! Without liking it only, you started ogling and gawking at Aarti? Try to get glimpses of her cleavage? I sent you those stories, and now you are ogling at my wife?

Ajit: No, son. I didn’t do anything like that.

Me: Come on, dad. Don’t lie. I have seen you staring at her. I can see the lust for her in your eyes.

Ajit: I am very sorry Amar. Don’t get angry. I didn’t mean it like that. It just happened. I won’t repeat it again. I am sorry.

Me: Haha. You need not be so sorry, dad. I was just joking. Aarti is a sex bomb. And especially when she wears those sexy dresses, no one can control themselves. Even a guy in his eighties and on death bed would ogle at her beauty. I wouldn’t mind strangers staring at her when we go out. Why would I get angry at my father for admiring beauty?

Ajit: But still, son, she is your wife. I shouldn’t have behaved in such away. I don’t know what got over me.
Me: It’s ok, dad. Don’t worry about it. Aarti has that effect on men. She has such an amazing body. And guess what? Even she loves teasing and the attention she gets. Even I enjoy it as I get to make other men jealous because I get to fuck her.

Ajit: What do you mean she enjoys it?

Me: Don’t tell me that you thought she didn’t know when you gawk at her. She knows everything. That’s why she kept teasing you more and more. She was excited that she had such an effect on you – her father-in-law.

Ajit: What? Does she know that I was trying to see her cleavage? How can I face her again?

Me: It’s ok, dad. You don’t have to think about it so much. We are an open-minded couple who enjoy incest as well. That is why she has been teasing you. You can get out of your comfort zone and enjoy it.

Me: Don’t think of it as taboo, but consider it as nature’s best gift and enjoy it. We would love for you to join us and enjoy sex with us.

Ajit: What are you saying? Are you ok with me having sex with your wife? Won’t you mind another man fucking your wife?

Me: Why would I? I let some random stranger fuck her. Why would I mind my father fucking my wife? That’s the least I can do after all the things you have done for me.

Ajit: What do you mean by some random stranger fucked her?

Me: Do you remember the group sex and wife swap videos I sent you? When we went to the Maldives, we met two other couples there. We swapped our partners and had group sex, just like those videos. It was the best experience of my life. I wish I could enjoy sex like that every day.

Ajit: Woah. You are giving me bigger shocks every minute. You let your wife fuck others in front of you, and you fucked others in front of her. In real life? And you guys are ok with it? And now, you are even ok with me fucking her? I don’t know what to believe and what to say.

Me: You need not say anything, dad. You can just do whatever you want with Aarti. She would love to have sex with you. But there is this one small condition.

Ajit: What is that?

Me: Even mom has to be included in our group. Both I and Aarti lust after mom. She has an amazing body too.

Ajit: What the fuck! Do you want to fuck your mom?

Me: Come on, dad. You have read and enjoyed the stories. It is very common. Sons lust after their mom. A lot of lucky guys even get to fuck their moms. I want to be one of those lucky guys. Even you are lusting after my wife. Incest is not bad but a very good thing, and it helps the family bonds grow stronger.

Ajit: I am out of words. Your mom is a very conservative woman. I don’t think she will ever accept it. Her son fucking her. She never let me try new things. This is totally out of the question.

Me: Don’t worry about that, dad. I will take care of that. Just tell me if you want to join us. Then, the three of us together will convince her.

Ajit: Alright. Why not! You tempted me with your wife and your stories from the Maldives. Now, I want to enjoy sex and live life to the fullest before dying.

Me: That’s like a good dad. I love you. Come to our room at 2 at night. We have a little surprise for you.