Naughty Indian Wife’s Birthday Trip to Resort – Part 2

Hello friends, I would love to thank you all for the overwhelming response to the previous part. All your feedback and comments have made me share the next part now. Apologies for making you all wait for the second part for a long time.

Today, I will be sharing my experience of how my birthday trip to the resort of Day 2 turned out to be a most memorable one. This series is the first story that I am sharing in ISS, all the events are true and there is no fiction. Kindly ignore grammatical and typo errors.

For all the people who don’t know me, my name is Divya, 26 years old living in Bangalore – the garden city of India. I am healthy with a height of 5.3″ and 36B boobs weighing around 65 kg. I like to wear western outfits as I look hot and sexy wherein any guy would love to spend time with me. I love to see the hunger in guys’ faces whenever I tease them. I love to show my curves which I am very much proud of.

Now, coming back to the story. (All new readers, kindly read the previous part for continuity.)

After a great night the previous day, we woke up around 7.30 am and got ready to hit the outdoor pool. I wore black shorts with a sports bra and a t-shirt. I had a very minimal makeup with red lipstick shade as it was my favorite. Whenever we go out for any trip or outing, I would love to enjoy each and every moment with the clothes I like as I won’t be able to wear them on regular days due to family restrictions.

On reaching the outdoor pool, I saw many couples and boys enjoying the moment. Certain times, I love to seek some attention and planned to go to the pool only with a sports bra and shorts which barely covered my assets. I had a small fear as I was wearing very minimal clothes in front of around 25 people and I was in the spotlight.

My hubby just wore shorts and went into the pool. He was very much shocked to see my boldness and didn’t mind as he had his beautiful wife next to him.

I started enjoying the water but let me tell you that I don’t know swimming. So, all the time, I was taking my hubby’s support and was enjoying the pool. I saw many boys ogling me wherein I just ignored them as I was having a good time at the pool.

We went to a corner wherein the depth was a little high. We were hugging each other and my boobs were crushing his bare chest. I could feel his soldier was already standing and poking me. I just planted a peck on his lips and thanked him for bringing me here.

Later, I asked my hubby to help me in learning swimming. He started teasing me by touching my Perky Boobs most of the time in context and I was not able to control. It was almost 1 hour or so wherein most of them started moving out and only another 2 couples were there in the pool. All of them were busy with their partners.

Seizing the opportunity of a very less crowd, my hubby slowly inserted his hands inside my shorts and started to finger me. I didn’t bother about anybody else and started enjoying the moment. Initially, he just started rubbing my pussy and later he inserted 2 fingers inside and started stroking. I was in heaven and came within 5 minutes with a light moan.

He saw happiness on my face and kissed my lips. We were tired and left to room as we were hungry after this.

Later we went for a bath together and meanwhile, he asked me the reason for wearing just a sports bra. I told him that I want to enjoy every moment here and I want to make my birthday trip a memorable one. He smiled and kissed passionately and started having sex in the shower.

Guys, I suggest you all have sex in various places which always ignites a spark in your partner and you will always end up having a good moment. We had very wild sex under the shower wherein he fucked me in multiple positions and he was about to come. I told him to cum on my face and he readily accepted.

He came with a huge load of white thick and moaned in pleasure. Later I cleaned up and dried myself after the bath. Now we both were really hungry and wanted to go for breakfast and also sightseeing.

This time I wore a sleeveless crop top and jeans shorts which I feel very much comfortable. We had breakfast, talked about a few of our old memories and was enjoying the moment.

Later we played paintball, snooker, table tennis, badminton and had a break for lunch. Then we planned to go for Mist Disco wherein already a few couples had occupied. We enjoyed the dance for some time and left for our room as we both are not good at dancing.

We were tired, hence we took a quick nap for 2 hours to regain our strength and woke up once we were hungry. We had dinner and were just roaming around the garden.

For dinner, I was wearing a night dress, a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts. This time evil mind of my hubby started and he suggested that we need to have sex now somewhere outdoor. I was very much afraid of this, after his insistence I agreed.

There was a zipline in the resort wherein he suggested having sex in the top of it. There was a place where we need to climb and go and we can see anybody coming from 200 meters of distance. It was completely dark there and we climbed with each other’s support and started kissing.

I bet you guys, this was one of the thrilling moments of having sex in an open place.

We kissed passionately wherein he was eating my cherry lips. I went down on my knees and pulled down his shorts and took his shaft in my mouth, he was in heaven. To tell you guys, I just love sucking and you can call me a pro in the same.

He held my hair and started stroking, I could feel his dick touching my throat. I even choked a few times, suddenly he pulled me up and made me completely naked. I was in my birth suit in an open place. Because of the cool breeze and lovely moment, I was in a high mood.

He started kissing my neck, which is most of the girls’ weakest area and I had surrendered myself completely to him. He made me sit on the zipline top and started licking me. I was on cloud nine, I was just moaning in an open place without my consciousness.

Slowly, he inserted two fingers inside and made me lick his finger. The taste was completely different. I like the taste of my own juice.

I wanted him to fuck me without any mercy. I told him to enter in doggy position as I love it a lot. He started riding me and I just couldn’t control my moan and was moaning loudly. Each stroke was making me to want more.

After 5 minutes we switched the position and I wanted him to go deep in missionary position. He entered and started fucking my wet pussy harder. I was about to reach my orgasm.

I told him the same, and he increased the speed and we both came together and were there in the same position for some time enjoying each other’s hug. I will always remember this experience for a lifetime.

Later, we both were tired and wore our clothes and went to our room. We had a shower and I slept off. Around midnight, he woke me up with a surprise wherein it was my 26th birthday.

He had arranged a heart shape red velvet cake and candles were also arranged in the same shape. He wished me and gave me a good kiss. After the celebration, we both slept off.

In the next part, I will be sharing the best day of my life wherein I enjoyed a lot on my birthday. My hubby had arranged for a big surprise. I would love to hear from all of you which will encourage me to write further.

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