An Affair With My MIL – Part 2

After the amazing blowjob, I wanted to fuck my MIL so badly. The entire night I was thinking about fucking her in so many different ways. I wanted the day to come so that I could fuck my MIL while my FIL was in office.

Something unexpected happened that day. In the morning, I got a call from my US client. The meeting went on for a very long time. My FIL had gone to the office. My MIL sat on the sofa opposite to me. She looked at me seductively from top to bottom.

She often pursed her lips and waited impatiently to finish my meeting. She left the place and went to her room. The meeting was still not over. After a while, she came back in and gave me a very frustrating look. I understood her feelings. She must have imagined the same things I have imagined doing with her.

But my client has really become a super supervillain now. I couldn’t even take my eyes off the screen to look at her very often. This has become really irritating. She blew kisses towards me, and I didn’t do anything because my client was talking to me on the screen. She got angry and left the place.

I wanted the meeting to get over, but it wasn’t. After another 30 minutes, my client closed the meeting. I was relieved and went to the kitchen immediately. There she was, cutting the vegetables. She was wearing a black colour printed cotton saree with a black blouse.

I could see a huge amount of her naked waist and side boobs from where I stood. She was looking so sexy. I went behind her and hugged her. She did nothing. I kissed her right shoulder. No response. I said, “Sorry, baby. My client is an asshole. What can I do?”

She said nothing and continued to cut the vegetables. I moved my hands around her naked waist. I touched her navel with my right index finger. She let out a sigh and pushed my hands away. I didn’t expect this. I said to her, “Sorry, Shinchu! I couldn’t do anything when the meeting was going on!”

She turned towards me and said, “We should not do anything.”

I was shocked to hear this. I said, “What? What are you saying?”

“You are my son-in-law, my daughter’s husband. We should not do this. I feel ashamed about what happened last night. Forget it. I should not betray my daughter.”

I was shocked to hear all of this. “Hey, wait! Don’t say all these things. Whatever happened last night was super fun. I want to have the same fun with you. My wife is not here. So we can have that fun without any problem. Don’t think about any of these things.”

I moved closer and pulled her right arm. She backed away and said, “ Don’t touch me!”

I felt really bad. I was angry, but I couldn’t show it to her. Then I said, “ I have imagined doing so many things with you. And now you are saying no. This is bullshit. Don’t say no. Please! Please!” My anger turned into pleading within a few seconds. She said nothing but stared at me firmly.

“Is this because I have made you wait? I won’t do that again. Sorry, sorry, dear. It won’t happen again. I am promising you!”

She didn’t move her eyes away from me when I was pleading with her. Her lips pursed, and then she burst out into laughter. I couldn’t comprehend why she was behaving like this. She laughed for a good 30-40 seconds. And then she raised her left hand and gestured for me to come closer to her.

She hugged me so tightly and then moved away. She looked into my eyes and said, “Oh boy! That was fun. You are so desperate to fuck me, right?” I just nodded my head with confusion all over my face.

“I just wanted to know how desperate you were to fuck me,” and then winked at me. I was relieved at first and then smiled. “You are one hell of a naughty woman! Never thought you would be so naughty!”

She laughed and said, “When you do illicit things, naughtiness comes out automatically.”

My MIL knew she held power over me and decided to wield it till I cracked. She must have enjoyed this a lot more. Sex is not just about pleasure. It’s also about power and control. One who holds the power can control his partner and thus can get maximum pleasure.

I had found out that my MIL was some woman, and I was going to enjoy fucking her. I hugged her so tightly and kissed so passionately on her lips. She opened her lips so big and just took in whatever I was giving. I removed her saree pallu while I was kissing her.  I was kissing her with so much love.

Her hands were behind my back. I put my hands on her ass and pressed it so hard. She removed my t-shirt and then lowered my shorts. She rubbed the bulge on my underwear while kissing me. She kissed my shoulder and chest. She licked my nipples. She kissed my lips and bit my lower lip slightly.
I grabbed her thick straight black hair and said, “The way you sucked my dick last night was amazing. I loved it.” She smiled and kissed my chin and neck, cheek, nipples, navel and lower abdomen. She knelt and kissed the bulge on my underwear. She rubbed my dick slowly, making me wait. She still holds power.

She slowly pulled the elastic band in my underwear down. She lowered it to my knees. My dick sprang up. She smiled and kissed me on dickhead without touching my shaft. She put her right hand around my dick shaft and pulled my foreskin down. She licked my dickhead with the tip of her tongue.

It was so good. She took in a good portion of my dick into her mouth. She sucked it slowly first and then increased her pace. She was sucking the initial part of my dick and didn’t suck the full length of my dick. From a top angle, I enjoyed the pleasure she was giving to me.

I bent down and unbuttoned her blouse. I took out right side boob out of her bra and then pinched her nipple. She let out a mild moan and looked at me seductively. I pressed her soft big boobs so hard. I could tell she loved it. I removed her bra, too, and made both her boobs freely hang.

I pressed both boobs simultaneously so hard and pinched the nibbles. She put out her tongue and licked her upper lip. I pulled her closer and kissed her lips so hard. I stood straight and put my hands on the countertop for support while she was sucking my cock slowly.

Now she was sucking 40% of my dick length. Her saliva made my dick glisten in the sunlight coming through the kitchen. I knew I had to stop her now if I wanted to fuck her pussy. Unlike yesterday night, I told her to stop and asked her to stand up.

I kissed on her lips and then sucked her soft big boobs so hard. I held the boobs in my hands and juggled them violently. She laughed. I sucked one boob after another and sucked her nipples. I couldn’t completely hold her big boobs in my hands. Those were so big boobs.

I licked both boobs and made them wet with my saliva. She loved the way I was playing with her boobs. She combed my hair when I sucked her boobs. I removed her saree completely and then her petticoat and panty. She stood naked, and I looked at her body from top to bottom.

I said to turn around and she complied. I pressed her naked ass hard and gave a mild spank. She turned towards me and kissed my lips. I lifted her and put her on the countertop. I made her legs open wide to access her pussy. I stood beside her and put my right index finger on the top of her forehead.

From there, I slid my finger slowly across her nose, lips, neck, boobs, waist, navel, lower abdomen and then pussy. I slid my finger so fast into her pussy that it gave shock to her. She let out a huge moan. I fingered her pussy slowly, and it was very wet.

While I fingered her pussy slowly, I asked her, “Yesterday wasn’t the first time you thought about sucking my cock. Aren’t you?” She said nothing, but her lips were opened slightly.

She was enjoying the way I was fingering her pussy. I increased my speed and asked her to answer me. I held the power now and was controlling her. She was enjoying the pleasure she was receiving.

She said, “Yes, yes. I have thought about your dick a few times. After the first night, my daughter came to me and said she had pain after you put your dick inside her pussy. She said your dick is so big, and she couldn’t bear the pain. So I had imagined your big dick inside my pussy a few times.”

I kissed her lips so passionately. I held her right boob in my left hand, and my right index finger was fingering her pussy. She closed her eyes, and her lips were wide open. She absolutely loved it. I stopped fingering her and put my finger inside her mouth.

She sucked it slowly, and then I sucked my finger. Then I kissed her lips. I sucked her boobs and asked her to get down from the countertop. I made her turn around and then bend. I had put her to stand on the small stool so that her pussy and my dick were at the same height.

She put her hands on the countertop, and her legs are closer to each other, thus making her pussy slightly tight. I rubbed my dick against her wet pussy. I spanked her ass and saw her ass swinging violently. I spanked again and again to see that lovable sight.

I pushed my dick into her pussy. It was so wet that it just slid in smoothly. My MIL let out a moan. I grabbed her waist and then moved my dick in and out of her pussy. I saw my dick going in and out of her pussy. I fucked her pussy for a few strokes and then pushed my dick further deep inside her pussy.

This time, she let out a loud moan and her hands were clenched. I fucked her pussy in 3rd gear. I spanked her ass a few times while I was fucking her. She was moaning mildly the entire time I was fucking her. I loved that moan, and it made me to fuck her so hard.

My strokes were fast and hard. My thigh was slapping against her soft ass, and it was juggling so violently. A sight to behold. Her moan has become louder. I grabbed her thick straight black hairs in my hands and fucked her so hard. The stool she was standing moved left and right and made a noise.

The sex in the kitchen has become aggressive and raw. My MIL couldn’t stand straight, and her knees collapsed. Due to this, my dick came out of her pussy. She put her elbow on the countertop to balance her. I ordered to stand straight so that I could finish fucking her.

She stood as said, but after a few strokes, her knees collapsed again. Her legs were shivering this time. No need to say who holds power and control now. I slapped her ass hard. She stood up with a smile and kissed my lips so passionately. She doesn’t want to do anything else now.

I put my dick in between us and kissed her. I took her right hand and kept it on my dick. She jerked my dick slowly while we kissed. I put all our clothes on the floor and asked my MIL to lie down on it. I pushed my dick inside her pussy in a missionary position. I fucked her pussy slowly.

My dick was going deep inside her pussy. I asked her to raise her legs in the air. She did, and then I got a good grip on her pussy. I increased my fucking speed. I saw the swinging of her boobs. She closed her eyes and moaned mildly. I was about to cum, and my dickhead got big to explode the cum.

As my dickhead got bigger inside her pussy, she curled her lower lip inside her mouth and then clenched the clothes tightly. I fucked her fast and then let my dick explode the cum inside her pussy. I kept fucking her even after releasing the cum. I bent down and kissed her lips.

I took my dick out of her pussy only after it became flaccid. We kissed, and she said, “On my boy! This was fucking awesome!” Contact me at .