Ex-girlfriend’s hot mom Aashna aunty satisfies her lust

This is my experience from about 4 years ago after I broke up with her daughter. I am Rahul (name changed), a 30-year-old guy, 6’2″ tall with a 7″ penis and a dad bod. I have had tons of experience satisfying MILFs over the years.

I had an 8-year-long relationship with Rina (name changed) in which we had any kind of sex you can imagine. I will tell those stories sometime later.

The main character of this story is my beloved Aashna (name changed), who is 48 years old with a plump figure of 36D-30-40. Her D cups are mesmerizing and the sway of her ass will make any guy want to spank them. She was married and had 2 children, an older son and a younger daughter Rina. Yes, Aashna was my ex-girlfriend’s mom.

Aashna has been our family friend for more than 12 years and used to visit us regularly. At that time, I was young and didn’t really sexually see her but that changed as the years progressed.

Rina lived with Aashna and we used to sneak out to have fun in hotels and OYOs. She knew about my relationship with her daughter and had no issues with it. My lust for Aashna began when one day, I visited their home to deliver Diwali gifts and no one else was home as they were visiting their village. I rang the bell and she opened the door with a smile as always.

“Hello beta, how have you been?”

“I have been great, Aunty. I have been busy with work. But finally have some time free.”

“I know how ‘busy’ you have been,” she said with a sly smile as she knew how frequently her daughter had been visiting me. I became a bit shy when she mentioned this.

“Come in, don’t just stand there”, she said.

I walked in and sat at the dining table. She brought in some laddoos on a tray and while keeping them on the table, one of them dropped on the floor. She went down to pick it up and that was when I noticed her cleavage and for the first time, I had a sexual thought about her. It was so deep and I just couldn’t keep my eyes off it.

As she got up, she caught me staring but didn’t give any reaction to it. After that, she said she was getting ready for a party and would be with me shortly. Then she went into her room. As I waited outside, the scene was repeating itself in front of me. Her deep cleavage and slight drops of sweat started to have their effect on my dick.

Soon she came out of the room in a saree which showed the gorgeous folds of her waist which made me even hornier. My queen was looking like a goddess in that saree. Her low-cut blouse and the slight cover of her drape made me want to eat her melons.

“Wow aunty, this saree suits you so well! You are looking beautiful.”

“Haha, stop lying, Rahul. You are just trying to be nice. I hardly fit in this saree.”

“I am not lying, aunty. I have never seen you look this way before. You will definitely be the prettiest woman at the party.”

“Yeah, sure. If you say so.”

My ex-girlfriend’s mom showed that she wasn’t agreeing with what I said. But her slight smile showed she liked the compliment.

“How are you planning to go to the party, aunty?”

“Oh, I will just book a cab,” she said.

“Why do that when I am here? I will drop you.”

“No beta, it is a bit far and I don’t want to trouble you. A cab will be here in no time. You don’t have to worry about it.”

“No aunty, I will drop you and that’s the end of this discussion”, I said. I hoped she would give in as I could be with her for some time more.

“Okay, if you’re that forcing, I’ll go with you”, she said while smiling.

Then we left the apartment, which was on the second floor. I followed her as she went down the stairs. (Guys, I can’t explain the way her ass swayed as she walked down. If I could, I would have just grabbed her right there, squeezed her ass, lifted her saree, and kissed and bit her thick ass. I wished the stairs never ended!)

Then we reached my car and I went to the driver’s side. I got in, but she was having some trouble getting into the high step of my SUV. I offered my hand, and she grabbed it and entered the car. Her deep cleavage was all there for me to see and I loved the way her tits jiggled as she sat in the seat.

By this time, I was rock-hard and was imagining sucking on those delicious breasts of my ex-girlfriend’s mother. On the way to the party, I intentionally braked hard and put my hand on her showing that I was trying to stop her from going forward. Sometimes, I would graze her breasts and her waist. I loved every moment of it and by this time, I had decided I needed to find a way to fuck my ex-girlfriend’s hot mom!

Aashna gave me a sly look so I knew that she could see what was happening. Then I dropped her at the party and masturbated to the incidents that happened that day.

A few other incidents happened where I got to see her cleavage and graze her ass and breast, but nothing happened at that time.

About a year after this, I had a break-up and it was a very rough time for me. There were a lot of fights with Rina and within 2 weeks, we broke all contact with each other.

Around 6 months after the breakup, I accompanied my mom to a party where Aashna was also present. I was too shy to talk to her after the break up with Rina and tried to avoid her. But she came ahead and talked to me.

“Hi Rahul beta, how are you?”, she said sweetly.

“I… I’ve been o.. okay Aunty”, I said as I didn’t know how to talk to her.

“That’s good, and how are you holding up?”

I wasn’t expecting her to be this forward with her questions. So, I stayed quiet for a few seconds. Then responded, “Much better now.”

“I know these kinds of things happen. Rina was heartbroken and cried a lot.”

“Sorry aunty, I didn’t want it to be this way,” I said apologetically.

“I understand, Rahul. It hurt me initially, but I understand that is how relationships work sometimes. You don’t have to be sorry,” she said with a smile as she moved forward and hugged me. I could feel her body squish against mine. The smell of her perfume was tantalizing. Then I raised my arms and hugged her as well. The feeling of her skin under my hands made me lose my senses for a moment and I squeezed her a bit too hard.

When the hug broke, I saw the same sly smile on her face as before. “I know it can be hard, beta. Feel free to talk to me anytime. You have my number, right?”

“Yes aunty, I’ll take it from my mom.”

Then the party ended and I got the same feeling when she hugged me again. When I was lying in my room, I masturbated once more imagining my ex-gf’s mother. I felt bad that this wasn’t right and I shouldn’t have these thoughts. But the way she gave me the looks was not normal. I thought I shouldn’t go forward with anything because of Rina. But that was in the past and I made up my mind to go forward with my original plan to fuck Aashna.

Then I got her number and texted her the next day.

“Hi Aashna aunty, it is Rahul this side.”

She replied within minutes with, “Hi beta, how are you?”

I wanted to reply with something interesting to keep the conversation going.

“Much better aunty, knowing that you are not mad at me.”

“Hey, what is there to be mad at?”

“I am sorry once again to make Rina feel that way.”

“I understand that, beta. You don’t have to feel sorry for it. She’s okay now.”

I saw an opportunity to shift the conversation to Aashna so we could go further with our talks.

“And what about you?” I asked.

“What about me?” she said.

“What do you think of me after all this?”

“I have known you since you were young, Rahul. I know you are not a bad boy. Aunty’s love still remains the same,” she said with a smile.

That smiley at the end got me hard. I did not expect such a warm response and felt I could take this further.

“I know that, but I still feel you might be angry at me.”

“Hey, what do you want me to do to make you sure that I am okay with it?”, she asked.

I thought hard to see if it was too early to say it, but I thought might as well.

“If I can come over for lunch and talk to you openly, that would be very helpful.”

She didn’t reply for an entire day and I was shit-scared that she might talk to my mom about it.

“I am free this Saturday if you want to come for lunch,” she said.

I was so relieved that I had got a response. Also, I was happy that I got the invitation.

“Sure aunty, I will be there Saturday at 11 am.”

“Isn’t that too early?” she asked.

“I thought I might help you with the preparations.”

“Haha, Rina never told me you were this helpful. Okay, 11 am it is.”

My dick got hard once I read this. I knew I was going to use this opportunity to execute the plan I wanted. Then I got ready and headed over there at the time we talked about. As I rang the bell and the door opened, I was dumbfounded. My Aashna was wearing a tight-fit kurta which was showing off everything she had. I still don’t know how her enormous tits fit into that. It felt like a clear indication that she wanted to fuck, but I was still hesitant.

“Come in, Rahul. Right on time.”

“How can I be late to this?”

“Really? Why were you so eager to be on time?” she asked with a slutty smile.

I almost knew this was my golden day, but I still held back.

“I hope Rina isn’t home,” I said.

“Neither is your uncle!” she said laughingly.

That was when I knew that she was willing to feel me inside her. I couldn’t wait to feel her luscious lips. Her tongue was playing in my mouth. Her saliva dripped into mine as we became one. I could almost feel her warm pussy juices around my dick. Then I snapped out of my thoughts when she said –

“Are you just going to stand there or help me as well?”

Then I immediately went into the kitchen to help her.

“Chop these onions first,” she said.

I asked, “Okay, but where is the knife?”

“It’s in this drawer on the left.”

To reach that drawer, I would definitely have to graze past her. As I moved to open it, I could smell her tantalizing smell and feel her body against mine. Because of her enormous ass, there was no way I could avoid contact with it. As I went to grab the knife, my own sword rubbed against her ass crack. The most heavenly feeling I have ever felt.

Then I grabbed a red knife and started to cut. She saw it and said, “Hey, you use the black knife for this, not the red one”. Now I knew for sure that the bitch wanted me to fuck her. Then I went to grab the black knife this time and could feel my dick go deeper in her ass crack. The bitch moved back on it.

Then I grabbed it and asked her, “Are there any other special knives I need to use now?” trying to be flirty to see if it really was true.

“I think you have got all the knives you will need today,” she said with a smile and a side eye in which we had a momentary mutual connection.

“I don’t see any cucumbers we need for the salad”, I said.

“Actually, I don’t have any at my house. Did you bring any by chance?” she said.

I had no doubts now. Then I went toward her, put my hands around her waist, and spoke into her ear, “Just the one you feel here.”

As I pushed my dick into her ass crack, I could feel a slight movement in her body. She let out a small gasp and moved her ass backward.

“Took you long enough,” she said.

“Won’t have you wait any longer,” I said.

Then I grabbed her waist tightly and pulled her back.

“Hmm… mmm, this isn’t right”, and pulled away, turned, and pushed me away slightly.

“What is it, aunty? I know you want it!”

“Yes, it felt good. But it isn’t right, beta. I am like your mother and this isn’t right.”

Then I moved forward bringing my lips closer to hers.

“Are you sure this still isn’t right?” I said while I breathed onto her lips.

“I.. I know it isn’t,” she said as she was losing her breath.

Then I moved forward and gave her a small kiss on her lips.

“Still sure that it’s not right?” I asked slyly.

She gave me no reply and just kept looking into my eyes while breathing heavily. Our hearts were pounding in excitement.

She suddenly moved forward, grabbed my face, and devoured my lips. She was sucking them deeply. My top lip was in her mouth and I could feel her lips sucking on it, her tongue licking it. She switched to my lower lip, tenderly sucking it. As she opened her mouth, my tongue entered her mouth and she gasped for breath.

Both our tongues were sliding against each other. Our saliva was becoming one. I loved the way she tasted. It was like caramel to me. Thick and sweet. I lost all my other senses and just felt her lips and tongue playing with mine.

Then I grabbed her enormous ass and she let out a deep breath. Her mouth opened as she let out a moan.

“Rahul, I have been waiting for this for a long time,” she said under her breath.

That was when I realized that this bitch was doing it all intentionally from the beginning. I was just too dumb to actually see it.

Then she grabbed my body and pushed me against the wall. This was new for me, but I liked it. She kissed me even more passionately and pressed my body harder against the wall.

Her hand moved to my dick which was throbbing at this point and gave a smile in the kiss.

“Is this the knife you brought with you?”, she asked with a smile.

“Yes, this sword is all for you”, I said.

“A sword you say, hahaha”, she laughed.

She came closer to my face. Our lips were just an inch away from each other, and said sternly under her breath, “I will decide what it is, young boy.”

“Just wait, until you see what it can do”. Then she slapped me across the face before I could complete my sentence.

“Did you not hear me?” she said in a commanding tone.

I was not ready for this and was shocked. Aashna kissed me passionately once again. I could feel her tits squishing my chest.

Suddenly, she grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard!

“You are going to give me the things I want from you, my bitch.”


I shall continue with what happens next in the next part of the story. Stay tuned to see what happens in this sexcapade.