An Unexpected Entry – Part 2

Please read the first part before reading this.

On the one hand, Shaaz is surprised about how Mr. Sehgal is here. On the other, another orgasm is building up in her body. She begins to tremble as she cums. Never before did she cum twice. She knows she will get introduced to many newer things today.

As she’s cumming, Mr. Sehgal pins her to the table by holding her waist with both his hands and pressing her down. At the same time, Vicky grabs both her boobs with his hands and squeezes them hard while bending down to nibble on her shoulder and neck. For a moment, Shaaz thinks this pleasure will kill her.

As the waves of pleasure settle, Mr. Sehgal withdraws from her pussy and peels off the condom from his penis. Vicky also moves back and reaches out for a condom. Shaaz realizes that they’re switching their positions. With all the attention that she’s getting, she neither minds nor cares who’s where.

Mr. Sehgal comes to Shaaz’s face and kisses her. She could feel a pair of hands spreading her thighs as he kissed her. She’s excited that Vicky is going to enter her. At the same time, she couldn’t stop admiring how good a kisser Mr. Sehgal was. He’s gentle, wet and deep.

On the other hand, Vicky is busy playing with Shaaz’s pussy. He runs a finger along the tip and then inserts it. He uses the other hand to spot and play with her swollen clit. Within no time, she reaches her third orgasm. As she’s cumming, Mr. Sehgal separates from her and asks her, “Do you like to swallow?”

“I just hate it,” Shaaz replies.

Mr. Sehgal shoves his cock into her mouth and says, “Well, that’s going to change soon.” At the same time, Vicky withdraws his fingers from her pussy and starts to rub the tip of his condom-wrapped-cock on the tip of her pussy. The thumb of his other hand is playing with her clit.

This was a good enough stimulant for her to cum again. As she begins to cum, Vicky penetrates her. Both the men are toying with her. Shaaz, without her knowledge, begins loving the way these two men dominate her.

Mr. Sehgal puts a hand under her head and begins to fuck her mouth. At the same time, Vicky begins to pound her pussy. In no time, Mr. Sehgal’s body begins stiffening, and his cock releases its load into her mouth. He deposits it in her mouth with a loud grunt.

Though she struggles a bit, she manages to swallow it all. A little later, Vicky reaches his climax as Shaaz cums again.

As Mr. Sehgal and Vicky try to catch their breath, Shaaz is completely exhausted and ready to drop dead. Mr. Sehgal hands her a bottle of water which she eagerly grabs and gulps some water.

“Nice to meet you, Shaaz. And looking forward to working with you,” Mr. Sehgal says with a wink.

Shaaz’s cheeks become red with embarrassment, and she blushes. In an effort to look away from Mr. Shegal, she makes eye contact with Vicky.

“As we came to the office, I knew that you were lusting for me as much as I was for you,” Vicky explains, “Just as you went to the washroom, Mr. Sehgal called me saying that he wanted to come to the office. What you probably don’t know is that he stays just a couple of houses away from our office.”

“What you also don’t know is that he saw you a couple of times in our office and expressed his desire to fuck you. So I thought it might be a good opportunity to establish a good working relationship. Hope you didn’t mind,” Vicky smiles as he finishes the sentence.

Her mind is trying to tell Shaaz that Vicky and Mr. Sehgal took undue advantage of her situation. But her body loved it, and Shaaz ended up nodding.

“Did you like it?” Mr. Sehgal asks her.

“I loved it,” Shaaz blurts and realizes how shamelessly she confessed.

As the three of them get dressed, Vicky says, “Shaaz, as you’re aware, I’m traveling from tomorrow. Before leaving, I wanted to tell you two things – firstly, you’re the in-charge of the office in my absence. Call me if you need any support.”

“Secondly, if you can get 3 large clients for the firm, I’ll take you in as a 10% partner. You’re already my sleeping partner now. I want you to be an active partner as well. Do you like this proposal?”

Shaaz is very excited about this. As she nods, she keeps thinking about how on earth she would get 3 large clients. As if Vicky read her mind, he adds, “Let me also give you a tip. If you continue to keep Mr. Sehgal happy, getting clients is not at all a challenge.”

Shaaz looks at Mr. Sehgal with a twinkle in her eyes and smiles. Mr. Sehgal takes his business card from his wallet and walks up to her. He grabs her by her butt, pulls her closer, kisses her and then shoves the card in her bra. Shaaz loves the attention she’s getting.

She bids adieu to them both and reaches her house. As she steps in, she sees Mona and her hubby Riyaz. Mona is Aftab’s cousin. Though they live in Bangalore, they seldom meet. Shaaz is okay with not meeting them.

According to her, their ideologies are different. Also, she doesn’t want Riyaz or Mona to influence Aftab. While she’s surprised, what doesn’t miss her attention is that everyone is very serious. After the customary greetings, she goes into their room, changes and comes out in a track and a t-shirt.

She looks at their guests and says, “I’ll go and prepare dinner. Mona, come with me. Let’s not disturb their men’s talk.” They all laugh as Mona follows. At the same time, Aftab says, “Riyaz and I will go out and get some beer.”

The women walk into the kitchen, and the men step out. As she hears the door shut, Shaaz says, “They expect us to be conservative while it’s okay for them to drink and smoke.” There’s a tinge of bitterness in her voice.

They begin cooking, and Shaaz asks, “Mona, what’s the matter? You both seem very tense.”

Mona starts. “Our neighbor is a Maulvi. His elder son is a rowdy local sheeter, and his younger son stays in Doha. His younger son lost his job and is planning to return. Now they want us to sell our house to them so that they can combine these two properties and make it a big one so they all can stay together.”

Mona explains, “It has two problems – firstly, we don’t want to sell our house. Secondly, they’re offering us only 10% of the market value. The local cops are not supporting us as the SI is related to them. On top of it, Riyaz isn’t willing to stand up for it and fight – he says I’ve to do it since it is my ancestral property.”

“We both are fighting over it daily. In fact, we had a big argument over it before we came here. I don’t know what to do.” She’s in tears as she finishes.

Shaaz holds her and comforts her. She suddenly remembers Vicky’s words that Mr. Sehgal is very influential. She thinks of taking his help. She rings up Mr. Sehgal.

Shaaz: Hi, Mr. Sehgal!

Mr. Sehgal: Hi there, already started missing me? (he says with a tinge of mischief in his voice)

Shaaz tries to maintain a serious demeanor.

Shaaz: Mr. Sehgal, my close relative Mona is here with me, and she needs help. I wanted to check if you could help.

And then, Shaaz narrates the issue to Mr. Sehgal.

Mr. Sehgal: Shaaz, I know a very senior officer, and I can introduce Mona to him. But one thing. He’s a womanizer. If Mona is good-looking, he might ask her for something in return. You know what I mean.

Shaaz: Oh. Mona is a very traditional lady. She wouldn’t like all these.

Mr. Sehgal: Well, she should be prepared for a hefty sum. You know these guys. They won’t do anything for free. You guys decide and let me know.

Saying this, he hangs up. Shaaz narrates the conversation to Mona.

Mona is stunned listening to this. She doesn’t know how to react. While Riyaz wants a solution to the problem, he wouldn’t want to spend a single penny on this. He has made it clear multiple times. And to return it with a sexual favor, her belief system is not agreeing with it.

“What are you thinking, Mona? Let’s pay up and get done with it,” Shaaz says.

“Riyaz doesn’t want to spend a single penny on this. He wants the house, and he wants to win this battle. But he doesn’t want to spend any money. I’m fed up,” Mona says.

“That leaves us with only one way,” Shaaz says.

Mona keeps sobbing uncontrollably and says, “I can’t do it. I never touched any other man other than Riyaz. Even if I agree, what would happen if he gets to know.”

Shaaz holds her tight, consoles her and says, “Mona, I can do one thing for you. We both will go to meet him. If he asks for sexual favors, I’ll give him instead of you. Even I’ve never been with any man other than Aftab. But I can’t see you in this state. If we don’t do anything, you’ll lose your house, and you won’t have a place to stay. I can’t let that happen.”

There are two reasons for Shaaz to say this. First, if they lose their house, they’ll end up moving into her house, and she doesn’t want it. She can’t stand Riyaz. Secondly, she’s itching for more after what she experienced with Vicky and Mr. Sehgal.

Mona couldn’t believe what she had heard. With tears rolling down her eyes, she hugs Shaaz tightly and says, “Shaaz, I can’t express how grateful I am. I’ll never forget what you’re doing for me. I’m so lucky to have you.”

Shaaz says, “Mona, this will be a secret between us. You know how big a risk it is.”

Mona nods.

Shaaz calls up Mr. Sehgal and gives him the update. Mr. Sehgal suggests that the officer visit his house tomorrow, and they can also be there. Mr. Sehgal also suggests they should hear what the officer says and then decide on what they’d like to offer him.

Shaaz understands the point. They fix up the time, and Mr. Sehgal tells her where he lives. Given it’s closer to her office, she easily gets it. Immediately after disconnecting the call, Shaaz pings Mr. Sehgal asking him not to reveal to Mona that the three of them had sex.

Mona is relieved and, at the same time, anxious.

As Aftab and Riyaz come home, Mona says that Shaaz’s client has agreed to help them. She doesn’t divulge more details. Given they’ve to go together the next day, Mona and Riyaz stay back.

The next day, Mona and Shaaz leave for Mr. Sehgal’s house and reach by 1 pm. Mr. Sehgal welcomes them. As they enter, Shaaz can see Mr. Sehgal trying to size up Mona with his eyes. She smiles, and they walk in. He walks them through his lavish home and takes them to his office.

It is a large room, about 250 square feet, with an attached toilet. In addition to a table and 4 chairs, it also has an L-shaped sofa that can easily seat 5 people.

Upon entering the room, they see a man sitting on the sofa sipping whisky. He gets up to greet them. Mr. Sehgal introduces Mona and Shaaz to that gentleman.

“Raghubir, this is Shaaz, and this is Mona. Remember, I was mentioning some problem created by a rowdy sheeter. They have come to talk to you in that regard,” Mr. Sehgal continues, “and ladies, this is Raghubir. As far as this city is considered, he’s the top cop. He heads them all.”

“Stop embarrassing me,” says Raghubir, and he laughs out loud.

Raghubir is a 6’2 tall, firmly built and well-groomed man. Though he must be in his mid-50s, he looks 10 years younger. He’s dressed casually – denim and tee.

They shake hands and sit on the sofa – Mr. Sehgal at one end of the sofa, then Raghubir, Mona and Shaaz in that order. Both the men on one side of the sofa and the ladies on the other.

“Do you ladies want to have any drink? Whisky, gin, wine or beer?” Mr. Sehgal asks the ladies. Mona doesn’t know how to respond to this. Shaaz says, “No, Sir, we don’t drink. We’ll have water.”

Mr. Sehgal hands them a glass of water each while pouring some whiskey into his glass.

As they begin to sip their drinks, Mona explains their problem. Once she finishes, Raghubir gets angry and says, “This is disgusting. The cops supposed to protect innocent people are hand in glove with the criminals.”

Mona says, “Sir, please see to it that they wouldn’t know that we are behind this. Else, they will make our life miserable.”

Raghubir says, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

He puts his hand on Mona’s thigh. He picks up his phone and calls the area in charge. He asks him to dig out all the old cases against that rowdy sheeter and put him behind bars. He orders the transfer of the local inspector and replaces him with someone loyal to Raghubir.

Mona is pleased with the swift action. But she’s very uncomfortable with Raghubir’s hand on her thigh, and she shifts slightly.

Raghubir understands it and says, “I’m sure you understand my intention. Don’t you think what I’m seeking is insignificant compared to what I’m doing for you?”

Before Mona could say something, Shaaz intervened and said, “Sir, she comes with a conservative outlook, and I request you not to force her. If you have no objection, I can replace her. I assure you that you’ll not feel disappointed.”

Raghubir looks at her and says, “You’re sexy too. I have no issues if you’re okay with getting laid. But only one condition. I want them to watch me fuck you. I love it when I have people watching.”

Shaaz doesn’t know what to say. She‘s confused and looks at Mona, trying to understand her thoughts.

“You should know that I wasn’t giving an option. It is an order,” Raghubir says.

Mona is very uncomfortable, but she can do nothing now. Raghubir holds Shaaz’s hand and gestures for her to come to his side of the sofa. Understanding it, Mr. Sehgal gets up, moves towards Mona’s side, and sits next to her.

Raghubir makes Shaaz stand up in front of him while he’s seated. Holds her waist and gently bends her to kiss her lips. Shaaz bends over and kisses Raghubir back. They kiss each other for a couple of minutes. What starts as a gentle kiss gets more and more passionate.

So much so that they’re chewing each other’s lips off. One thing that surprises Mona is that there seems to be no reluctance or hesitation in Shaaz. She seems to be thoroughly enjoying it.

By the time she can come out of her thoughts, she sees Shaaz’s top and bra on the floor. Her boobs are dangling as she bends down to kiss Raghubir. Mona sees those boobs and is impressed by their size and shape. As Raghubir is kissing Shaaz, he holds her boobs as if his hands are supporting them.

He’s gently caressing them and playing with the nipples. Shaaz holds Raghubir’s head with one hand. She drops her other hand onto his trouser and caresses his crotch over his trouser. As she runs her hand over his cock, she pulls herself from the kiss and says, “Wow, nice one.”

She completely forgot that Mona and Mr. Sehgal were in the room. She was shamelessly enjoying every moment. Shaaz’s compliment for Raghubir’s dick made Mona curious about how it would look. She has her eyes glued on what’s happening between Shaaz and Raghubir.

One thing about Mona is that she gets aroused easily. When she’s fully aroused, she finds it hard to control herself. But what she doesn’t know is that Mr. Sehgal is carefully watching her. He’s patiently waiting for the opportune moment to make his move.

Shaaz gets down onto her knees and begins to unbutton Raghubir’s jeans. Raghubir gets up. In no time, she eagerly pulls down his jeans and his underwear. Raghubir smiles and says, “What’s the hurry, baby?” Shaaz blushes.

As his dress comes down, his dick pops out with a firm movement. He has a 7’ cock that is very thick. He’s clean-shaven and fresh. Mona is impressed – not just with his tool but also with the fact that it’s clean and hygienic. She also likes its pink head and the vein that’s running along.

She had never had such a close look at a cock. She’s only used to her hubby’s way of sex – undress her, shove his cock in her mouth and then fuck her. Very rough and one-sided. He never bothered to see if she was aroused or not or if she had an orgasm.

Shaaz holds Raghubir’s thighs and makes him sit back. As he settles back, she holds his cock, moves it back and forth a bit and then takes it in her mouth.

“Ah babe, you know how to please your man,” Raghubir says.

Mona’s breath gets faster and heavier. Her pussy is soaking wet and itching. She presses her legs together, so she doesn’t give away her situation. But, as Raghubir spreads his legs to make room for Shaaz, his knee touches Mona’s knee. That’s making Mona more aroused.

As Shaaz continues to suck Raghubir involuntarily, Mona’s hand reaches out to cup Shaaz’s boob. Shaaz is surprised at this. Sensing an opportunity, Mr. Sehgal puts his hand on Mona’s thigh. Mona is totally confused. She doesn’t know whether to remove the hand or let it be.

Just then, Raghubir lifts Shaaz and undresses her completely. He gets up, makes her sit in his place, spreads her legs and sits on the floor between her legs. He then gently runs his index finger over her moist pussy. She’s so aroused that her pussy is glossy.

As he runs his finger on her pussy lips, she lets out a hiss and holds Mona’s hand tightly. Mona’s mind tells her that she should remove Mr. Sehgal’s hand from her thigh. She uses the other hand to remove his hand.

On the other hand, Raghubir hastily inserts his index and middle finger into Shaaz’s pussy. Shaaz wasn’t expecting this. “Aah,” the sound from Shaaz’s voice has both pain and pleasure.

Raghubir bends down and begins to tease her clit with his tongue. He uses the tip to rub, flick, and circle it gently. While doing so, his other hand grabs Mona’s boob above her dress.

Mona wasn’t expecting this. She doesn’t know what to do. Before thinking of something, Shaaz tightens her grip on Mona’s hand and trembles. Mona realizes that Shaaz is reaching her climax.

It’s the first time she’s seeing a lady climax with oral stimulation. She doesn’t know how it feels as she has never experienced it.

As Raghubir is mauling her breasts, Mr. Sehgal holds Mona’s face, turns it towards him and kisses Mona. She’s both aroused and overwhelmed.

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