My First Encounter With Daddy!

Hello, my name is Aria. My dad is a hacker and belongs to the black hat ethical hacker group called DOS. He wakes up everyday bathing twice and is very punctual and easygoing. He is the best thing in my life.

He is my best friend and my best crime partner. I haven’t seen anyone like him, and he is one of the best kind. He works really hard plus manages to spend time with me. He watches the best comic book movies with me and sometimes plays hide and seek like a kid. He is really cute.

When it comes to Mom, she has gone out staying at her friend’s for a long time now.

Today we played hide and seek again. Today’s game was special. It was his turn to catch me. And once I frowned upon it, he hugged me tightly. I felt something then, But I brushed it off like nothing happened, as usual. He then found my rough book.

He started reading it out loud, playfully, to embarrass me, lol. He stood straight and read ‘Aria, Youngster, School Student. Dream – Become a fashion designer. How do you like to spend time – playing with my daddy. Dream team – Models, blah blah.’

I am glad he didn’t find my journal at the moment after embarrassing the hell out of me and playing a bit of catch. Because of my stupid rough book, lol. We were finally tired, and I sat at the dining table while he made coffee for me.

I looked at him in a way like when it felt like one’s stomach gets tickled. It’s been a while since I have had these feelings for him. As soon as dad kept the coffee, he brushed my hair messy like always. We sat together, drinking silently.

He grabbed and played with a Rubix cube on the table. While I felt almost irresistible looking at him. I spilled coffee on my white see-through dress and the floor by mistake while I was mesmerized.

While cleaning up the mess on the ground, I saw him gazing at my ass. And I just left the cloth and stood straight up and kissed him. It was sudden. Dad pushed me back with anger in his gaze. And he went into the bedroom for a while.

Then he came out of the room after 15 minutes. He grabbed my shoulders and made me sit on the sofa in the hall, saying that we needed to talk. He started speaking with a lot of awkwardness and couldn’t look me in the eye. He suddenly looked at my dress, took a tissue, and started cleaning it up.

He then said, “Darling, I am your dad, and we cannot do this. We need to make boundaries.” He started sounding and looking angrier and angrier. I cried suddenly. He then held my cheek at once and stared at my eyes and lips.

And then he kissed me, and we both began kissing more passionately but gently with awkward movements. But we were getting comfortable. He then held the thinnest part of my waist. He slid his hand down my dress and grabbed my ass for a while.

Then he reached the end of my cotton nightdress. By the time we stopped kissing, his hands were already inside my dress, holding my waist. My erect nipples were popping out of the dress. We said nothing and just stared at each other.

He cleaned the tears off my cheeks with his left hand outside my dress. He kissed me again while holding my left boob with his right hand. He was pressing it gently while his left hand moved down towards my right boob.

And all this while I was resting my hands on his shoulders. The kiss then suddenly fired up with a heavy breath. We were no more gently kissing, is all I can tell. We became kinkier. He removed the single night-dress from my body. And then he removed his T-shirt too.

All in the rage of unreciprocated sexual desires of us. And his muscular body was a bonus for my desires. He then held me up through my waist and adjusted my body comfortably while we continuously kissed. He knelt on the ground and was in between my legs.

He then pulled me closer and moved his wet lips toward my neck. Then gently touching my boobs and I whispered in his ears, saying, “I love you.” And he bit my ears while whispering, “I love you, too.” He then moves towards my boobs and says, “You have grown so gracefully.”

He kissed them alternatively, and then he stood up. He removed his tracks and held my hair from behind. He moved my mouth towards his huge hard dick. And then I gently kiss the tip of his dick while making it wet.

He instructed me to lick it like my favorite lollypop. I licked his huge dick from down below to all the way up. I saw that he was biting his lower lip. He looked the sexiest to me at that moment. I lick his dick the same way more and more. He takes it out of my mouth and separates my legs.

He started kissing my honeypot while sliding his hands all through my smooth thighs. I started screaming as it was my first sexual encounter. He looks at me, enjoying the pleasure. He then puts his tongue inside my honey pot and tends my clit in the wettest and gentle way possible with his tongue.

It is simply irresistible to a first-timer like me. I have never cum this hard. He then slowly starts biting the petals-like structure outside the honey pot and moves towards my clit. I then start begging him to fuck me.

He then puts his two fingers on my mouth while pressing my boobs, alternatively with another hand.

Suddenly the doorbell rings, and he hastily puts on his clothes and rushes to the door. It’s mom.