Ashwini’s Caring Boyfriend or Rugged Bestie – Part 2

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Even though my pussy continued to remain tight and untorn, I(Ashwini) did enjoy my first intimate private moments with my boyfriend Harsha. Does Harsha fulfil my expectations and crazy thoughts? I would say, “No, he didn’t.”

Are sex and pleasure only this much? Am I overimagining? I don’t know. I slept with these questions in my head. My hunger for a thick rod piercing my pussy only grew much stronger. Harsha was thrilled when he successfully broke my virginity on our third meet. At least, he believed so.

In reality, After two failed attempts. I couldn’t control my urge, which was at its peak. I allowed a stranger to break my virginity, which was a one-time mistake and a closely guarded secret of mine alone. The stranger fucked me like an animal. My pussy was sore for two days. That story is for a different time.

I smiled, resting my head on Harsha’s tired, heaving chest, giving the impression that he took my virginity. I wanted him to fuck me more and more, but he couldn’t. I was happy though his cock entered my pussy.

Was it due to the loosening of pussy walls when the stranger fucked me like an animal? I don’t know at that time.

I graduated and joined an IT start-up firm in Bangalore. Harsha, too, joined and became an accounts officer at a firm. Our meetings continued, and we no longer needed to save pocket money.

We started making out at luxury hotels, resorts, and villas with the money from our salaries. I did feel sexually fulfilled with every progressive fucks of Harsha. We tried new things and explored different positions, and they were more pleasureful.

After this long, Harsha continues to devote himself to me. Harsha knew about my best friend, Akash. We (me, Akash, and Harsha) went to theatres together. I was much closer to Akash than Harsha. Akash knew my phone’s lock passcode, which I would never share with my boyfriend.

I, too, knew the lock passcode of my bestie Akash. There was nothing secretive between me and Akash. Harsha had no concerns about me being with my bestie Akash. Anyway, there was nothing fishy between me and my best friend until then.

Harsha wasn’t aware that I was sharing every small detail of our relationship with Akash. Akash and I were not shy to say swear words, too. Akash, too, was in a love relationship with a girl. But recently, Akash broke up with his girl.

What happened next?

After the breakup, Akash went through a phase of depression. Akash kept himself busy with work and locked away in his room. For a few days, I had to drag Akash out to movies and pubs. Like in movies, the chubby, heavy guy Akash started to hit gyms.

In no time, he transformed himself into a fit, handsome hunk. Girls and aunties were all stares for Akash now. The girl who ditched Akash returned to his life. Akash told me that he fucked her and asked her to get lost from his life, dumping her and feeling happy about it.

Akash kind of became emotionless and was hitting on any pretty girl he liked. I wanted Akash to settle down with one girl and never liked his affairs with ladies. Akash never listened to me.

It’s been 5 years of my love story with Harsha. In these five years of love and lots of intimate sex, I realized that I am a very wild horny girl. I loved and enjoyed the pleasures of sex. I read a lot of erotic novels and stories.

One day, while in Akash’s room. Things took a sharp turn when I noticed something on Akash’s phone. A pic in one of his chats. The pic gave chills running through my body. My pussy quivered with never-before excitement.

I couldn’t see much further since Akash was nearby.

What did I see?

I found a pic of a lady in her 40s. It was a nude picture from neck to thighs, but there was no face. Hefty sagging white boobs, wide dark nipples, clean shaved pussy touched by her long-nailed finger peeking through her spread heavy thighs.

The thing that created goosebumps in me was that I had seen this design of gold chains before. It was hung among her mangalsutra and another chain. It belonged to an aunt on the same street. She was the mother of one of our core group of friends.

I was shocked, stunned, horrified, and thrilled too. Akash, being my bestie, had shared every secret, including all his affairs and flings, But not even a single clue about this one.

Is it my imagination or the truth? I started fantasizing about Akash and this aunty about the wild things they might have done. I couldn’t digest some of the earlier incidents where this aunty came across Akash.

They projected an unlikeable relationship in the public. That aunty was very strict around kids. Her husband was a govt school teacher. Her husband was a normal-looking man with a big belly. Her husband was introverted and weak.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. I was hornier milking/squeezing my boobs. I was wet in no time. Rigorously fingered my pussy, imagining Akash with his ripped shoulder tearing away the clothes of this aunty. After a very long time, I had a blast of orgasm. I did finger all night.

I slept late till the afternoon, skipping work. The next time I continued to feel warm and horny, I started a sex chat with my boyfriend, which ended in a nude video call. But I couldn’t reach the orgasm.

I couldn’t see Akash like before. I became very conscious of his normal touches and stares. Akash knew nothing of this. He behaved normally. I started enjoying his warm touches over my shoulder, and his teasing pinches made me wet.

What will I do next?

I didn’t want Harsha and Akash facing each other. I stopped meeting them together. Without my conscious, I was losing interest in Harsha and was magnetically pulled toward Akash.

Even after five years of our relationship, Harsha continues to surprise me with gifts and trips.  I no longer feel excited, but I act excited for Harsha.

After this incident, I avoided meeting Harsha for our usual sex sessions, telling him that I was busy with work. I was very curious to know more about Akash and the aunty. I needed time with his phone, but Akash never left his phone away.

It took days before I finally scanned through his chats. But to my disappointment, the chats were cleared. There were some sex chats with some girls which didn’t interest me. For all I know about Akash, I scan through apps before finding one with screenshots of the chats saved safely and securely.

I quickly swipe through, searching for the chat with the aunty. I stood numb with my motionless eyes reading the chats that dated back to before his transformation. My hard, erect nipples were tearing out of my shirt.

My heart skipped a beat. My pussy oozed in juices with a new kind of excitement seeing his thick nervy cock, which he had shared with the aunty. I was sweating. I left the phone and ran home. Did I make a mistake reading the chats?

Fuck I am going crazy with another sleepless night. God, his chats never left my thoughts. The aunty was crazy for him. Akash’s first fuck was with that aunty.

One particular message from the aunty, “Aavattu neenu nanna mancha muriyo haage haakdalla yuppa life nal naan mariyalla. Manchada saddhu nenskondre nann tull neeragutte.” (I won’t forget that day, bed-breaking level banging, The creaking sound of the bed with your huge thrusts. I go wet remembering that)

One more message, “Hey, just missu nan maglu might have caught us.” (Hey, I just missed my daughter would have caught us.)

Another message was, “Yuppa nan tullu eradu dina novittu. Yaako hang keidhe nanna? Naanu andre ninge astondu istana?” (For 2 days, my pussy was sore. Why did you drill me so harshly. Do you like me so much?)

Akash message, “Nin mola tara yarahatrnu illa.” (Nobody has a boobs like you)

One more message, “Hey, neenu Ashwini na maadbittya?” (Hey, Have you fucked Ashwini?)

“Chi, illa avlna yavattu aa tara nodilla.” (Hey, No, I haven’t seen her in that intention.)

“Neen yella hudgirna nododhe onde intention nalli” (You watch all girls with only one intention)

“Avala thika chennage ide” (Her ass is nice)

“Haa Harsha anta boyfriend iddane keidu keidu ivl thika dappa aagtha ide.” (She has a boyfriend named Harsha. He had banged her many occasions shaping her ass)

Instead of feeling happy that Akash didn’t have any bad intentions for me, I felt eager to come onto his radar.

The story continues.