Married sister-in-law wants to get pregnant

“Please, honey. Can’t you do this for me?”, asked my wife.

We were in our bed after having sex.

“Seriously, Ayesha?! She is your sister. They can adopt, or try a donor. What you are asking of me is not right. I can’t even imagine how you said ok to her request. And how on earth is Raj okay with this?!”, I protested.

I have been married to Ayesha for about 10 years with two kids. We have had a very loving relationship. Ayesha’s sister, Kavya was married for about 4 years and did not have any kids. Her husband was impotent. Recently, Kavya approached my wife with a wish. She wanted to have a child the natural way and she didn’t want to leave her husband. The wish? She wanted me to get her pregnant.

Now my wife loved her sister dearly and I had never seen her refuse her. While this request took a while for her to agree to, she did so without asking me or having my consent.

“It’s not that I didn’t think this through, honey. But it’s for her. Poor thing wants to be a mother, the natural way. And it will all be within the family. Raj is okay with it. It was he who suggested you,” Replied Ayesha.

I finally agreed after many days and a lot of tears and pouting from my wife Ayesha. We spoke to my sister-in-law Kavya and her husband Raj and it was decided that Ayesha will go to her parents’ house with our sons for a few weeks and Kavya will come and live here for a couple of weeks with me. And so it happened. Ayesha had left and Kavya walked in.

“I do feel awkward. And I want to get that awkwardness out. So, I am going to think of this as a sexual fantasy. You are my Jiju and I am your Sali, you can do whatever you feel like,” said Kavya.

“I love to see you in mini skirts and..” I paused “ bra inside the house. I want to be aroused looking at you. I want to lust for you.”

Kavya smiled and hugged me. Later that day, my sister-in-law was in the kitchen, wearing just a top and a tiny skirt. She looked sexy as hell. I walked up behind her and put my hands on her waist.

“Don’t move, Kavya. I just want to feel you, see you.”

She didn’t move. I turned her to face me and saw down her cleavage. Her nipples were already hard and pressing through the fabric. I pulled her to the living room and made her sit on my lap and pulled her mouth to mine and started kissing her.

“Call me Jiju and tell me I should stop,” I commanded.

“Jiju.. What are you doing? Please.. Sto..”

Before she could finish, I pulled my sali again and kissed her. It was a very passionate kiss. I grabbed her breasts and fondled them. She closed her eyes and leaned back. I removed her top and saw her beautiful breasts and her hard pink nipples.

“Kiss my breasts, Jiju. Suck them”, she whispered and so I did. Holding each breast up in my fists, I licked and sucked them. She moved her hands down between her legs and caught my dick over my pants. Hard and throbbing. My wife’s married sister then went down on her knees and pulled my pants down and licked the tip of my dick. She slowly put her mouth on it and started sucking it. I was in heaven, feeling her warm mouth close to my dick.

She moved back and then inserted the dick inside her pussy.

“When was the last time someone fucked you like this, Kavya?” I asked her as she rode me pressing her tits and letting me continue to suck them.

“Years. It has been years,” she replied.

I lay on top of her kissing her neck, her lips, and her body. My chest was rubbing on her big beautiful breasts. I inserted my duck again inside her and started pumping earnestly.

“Whom do you imagine when you masturbate, Kavya?”

She moaned and writhed in pleasure. “ papa.. aaaah.. I like incest.. hmmm.. Yes.. I have fucked them before.. oh oh” she said between breaths. I was even more turned on by what she said. “I have seduced…. them all… papa… oh oh.. he loved to be in the shower with me..”

My sister-in-law turned me on my back and started riding me again. I reached out and grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples, moved my hand to her mouth and she sucked my fingers. I put her on her back and started licking her wet pussy, kissing her pussy lips and mounted her again.

“Bhaiyya… I took his… virginity… him, Didi and I… best times…” she kept saying.

I was kissing her neck, and her breasts, I was so turned on by what my sali was saying. My wife had fucked her brother!

“Ayesha and I.. would finger each other.. oh ahh..” and with that, I climaxed and exploded inside my sister-in-law. She lay there smiling and happy. I lay my head on her breasts, breathing hard.

“Tell me your seductress,” I told her as I smiled.

“The threesome one..”

Kavya smiled. “It all started with me teasing bhaiya. He was a shy boy and when I and didi got our big tits and in college, didi and I would walk around the house in shorts and deep-neck tees. After mom passed away, dad hardly objected to anything we did or wore. And he later admitted that he loved seeing the two of us like that.

I caught bhaiya masturbating watching a video of didi and I changing out clothes that he had secretly recorded. I took him to didi and..” she smiled.

“Come, shower with me Jiju and I will tell you more. Maybe we can try role-play next after that.”

“Yes!! I will be your..” I said, thinking.

“My horny sasur and I your bahu.. the lusting sasur ji” she said laughing. I kissed her again and we walked together into the shower.

End of episode 1.