Aysha And New Slave Diya

Hi readers, this is me Shyam, back with the second part of my sex life with Aysha. In this part, Diya comes into the story.

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This story series contains submissive and rough sex. Let us go into the story.

Aysha smiled happily sitting in between my legs, only wearing a hijab and looking at my dick getting hard again. I told her to walk on all fours to the bathroom. Then I made her stand up and removed her hijab. It was a great sight. Her smooth hair flowed freely. She had hair till the length of the bra strap which was not too long or too short.

Now she was completely naked. We took a bath together and applied soap to each other. I fucked her in the shower against the wall. She pushed her ass back to me while her boobs pressed the wall. Her hands and face leaned on the wall and she looked like a real slut.

My dick went into her pussy from the back. I slapped her ass too a few times, making her moan louder. When I was about to cum, I caught hold of her hair and turned her to pull her down. She understood it and took my dick in her mouth. I pushed my dick down her mouth and shot my cum deep in her throat. She swallowed it, looked at me and smiled.

Then I lifted her and kissed for a few minutes while I caressed her boobs and ass. Both of us were tired, so we slept afterward, cuddling.

The next morning, I woke up to the amazing view of the beauty sucking my dick and making it hard. I looked at her and she made eye contact with me while taking my dick deep in her mouth.

After a few minutes of sucking, I pulled her up and gave her the morning kiss while rubbing my hands over her pussy. I pushed my middle finger in and started fingering her. She lost balance in my act and fell on me, but did not break the kiss.

I moved her to the side, got up and went behind her, making her stand in doggy style on all fours. I took my hard dick and rubbed it over her pussy. By then, she was wet over there. I didn’t waste any time, I pushed my dick into her pussy and she moaned loudly. I started fucking her fast, the sound of my hip hitting her ass echoed in the room along with her loud moans.

After some time, she had her orgasm and fell on the bed. I pulled her ass back up in the air and continued fucking her and cummed inside her pussy. I kept my dick in her pussy and collapsed above her.

We lied like that for some time. We then got up from the bed. I could see her pussy was dripping the mixed juices of both of us. She was about to clean it but I did not allow her. So she put on her panties above it.

She started dressing to leave but she had no bra as I tore it off yesterday. But somehow she managed her hijab to cover her boobs area. She was in a hurry as she had to go to her hometown on the afternoon flight for a week and she hadn’t even packed for that. I gave her one more kiss and slapped her ass over her pants and she left.

For me, that day was free as I had already completed my work early. So I was again surfing through some sites and came across a BDSM site. To my amazement, I saw a familiar face on the profile photo of a comment and it was my ex-girlfriend Diya. She had commented, “Looking for a master for this obedient slave.”

I created a profile quickly with a fake name and messaged her.

Me: Hey, bitch!

Diya: Who is this?

Me: I saw your comment. Do you wish to be my slave?

Diya: I am not sure, but let’s try it for a day and decide.

Me: Ok. So, it starts now.

Diya: I have one condition. I won’t be sending any photos with my face or telling any personal details till then.

Me: That is fine. But you will only address me as ‘Master’ or ‘Sir’ from now.

I knew that my ex-gf was into sub and dom sex when we dated. We even roleplayed sometimes but never knew she was this desperate to be a submissive bitch!

Diya: Yes, master.

Her reply made me smile and I planned to make her my personal bitch who will do anything I say.

Me: Let’s start with you telling me what you are wearing now.

Diya: Black shorts, pink panties, and a grey loose t-shirt.

Me: Bra?

Diya: I am in my room, so I didn’t wear any bra.

Me: Good. Now, remove your shorts and panties and send a photo of your cunt. Let me see how good my bitch’s cunt.

Diya: Ok, master. As you say.

And she sent a photo of her cunt. I saw that she had grown some hair around.

Me: Clean shave your pussy and send me a photo again in 10 minutes.

Diya: Yes, sir.

And my ex-lover went offline and I waited for her reply. After 6 minutes, she sent me a photo of her clean shaved pussy.

Me: Ok, bitch. It looks good. Now, finger your pussy in front of a mirror. Look at yourself when you finger and send me the audio of you moaning.

And 2 minutes later, I received the audio. She was moaning heavily and had orgasmed. I could imagine her from the audio.

Me: How was it, bitch?

Diya: That was awesome, master. I had never done it in front of a mirror. It gave me a new experience.

Me: Write ‘slut’ above your pussy and send me a photo.

She did as I told her.

Me: Show me the carrots and cucumber you have in your fridge.

She sent me a photo and I picked a big one.

Me: Insert it in your pussy and wear panties over it.

Diya: Yes, master. See this.

My ex-girlfriend sent me a photo of the bulge in her panty.

Me: Has anyone fucked you in your ass?

As far as I knew, she had a virgin ass.

Diya: No, master. But one of my ex-lovers had fingered my ass once, it was so painful for me, so I stopped it.

Me: Have you ever swallowed cum?

Diya: Yes, master. I love the taste of cum.

Me: Good girl.

Diya: Thank you, master. I have to go to the office for a meeting, master.

Me: Don’t you dare remove that carrot. Keep it there till you come back.

Diya: Ok, master. Bye.

That time, Aysha called me to tell me that she was at the airport and going to her hometown. She sent a selfie from the airport. I asked her, “Do I only get to see this now?” And she sent me a photo of her lifting her top in the bathroom, showing her melons cupped by her bra. She also gave a cute expression making the photo a very memorable one.

Aysha told me that she wouldn’t be able to call me from home as there was a function and she would be busy for the week. She also promised me that we would meet as soon as she got back next week.

I went on with my daily routines and office work and the time went on. It was evening and I got a notification, it was from Diya.

Diya: Hey, master!

Me: Yes bitch, you back? How was your day?

Diya: It was a good day, master. The carrot in my pussy made it difficult to sit properly, but I managed somehow. It kept me horny and wet all day long.

Me: Did you love it, bitch?

Diya: Yes master, I loved it.

Me: It’s still inside you. Right?

Diya: Yes master, still making me wet.

Me: Get yourself naked bitch and take out the carrot. Smell it, suck it, taste your juices.

Diya: Ok, master.

Me: Did you like it?

Diya: Yes, master. It makes me horny.

Me: Show me your pussy and make sure the word ‘SLUT’ is written on it.

She sent me a photo of her pussy with ‘SLUT’ written above.

Me: Good, bitch. Now, finger like you did earlier, in front of the mirror and along with it, suck the carrot thinking that it is my dick. But this time, don’t orgasm without asking my permission.

Diya: Ok, master.

And there came a voice note of her moaning. A photo of a wet carrot with her juices and saliva. And a photo of the finger in her pussy.

Diya: Master, can I cum?

Me: No bitch, you don’t deserve it yet. Beg for it.

Diya sent me audio, “Please master..let me cum.. please master…please….”

My ex-girlfriend was begging to have that orgasm and finally, I allowed.

Me: Yes bitch, now you can cum.

She sent me a photo of her juices flowing over her thighs.

Me: Take your juice in your hands and lick it. Taste your juices.

Diya: Yes master, it tastes so good.

Me: Now, keep the carrot back in your wet pussy and wear the panty back.

Diya: It feels so good, master. I don’t need a full day. I have decided. I am your slave, I submit myself to you master. Tell me what to do and I will do it. I am all yours.

I was so happy and asked her to send me a photo of her with only panties.

She did it. I saw my ex wearing only panties again. Her hot figure and boobs made me hornier. I haven’t yet disclosed my identity. So, I thought of giving her a surprise.

(To be continued)

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