Nikita teases the room service boy

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We bid our goodbyes to Antony Chettan and left there. When we reached back to our room, it was a little late. Since it was a hectic day, we were exhausted and hungry. I took a quick shower, and the cold water on my hot body was such a refreshing feeling.

I came out of the shower and was drying my hair in the dining area with a small towel. I was wearing only a big towel around me. Shreekanth, in the meantime, had ordered some food and went to shower.

Just then, the doorbell rang twice, and I was stunned for a second. I was wearing only the towel that barely covered me from my chest to my thighs. I looked through the peephole. I saw Rajesh, the room service guy who came in the morning, waiting outside with a tray of food.

I was looking around frantically to find my dresses. Just then, I remembered the things Shreekanth told me about Rajesh watching me sleep in the morning. I thought to myself, “No one’s around, and Shreekanth is having a bath, so even he’ll not know. Why not tease Rajesh a bit?”

Such sexy thoughts and the thrill of flashing guys have been brewing in my mind. That thought even took over me that I had intercourse with a stranger. So I decided to tease Rajesh, the room service guy.

I lowered the towel a little more so that a little more of my cleavage was visible. Just then, the bell rang again. I opened the door a little, peeped in a way that only my face was visible to him, and saw Rajesh smiling at me.

Rajesh: Your food is ready, ma’am. May I come in?

Me: Yeah, sure.

As I finished saying that, I opened the door fully and looked at Rajesh, who was surprised and hesitatingly smiled. That’s when he discovered I was only in a towel.

Rajesh: Are you sure, ma’am?

He asked again, a little confused seeing my attire.

Me: Yes, please come in. Sorry, I made you wait. I was taking a shower.

Rajesh: Oh, it’s fine, ma’am.

He followed me inside and started making the table. He kept the food on the table. He tried to be a professional and wasn’t looking at me. But that’s when I began to have a conversation with him so that he had to face me.

Me: Hey, how’s work?

Rajesh: Going well, ma’am. It’s not the busiest yet, so it’s fine.

He was too shy to look at me but would, at times, take a glance.

Me: That’s nice. By the way, it’s a beautiful place you have here. I’m really enjoying it here.

Rajesh: Thanks a lot, ma’am. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay as well.

Me: Thanks. You’re really sweet.

He smiled, looking at me and looked at me from head to toe, even though he knew I was looking at him. The fact that I wasn’t resisting his look or acknowledging it made him even more confident. I then took a moisturizing cream from the dressing table and stood near him.

I raised one leg to keep it on the bed and started applying it on my feet. He was confident by then. He watched me exposing my inner thighs and applying cream over them. He was purposefully taking longer than usual to serve the food.

I kept my left leg on the bed and applied the cream from my thighs to my toes. He was looking at my thighs and legs while I applied cream over them. Then, at my cleavage, I bent to reach my toes. I did the same with my right leg.

I noticed that he was keeping the dishes back on the tray and serving them to stay in the room longer. I then started rubbing the cream on my back but couldn’t reach it. I acted like I couldn’t reach it. I knew he noticed but acted busy at his work.

Me: Hey. If you don’t mind, could you help me?

Rajesh looked at me with confused eyes and smiled at me.

Rajesh: Me? Oh sure, ma’am. What can I do for you?

He asked eagerly and hurriedly kept the tray and came near me.

Me: If you don’t mind, could you help with the cream on my back, please?

I asked, smiling at him

Rajesh: Of course, ma’am.

I gave him the cream and stood facing my back to him. I held the knot of the towel near my chest and lowered the back portion of the towel for him. He applied the cream on both his hands and started to apply it on my back.

He started from the neck and worked his way down. His warm hands were really soothing on my soft skin.

“Wow, that feels so good,” I said, letting out a soft moan. He was gently applying the cream around. The towel on my back was just above my ass crack. He was tugging it further down slowly with every move. So I loosened the grip, and the towel lowered, exposing the side of my boobs and a little bit of my ass.

He saw it and took the cream, applied it on both his hands. He kept his hand on my centre back and moved sideways, working his fingers and massaging me. As he reached the side, he gently felt my side boobs with his fingertips. My left hand was still holding the towel.

My right was on my hair, and my arms were lifted. I could sense him move closer and could feel his breath on the back of my neck. With every stroke, his hands were getting more and more onto my side boobs. He massaged my armpits in between.

My eyes closed, feeling his warm hands on my smooth, cold skin. Just then, I heard the shower go off. Shreekanth had finished and would be out soon. So I got back to my senses and pulled my towel back. I looked at Rajesh.

There was a mix of excitement and sadness on his face. He hurried to leave at the same time, anticipating what I had to say to him.

Me: Hey, Thank you so much for your help. It was really great.

Rajesh: Oh, it’s totally fine, ma’am. Happy to help. I hope you’re fine with it.

Me: Of course. Made me want to have a full-body massage, actually. Speaking of which, do you guys have someone like a masseur around here? I’m pretty stiff from the cold. I would really like a body massage.

Rajesh: Oh no, sorry, ma’am. Since it’s not the season time, we don’t have anyone around.

Me: Oh, okay.

Rajesh: Ma’am, if you don’t mind, I can give you a massage. I’m obviously not a pro at it, but I’m good. But only if you’re okay with it, though.

Me: Oh! You could? Umm. Well, I’m okay with it.

Rajesh: Okay then. When should I come for the massage?

Me: You can come in the evening.

Rajesh: Okay, sure, ma’am. See you then.

He looked at me, smiled, and took the tray left. I saw him till the door, closed and locked it. I removed my towel, lay down in the bed, and felt my pussy. It was already wet by then. Just then, Shreekanth came out of the bathroom wearing a towel.

Seeing me naked on the bed, he got an instant hard-on. He removed his towel and flung it to the corner. He lay down on me and put his lips on mine. We had an intense wet smooch for about 10 minutes while his dick was rubbing over my pussy.

He took some of the saliva that was oozing out of our mouths. He applied it on his dick and pushed it in. We had a 45-minute session before we sat down to eat.

Soon after lunch, we were lying on the bed. I was wondering what to tell Shreekanth about the massage session. Before I could say about it, he told me that two of his friends had come and were in a nearby hotel. He needed to visit them in the evening.

By evening, Shreekanth got ready and left to meet his friends. I was pretty excited about what was to come. I went and quickly rinsed my body with some shower gel. I was a little sweaty from the sex session.

I wiped my body with the towel and put on a black thong. It was a little transparent on the front, with the strap going tight deep inside my ass crack. I chose not to wear any bra. I then took the transparent black gown from the cupboard and wore it.

I looked at myself in the mirror for a while. It was sure to turn on any guy. I was waiting on the balcony when the doorbell rang at about 6 p.m. I saw Rajesh waiting through the peephole. I loosened the knot of my gown a little, put my hair to the front and opened the door.

I saw a stunned look on Rajesh’s face. He looked at my cleavage and belly button, which had become visible as I loosened the gown.

Me: Hey. Please come in.

Rajesh: Thank you, ma’am.

I closed the door behind me. But he waited there for me to walk in front of him. I obliged and walked towards the balcony.

Rajesh: Are you ready, ma’am?

Me: Oh yes, I am. By the way, my name is Nikita. You can call me Nikki.

Rajesh: Oh, really glad to meet you, ma’am.

Me: Same here, Rajesh. But again, just Nikki, please.

Rajesh: Okay, Nikki.

Saying that, he blushed the hardest, struggling to make eye contact.

Rajesh: Where would you like me to set up, ma’am?

Me: You mean Nikki? Yeah sure. I think the balcony is fine.

Rajesh: Huh? Really?

Me: yeah. Is that a problem?

Rajesh: Nope. Not at all, ma’am. I mean Nikki.

I laughed, and he found the perfect moment to get a view of my jiggling boobs through the transparent gown. He took the portable spa bed to the balcony and started setting it up. He took the other box and kept it on the side of the bed.

He was looking around the open balcony. There were a few buildings around and the road right below. We were on the first floor of the hotel, which was easily visible. There was a bit of nervousness on his face, but he didn’t say otherwise.

Rajesh: It’s ready, Nikki.

I walked to the mirror and tied my hair into a bun. As I raised my hands, the gown parted further from the middle. I saw Rajesh looking at me through the mirror. I didn’t bother to proper my gown and walked towards him.

Rajesh: Everything’s ready. Please lie down here.

He was confidently looking at my bosoms by then. I turned around and faced my back towards him. I untied my gown, and it slid through my body and fell. I was literally topless by then. I only had my thongs on, which barely covered my ass.

I hopped onto the bed. He was looking at my boobs which were swaying more than ever. I was steadying myself to lie down. I lay face-down in the bed.

Rajesh: Place your face correctly by this opening and relax.

I positioned myself and closed my eyes. He took the bottle of warm oil and poured it from my toes to my upper thighs. As the oil oozed to the sides, he would apply pressure with his thumb all over and then massage them slowly. He raised my legs one by one to massage between my inner thigh and toes.

He then took the oil and poured it over my ass. He jiggled my ass to apply the oil over it and began messaging. He parted my ass cheeks and moved the back strap of my thong, and poured a few drops of oil. I let out a moan as the warm oil came in contact with my skin. His fingers fiddled with my asshole.

I was pretty sure he would have noticed my wet pussy by then. He massaged there with his thumb for some more time and kept my legs back on the bed.

He moved towards my upper body, poured some more oil on my back, and began massaging my back. He moved my hands upward, which I placed above my head, and was rubbing the sides along with my armpits. I let out a moan each time he applied pressure.

He applied the oil on both his hands, massaged my neck gently and worked his way down to my waist. My hands kept above my head, gave him ample space to massage my armpits and side boobs. With each stroke, he would reach more and more to my side boobs.

He was massaging my armpits and side boobs for the longest time. He fondled them for some more time, and by then, I found the stiffness of my back relieved.

Rajesh: Ma’am. I meant Nikki. How was it? Was it fine?

Me: It was amazing. The stiffness is gone. You’re really good.

He was still fondling my armpits and side boobs as he spoke.

Rajesh: Oh, thanks a lot.

Me: So, are we done here?

Rajesh: The back is done, ma’am. If you want the front…

He stuttered as he wasn’t sure to ask me to turn around. But I replied just as he asked.

Me: Oh yeah, surely.

I said and looked at him. His face turned from hesitant to eager face real quick as I answered him. I then got up and rolled myself to face upward. My boobs were really dangling as I rolled myself and lay on my back on the massage bed. He couldn’t take his eyes off my breasts, which bounced as I positioned myself.

He took the oil and poured it from my chest to the waist. I could feel the oil leak on my belly button and giggled. He smiled at me, looking at my jiggling boobs. I giggled and quickly started to massage from the waist upward.

He massaged my waist and the sides of my body and worked his way up. As he massaged and played with my belly button and waist, I let out a moan. As he stood closer to massage me, my hand brushed his crotch area. I was anticipating it but wanted to make sure it was conscious. So, I didn’t react the first two times.

The next time it happened, I opened my palm and felt the warmth of his dick. He stopped moving to and fro and rested his dick on my hand. I caressed his dick over his for some more time and slowly opened his zip. He was excited and frantically looking around as well as we were on the balcony.

As I slowly opened his zip, he quickly took his dick and put it out, and looked at me thrilled. I held his dick and began stroking it. It was as long as my palm and really thick and warm. I looked at him and smiled as I stroked with my right hand.

He, meanwhile, resumed massaging my upper body as I stroked his dick. He took the warm oil, poured it on my chest, and held my breasts. He swayed to the side with both his hands, held it in the centre, and began massaging it in a circular motion.

I stroked his dick to and fro as he moved his hands around my boobs. He played with my nipples, which were already hard because of the cold climate. He pinched them lightly and pressed my boobs tightly. I moaned as I applied some saliva to my hand and lubricated the stroking.

He bent down and felt my nipples with his tongue. He salivated around my areola and sucked hard on my boobs. While sucking on my right boob, he fondled my left boob with his left hand. He lubricated his right hand with his saliva and began fingering my pussy.

I pulled him closer as I held his dick and placed a few kisses on the tip, and wiggled my tongue over it. He let out a moan as my mouth felt the head of his dick, and my tongue tasted it. I moved closer to him to take it all inside my mouth.

He closed his eyes and felt the warmth of my mouth engulf his dick. He kept fondling my boobs, pinching them with his left hand and fingering my pussy with his right middle finger. I kept blowing him in full force while I overflowed because of his fingering.

Around 10 minutes later, he held my head, thrusting faster and began moaning loudly. I knew he was nearing his climax, so even I tried to blow faster.

“Nikita madam!”’ he exclaimed. He held my face and deposited his liquid inside my mouth. Most of it spilt out and fell on my neck and boobs, as it was more than I could hold. I laid down back on the massage bed, panting and gasping for air, trying to swallow the load in my mouth.

He parted my legs and put his face in between my legs. I was startled as his tongue felt my already wet pussy. He inserted his tongue deep inside and sucked on it as he gulped the juices that flowed out. Along with his tongue, he inserted his middle finger and felt me from the inside.

I held his head tightly onto me as it was really enthralling for me. He licked me dry, held my legs, and pulled me to the edge of the massage bed. He held his dick in his hand, which had gone a little limp by then, and looked around frantically. I looked at him, and our eyes met.

“Can I go in raw, please?” he asked, giving me a pity look.

Just before I could answer him, my phone rang. We both were startled. But he rushed inside to get my phone from my bed as I couldn’t get up as quickly as I wanted to. He waited for me to complete the call while he began hardening himself for round two.

But it was Sreekanth who called me to inform me that both his friends would be accompanying him back to our place. They were about to leave from there. I sat up and informed Rajesh about the same, and he felt dejected. He was almost teary-eyed, but I couldn’t help it.

I quickly went into my room, put my gown back on and tied my messy hair into a bun. He hurried to put his clothes back on and pack up the massage bed and stuff. I walked him to the door, where he hugged me tightly and savoured my tongue with his.

I could feel his anger as he forced his saliva deep into me. I assured him that I would call him later when I could. He gave me a last peck on my cheek and left the room.

I locked the door and went in. I knew Sreekanth and his friends would reach in another 15 minutes. I had a quick shower to wash off the oil on my body. I stood under the shower, reminiscing about the massage as I washed the wetness off my pussy.

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