Ayushi (The University Girl) – Part 1

Ayushi is the daughter of a businessman dealing in cars and their parts. She was very good at her studies. Her height was 5 feet, her complexion was perfect, and warm Ivory shape of 32-30-32. Her boobs were very small but rounded and tight. And her small rounded bubbly ass with a small mole near her hole, and the back of her shoulder almost made her a doll type very petite body.

Ayushi lived in an apartment which was in an alley and was dominated area by Muslims. Most of the shops, coaching centers, and even small schools were owned by Muslim people.

The old people aged 45-70 used to sit by side of the road, which was very narrow, in groups of 4-5 and used to admire girls and women as passed by and discuss things.

One day it was a bright morning and she had a coaching class at 7 am. She woke up late that morning. As I told you, she was a very bright student and she couldn’t miss any of her classes. So, she started getting ready in a rush. The tension of not getting late and being scolded in front of everybody for maintaining her reputation she rushed a lot.

Ayushi skipped her breakfast, and bath and wore undergarments. She thought she was wearing full-covered clothes, and no one would notice it. Besides that, it was early morning, so not many people would be around in the morning.

But she was wrong about that. She wore a black modern-type shirt that was made of very thin material. Her skin-toned legging was very tight, so tight that each curve of her body could be seen.

If you saw Ayushi from distance, it would appear as if she was wearing only a shirt and no leggings. As she started leaving her room and was coming down from stairs in a rush, the watchman and guard started staring at her whole body. Looking at the jiggling of perfectly shaped small boobs and her small curvy bubble butt, they got shocked and confused for minutes. They thought she forgot to wear full clothes because of her tight skin-colored leggings.

As she came near, they relaxed and smiled looking at each other (she noticed that but ignored it). She got on her Activa (scooter) and was ready to leave. She had her bag pack on her which made the clothes tight and took body shape, almost tearing her shirt(upper clothes)apart.

As Ayushi went out, she was shocked as she expected only a few people. But as you all know, all the old people woke up early and were in their position sitting at the sides of the alley admiring beauties.

When she started passing by them on her Active (scooter), old people, vegetable vendors, and meat butchers suddenly got active and their eyes were wide open with joy in them.

Ayushi’s black thin shirt in the open bright light of the sun exposed her nipples. They were visible like see-through and also were tightly erected due to the straps of the bag pack stretching it backward.

The running down from stares also made her sweaty which helped in exposing her hard erect nipples. The roads were very narrow, dirty with garbage, and not built properly sewer were open and the smell of piss and shits could be smelled. So, she also was wearing a helmet for safety purposes and avoiding dust and smells and she used to press brakes a lot to avoid potholes, garbage, and animal shit. But little did she know that it made a lot of effect on her body and the whole body was jiggling specifically her thighs boobs and ass.

As I said, her shirt was modern, so it had a cut type from both sides which exposed her thighs and butts. They all had a good view, but due to helmets, they were not able to see her face properly.

I am sure that they weren’t interested in her face when they had those views. But they knew it might be the same girl who used to go for coaching in the evening with the same body type. They all thought the same as the watchmen did and they remained confused, as she passed in hurry avoiding obstacles.

As she passed, the old people started their discussions on her as if they were planning something. She didn’t notice old people staring at her petite jiggling body. Then she reached her coaching class and ran toward the class with a bag pack and was sweating from everywhere.

Some of the boys in her class were already mad at her beauty and cuteness. But that day, they saw her differently, as her sweat and tight shirt made the clothes wet near the stomach and boob area which made it clearly visible to everyone.

Everyone was shocked looking at her, but she thought they were shocked because of her coming late to the class. Then the teacher asked –

Sir: Why are you late?

Ayushi: Sir, actually…

Sir: Ok-ok (admiring her whole body), come and sit here (on the front bench).

And then he continued his lecture. The guy sitting behind her started to get turned on by the view. And her sweaty smell and clothes made her back visible, as she removed her bag pack and sat down.

He started to get naughty ideas to get closer to her. His body temperature started rising. Then he slowly bow his head and started touching her hair and sniffed her hair and shoulder and back. When he sniffed her back, she noticed warm air on her back. Ayushi immediately turned around and she saw him bowing his head like sleeping. She didn’t mind, as it appeared he was sleeping. She turned to the board and let him sleep.

He got happy and felt more courage. He moved his arms near her back over the shirt and his small finger was touching her back. He pretended his sleep. She thought he was asleep as his finger touched her back. Then he used another hand over his pant and start rubbing his dick over his pants slowly. The sweaty smell was making him aroused. In a moment, his dick was hard and fully erect.

He was feeling out of control now. He wanted more but couldn’t help himself. Then he bowed down on the table again, but this time, destiny made his way. There was a pen kept on the table which fell on the floor due to hand movements. Then he went down to pick it up and was shocked by the view.

Her shirt was apart up from the bottom side on which she was resting her back (she had no idea ). Her ass crack was visible because of it. Her skin-toned tight leggings made it worse for him to control.

Then he went near her ass crack, took a good view, smelled it, and took his tongue out, keeping it away and not touching. Then he did a licking gesture and came back up.

He was very frustrated at this point as he couldn’t do anything. He had to take a look. Then he started planning. He took his bag pack and covered the sides of the table, which was exposed to class.

Now he slowly moved his table back and chair which made a gap between her chair and his table. Due to the gap made, the light was getting in which made a more clear view of her ass crack and from the top angle view he was getting a deeper and clearer view. He also noticed drops of sweat between her ass crack and back. These views made him more horny and hungry. His mouth was releasing saliva. Then he bowed his head and made his next move.

He slowly started opening his pant zip with his left hand and took his big black cock out. His cock was hot and hard like a flaming iron rod. His right hand was busy hiding the exposed side of the table from class with his bowing down the head. With both hands busy, he again started sniffing and smelling hair.

But this time, his head was straight and his eyes were wide open to the view of deep ass crack. His mouth was releasing saliva. Then he gathered more courage and viewing her rounded ass and crack he brought his saliva to the lips.

Now, long slimy and sticky type saliva was dripping from his lips. He made his lips rounded and pointed them toward her ass crack and targeted the middle of the ass crack. He was still waiting for the right moment for her to move or bend forward a little.

Ayushi did that after a minute. She moved forward with a little bending position for a clear view of the letters written on the board. Then he quickly spat on her ass crack and pretended to sleep.

She felt this and started thinking instead of turning back and came to conclusion within a second which was that, her sweat might be dripping from her back to the ass crack because of the rush, running, and hotness of that bright summer day. She got relaxed and embarrassed a little within herself.

After a minute, he again got the courage and got in the same position with eyes wide open. The view was getting better for him and also his ways and plan as he was getting success. He got more horny feelings now as he was seeing his sticky slimy saliva on her ass dripping toward the lower and inner parts of her ass, and making way to the ass hole.

Viewing this sight, feeling that his saliva was in her ass and making its way to her asshole, turned him hornier.

When she moved back and forth, his spitted saliva was making its way. He could see his saliva which was slimy type making a glue-type effect between her both ass cheeks. This sensation and feeling of his saliva in her ass made him mad. He was burning inside to ass fuck her small bubble-rounded ass, but he couldn’t. But he was hard like a rock.

He had to do something, so he took his left hand and spit on it. Then he took his dick in hand and shaped it like a hole from both ends and started smelling her sweat, sniffing her hair, viewing her ass crack, and the dripping spit which went inside making its way.

He put his dick as closer as he could get without touching her ass. Then he started imaging her asshole with the same saliva spit on his hand rubbing his dick and the same going inside her ass hole. He started stroking his big black dick harder, smelling her sweat faster and faster

In his mind: Oohhh Ayushiiii..Aaahhh fucking bitch. Your ass is so tight (spanking her ass). She was pushing her ass back and forth taking his long dick in her ass and screaming

“Aahh shit..Uummm Feels so good.. Don’t stop fucking me. Make me your bitch..Aahh yes fuck! Fuck my ass (spanking).”

Within a minute, he cummed a thick load of white cum splashed on Ayushi’s ass on her leggings. He immediately again pretended to sleep. This time, he was scared thinking he was busted now, with the cum splashing on her leggings and her ass. She didn’t feel at that time and hence didn’t react. But a few seconds later, she started feeling the warmth and wetness of the cum on her ass.

At this point, she was pissed and embarrassed a lot of herself for skipping the undergarment and sweating this much. Yes, this time also she considered it as a sweat and was frustrated thinking about it and she kept quiet and continued with her class.

To be continued.