Double Crossed – Part 1

Hi dear readers. My name is Prashant. I’m 25 years old. This is a true story that took place in my life when I was 19 years old. I’m a handsome guy of average build and medium height. I have an average cock size of 5 inches.

My family consisted of me, my father, my mother and my small brother. My father worked overseas in Dubai. He used to come once a year for about one month for vacation. Working in Dubai was very lucrative, which helped us to live with ease. My small brother was 12 years old when this incident took place.

The main character of the story is my mother. Her name is Chandni. She is a very fair complexion woman. She was a very sexy woman with the right amount of fat in only the right place. Her boobs were 38 size, which was very meaty and tender.

Whenever she wears a saree, salwar kameez, or churidar, the heaviness of her boobs could be so visible as they were so full. She has a flat tummy and a 38-size waist. Due to her short height, her ass appeared very round and always popped out on her dresses.

She always wears sarees, salwar kameez or churidar. But she would always wear silky nighties just above her knee at night. Dad used to bring a lot of such nighties for her annually. Her assets would appear so visible and sexy. Dad loved to fuck her with that. At that moment, she was 40 years old.

At 19, I was filled with so many naughty desires and temptations. My best friend Salim and I were very popular in college. We used to tease many girls like perverts but never could score anyone. Heavy boobs and swinging ass was our weakness. We both had the same taste in women and their assets.

As Salim was from a poor family, he used to stay at my place every night to watch porn and read stories. Salim’s cock was a lot bigger than mine. His cock was about 8 inches and very thick.

I remember the first time I felt ashamed to remove my cock in front of him to shag off. But with the flow of time, I adapted.

One day we came across stories of aunties, milf and moms. Soon enough, our taste changed into aunties with big boobs. But the more we kept masturbating without failing to score any aunty. Our desperation kept increasing.

One night after shagging off, I went to the kitchen to drink some milk before sleeping. While walking through the corridor, I heard voices in my mom’s room. I thought I might sneak on her to see if everything was fine. I opened the door slightly and was shocked.

My mom was on a video call with my dad, and her boobs were out of her nighty. They were video sex chatting. Immediately my mom pulled up her nighty and cut the call. I just apologized to mom and ran back to my room.

On my bed, this scene kept appearing in my mind. I was disturbed by my mom’s boobs. I started to realize that they were so beautiful and tempting. I then thought she was like my new taste, aunty type. I was so hard that I masturbated that night.

The next morning my dad called to enquire about my well-being. I knew he wanted to speak about last night’s scene. Maybe my mom was too shy to confront me with this.

Dad: Hey, Prashant. I know you are a grown boy now, and you understand everything. Whatever you saw yesterday is a normal thing. Your mom was talking to me on a video call. And as we are so far from each other, we miss out on satisfying our needs. Hence we have to do it via video call. Please don’t think wrong of your mom.

Me: Hey, dad. I was the one who should have knocked before entering. Please forgive me, dad.

Both son and dad settled the matter easily. But I had already started to lust for my mom so much that this scene stuck in my mind. What dad said gave me more confidence that my mom lacked sex. I wanted to try my luck and thought she would be my first laid.

The next day I couldn’t hold this secret anymore. I relate everything to Salim. He listened very attentively, and his face brightened upon hearing it all. I even told him I’m now lusting for my mom and will be attempting to fuck her soon.

Salim: Wow, bro. You are so lucky. I wish I were in your place. Good luck. I envy you for having such a beautiful mom.

Me: Hope my plans work, bro.

I related all my plans to Salim, and he wished me good luck after hearing them.

I waited for one full month after this incident and then started to unveil my plans day after day. My mom has been afraid of video sex since that day, and I could see she was frustrated. I even heard dad arguing with her on the phone, asking for video sex. But she was afraid and didn’t accept.

Mom: My body also craves. It has been a month. But I haven’t since that day. I have a fear in me. Please understand me.

Dad: But I’m also deprived, Chandni. As you know, I will be back in only 3 months. I can’t wait for this.

Mom: You can watch films and do your thing. I will wait for you to come back.

Dad didn’t argue further, but I had heard everything.

I bought a new sim and started texting mom, pretending to be a wholesale bra and panty seller. As I was already aware of my mom’s taste, I downloaded a lace-type of sexy panty and bra and sent it to her. I knew mom would buy this to please dad when he was back.

Me: Hello. Please see the catalog. All types of sexy women’s innerwear. You can choose and send us your size, pay by Paytm, and we will post your products.

Mom: How will I know you are a legit company? Nowadays, there are many thieves.

Me: Okay, mam, choose any set from this catalog, we will send it to you, and then you pay later. But, mam, these are pure European products, and the size isn’t the same as in India.

Mom: So, how will I guess the size?

Me: Okay, mam, as we have just opened this company and you are our first client, once you select 1 set, we will post you different sizes of the same set. You try it and then post back the others to us.

Mom: Okay, sounds okay. I like the red one. Please send it.

Me: Okay, mam. We will send it.

I was confident that my mom was falling into the trap I laid for her. Soon enough, after 3 days, she received her parcels. It was bought in India, but I purposely cut the size tag and posted 3 different sizes. She tried and finally got what she liked. She texted immediately.

Mom: Hello. Received the parcel. They are very good quality. I love it. Thank you very much for the gift. I will post back the other two. Now I can trust you, and I want some more.

Me: Okay, mam. We are happy when our clients are happy. Please choose and let us know.

Mom: Okay, give me the green and black one.

Me: Mam, what size did you try?

Mom: There was no tag on it.

Me: Okay, mam, but it is easier this time as now you have a sample. You can wear it and click pictures and send them to us. We will immediately know which size you are.

Mom: But I can’t send my pictures in underwear just like that. It’s not safe.

Me: Mam, we are a reputable company. We have many such ladies’ clients. These photos are only for knowing the size and are deleted immediately, just like we trusted you to send us the sample. Trust us also, mam.

Mom: Okay, I’ll trust you and send it.

In 30 minutes, I received the most precious pictures of my beautiful sexy mom. She sent me 2 selfies of her in the red lace bra and panty. She had her mangalsutra and sindoor on her forehead. She was a sex bomb. I masturbated 3 times looking at the pictures.

The next day as it was the weekend, Salim came to stay as usual. As he was my best friend, I told him everything. He was so eager to see the photos. I showed him, and he also masturbated on that. He was telling me how lucky I was. He was sure I would fuck her soon. So was I. He begged me to send him the photo.

Salim: Prashant, you will be lucky to fuck your mom soon. Please let me only have the pictures so that I can masturbate.

Finally, after pleading, I thought he was my best friend, so I shared it with him. But in return, I asked Salim to be my model for some boxers. This was my second plan. After sharing the plan with Salim, he agreed.

The next day I texted my mom as the wholesaler.

Me: Hello, mam, we just received a new sexy boxer for men from Europe. We have some models. If you are interested, please let us know.

Immediately sent Salim’s close-up boxers photos without showing his complete body. I knew if I had clicked my photo, my mom would know it was me. That’s why I cunningly asked Salim to be my model.

Once my mom received those images replied with a shy smiley emoji. I knew that mom was hungry for sex. I knew the photos of a man in very transparent white boxers would make her wet.

Mom: Wow, they are nice. Please send me the transparent white one. BTW your model pictures are great. Send more pictures if you have them. I’ll choose more.

She obviously said this because Salim’s cock was enormous. And in the transparent boxer, any sex-craving woman would be leaking.

Me: Thank you, mam. We will send you more. Enjoy the model’s photo.

I placed a winked smiley. Mom replied with Smiley with a star’s eye. And one which had the tongue out. I knew mom would be waiting for the right moment to masturbate. I just needed to watch her.

The next day I showed the message to Salim. And he was so happy that my mom liked his pictures. But he again surprised me by asking me for his pictures. I thought he was mad, but I sent him.

The next day mom went to the bathroom with her phone. I immediately sensed some important actions would take place. I went to the back window and peeped into the bathroom. Mom was fingering herself while looking at Salim’s pictures.

I knew everything was going as per my plan. But I knew I shouldn’t let her satisfy herself through fingering. I had to prevent her at all costs. I quickly hurried inside the house and knocked on the bathroom door.

Hearing the knock on the door, she had to stop her fingering and finish her bathing immediately. She still had that fear of the last time. Hence she didn’t take any risks.

Mom: Prashant, what happened? You just knocked on the bathroom door?

Me: It’s okay, mom. I was searching for some books. But luckily I found them. Sorry to disturb you, mom.

I could see the disappointment and frustration on my mom’s face. But I know I will soon conquer her pussy and give her satisfaction. I related the incident to Salim during the day. He was so excited.

Salim: You are the perfect master planner. From my perspective, your mom is already begging for a cock to fill her pussy.

Me: Yes, I know, my friend. I need to set up one last trap, and then I’ll fuck her brains out. I hope that I succeed.

Salim was so eager to know what more plan I devised. He was taking so much pleasure in me telling those details.

Salim: What more plans do you have?

Me: I intend to print some Indian sex stories, compile them into a small booklet, and leave them in my room. I will then tell her that I’m going to stay at your place for two days, which will be a lie. I’ll give her some space during the day. When I come early, she won’t be expecting me. I’ll catch her red-handed.

Salim: Brilliant, bro. Your plan will nail it. So you mean to stay at my place for the whole day?

Me: Yes, I’ll give her the whole day. It will be enough space for her to read the stories and start to feel horny and masturbate.

Salim: okay, bro. I’ll inform my mom that you will be staying for the day. I have to go with dad to help him with work that day. But do tell me what happened later.

Me: Thanks, bro.

Per the plan, I printed the stories, stapled them, and placed them all on my computer table. I then informed mom that I would stay at Salim’s house for two days and left. It was the longest day of my life. But to make my plan work, I had to be patient and let it sink in. After each hour, I kept staring at the clock.

After being so patient for the whole day, it was now 8 hours since I left home. It was approximately 6 pm. I returned home and went straight into my room to see that the story booklet was still on the computer table. I was so disappointed and wanted to cry that my mom didn’t even notice it.

I thought maybe I should go and take a look at my mom to see where she was. I went to her room, and she slept soundly like a beautiful princess. She looked so peaceful and sexy while sleeping. She looked tired and was snoring.

I wanted to take advantage of the situation. Maybe she would be hungry if I started some foreplay with her sleep. It was a risk I thought I should take. I went back to my room to change into a short vest so that it could be easier.

I was on the way to leave my room to head to mom’s room for the final attack. I noticed something unusual. The story booklet on the table had the first page torn at the bottom. It wasn’t like this when I left this. Hence, my mom must have read it and placed it back.

I remember that I placed cameras in my room and my mom’s room on purpose. This was in case I missed my mom’s action. I could use this to blackmail her. It was the latest hidden camera which had a built-in voice recorder.

I quickly switched on my laptop and entered the cloud storage where the video was recorded. In the video, my mom entered my room and swept the floor. When she arrived near the table, she noticed the booklet. She started reading it.

Chandni: Oh my god. What is this? What is this boy reading?

She kept reading this, and soon, she enjoyed the stories. She started pressing her boobs over her saree and started moaning. She continued until she slid her hands inside her petticoat and started fingering herself.

She started moaning slowly when suddenly the door opened on her. She was shocked. Her hand was in the wrong place. She was caught red-handed.

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