Behind the innocence – Part 5

Hi guys, I am back with the next part.

When I told my aunt my desire to fuck my cousin, she agreed as she already knew my desire. So, I am planning to fuck my cousin after I saw her naked. I was waiting for time.

She wants to join Engineering College in Bangalore. So, I took her to Bangalore KEA Center on the allotted day. I selected the college which is near where I am staying. As she got fewer marks, she didn’t get to select a good college. I took advantage and selected the one which is near to me.

After some days, I told Hamshika to visit the college and complete the admission. She can directly attend the class when college starts and select the place to stay. I informed my aunt about my plan and took Hamshika to Bangalore in my car.

We left our village in the morning and reached Bangalore by 10 AM. We finished her admission process. I told her we would visit my flat. If she is comfortable with that flat, she can live with me. She agreed, and we reached the flat.

It is a decent 1 BHK flat where me and my friend live together. She greeted him. I told her he would vacate the flat in 1 month as his marriage was fixed. So she can live here with me if she is comfortable. She agreed happily to live with me.

I told her I would show her the entire of Bangalore and we could visit tourist places. She happily agreed and suddenly realized that she didn’t bring any clothes to stay. I told her I would take care of her everything. So, she happily agreed.

We headed towards Brigade Sheraton Grand. My friend works there as a manager, and I got a discount. Hamshika was astonished by looking at WTC and a 5 Star hotel. She initially refused to enter as staying may be costly. But her resistance reduced after looking at the hotel.

Hamshika lost herself in the hotel’s look. As I enquired, the Manager (my friend) told me there was no room except one Honeymoon suite room. Hamshika put sad face as she missed to stay. But I confirm the honeymoon suite for our stay. Hamshika agreed with mixed emotions when I asked her opinion.

We entered the room. The room was a big, huge bed with AC and a glass-covered bathroom inside the curtain partition wall. The room has a view of the WTC building and the lake on one side and Orion Mall on another side.

I told Hamshika we could go outside to roam and purchase a dress for her. She agreed, and we left the room. I signalled my friend (Manager) to prepare the room as discussed and left.

Firstly, we visit the Orion Mall to purchase dresses for Hamshika. I selected a few hot dresses including a Short denim skirt with a crop top, a mini dress, and a lingerie set. Initially, she denied purchasing, but later, I convinced her. I told her she could wear them with me or in Bangalore. She agreed.

She wore one mini dress for trail and came out to show me. Wow, what a sight it was. She is looking damn hot. Small hairs are visible on her thighs. I said, “You are looking hot and sexy.” I told her to show me with lingerie set, also. She said, “You are naughty,” and went inside shyly.

After purchasing clothes, we went to a unisex spa. We went to the spa, which I visit regularly. I told Hamshika to get clear all hairs on her body. And to get a nice full-body massage. She was new to all these kinds of activities. But I insisted on her doing it.

Even I got a full body massage with lower body part hair trimming and a happy ending. After a full body massage, she bathed inside and dressed in a miniskirt. I was so happy watching her in that hot dress. She came near me with shyness.

I hugged her and whispered, “You look very sexy, and nobody can beat you in sexiness.” She blushed.

We went to have some snacks. Every guy was looking at her thighs. Now, her thighs look shiny due to no hairs. And she is trying to cover her thighs by pulling her dress. I convinced her to be comfortable as she looked good and rich. People like to look like this.

We returned to the hotel by 8 PM. I told Hamshika to have food at the below restaurant, and she nodded. Room Service boys are astonished by her look as she is fully changed from the evening look.

We went to have food. The buffet was ready with a variety of food. Hamshika had never seen a posh life. She was happy about that. We ate and came back to our room.

The hotel room is filled with Erotic scent candles and mattresses with rose petals. Hamshika was astonished by the arrangement as it looked like a honeymoon room. She looked at me, saying what is this. “As it is a Honeymoon suite, we can enjoy the provision,” I winked. She shied with a smile.

I told her to freshen up. She went to the bathroom with the night dress that we bought. It is a semi-transparent night dress up to knee level with a deep neck and front rope opening. The bathroom is made of smart glass covering. I made it transparent from the room side for my view. She didn’t know about that.

She was also aroused by the room decoration and what happened in the day. She removed her dress, stepped into the shower area, and switched on the shower. I could see her naked from the room as I made the glass transparent using a remote.

The inside curtain was there to cover, but she didn’t use it as she wanted to see me from inside.  Hamshika’s nude body is provoking me to fuck her. She started to apply body gel to her body and started to wash. In between, she is pressing her boobs. Her body is fully covered with foam.

I was enjoying her body from the room and recording on my mobile her naked bath. I am pretending like using my mobile without knowing anything if she looks at me from the shower. She turned towards me and saw me from the shower. What a sight it was! Her boobs look great.

I intentionally removed all my dresses and stand stark naked. My cock is erect. I want Hamshika to see my erect cock, so I pretend like I was searching towel. She is shocked by watching my cock and bites her lips. I checked her reaction from my eyes corner.

Her body is hourglass-type. Her body stats are 34-30-36. She has a mesmerizing body. She presses her boobs and rubs her pussy by watching my erect cock and biting her lips. Uff, what an erotic sight it was. Hot blood is passing inside my Cock. I couldn’t be able to control my urge to fuck her.

I walked towards the bathroom. The door was not locked properly. I pushed the door, and it opened. Hamshika is in her action with closed eyes under the shower. I entered the bathroom, and her round, naked buttocks looked great.

My cock is fully erect now. I went behind her and hugged her boobs from the backside by touching my cock on her buttocks. She was shocked by my actions and tried to act innocent by covering the towel. I pulled the towel from her hand, and Our Conversation went like this.

Me: Don’t act innocent that you don’t know anything.

H: Bhava, what are you saying? Please go outside. (voice is shivering)

Me: I am telling you about that your erect nipples and your pussy juice are waiting for my cock.

H: No, What? It is… Please go outside (Blabbering)

I held her hand and put it on my hot cock, “Now tell me. Shall I go?”

H: Hmmm…

Her eyes were glued to my erect cock, pressing without her knowledge.

Me: Tell me, Shall I go? Or?

H: Or?

Me: Fuck you

H: Bhava, Sorry, I can’t control after seeing your cock. I wanted to get fuck by you after seeing your sex session with my mom. Please fuck me, also. I can’t control it anymore.

Me: I know that. You want my cock, and I want your pussy too.

We kissed each other.

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