London Dreams – Roy, Diya and AK – Part 2

His groan was so loud that Diya couldn’t stop but moan with him while he dumped his cum down her throat.

I was thinking to myself. Am I in reality, or is it some trance where I imagine all these things occurring? My not-so-prude ex-colleague and her wicked husband are not the contemporary kind.

They enjoy sex as much as they enjoy living. I was hard and felt like breaking into their privacy. But it was just 2 a.m., and the night seemed never-ending.

I decided to hold my horses and took the stairs quickly, anticipating what else could be in store tonight. I had to take a leak outside their house, unfortunately, as my stiff cock and my bladder were busted.

While outside, I was recollecting how Diya used to be when she was my colleague versus what she has turned into now. But to be honest, she has just gone more sexy, more horny and more kinky too.

Now I was certain why I got the dark vibe from AK when I first met him tonight. He is as rough on his trading floor as in his bed. He just loves to make slut out of his competitors as he makes his wife and all the women he puts his eyes on.

With that thought and my hard dick under my formals, I entered the hall again. I quickly stood by the bar counter and fixed 3 pegs and 3 Jagger bombs for us.

Already leaking precum in my shorts, and with the hard boner, I felt very uncomfortable. But who knew I would land in someone’s house tonight, let alone Diya and AK’s?

Slowly, I heard their murmur and footsteps approaching the hall. Maybe they were still trying to sketch out a plan to seduce me. But hey, they don’t know I already am.

They approached the counter next to me. Diya looked even more sluttier now in her halter satin night suit. It barely covered her nipples and ended just below her crotch. By the looks of it, half of her ass was on display.

I thought not to give away so easily and wait to see how far the seduction leads. Diya stood beside me, and AK was beside her in his boxers. His tent, of course, was evident. He could easily guess that he was not the small kind of guy.

AK put his hand over her waist and, with a smile, asked me if I was comfortable. With a smile, I replied cunningly, “I would have been comfortable if I wasn’t wearing formal at 2:30 a.m.”

Everyone shared a laugh, listening to my comment. Diya promptly replied, “Hey, if you wish, you can even be in your birthday suit if that makes you comfortable.” Everyone burst out laughing, listening to her.

The situation was getting more erotic seconds by second. With that, we took our shots and held our scotches. While standing, I noticed that AK lowered his hand from her waist, kept it over her ass, and was caressing. There was a look in Diya’s eyes, which was already intoxicated with the foreplay and the alcohol.

AK looked straight at me when he intentionally caressed her ass to gauge my intentions. He lowered his hands slightly and managed to touch her bare ass. Lifting her dress to exhibit what was in store. Her glowing fair skin, her thighs and now her semi-visible ass started killing me.

We decided to settle down on the couch as it was getting more heated. It was an L-shaped couch and looked pretty expensive, too. I took my place in one corner, and AK sat just at the bend near me. He pulled Diya on his lap so that her knees were facing me.

If she dared to unwind her knees even a bit, her crotch would be on my face. Very sensual. AK wrapped his left hand over her waist to support her. Diya leaned over his chest to be comfortable. Her dress has stretched so much that her big braless boobs struggled to come out.

Her areola was semi-covered, and folks, it was dark as chocolate. I had already started noticing the tent her nipples made. Her nipples would be a long one. AK broke the silence. He asked me how my year in London was while he put his right over her thighs.

We got into a conversation while he moved his hand further up close to her crotch. Diya left with a sly moan feeling Ak’s fingers rub her pussy lips with was dripping. She couldn’t help but close her eyes to enjoy the moment. My eyes, however, were transfixed on her crotch, trying to steal a glance.

I replied, “It has been full of surprises. But not as lucky as you to have someone sitting over my lap right now.” We smiled at each other while Diya was still lost in her sexual ecstasy.

AK said, “Well, getting lucky is not that difficult here. But maybe right now, I am the luckiest” With that, he dipped his fingers slightly in her pussy and took his fingers out to give a lick.

“Of course, but you are making me jealous now. Diya seems to be lost over you,” I said. Diya suddenly woke up from her slumber and stood to say, “ Roy, come on, you don’t have to play so prude in front of my hubby.”

With that, she came and sat over my lap. The ice was broken. She came and sat on my lap, facing me with her legs on opposite sides. Before even I could realise I was holding her back just over her ass to ensure she didn’t fall. She planted a kiss.

Her pussy was rubbing my boner over my formals while we kissed. I lowered my hand to her thighs to lift her dress further. Now her ass was in full view from behind. After almost two minutes of aggressing smooching, we separated our lips. Suddenly, I regained my senses and glanced over to the next seat.

But he wasn’t there. In split seconds, I see him kneeling behind Diya and licking Diya’s ass hole. Diya and I were so engrossed in our reunion that while smooching we didn’t realise that AK was already pleasuring her.

We both turned to see his face buried in her ass crack. He continued to lick her ask hole with his long tongue. Without breaking the flow, I lowered one of her straps and started chewing her nipples.

Not to my surprise, her nipples would be at least half an inch long. I started sucking her left nipple, biting her firm and sensitive boobs.

“Yes, Roy, Yes. Eat your baby’s nipples. I am sure you have been craving for it all these years. I missed your nasty mouth so much all these years.”

“Bite them harder, chew them, suck the hell out of them,” said Diya

“Don’t stop, AK, don’t Stop. Your tongue was making me crazy. Push your tongue deeper in my ass hole. I want to feel your tongue inside my ass hole the way I feel it with your dick.”

“Make me cum you both, make me fucking squirt.”

We were wild with her words. AK dug his middle finger in her asshole, making her squirm. I held both her nipples and pulled hard. The room was filled with her cry of passion, sex and ecstasy.

Her nipples were stretched along with her perky boobs while her hand held my shoulders, begging me to leave her nipples. I leaned forward and licked her chest to neck, where droplets of sweat were protruding. The smell of her body mixed with the sweat acted as a booster.

AK, on the other hand, continued to rip her ass hole, simultaneously shoving three fingers in her flooded cunt. The charm on his face was that of Lucifer when he started licking her sweaty back. Diya arched with the love she was getting from her masters.

She was begging to show her stars, to make let her cum. But me and AK had other plans. The silence was broken when AK said, “Bro, don’t listen to her, she is a bitch. She shouldn’t cum tonight until we both decide.”

I couldn’t help to agree. I wanted to make the slut out of her. I squeezed her melons hard to leave a palm impression on her boobs and stopped, so did AK. In an instant, he removed his fingers from her cunt, making her hole empty, wanting for more.

The frustration in her eyes spoke volumes when we deprived her of her milliseconds-away orgasm.

It’s almost 3 a.m. What happened next? What did Diya do after we denied her the orgasm? How we made her our ultimate whore? To know all these, stay tuned.

Myself Roy, a successful investment banker in one of the top 3 IB giants. I stand 5″7′, a little nerdy with glasses, trying to hit the gym. I’m not bulky, but I have scope to improve. I love eating out any cunt.

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