Big Bang at College Trip – Part 2

I suddenly felt 3 hands touching my butt. I quickly pulled my pants up and shut my eyes, hoping it would stop.

But the damage was done. The next morning, the guys were ogling at me like I was some piece of meat. Aanchal mam even asked them if anything was wrong. But it didn’t stop them.

I got up to go to the washroom, and Sachin (my Sachi) felt me up the ass. On the way back, Mudit brushed against my tits on the pretext of passing the narrow corridor. I felt trapped. I tried to stay as close to Aanchal mam during the train journey.

However, my luck ran out when we boarded the SUV to the Hotel. Varun, being the largest, took the front seat. The middle seats were taken by Aanchal mam, Priya (another girl from our college) and Naaz. The last seat was left for me, Mudit and Sachin.

Almost as if it was planned. I was made to sit in the middle. As soon as the ride started, I felt Mudit’s hand on my thigh. I was caught by surprise. Mam was right in front of us. His puppy face begged me to do more. I tried to say no, but Sachin’s hand came from behind, and he started massaging my shoulder.

At the same time, Mudit’s hand moved up my thigh. I made a strong expression, which meant a strict NO. I knew I was in deep shit, and I brought it on to myself, thanks to my antics last night with Sachi. Within a few minutes, his hands got restless, and I had begun to melt.

Taking the signal, Mudit started tugging at my Pajamas. These boys were determined to take off my Pajamas in an SUV with our teacher in it. I tried to stop them by pressing my butt against the seat. But Mudit grabbed me by my waist and pulled me up with one hand, and his other pulled at my Pajamas.

If Aanchal mam or Naaz had looked back, they would have seen me with my pants down to my knees and getting a massage from both boys. Mudit spread my legs to get a better view of what’s within. Then he slit apart my panty and put his chubby fingers on my pussy, and started circling my pussy.

I started biting my lips and spread my legs further wide like a shop open for business. This made the boys brave. Sachin’s long hand had slid into my top and was surfing on top of my boobs over my bra. I wanted to resist but couldn’t move above the seat, and everyone would see.

Sachin’s hand suddenly travelled behind and unhooked my bra. At this very moment, Mudit inserted two of his fingers in my pussy, and I yelped! Suddenly, everything went silent. Aanchal mam turned around and asked me if all was okay, and I lied.

But then, I had two fingers in my pussy and another boy’s hand on my back. Here onwards, I held in every moan to not alert the entire car. Now, Mudit took my hand and put it on his pants. I could feel the little fellow inside grow in size. I removed my hand, but he put it back there.

In no time, the snake was out of the hole and staring at me. He dropped his phone between his legs and asked me to pick it up. I gave him a disgusted look, knowing what he wanted. I said, “No, you pick it up.” He said he couldn’t, as it was right between his legs, and we were cramped for space.

Aanchal mam prompted from ahead, “Why don’t you help him out, Shruti?” I reluctantly agreed and tried to avoid his crotch area. But while I was going down, Mudit took me by my hair and shoved my mouth on his cock. Within a fraction, that cock went into my mouth and came out. I was visibly shocked.

My mouth felt all sticky, my crotch region was wet and sticky, and my bra strap was loose. Sachin then did the unthinkable. He pulled up my shirt to take a look at my boobs. Then I saw the mirror reflection move. It took my gaze towards the mirror. It blew the steam off me.

My eyes met with the driver’s eyes. He had adjusted the rearview mirror and was taking peeks at the show. Our eyes met, and he winked at me. I took the cue and pulled up my pants. I shooed Sachin away from my shirt and called out to Aanchal mam.

I lied to her that I felt pukeish and asked to sit in the front. At the front, the scene was completely different. The driver was taking sneak peeks at me like he could see inside my shirt. He kept giving me awkward smiles. However, he didn’t try anything as Aanchal Mam sat behind us.

Though at every gear change, he kept feeling up my side leg. I moved in discomfort, and he kept smiling with his dirty teeth. A few minutes passed, and I began to doze off. I woke up with a start, and the driver was groping my boobs.

A hand was coming from behind and entered my crotch region from the front. I woke up with a start and realized we were in a parking area of some Dhaba. I could see the three ladies walking off with Varun. An agitated Mudit was looking behind and wanted to be in the car.

I begged, “Sachi, please don’t make me do this!” He replied, “I am not making you do anything. It was you who invited me last night, remember?” I tried to wiggle out, but my seat belt held me in place. My shirt was all loose from all the pulling and tugging. It hung low as the driver’s hand went all over it.

I could hear Sachin say, “Pant utaro iski.” (Take off her pants.) My heart broke into a thousand pieces, but the driver was quick. He sunk his face in my crotch region. I kept resisting by shutting my thighs tight.

Sachin grabbed my boobs from the seat behind me and gave it a nice massage. Weird but true. I was enjoying Sachi’s massage. Here, I managed to gather some guts. I kicked the driver in his face. I nudged Sachin, got out of the car with my pyjamas still on my knees, and fell on the floor with my ass up.

I gathered myself, arranged all my clothes again and followed Aanchal mam. I requested that I sit in the centre for the rest of the journey. I clung to her throughout.

I thought my ordeal was over and decided to stay in my room for the rest of the trip and never come out. But my plans and the plans made for me were to be much different.

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