My First Lesbian Story

Hi friends, this is my true story of how I entered the lesbian world. I was new to this foreign country and it was the time I was trying to find a job. It was almost more than 2 months and all my friends had jobs except me.

Out of nowhere, one fine day I heard from my professor that there was going to be a vacancy in another department as one of the students who had a job was getting promoted. I immediately took the details and went to meet that student to recommend me for the current position.

When I went into the room, I was shocked to see a lady who might be around 35 or so. I got disappointed as I was thinking it might be a younger student, mostly a male whom I could convince with my pickup lines. I didn’t know what to do and stood there for a second. When she asked for the second time, “Who are you? What do you want?”, I came to my senses.

I told her my name and where I was from. I immediately changed my plan from pickup lines to sorrow stories as she was an aged lady. I told her that I why I needed a job and how badly I needed it. I cried a little to make her believe what I said. After all my talk, she caressed me a little, gave me some water to drink, and then told me –

She: First of all, the job isn’t going to be vacant until next month. But, as you want it badly, I will talk to my manager and get you the job directly instead of posting it online.

Hearing that made me happy. I got up and hugged her in excitement.

She said: Don’t be so excited. I will try 80%. I think I can make it work, but there is a possibility that they will post it online, so be prepared for that too.

I was making a sad face again.

Seeing that, she said: I will give you topics to prepare for the interview. So don’t worry, you will be able to crack it. Give me your number. I will text you when I know about the topics they are going to use in the interview.

I gave my resume to her which had my name and mobile and address. She gave me her visiting card and asked me to wait for her call. Her office landline was ringing at that time, so she said –

She: See you later.

And then she answered the call. I left the place. After 2 days, I got a message from her on a Thursday.

Shelly’s message: Hey, this is Shelly. I know you are still waiting for my response on the other job. But I don’t have news on that for now. But I am here to ask if you are ok with doing the job of babysitting my daughter for a couple of days.

As I needed her to believe that I needed a job badly, I felt like I didn’t have a choice other than to accept it. I replied –

Me: Sure, I need a job badly.

Shelly’s message: Oh, thank you! You are a lifesaver for me. Please come to the address below at 3:00 pm today. We will talk more in detail about this.

I replied: Sure, see you in the evening.

I checked the address and was shocked as it was right behind my house on the other street. I got ready and dressed very decently and properly without exposing myself as she was an older lady.

When I went to her house, she invited me in with a big smile. She introduced me to her kid right before she left the house to play with her friends. We had some talk about her kid and how she was and why she wanted a babysitter. Then she talked about pay and timing. I agreed to anything she said as I didn’t have any other choice.

When we were done talking, I got up and was about to leave. She talked me till the entrance and hugged me. But the weird part was, I felt a little squeeze on my ass during the hug! I ignored it and went home.

The next day, I came for the babysitting and I was shocked to see her when she opened the door. She was wearing a very exotic dress that I haven’t ever in my life. Till that day, I had seen her only in very decent dresses. But looking at that dress she was wearing, I thought I hadn’t seen the other side of her till that day. She was stunningly very beautiful. She had a very big and firm boobs, nice and slim shape, great ass.

I was checking her out every inch from top to the bottom, front and back. After completely checking her out, a question stuck to my mind – Why was I checking her out and even admiring her beauty? I thought it was wrong and diverted my mind to ask her where her daughter was. She said she was upstairs reading.

She was leaving and again, she hugged me before leaving and I felt that squeeze again! I thought she used to give me a hug like that and continued with my work at the house.

After just 1 day, she was back at night. A cab driver dropped her at home and walked her to the door. I could say that she was totally drunk from the smell and the way she looked. Seeing me, she jumped on me hugging me. I asked the driver if he was paid. He nodded a yes and left.

I closed the door and was trying to walk her to the couch and made her sit on it. While I was sitting next to her, she was leaning on me and started cursing the guy with whom she went on to date. Then she took my hands and kept them on her boobs and asked me if I felt the boobs were real or fake from the surgery. I didn’t know what to say, but I felt like electric jolts running through my body as she pressed my hand on her boob!

I uttered: They felt real and nice.

She thanked me and continued cursing at the guy. After a few minutes of talking, I made her wake up and walked her to the bedroom. She said she felt like vomiting, so I took her to the washbasin and let her vomit. When she was done, I saw that she had vomited a little on her dress. So when we went back, I asked her to change the dress.

Shelly was struggling to get undressed, so I helped her to remove her dress. She wasn’t wearing anything inside, so now she was completely naked before me. I was liking what I was looking at! She had a very good figure that any girl would dream of. While I was admiring her body, she got onto the bed and slept naked. So I covered her with a blanket and left the room.

When I went out, I was thinking why was I liking seeing her naked? I was doubting if I was a lesbian, but as it was wrong in the society, I shook away the thought and completed the chores and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up, got her daughter to school, and came back to the house to check on her. She was still sleeping so I tried to wake her up.

Then she got up and wished me good morning. She was shocked when she got to know that she was naked. I explained to her what happened. She apologized a hundred times. Then she explained what she remembered and tried to connect all the dots of what and how it happened yesterday.

Once she was done, she got up and hugged me nakedly with that squeeze again, but with a little more pressure this time. I was able to feel her bare skin which was smooth and smelled good. I was liking what I was feeling and tried to explore more and more of her back. But she broke the hug and went to the washroom, asking me to get her some coffee with a “please” at the end.

I was staring at her naked beauty till she closed the door. Then I came back to my senses went to the kitchen to prepare some coffee and took it to her. She came out naked wiping her wet hair. There it goes again, my eye started staring at her naked beauty without listening to my mind. I was liking what I was staring at. She caught me staring at her and asked me –

Shelly: Do you like what you see?

I was shocked and felt ashamed and replied: Sorry.

kept the coffee on the nearby table and ran out of that room quickly. I cursed myself staring at her like that and decided not to repeat it. But when she came out in just the inner, I was staring at her again. That was the time I realized that I was attracted to women too.

Shelly caught me again but instead of a question, again she came near me and hugged me tightly and squeezed my ass so hard that I let the sound, “Ah” out of my mouth without any thought! I liked that very much, so I was silent standing there without any struggle and that gave away the signal that she needed.

So she proceeded by pressing my ass one more time, but while kissing at the same time, I couldn’t make a loud sound like the previous one. She didn’t break the kiss by trying to open my mouth with her tongue and lips. I understood her intention and opened my mouth without any thoughts. It looked like I gave up on my mind and let my emotions control my body.

I liked the kiss. It was my first kiss and I liked it so much that I didn’t want to stop. But after several minutes of peck kissing, french kissing and smooching, she broke the lip with a little bit on my lips. We both were breathing heavily. I wanted more and more but I didn’t say a word and stood there silently.

Then she started kissing my neck and ears and then came to my chest. I was getting horny minute by minute and without asking for permission, she just removed my shirt and opened it, lifted my bra over the boobs and started sucking on my boobs.

Now I was on cloud nine. I felt like my little electric jolts passing through my whole body whenever she was sucking my nipple hard. Now I was grabbing her and heading toward me wanting more and more. I even guided her to the other boob to suck.

When the middle-aged lady started on the second boob, her hands started moving. One was placed on the other boob and started pressing it while the other hand was teasing my thighs and pussy with the long nails that she had. I wasn’t resisting even a bit as I was liking every bit of it. It was new to me, but I wasn’t afraid as it was a girl and I couldn’t get pregnant. Also, there was no one in the house to catch us like that. So I was letting her do whatever she wanted.

She continued sucking both boobs for a few minutes and stopped only to remove my pajamas and panty down to the ground in one go and started licking my pussy while I was still standing.

I lost it completely when she was tongue-fucking my pussy and started shouting, “Yes.. Ah.. mmm..” sounds.”

In a very short time, I missed my balance and was on the floor. As it was all carpet, I didn’t get hurt. She didn’t bother if I was hurt or not, she was continuing her licking without stopping and my body shivered and came to the climax. This was the only time I pulled her face from my pussy and kissed her. It was awesome.

I was sweating like crazy. She broke the kiss to say only one word, “My-turn” and kept my face over her boobs by getting the bra lifted. I understood the task and started sucking her boobs. They were massive. I couldn’t hold them in my hands.

Shelly then removed her bra and panties and got naked. While I was about to switch the boob, she stopped me for a second, removed my top and bra, and guided me to continue. We both were on the floor over the carpet naked.

After several minutes, she asked me to lick her pussy and I started licking. It was salty. I didn’t like it much, but I kept licking and eventually, I got used to the taste and smile. Then she was guiding me by saying little left and right directing me to lick her clitoris. As she was getting close to cumming, she was shouting to do it fast and pressing my head deep into her pussy.

I couldn’t breathe, but I kept licking and sucking on the clitoris whenever I got a chance. Soon, she climaxed and freed me to breathe. She then pulled me to the top to give me a peck and told me it was awesome.

We both were on the floor taking some air. Suddenly, the air fryer was making a sound indicating the hash browns that I kept were complete. I got up and switched it off.

Shelly came behind me, hugged me naked and asked how was my first time. I was shocked and asked how she knew that it was my first time.

Shelly: Well, you stood like a stone while I was doing all the work. So, that told me it was your first time.

I replied: It was great.

Then I asked her if she could do it one more time.

She replied saying: I would love to, but let’s eat first as I am hungry. Also, we do have the whole day to explore our bodies (with a wink in her eye).

For the next 5 hours, we both were kissing, licking, and fingering each other’s pussies like crazy. I had a hard time fingering her pussy, but after a few tiny stops explaining to me how to do it, I got it. She actually took my whole hand into her pussy. Before her daughter came, we both bathed together and wore new dresses and acted as if nothing happened between us.

I hope you all liked my real story. Please provide your comments to my mail id