Bottom to a power couple

My name is Chirag, live in Chennai for work. I am now 37. I am always very fit and look normal. Not too manly and not a softy too. I am short, lean, smooth with a decent dick, my ass is skinny, and I am very soft-spoken.

This incident happened three years back on a metro train. I had 11 stops between my work and house. I was married for a year and already got my wife pregnant. So, I was a little hungry for sex. I have always fantasised about being dominated.

I was standing on the fully packed train. There was a 27-year-old lean but strong-looking boy standing behind me for a while now. I was horny thinking about some older women licking my ass. Kind of imagination going on in my mind.

Suddenly, my devil mind worked the minute I glanced at him. I thought, will this boy be turned on if I brush against his cock? Without thinking for a minute, I took a step back and brushed his pants near the crotch area.

He was taken by surprise. I guess he went back immediately. I thought he was a scared little boy. So I did it again, only to my surprise to feel a bit of erection in his pants. I didn’t make a move. I just kept it there. I could feel his cock growing inside his pants.

Now, I got scared and moved away. He held my hips and pushed them back towards him, didn’t take his hands off my hip. For the first time in my life, I had a man taller than me holding my hips and pressing his fully-grown cock on my ass. I was scared, but I couldn’t feel the pre cum oozing in my shorts.

I felt like a little girl there. That’s when I started panicking. At that moment, my stop came. I got off and started walking. To my horror, he also got down. I looked back he started following me. I got so scared, and I kept walking towards my apartment.

I thought if I got into the apartment, I thought, maybe the watchman would stop him. So I rushed, but also, I just loved that he was following me. My brain is playing tricks on me. It shows picture after picture, like me and him kissing, me sucking his cock, him forcing me and fucking me.

I was so turned on I couldn’t stop my heart from beating fast. He was like 10 steps behind me. While I wanted to run, half of my brain wanted him to come behind me. I am very conscious of my body now. As I walked, I could see his eyes piercing my ass.

That thought turned me on. Finally, I reached my apartment, and to my surprise, the watchman was there. I entered the apartment but was not sure if he came inside or not.

To my horror, he entered the apartment. I knew I couldn’t let him know about my house and my wife. So I went behind the apartment to the old watchman’s shed. It has two rooms separated by an old metal door, and the door has a feet-wide gap at the bottom.

I went inside the house. I then went and stood near the door inside the motor room to see if he was still coming. As I was looking, he came inside and closed the door, making the room dark. There was only a small light in the motor room on which door I was standing.

The minute he entered the first room, I looked at him. He was clean-shaven, fair and had a cute smile on his lips. As he locked the main door, I locked the door to the motor room. There was silence for a while. I was looking down at the bottom of the door, which was too little for him to crawl and come.

So I felt safe. He came there and knocked, but I didn’t answer. Then he sat down behind the door and put his hands out, showing his fingers. I thought for a second. I don’t know what got into me. I removed my pants halfway and sat on his hands, which were warm.

It took some seconds for him to start fondling my ass. His index finger found my hole and slowly started circling it. I was in heaven except for the finger, causing pain without lubrication. He must have felt the same, I guess. He took the finger out of my hole, and I could hear him licking his finger.

After 2 seconds, the fingers came back.  Only this time, I was wet and had a load of saliva. I moaned as the wet finger found my hole again. I was pressing my cock and my tits, and all kinds of thoughts were going on in my mind.

The way I was squatting half way with my full weight on his one finger inside my asshole. All of this was happening with a door in between us. He was circling my hole and occasionally going in deep. Then, shaking his finger deep inside made me feel like a woman wanted to breed for her boy.

By now, he was masturbating, too. I could even hear him beating his meat. I was tempted to suck his cock but still was scared. So this went on for 20 minutes, and then his fingers went again. It came back with loads of his cum.  His fingers indicated to turn back. I turned and gave my dick in his hands.

His hot hands and pre cum oozing dick felt perfect. He handled it like he took care of it. I came in his hands. He took them, and in 10 seconds, a paper came with a number on it, and I could hear him leave.

I thought, what a gentleman. I took ten more minutes. I thought about washing the cum but decided against it. I walked home with his cum and pre cum in my ass. I saw my wife, and my brain started thinking about my wife fingering me with all that cum still in my ass.

It took two weeks before I called the number he gave. He attended the call and introduced himself as Ashwin. Then, to my surprise, he handed the phone to his wife. I couldn’t talk for a few minutes.

She made it easy for me. She asked all kinds of questions like what kind of cock you want to suck once she understood sucking cock is what I like. They invited me for dinner, and then the whole of toilet slaving started for me.

Authors – . You can also read how I ‘Got caught sucking a cock.’