Seduced by my Driver’s wife – Part 1

“Sirji, please take Abdul back to work. I beg you, or else we will be on the streets. I will take care that he won’t steal again. Please, sir,” Nazia was kneeling on the floor before me. She was crying, holding my legs, trying to save her husband’s job.

Hi, this is Rajesh from Bangalore, 52 years old and having my own business. Nazia is my driver Abdul’s wife, whom I had fired a few days back. He had stolen money from my purse, which I had kept in the car glovebox. Now she had come to my house in the evening.

I was at my home office, sitting at the desk and working on a project. Nazia was in her mid-twenties and lived near our house with Abdul and her child, who was a year old. She was not that beautiful but an ordinary-looking woman with a wheatish colour. But she had a good body figure.

She, too, works in our house as a maid and helps my wife in the household work.

Me: Why did you come up to my room, and where is Didi? (My wife)

Nazia: Sorry, Sir, Didi asked me to talk with you as she wanted to go to market. I won’t leave until you take Abdul back to work.

Me: Leave my leg, Nazia. Abdul has lost my trust just for a few hundred Rupees. I don’t think he will mend his ways. Where is he? Has he gone out to drink again?”

Nazia, holding my legs firmly, said, “No, Sir. He is in the house looking after the baby,” and started to cry again.

I was wearing a lungi and a T-shirt and was sitting in the chair with my drink on the table. I already had two large pegs, and the third one was waiting for me on the table. I looked down and saw Nazia’s saree pallu had fallen from her shoulder down to her lap.

My eyes widened seeing her white blouse. It was low-cut and showed her ample cleavage from the top of the blouse. My cock stirred in my briefs seeing Nazia’s abundant breast flesh popping out from the blouse top. Both the breasts were held firmly by the tight blouse, and the cleavage formed was a sight to behold.

I had glimpses of her naked breasts when she was breastfeeding her child in our house. She used to cover her bosom on seeing me, depriving me of seeing her milk-filled breasts closely. But I can still remember her breasts, curves and slopes. Her dark, thick, long nipples were awesome.

Nazia, who had stopped crying, looked up at me. She saw my eyes gorging on her breasts. Blushing, she lifted her pallu from her lap and threw it on her shoulder, covering her bosom. But the pallu was not covering her twin treasure properly.

It was to one side, covering her right breast only. The left breast and her deep valley-like cleavage were still exposed, but she didn’t bother to correct it. My cock was fully hard by now and obscenely making a tent in my lungi. Nazia saw the bulge near my crotch, and I wondered what she would think of me.

So, holding her shoulder tried to push her so I could get up and hide my erection. I felt a current passing through my body as my hand came in contact with her shoulder skin. But Nazia, instead of getting up, placed her hands on my thighs.

She pressed her breasts to my knees and looked at me with tears still flowing down her cheeks. I was in a dilemma. Luckily, my wife had gone out. I wondered if Nazia was trying to seduce me, but I didn’t think so. She behaved decently when she worked in the house.

My wife had only good things to say about her behaviour. My hands were literally shaking as I tried to push her again. Nazia, crushing her soft breasts to my legs even more, said, “Please, Babuji, forgive him this one time for me. I will do whatever you ask me to.”

She wiped the tears from her cheeks, and I observed a kinky smile on her lips. She was caressing my thighs softly and moving her hands up to my crotch. I got angry and afraid of her daring flirting with me, that too in my house.

Moving my hands down above her bosom, I pushed Nazia, but she raised her body a bit, and my hands landed on her breasts. I gasped as my fingers felt her spongy breasts. Nazia moved her body forward, trapping my hands between her breasts and my knees.

She was looking at me seductively and smiling, seeing me uncomfortable. Nazia’s hands crawled in my lungi, and her fingers brushed my cock on the briefs. I squirmed in the chair as she ran her tongue on her lips seductively. Her fingers moved in my briefs and touched my cock.

My cock got harder, and jumped at her fingers contact. To my disbelief, Nazia inserted her hand in my briefs. She caught my cock at the base and pulled it out from the confines of the briefs and lungi.

My hands which were holding her breasts, squeezed them hard, testing their compression as Nazia held my cock obscenely. Her thumb flicked the tip of my cock.

“Babuji, your lund is big and thick. Did you get hard seeing my boobs,” Nazia said, wiping the pre-cum with her thumb.

“What you are doing is not right, Nazia. What will Abdul think of me? I am not that type of person. Please leave now,” I said, pressing her boobs, not removing my hand.

Nazia, moving her hand up and down, softly jerking me, said, “Abdul himself sent me here and asked me to do whatever you ask me to get his job back. You are asking me to go, but your big brother is not thinking so. He looks so happy to see me holding him.”

Pressing her boobs, I said,” Look, Nazia, it’s not right. What will happen if my wife comes now? She will kill both of us.”

Jerking my cock, seeing my foreskin gliding over the mushroom head, Nazia said, “Yes, Babuji, you are right. Didi will ask me to stop coming to the house, and we both will be jobless. She said it would take one hour for her to be back. One hour is more than sufficient for us. Don’t you think so, Babuji?”

“What the hell are you talking Nazia,” I said, trying to pull my hand from her boobs.

“Don’t you think I know that you ogle at my boobs when I am breastfeeding the baby? I was deliberately showing you my boobs and covering up to tease you,” Nazia said, gripping my cock and jerking it faster.

I was shocked at her slutty behaviour, and I was literally trapped in my chair and my room. “No, why should I peep when you are feeding your baby? I might have seen you once or twice, but not deliberately,” I said, trying to pull my hands back from her breasts.

Nazia raising her upper body, stopped jerking my cock but holding it and said, “Ok, prove it then, Babuji. Take your hands off my boobs, and I will take mine from your lund.” Nazia’s breasts were above my knees. She looked at me with a challenge in her eyes.

I saw her blouse wet in the front as I had milked it, pressing it hard. I looked at Nazia, pressed them, and seeing her blouse getting wet, I asked,” You have lots of milk in you. Didn’t you feed the baby today, Nazia?”

Jerking me again, Nazia said, “He has stopped drinking my milk. Do you want to drink my milk, Babuji?”

“No…no…I just asked,” I stammered, hearing her offering to suck her milk right from the source.

“If you want to, you can suck, you know, no one will know. It will be our little secret, Babuji. Abdul was saying that you told him that Mother’s milk is healthy and asked him if he has tasted mine. That duffer says it’s not tasty. Suck and tell me how it tastes, Babuji,” Saying Nazia began to unhook her blouse with her free hand.

The other was still gripping my cock. Taking my hands off her breasts, I watched as Nazia expertly removed the blouse hooks with one hand. When the last bottom hook was undone, Nazia parted the blouse flaps, exposing her milk-laden breasts.

She said, “They are all yours, Babuji. You can suck my boobs like my baby for milk, OR you can suck my boobs like my lover. The choice is yours. Do you want to be my baby or lover?” Nazia said, holding both her breasts in her palm as if offering her milk-filled treasures to me.

I saw the familiar long thick brownish nipples and milk oozing out from the pores of the nipple as she pressed her boobs. The areolas were big in diameter and light brownish, but the nipple was dark brown. I sat still, seeing milk dripping from her nipples and falling on my thighs.

Seeing me hesitating, Nazia said, “Let me free your lund first. The poor chap is struggling. I will satisfy him first, and you can quench your thirst by sucking my milk later.”

Nazia pulled the lungi knot, opening it. Holding the brief’s waistband, she tugged it down, looking at me. I raised my ass off the chair, and she pulled my briefs down to my knees. My erect cock and huge balls were bare to her eyes.

Nazia came forward, resting her breasts on my thighs just above my knees. She brought her lips close to my cock. Staring at me with lustful eyes, she said, “Are you hesitating because I am your driver’s wife, Babuji? Just see me as a woman who is here to give you pleasure. I want you to enjoy my body to the fullest.”

Nazia said, “You know my Abbu (Father in Urdu) is younger than you. I accidentally saw his lund a few years back. Yours is much bigger and thicker than him. You are blessed with a good specimen. I envy Suma Didi as she got possession of this gorgeous lund for 25 years. Does Didi suck you daily?”

I saw the sultry Nazia looking at the tip oozing pre-cum profusely and gripping my cock tightly at the base. I shuddered and said,” No, not daily. She doesn’t like to suck. Sometimes, she does it if I insist.” I told the truth.

“Oh, my God. She doesn’t know what she is missing. It looks yummy, with juice coming out continuously. I can’t wait to take it in my mouth and suck your delicious lollypop. Shall I Babuji,” Nazia said, showing her tongue.

Looking at the wall clock, I said, “Suma will be coming anytime. I don’t want her to catch us like this.”

Nazia took the whiskey glass from the desk, handing it to me. She said,” Just enjoy your drink, Babuji, while I enjoy sucking you.”

Taking a sip of whiskey, I saw Nazia stretching her tongue, licking the pre-cum from the tip. Holding the cock straight at the tip with two fingers, she licked my cock from the base to the top. Her tongue was pressing hard and wetting my cock with her saliva.

She licked all around my cock, and it was glistening with her saliva. Her fingers opened my cock slit, dipped her tongue tip and swirled it. Nazia licked the head, flattening her tongue, making most of the contact, making me more hard. My cock twitched as she did that.

I felt dizzy with both the alcohol and the wonderful blowjob Nazia was giving me. Placing my free hand on her head, I pressed her down as I desperately wanted my cock in her warm mouth. Without looking up, she took my cockhead in her mouth and sucked it.

Nazia’s hair fell, covering her face like a curtain. I wanted to see her face while she sucked my cock. So I moved the hair to one side, but the damn thing fell back again. Nazia raised her head and looked at me with cock in her mouth.

Taking her hands off my cock, holding her hair, straightening it, and tied it like a bun at the back. While doing this, her mouth was busy sucking my cock, and her tongue was busy on the head. Saliva was pouring from the corners of her lips.

Taking my cock from her mouth Nazia asked,” Did you like my cock sucking skills, Babuji?”

“Yes, you are good, perhaps too good. Please finish quickly. Suma might come, Nazia,” I said.

“Why are you worried, Babuji? Relax and enjoy the drink. You want to cum in my mouth, don’t you want to see me down. It can give double the pleasure of my mouth. Has anyone taken you fully in their mouth?” Nazia said, holding my cock in one hand and toying with another.

“Are you crazy? Girls have gagged trying to take me,” I said, wincing in pleasure, wanting her soft lips back on my cock.

“Hmm, so Didi is not the only woman in your life. If I take your lund fully in my mouth, will you take Abdul back to work, Babuji,” Nazia said with determination in her voice.

“You got me hard. So make me cum and leave. Ask Abdul to come back to work in the morning,” I said with desperation to have my release before my wife came back.

Bringing her mouth to my cock, Nazia opened her mouth wide and dipped down, swallowing my cock inch by inch. Her breasts were crushed on my thighs, making them wet with her dripping milk. I was shocked to see Nazia taking my cock effortlessly as she had 5 inches in her mouth.

She pushed her mouth down, and my cock was fully in and hit deep in her throat. Her lips were touching my pubic hair, and the slut was breathing through her nose. Nazia was spitting her saliva, wetting my pubic hair. Her cheeks were pulled in as she sucked my cock like a pro.

I kept the whiskey glass on the table, placing both my hands on her head. I pushed her down on my cock, not allowing her to move up. My tummy was feeling Nazia’s warm breaths. She was still breathing through her nose, and her mouth was choked up.

Sixty seconds and Nazia was still blowing me and had my cock deep in her mouth. I could feel her tongue moving around my cock. I was impressed at her determination to please me. I felt a tap on my thigh and saw Nazia slowly moving her head up, releasing my cock from the confines of her warm mouth.

She did in slow motion, looking at me. Her hands crawled up inside my shirt, finding my nipples. She held both in her fingers and began twisting them. Taking my cock out till the head, Nazia’s mouth began to bob up and down my cock like she was fucking my cock with her mouth.

Nazia’s fingers were tweaking both my nipples while her mouth fucked my cock, taking it all the way down her throat. I was really amazed at her oral skills, and no woman had given me a blowjob like this. Her hair had got loose again, hindering her mouth fuck.

Holding her hair at the back of her neck, I assisted her in moving her mouth up and down on my cock. Nazia mouth-fucked me, playing with my sensitive nipples, and was sweating a lot. My crotch was getting drenched with her saliva and my pre-cum.

One, two minutes, and she never slowed down, sucking me deep and giving me the pleasure which I never experienced before. Pulling her up and holding her hair, I said,” Enough, Nazia. You proved that you are a good cock sucker.”

Continued in the next part.

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