Breaking Ice With Innocent Maid – Part 1 (Rough Sex)

Hi, this is Shiv Kumar, working in an MNC firm and staying in Pune. I am an average-looking guy with light brown skin and a heavy physique. For some reason, girls find me attractive and I have had been in a few relationships including some hookups.

During Covid, I have been sex starved and been in physical relation with only one girl, Pradnya. She was a bomb and I always got horny whenever I saw her. I stayed with my parents, made excuses at home that I will be staying with a friend and we used to enjoy ourselves day and night in her flat without any restrictions.

The offices started 2 months back and I shifted to a rented flat as I was getting bored.

I rented a 1 BHK flat and shifted there so that I can go to the office and have some change of mood, not knowing what was in store for me there.

After shifting, I started looking for a maid and cook to ease my office work on weekdays. I interviewed a few Indian maids and was mesmerized by the beauty of one of those maids and instantly hired her with an extra salary!

Her name was Shalini, 5’6″ with a healthy body. The highlight of her body was her big-toned ass and thighs. Ohh, how I wanted to press those thighs and slap that ass while fucking her doggy style!

She started her work on the same day. I kept watching her body move as she was brooming and cleaning the floor. I got hard and was feeling hot. I immediately went to take a shower and masturbated twice thinking of my new servant. Force of habit, I didn’t lock my room or the bathroom door and I was moaning loudly under the shower while masturbating.

I didn’t notice when she came to clean my room as I was busy with my horny thoughts. After I released my cum, I turned around facing the door and let the water fall on my back. My penis was hanging 6.5-inch and she was checking it out!

I opened my eyes and caught the sexy housemaid ogling at it. Our eyes met and she smiled at me. I replied with a smile without attempting to cover my penis. She went out of the room giggling to herself and I got horny again.

I stopped the shower, got out of the bathroom and directly jumped on my bed. Then I started masturbating again, thinking of the maid for 15 minutes. I was lost in my thoughts of how I will remove her clothes and fuck her doggy style!

I was moaning hard and was about to cum when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. Shalini was looking at me with a smiling face and I could not control and shot my load. It was shot around 2 feet in the air and I was feeling dizzy! I took my pillow and covered my penis. I was not finding any words to say.

She felt my condition and she replied, “Sir, ajka kaam ho gaya, main kal aati hu.” I only said, “Ok”, because that was the only word I could think of.

She turned around and was about to go when I removed the pillow and started pulling my still hard penis. She again turned back and saw me playing with myself. She giggled again and said, “Madam, nahi rehne wali kya aapke saath?”

I said, “Meri shadi nahi hui hai, main single hu.” She was checking my thing out and giving a smile. She said, “Thik hai, main kal aati hu. kal thoda jaldi aa jaungi,” and she went.

I followed the innocent maid naked till the door to watch her ass and thighs. I got a hard-on again which she noticed while closing the door. She giggled again and closed the door.

I could not control myself and masturbated again for almost 20 minutes and dropped a huge load of cum on the floor.

I immediately felt the need to fuck someone. I went to my room and called up my girlfriend Pradnya and asked her to come to my room. I requested her to wear a saree without any undergarments. She agreed and came to visit me within 30 minutes.

I opened the door and she was looking gorgeous. She was wearing a red saree with a red blouse and I was blown off immediately. I pulled her inside, closed the door and immediately started to kiss her on her lips.

I picked my gf in my arms and was passionately kissing her. Our heads were shifting from left to right as I was crushing her body into mine, pressing her ass violently. She grabbed my hair and pulled it back. We were both out of breath.

She was catching her breath and said, “Kya baat hai, aaj badi masti chadhi hai, ye aag pehle kaha tha.”

I said, “Aag toh hamesha se thi jaaneman, bas chingari nahi lag rahi thi. Ye naye flat mein akele rehne pe pata chala ki mere andar kitni aag lagi hai aur aag kaise bujhani hai. Tumko laal sari mein dekh kar toh maano aag bhadak uhti hain, ab ye aag toh toh tumhare andar dalna hai. Tumhare naram aur gili chut ke andar dalunga mera garam aag aaj toh.”

She giggle and said, “Achha” and started to kiss me violently. I picked my girlfriend up and took her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed, tore off the blouse and started sucking on the nipples very violently. With one hand, I was sucking the nipples off her boobs and with the other, I removed the saree knot and started fingering her pussy very violently.

She took my penis in her hand and started to give me a rim job. We continued this for 5 minutes and then I could not control anymore. I removed my lover’s saree, positioned her legs between my penis and pushed it inside in one go. She screamed, “Abey jaanwar, aaj toh shikar kar le mera.”

I was fucking my girlfriend vigorously and there was no sign of stopping. I had already ejaculated 4 times before, so I was not going to cum easily.

I kept fucking her for 1 hour non-stop in reverse missionary position. Our bodies were sweating, my nipples rubbing on her erect nipples, and her arms locked under my arms. She was moving her head left and right in ecstasy and moaning loudly.

I grabbed her neck and kissed her while fucking her. Pradnya was moaning still in pleasure and kissing me vigorously, our tongues exploring deep each other’s mouths, slurping on each other’s saliva.

I kept fucking her for another 15 minutes like this and I ejaculated inside her. She felt my hot cum flowing inside her and she got horny. She got on top of me and started riding me. I was already exhausted and dizzy and she was enjoying my situation.

Pradnya kept riding me while fingering herself while I was pressing her boobs and nipples to give her more pleasure. After about 10 minutes, she screamed, “Aaaaaahhh..” Her body shook and I felt a warm liquid flow over my penis inside her. She had cummed.

My hot girlfriend was sweating, exhausted. She looked at me, panting, her hair dropped on both sides of her face. She smiled while catching her breath. I smiled back at her, panting. She dropped herself on me and we hugged each other while catching our breath.

Pradnya she again kissed me, her lips wet, our tongues digging deep into each other’s mouth while hugging each other. I dozed off into deep sleep after that.

I woke up after 2 hours, she was sleeping on my right shoulder, her hand on my chest, her thighs on mine. I hugged her and kissed her forehead. She kissed me on my chest and we slept like that.

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