Partner Swapping On A Highway

I am Pavitra, the daughter of affluent parents. I got married to my childhood friend Vinod. After graduation, luckily, we both got a job in a very reputed IT company. We both were posted at Gurgaon.

Let me introduce Vinod. He certainly is the most handsome man I have ever seen. 5 ft 11 inch tall, well-built personality. Since I have known him, he never missed his one-hour exercise or gym. His parents were, in fact, still very rich.

He is not very fair, but which girl wants a very fair man? All females dream of a tall, dark and handsome man. So was Vinod. Besides, he was a very strong man, weighing around 75 kgs. Not only me, everyone who knows him liked his liveliness and wittiness.

I am very fair, 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighing about 60 kgs. But I am not fat. I have a trim, slim personality. My vital stats are 36-inch breasts, 26-inch waist and 34-inch hips. Though people say that I am very attractive, I know that I am not a match for Vinod.

Vinod liked my oval face with sharp, big dreamy eyes. He liked my sharp features. Even though my shoulders are not rounded like a normal girl’s, he still loved my body. I have long, nicely tapered thighs, and I can become nastier on the bed than any slut.

Vinod liked me more for my wild sex with him on the bed. I don’t hesitate to drink piss of my man. I love to swallow cum. I can let my men suck cunt and lick my body for hours.

I never get tired of cock sucking. And on our very second night, I forced Vinod to fuck me in the ass. I enjoyed that ass fucking a lot, but he did not like that.

Three years of our marriage passed very happily. My parents, as well as in-laws, eagerly wanted a baby from me. I promised them that I would make them grandparents during the 5th year of our marriage.

During those three years, we never shouted at each other. In our neighborhood, in our office, we were also considered the most loving married couple.

It was Sunday. We both had gone to Jaipur to attend a colleague’s marriage. Marriage rituals and dinner got over by 11.00 at night. We both bid goodbye to them. Though they insisted that we should leave in the early morning, we started for Gurgaon after midnight.

Jaipur to Delhi highway is a wonderful driveway. Besides, it always remains busy. Though it was Sunday late at night, still good traffic was there on the road.

We had Maruti Dzire VX version. As we both knew driving well, we exchanged seats after driving for an hour. We crossed the milestone ‘Gurgaon -100 Km.’ We observed that the engine was making an unusual sound. After driving for some more distance, it started losing pickup.

That time Vinod was in the driver’s seat.

Me – Vinod, I fear some major problem in the engine. We can’t reach home. So better drive off the main road and let the engine cool down.

He obeyed me. After driving for about a km, he turned the car on a narrow road. The car moved for about half a km, and the engine stopped. We let the car cool down for about 15 minutes. After that, we both tried. Ignition was ok, but the car did not move.

Vinod – Darling, keep all doors and windows locked. It is a highway. We may find some mechanics nearby.

I had no option. I nodded. He wanted to lock the car, but I insisted on opening the windows.

Me – Don’t worry. It is past 2, and we are on an isolated road with bushes and trees. No one would come to fuck your wife.

I teased him.

Me – So far, I have tasted only one man, only one cock. If I am lucky, someone will certainly come for me. I want to taste another cock.

I did not know that my God would send a man to me so soon.

Vinod – Then better remain nude. I know very well that no other cock will have any erection to explore my darling wife.

I had no interest in any other cock. I left the rear windows open and rested on the back seat. I certainly was tired. I don’t know when I slept.

“Madam, madam…”

I heard someone calling Madam repeatedly and tapping on the car body. I sat up and looked out.

He was an aged man with a long beard. I looked at him keenly. He was not dark but not fair also. His shoulders were certainly broader than Vinod’s. His hair and beard both had started greying.

Before I could ask, he said, “Madam, sahib has sent me to repair the car. What’s the problem. Please give me the key.”

I asked him about Vinod. He signaled towards a direction.

Mechanic – He is at my house there. He said he was very tired so I told him to rest there.

I thought that he might have walked long in search of a mechanic. I did not feel bad that he left me at the mercy of a stranger.

I came out of the car. That time I was wearing tight, body-fit slacks and a loose top. That man was wearing a lungi and a sando banian. I asked his name.


Though he did not ask, I told him my name, “Pavitra.”

Imtiaz – Madam, you are really brave that you opted to stay alone on this isolated road. Ladies of our family will never do such a daring act. You, please rest. Let me see the problem.

He opened the bonnet. He also started giving ignition. Though ignition was ok, it did not take any pick up.

Imtiaz – Battery is fine. I think there is some mechanical fault.

He switched on his torchlight. It was like a flashlight used by military persons. I did not sit inside the car. I stood beside him and watched him doing work. I remained with him for about an hour. But he did not even look at me.

Suddenly, I looked at my wristwatch. Vinod had left me at around 2.00, and it was then 3.20. Imtiaz said that Vinod was resting at his house. But now I started having a doubt.

I did not disturb him. Without telling him, I walked in the direction he had shown. After walking for 200 meters, I saw a small house. There was no other house or shop nearby. I walked to that house.

I could see rays of light coming from one room. I walked near that. I pushed the door, but it was closed from the inside. I looked around, and I could see a window. Very slowly, I pushed a windowpane. I saw what I never dreamed of seeing. I heard what I never dreamt of hearing.

Vinod came on the main road after leaving his wife in the car. But he could not find anyone around. Suddenly, a motorcycle stopped near him. The driver and pillion rider got down, and both pissed on the side of the road.

While they returned to their bike, Vinod politely enquired about any car mechanic shop nearby. One of them pointed his hand in a particular direction. They said that though that person is a very good mechanic, he might not be there at night.

He said that if he (Vinod) is lucky, he may find him there. They also informed that good auto repairs shops are about10 km. Vinod cursed his luck as to why he started late at night.

Vinod took a chance. He reached that mechanic’s shop cum house in another 10 minutes. Like Pavitra found, the door was closed from inside. He peeped through the window, and he forgot Pavitra.

He saw an extraordinarily beautiful young girl seated on the bed, nude. A topless man was standing in front of her. He was on the verge of untying his lungi. Certainly, the couple was planning to have intercourse.

At that very time, Vinod knocked at the door. He kept knocking repeatedly. The man opened the door. Seeing a stranger, the lady hurriedly pulled a sheet over her. But she liked the handsome man at first sight.

Vinod talked very politely.

Vinod – I am extremely sorry for disturbing you like this.

He explained his problem. He also said that he had heard about him and was the best car mechanic. He was on the verge of starting to love his newly wedded begum. They got married last week only. That was the first time he had brought her to his workplace.

The mechanic made many excuses, but Vinod kept on pleading. Both argued for about 5 minutes. Then they heard a sweet voice.

Lady – Imtiaz, you know that our Allah blesses everyone who helps needy ones. Besides, he says he will pay you as much as you want. So go and repair his car.

Vinod observed that when she talked, her gaze remained fixed on him. But Imtiaz obeyed his third begum, and he lifted his toolbox.

Imtiaz – Let’s go, sahib. I hope, with Allah’s grace, I can fix the problem.

Vinod looked at the lady and observed a faint smile on her sweet lips. Vinod knew that the lady was nude. He felt that the lady is inviting him. That was true. She wanted the company of this handsome man. He would be hardly 7-8 years older than her, while her husband was 33 years older.

Like Pavitra, she can’t claim that Imtiaz is very good in bed.

Vinod dared. He thanked his God that he carried his handbag with him. He carried a bag in anticipation. If the mechanic were too demanding, he would pay him in advance. He took out a wad of 100 from the bag. The woman saw that he kept money in Imtiaz’s hand

Imtiaz- No hurry, sir. You can pay me after work is done.

Vinod —- Imtiaz bhai, please forgive me. I have never seen any other woman as beautiful as this lady. This 10000/- is for her. I desire to spend some time with her alone.

Lady heard him. She smiled within, but Imtiaz kept staring at him.

Vinod – If you think this is less, I will give you more. Please let me love her.

Imtiaz knew that his new begum was beautiful. Not only beautiful, but she is also younger than his youngest daughter from his first begum. He was aware that his other begums were having affairs with others. But this was the first time someone directly approached the husband to let him stay with his wife.

Imtiaz does not doubt that this handsome man wants sex with his young wife. Instead of scolding Vinod, he looked back at his wife. She called him. Imtiaz sat close to her.

Suraiya – Imtiaz, I heard what he said. You know very well that you cannot save me forever whatever you may do. Someone or other will certainly fuck me. What he is offering is a very big amount for us. Then why should we let it go? You go and repair the car. I will take care of him.

Imtiaz himself was not ready to let go of that easy money. He asked for the key and the location of the car. Vinod explained and told him that the key was with his friend waiting in the car. He did not say that his wife was inside the car.

Moment Imtiaz was out of sight, Vinod bolted the door from inside. He walked towards Suraiya.

Vinod – I never saw any lady like you. You are the best.

Suraiya – Don’t make any conclusion so fast. You have not yet seen me.

Vinod had seen the lady nude. He pulled the sheet from her body. She was nude and laid flat. Vinod scrutinized her. 5 ft 5 inch tall. Her face was not oval like Pavitra’s. It had roundish touch. She was even fairer than Pavitra. Her skin looks very smooth.

Her stats were breast 34 inches. The waist was 24 inches, and the hips were also 34 inches. Suraiya had very attractive thighs. Overall, Suraiya was a perfect 10 on the scale of beauty and attraction, whereas Pavitra would be 7.

Suraiya kept watching while Vinod undressed. She exclaimed, “Ya Allah, itna khubsurat!” She said that he is very handsome.

She pushed her slim girlish hands forward. Vinod fell between her hands. Both held each other tightly and tried their best to dominate by kissing and fondling.

But Vinod was too strong for her. It was not even ten minutes. She began to moan loudly.  Vinod kept holding her breasts and exploring her pubic area and cunt with his tongue.

She was a beautiful daughter of poor parents. Imtiaz saw her in a fair and requested his father to make this beautiful girl his third begum. So Imtiaz’s father talked and convinced the girl’s father. He paid him a lot of money.

Suraiyyay was well aware of such mismatched marriages in her community. Imtiaz married Suraiya last Friday only. But Suraiya kept on making one or other excuses. Finally, Imtiaz could deflower her only last Thursday night.

That Sunday night, both were invited for dinner. After dinner, instead of returning to the village, he brought her his workplace. After returning from dinner, she complained of stomach aches. Both slept, but Imtiaz wanted to have sex with his new wife. So he woke her up.

Both had fucked only thrice, once each on the previous three nights. They were going to have sex fourth time, but Vinod interfered. Suraiya could understand the difference between a young man and an older man like her husband.

She also learned that sex is not only penetrating cock in the cunt and giving thrust for a few minutes. She enjoyed her first oral sex. Imtiaz was not used to caressing the pubic area, tickling cult or finger fucking. He was fucking for over 30 years but never kissed any cunt. He was hardly sucking breasts.

But, Vinod gave tremendous sexual pleasure to this young girl. She climaxed and had an orgasm without having Vinod’s cock inside cunt. He not only succeeded in arousing her to the highest level of excitement. She was fully satisfied by an aggressive and passionate kiss, sucking her nipples and clit.

Vinod fucked her with his tongue as well as with his fingers. He finger fucked her so aggressively and so fast that she became almost senseless. After he exhausted her merely by oral sex, she told him she didn’t like Imtiaz. She said that if he (Vinod) did not keep her with him, she would flee somewhere else.

Suraiya – Vinod, tum mujhe apne saath nahi rakhoge toh mai juldi isse chhor kar bhaag jaaungi.

Vinod told her to love his cock, and then only he will decide whether to keep her with him or not.

Vinod – Begum, pahle isse (lawda) pyar karo, apna ras pilao tab faisla karunga kee tumhe saath rakhu kee nahi.

Vinod saw that she was exhausted. He thought that if he failed to arouse and fuck her early, Imtiaz might return. He again started kissing her vigorously. The girl said that she couldn’t tolerate his actions more. But Vinod again began oral magic.

He started kissing her lips and moved down over her smooth skin. For 2-3 minutes, she shouted, “No, no, not again.” But Vinod continued with fingers and lips. Another few minutes passed.

“Yes, Vinod, it is too good. Yes, I wanted this only.”

He was doing the same as he used to do with Pavitra. This new lady also became ecstatic like Pavitra. He moved over her in a 69 position without telling or warning her. He pulled cunt lips with fingers of both hands. He started licking and sucking.

Vinod knew that if he told her to suck cock she would flatly refuse. His friends from the community of Suraiya had said that their women are opposed to any oral sex. She was ecstatic when she saw a throbbing, handsome-looking cock hanging in front of her eyes. She held cock by its root.

Vinod did not say, but the girl began pulling her cock inside her mouth. She licked cock with her tongue. She sucked more than 2 inch top portion of cock. After a few minutes, she pushed cock out of her mouth and shouted why he was not fucking her. Whether he will penetrate cock after she dies.

Suraiya – Raja, chod kyo nahi rahe ho, marr jaaungi tab peloge kya?

Vinod obliged her. He changed position. He positioned cock on the entry hole. Both looked each other in the eyes. Vinod pushed with his full power. She loudly said that this was what she wanted. She always desired to be loved by a young man.

“Haa Vinod, mujhe eisa hee dhakka chaahiye thaa. Mai hamesha kisee jawan khubsurat mard se chudai chaahti thee. Eise hi pelte raho.”

Both fucked smilingly. The girl was not used to talking while fucking. So Vinod also kept banging silently. After about 35 minutes of hard and fast fucking, both climaxed simultaneously. The girl shouted that she would marry Vinod, and Vinod also replied that he would marry her.

Pavitra watched live fuck for about a couple of minutes and heard them. She also heard the girl saying that she wanted once more. She added that even if Imtiaz returns, she will fuck with Vinod. Vinod replied that he also didn’t want to leave her.

“Begum, main bhi tumhe chhod kar nahi jaana chaahta hu.”

Pavitra heard, and she hurriedly returned to the car. She saw Imtiaz busy with the engine. She enquired. He replied that he could find the fault, and work would get over in a few minutes.

Leaving Imtiaz, she lay on the back seat. Silently she undressed completely. After a few minutes, she heard the sound of the ignition and the engine’s normal sound. He looked back to tell that the car was ready, but he could not speak a word. He could not remove his eyes.

Seeing Pavitra, a tall and attractive lady nude, he became deaf and dumb. He did not remove his eyes. Pavitra said, “Like you have repaired the car come and find fault here and repair it.” She pressed her cunt.

Pavitra – Dekh kya rahe ho, car theek ho gaee lekin yanha bohut dard ho raha hai. Jaldi se mota injection lagao.

Pavitra raised her hips, and with fingers, she parted cunt lips. He had kept the inside light on. How long he could’ve resisted. He came out and stood in front of her. She raised both her legs and slowly kept them widening. He saw a clean-shaven cunt.

Without speaking a word, he untied his lungi. He untied his underwear which fell. He positioned himself between her legs. With one hand positioned throbbing cock on the entry of cunt. With his other hand, he pressed one of her shoulders.

She saw him pulling his hip backward, and without giving any warning, he pushed his cock inside cunt with his full power.

“Yes, like that only, harder, deeper.” (Aur jor se aur andar pelte raho, bur phaad daalo.)

Till then, Vinod must have fucked her more than one thousand times, but it was her first sex without any oral. Imtiaz did not even kiss her. He banged and banged. Like Suraiya moaned loudly, she also enjoyed it.

Imtiaz was fucking for over the last thirty years. But Pavitra was the only city and educated female for him. Though Suraiya was very beautiful, for Imtiaz, he had not seen any female as beautiful as this lady.

This fucking without any oral was a new experience for her. She enjoyed it a lot. After about 12-13 minutes of banging, she said loudly that she wanted to change pose. He pulled cock out.

Pavitra positioned herself in a doggy pose. She held the edge of the back seat tightly. Her legs and hips were open. She told him to penetrate and simultaneously hold both breasts.

“Raja, dono chuchio ko masalte huye iss kutiya ko khub jamkar chodo.”

When initially she asked Imtiaz to fuck her, that was an act of revenge. But now, she had forgotten her husband. She enjoyed banging by a rural, aged but a strong man. Imtiaz penetrated from behind. He pushed both hands from the sides and grabbed both fleshy breasts.

Both enjoyed it so much that they did not see when the other two came near the car. When Suraiya saw that Imtiaz did not return even after three hours, she insisted that Vinod looks for them. Both came together.

They saw that both were busy in the doggy position. Suraiya watched for a minute. She did not inquire about the lady. She guessed correctly. She went back to the house and returned after 15 minutes.

When she returned, she saw that Imtiaz was standing straight. Pavitra was seated down on her knees and sucking cock of Imtiaz. Finally, Pavitra got up. She kissed Imtiaz in front of Vinod. Suraiya returned the money to Vinod. None of them spoke a word.

Pavitra sat on the front seat. Vinod gave ignition, and the car started. After driving for about 10 km, Pavitra told him to stop the car. Vinod braked. She said that she want to drive and check whether everything was ok.

Both exchanged seats. Pavitra drove, and at the next crossing, she took a U-turn. Vinod knew where Pavitra was going. He was also not satisfied with Suraiya.

Within half an hour car returned to the place where Imtiaz had fucked Pavitra. Seeing no one there, she drove the car to the house. Suraiya heard the sound of an approaching car. She was the first to come out.

Pavitra was thinking that she would shock her husband by hugging Imtiaz. But Suraiya shocked all. She came out nude and jumped on Vinod. Imtiaz lifted Pavitra in his arms and took her to the other side.

After having another satisfying round, Vinod and Suraiya were talking. Pavitra came to them fully dressed.

Pavitra – Vinod, I have decided to stay with Imtiaz for more days. I will return possibly next Sunday.

Vinod and Suraiya saw Pavitra taking the pillion seat behind Imtiaz, and they drove away.

Vinod and Suraiya hugged each other tightly, happy with .