Breaking Ice With Innocent Maid – Part 2

Hi, this is Shiv Kumar back with part 2 of the story. I and my girlfriend Pradnya slept in each others arms. We were both tired and didn’t know how time passed.

I woke up in the morning at 9:30 to the sound of the doorbell. I was still dizzy from last night and Pradnya was not in bed. I heard the sound of the shower and she was inside and the door was open.

I opened the bathroom door and her white even skin dripping down with water made me horny again. I had an instant hard-on. I said good morning to which she turned around and wished me good morning as well. She asked me if I want to join in to which I replied there was someone at the door and I will be back in 2 minutes.

I wore my shorts and my t-shirt and went to open the door. It was Shalini, my innocent maid. I was already horny for my gf Pradnya and my bulge was visible through my shorts. I looked at Shalini and I was not having any words to speak.

Shalini was wearing a low-cut sleeveless blouse and saree below her waist. Her tummy was more visible to me compared to yesterday. Her hair was a little wet, she had taken bath in the morning before coming to my apartment. She had applied some lotion to her skin as her skin was shining, which was making her more attractive. She had braided her hair back and had clutched it with jasmine flower, I loved her aroma and was getting more horny and my penis was hard as a rock.

The maid looked down at my shorts and looked at me with a surprising eye and a smirky smile. She said good morning. I was still holding the door unable to speak. She realized my condition and pushed the door a little to get inside. The gap between the door and wall was enough to get in and she moved in.

While moving in, her hand hit my bulge and it felt like she was trying to get a feel of my penis as she pressed it! She looked back with a smile and walked inside the kitchen. I could not keep my eyes off her back, her whole back was visible to me except for the one-inch blouse back strap and shoulder strap. My housemaid had a beautiful, fully matured, slightly muscular back that me more horny.

I closed the door and straight away moved to my bathroom where my gf Pradnya was showering. I moved in, latched the door, grabbed her from behind, parted her legs and pushed my hard penis inside her vagina. I was pumping my girl roughly, to which she was screaming. She did not expect the vigor again and she was moaning loudly.

I kept fucking her thinking of Shalini’s round ass and big hip. She did not ask me any questions, just kept moaning loudly and encouraging me to tear her pussy. I kept ramming her talking dirty from behind.

After about 25 minutes of hard fucking, I came inside my girlfriend a huge load. She also cummed twice during that time and our love juices were flowing down her thighs.

After I stopped, she turned around and kissed me on my lips. She started to move down, from my lips to my neck, my chest, nipples, belly and finally she took my penis in her mouth and started to blowjob me. Meanwhile, I stopped the shower and was moaning with pleasure with all her actions.

She kept sucking me like a bitch on hit, while I was imagining Shalini and came in her mouth. She drank my cum and commented that she liked to look at the satisfaction in my eyes when I am completely drained. I pulled her and started kissing her when I heard a knock on the door.

I asked, “I am taking a bath, what happened?”

Shalini: The room is very dirty, you want me to clean it?

Me: Wait, I am coming out.

I kissed Pradnya and asked her to continue her bath. There was only one towel in the bathroom. I wrapped it on my waist and came out of the bathroom. My body was still wet and water was dripping from my hair.

I saw her and she was looking at me seductively and then I looked at my bedroom. Pradnya’s clothes were all lying on the floor and bed along with mine. There were cum stains on the floor and the bedsheet and the whole bed was a mess. I looked at her and moved my head asking her what happened.

Shalini: This room is dirty, should I clean it.

I nodded in confirmation. She picked up my gf Pradnya’s sari, blouse, petticoat and panty and put them on a chair. Then she picked up my shorts, t-shirt and underwear gave me a wicked smile and went out of the room.

I was surprised by this behavior and followed her outside. Shalini went out and kept my clothes on the washing machine in the living room. She then took my underwear and started to smell it. I saw the desperation in her eyes when she was smelling my inner.

Then she started to rub my underwear all over her face with passion. She was attracted to me. I felt a tingle in my penis and I moved behind her slowly while she was still enjoying the smell of my crotch from my underwear.

I put my hand on her shoulder, she was startled and dropped my underwear. I turned her around. The maid was looking at me with a bit of fear and then gazed down, a similar expression when you are caught. I put both my hands on her shoulder, my hands were shaking, I was breathing faster and I felt she was also breathing fast.

My towel suddenly dropped and my penis was semi-hard due to the situation! I started pressing her shoulders, and slowly shifted to her arms and then her hands, which she was enjoying as she had closed her eyes.

Then I took her hand and put it on my penis which became hard instantly. She took a long breath and opened her eyes and looked at me. I took her hand, encircled my penis, and slowly masturbated myself.

We both were looking at each other’s eyes intensely. I continued this for 5 minutes, removed her hand and put it on her nose. She smelled it while her eyes were still intensely looking at me. I bend down moved her saree from her belly and kissed her navel. I picked up my towel and moved to my bedroom.

Pradnya was out of the bathroom and searching for a towel. I grabbed her from behind, and threw her on the bed. I position her on the bed in a position where I can see the door which was still open.

I covered her eyes with her blouse, got on top of her, pushed my penis inside her and started fucking her. She was a bit dry initially but soon she was wet. She started enjoying and moaning loudly.

I kept fucking her while my eyes were at the door expecting my maid Shalini to come and she did. She was looking inside from the corner of the door while I kept ramming Pradnya on the bed.

I saw that Shalini was playing with her pussy and that made me hornier. I fucked Pradnya vigorously. After 15 minutes of fucking, I came with a loud grunt, dropped dead on Pradnya and started kissing her madly.

I removed my penis from her vagina moved to her face and asked her to suck it. She grabbed my ass and started to suck on it. She occasionally pressed my ass for pleasure and kept sucking on the penis.

I was looking directly at the servant Shalini now and she was looking at me, her hand still on her vagina over her sari. Then I came again in Pradnya’s mouth and Shalini too took a deep breath, I can only assume she cummed. She moved away from the door and I got on top of Pradnya and started kissing her.

After 5 minutes, I told her to wait so that I can check on the maid once. I wrapped my towel and went to the kitchen but Shalini was not there. She had left and my underwear was missing.

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