Unexpected sex with my brother’s friend

Hello Friends. This is Kannan with I’m 32 years old. I’m here to share my real-life sexual experience with my brother’s college friend, Kavita. Though I yearned to sleep with her multiple times, this intercourse came as a complete surprise for me.

Kavita was my elder brother’s college friend. She is 38 years old. She is a mother of a 9-year-old girl. She is about 5’7, just over my shoulder height. She looks charming with a dusky skin tone and a thick lower lip projected downwards.

She has a 34-size upper body, a little belly fat with fleshy arms and broad juicy thighs. During her college days, she came home with her other college friends. They used to rag me a lot when I was alone. They used to bug me with A-rated questions.

Kavita has even tried to kiss me, saying, “Come. I’ll show you how to give a French kiss to a girl.” I used to feel too shy with their tantrums. They used to laugh it out, seeing me shying away from them.

It’s been about 17 years since then. She stays in Chennai, but I had no touch with her. I used to hide away during my school days, seeing her whenever she visited home. Post her marriage in 2009. She never came home till 14th January 2022.

However, she was in regular touch over phone calls and messages with my elder brother and mother. After all these years, I again saw her on 14th January 2022 when she suddenly came home. As she entered, she broadened her eyelids and, in an excited tone, asked me, “How much you have grown up?”

She was used to seeing me as a 15-year-old boy, whereas now I’m standing before her as a 32-year-old guy. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Do you remember me?” My mom was standing beside us.

So, I just gave her a simple reply, “How can I forget?” with a smile and raised eyebrows, signaling all the ragging she did to me. Her reaction seemed she understood as we giggled secretly between us in the open room.

Kavita used to be very skinny and bony during her college days. But looking at her beefed-up body now, I got excited. After a few minutes, my mom went inside the kitchen to make some tea. Kavita and I were seated on adjacent sofas. I was looking and smiling at her.

She smiled back at me and asked, “What?” I said, “I’m thinking of how to take revenge on you.” She giggled, and I told her, “Looking good.”
Sarcastically, she asked me slowly, “What’s looking good?” My eyes rolled a couple of times between her face and boobs. Then I managed to say, “You.” She smiled at me, came closer and said, “To take revenge, you first need courage, junior.”

Before I could say a word, she continued, “I could see where your eyes are roaming around. Yet, you are giving me a diplomatic answer. I think I may even have to check if you have improved from being a 15-year-old boy.” Saying that she giggled once again.

I plucked her mobile from her hand, pressed her finger on it to unlock it and called me from her mobile. She again sarcastically said, “I’m not afraid of you, and I’m not going to hide from you. So, you could have directly asked me.”

I saved her number, returned her phone to her and said, “You will see day by day from now on how much I have improved, hottie.” For a second, she opened her mouth in surprise and asked, “How audacious? I’m 5 years elder to you, a married woman with a 9-year-old kid, and you are calling me hottie?”

I understood she was trying to manipulate things and make me nervous. I calmly replied, “When a lady in front is hot, how else to call her hottie?”
By that time, my mom had come back with tea. There were some general chats after that. As she left, she said bye and I replied, “Bye.”

She smiled and left. From that point, every morning and night, I messaged her a “Good Morning Hottie / Good Night Sexy,” not minding what if her husband saw it. But from that night onwards, Kavita has been my breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every time I masturbated.

The nature of our chats by itself would make me rush to the washroom most times. We used to chat every day. I kept bullying her with something or the other. If she had entertained, we would have gotten into a sex chat.

After about 2 months, on 17th March 2022, we were chatting. I told her that she looked 10 times spicier than in her college days. She tried getting under my nerve and asked, “You keep talking generally. It’s been more than two months now. You don’t even have the guts to tell me what was looking good in me.”

I was holding myself back from getting nasty with her. I was worried about whether she got agonized over what I said. She is in close touch with my mother and elder brother, and it should not lead to a problem. But this time, I opened up. I was filled with lust and did not bother.

I replied to her, “Who said I don’t have guts? We did not talk on that topic after that.” She immediately replied, “So, then? What were you gazing at that day?” Without thinking for a second, I said, “Your boobs only. Who will not gaze at it if your boobs push your kameez to the front and on the sides?”

She then asked me, “So you will just gaze at it because it’s big.” I replied to her, “I’m not a 15-year-old to just gaze at it.” She started to build the situation up and asked, “So, what else would you have done?”

I was confused if she was also feeling lust just like me or taking things seriously. I first hesitated and said, “Leave it. Let’s stop.” But she persisted a few times and then finally asked, “Imagine. I’m in front of you now. What would you do? Just stare?”

I lost it and started narrating what I would do to her if I got a chance with her alone. She kept stimulating my lust by asking, “Then? Then? Then what would you do?” with every message of mine.

I ended up narrating a full sex story, from carrying her to my bedroom from the entrance to undressing her to fucking her deep on my bed. After I climaxed my sex story, she finally wrote and concluded, “Good. You seem to have improved. Btw, I still need to check if you still have more room for improvement. Bye.”

I also replied “Bye” in one word. I dropped my mobile on my bed and rushed to my washroom. After that chat, I witnessed my semen splashing over 3 feet above my head as I masturbated.

The next day, on 18th March 2022, my parents left for a ritual at about 9:30 am. I started the day with a “Good Morning Sexy” message to Kavita. At around 10 am, the calling bell rang. I was pleasantly surprised to see Kavita at my doorstep as I opened the door.

She was in a maroon sleeveless kurti and white legging. She came in asking, “What are you doing?” I stuttered a bit and said, “Nothing.” She came in, asked me to close the door and peeped inside my parent’s bedroom. I closed the door and asked her, “What are you checking?”

She smiled at me and by saying, “Nothing.” She then peeped inside the kitchen.
I was slowly getting excited that she was in front of me. I was alone but unsure why she was going from room to room looking for something. I asked her, “What are you doing inspecting one room after the other?”

She then turned and walked towards me with a smile and said, “I was chatting with your mom last evening. She told me that she and your dad will attend a ritual this morning and will be back only after lunch.”

I got excited hearing that but controlling my emotions. I asked her, “So?” She came close and said, “So I wanted to see if you are a boy who only talks or a man who can walk the talk?” My lust was creeping high with every second.
My dick started poking my track pant to the front.

But I got a little nervous. I was only bullying Kavita till yesterday for whatever ragging she did to me many years back. I paused and asked her, “Are you serious?”

She placed her hand over my semi-hard dick in no time and whispered, “Do you expect me to be more serious? Your dick has also started realizing how serious I am, and you are still just talking.”

Saying that she came too close, gazing at my lips with our bodies brushing against each other. Unable to control my emotions, I grabbed her waist and jammed my lips over her wet juicy lips. She immediately opened her mouth wide, and we started smooching sloppily.

Kavita grabbed my dick hard as we continued smooching. In a few seconds, we started kissing deeper, digging our tongues into each other’s mouths. Her one hand firmly over my dick and the other hand grabbing the hair on my head.
As we continued kissing sloppily, Kavita removed her hand from my dick.

She grabbed my right hand from her waist and placed it on her left boob. I hesitated for a second. That one second disturbed our kiss. She withdrew her tongue from my mouth and asked, “What? Don’t even have the guts to put your hands on me?”

I was confused about whether she was trying to rag me like she used to or does she want to sleep with me. I told her, “You came here suddenly when I was alone. I don’t understand what your intentions are. Else I would not hesitate like this.”

She gave a smile and asked, “Didn’t I tell you just as I entered your house? To be more precise, do I have to read back to you what all messages you sent me yesterday? That’s exactly why I am here to see if you just talk or…” saying that she signalled me pointing her eyes to my bedroom.

We looked at each other for a couple of seconds. My excitement hit the roof. I grabbed her buttocks and lifted her. I carried her to my bedroom, just as I narrated to her yesterday during our chat.

Kavita seemed equally desperate as me. She wrapped her legs around my waist. She ran her lips and tongue over my neck, cheeks and ears when I carried her to my bedroom. I crawled on my knees over my bed, carrying her on my waist.
I placed her down in the center of my bed.

She wasted no time and immediately pulled my T-shirt up. As she raised it halfway up, I pulled my T-shirt further up, removed and threw it on the floor. Just as I removed my T-shirt, she simultaneously lifted her kurti, removed it and slipped it on the bed.

With the same flow, she sat on the bed on her buttocks and pulled down her leggings and panty. Kavita removed both her leggings and panty in a single stroke and threw them away on the floor. My excitement grew seeing her almost nude.

Her off-white cotton bra partially covered her big brown and little sagging boobs. Just as she threw leggings and panties on the floor, she got up on her knees. We hugged each other tight and fell on the bed, kissing each other all over each other’s face, neck, shoulders and arms.

We already started sweating. But we did not bother to switch on the AC or fan and continued our foreplay. We cuddled, rolling all over the bed, hugging each other tight, kissing and licking each other’s sweat-ridden bodies. After some intense cuddling, we paused for a few seconds to get our breath back.

Kavita was still upbeat with her emotions. She raised her upper body from the bed and dragged my track pant and my underwear down to my knees. She then grabbed my dick and stroked it, trying to pull my foreskin down. She started stroking my dick fiercely.

I noticed her big soft coconuts shaking or rather bouncing in her bra. I raised my upper body, rolled my arms around her and unhooked her bra. I then pulled her bra cup up and pulled her boobs out of it. Her boobs were more than a handful. It was like a big, soft coconut with a big round dark chocolate.

I put my hand on the lower side of her big boobs and lifted it. Without wasting a second, I engulfed her dark brown mammae in my mouth. I bit her hard protruding nipples with my teeth for a couple of seconds. Kavita immediately gasped as I bit her hard nipples.

I sucked her nipples so hard that I would have drunk liters of milk had she lactated. She kept blowing air out of her mouth and started to moan. I sucked her hard nipples. She kept stroking my lubricating dick hard. I could feel my foreskin loosening down and the head of my dick peeping out with pride.

I continued sucking her nipples. I took my hand off her boobs and slowly went down, rubbing her fleshy belly. I continued rubbing my hand further down till I managed to dip my fingers between her legs. I tried to sneak my finger between her legs.

Kavita immediately raised one of her legs, allowing me to rub her pussy. I had to go through a dense forest before reaching her wet and dripping pussy lips. Everything was getting intense between us, be it Kavita stroking my dick or me sucking her nipples.

I dipped my middle finger deep inside her cunt the same way, placing my palm over her hairy genital. I rolled one arm around her upper body and jammed her boobs over my face. After a few minutes of boob sucking, dick stroking, and pussy fingering, I let my hard dick taste her wet and sticky pussy.

I withdrew my mouth from her nipples and fingers from her tight pussy. I then pushed her upper body back down on the bed. She fell flat on the bed with her arms stretched wide open to the breadth of the bed. I grabbed one of the cups of her bra and pulled it up from her body, wanting to remove it.

Kavita pulled her arms out of her bra strap, allowing me to remove it. I removed her bra and dropped it on the bed just beside her. I placed my hands on her inner thigh and spread her legs wide. I sat on my knees between her legs. I then grabbed my dick.

By bending my upper body a little over Kavita, I placed the mouth of my dick right in between her dark and hairy pussy lips. Just as my dick touched her pussy lips, Kavita closed her eyes and grabbed the bed tight with her arms spread wide across the bed.

I pushed my dick past her pussy lips. Her pussy lips stretched out, exposing her tiny oval-shaped and wrinkled pussy hole. Just as the mouth of my dick stuck into her pussy hole, Kavita closed her eyes further tight, shrinking her face.

For a second, all the ragging she did to me in my school days flashed through my mind. I told myself, “This is now your turn to ride her.” With all these thoughts going through my mind, I chucked my dick hard into her tiny pussy hole. In the first push, I manage to penetrate my dick inside her cunt.

Kavita gasped loud, “Aah,” as I pushed my dick inside her cunt with some force. My lusty emotions were running sky-high. I pressed my hands on the bed on either side of her boobs with a closed fist. I pushed my dick deeper inside her vagina.

I kept pushing my dick deeper inside Kavita. I managed to penetrate about three-fourths of my dick into her pussy. With my dick immersed in her wet pussy, I started to fuck her hard. I started crushing her pussy hard. Kavita grabbed the bedsheets tight with her arms spread wide across the bed.

Her eyes were still tightly closed. Within the first 3 or 4 strokes, she screamed aloud, “Aah, slow down, not so fast.” But I was in seventh heaven. I bent down a little further over her. I then tucked my thumbs on her broad, rough, sweaty underarms and continued fucking her deep and hard.

The best sight while fucking Kavita was to see her big boobs moving like waves with each push and pull of my dick into her pussy. Her pussy was so tight inside. I felt her inner flesh tightly hugging my dick every time I chucked my dick inside her.

But I loved that tight gripping feeling over my dick. I continued to bang Kavita deep and hard. I was thumping her pussy so hard. Not just Kavita, but even my bed moved and made screeching noises every time I pumped my dick inside her.

In a few seconds, she raised her hands and placed them on my chest, trying to push me back. I was in no mood to stop. So, I immediately stuck my dick deep inside her tight vagina. I then grabbed both her hands by her wrist and locked them on either side of her head with my hands.

But then, in a very slow and tired voice, she again told me, “Slow it, please. It’s hurting,” with her eyes closed. This time I had to give in. So, I slowly pushed my dick even further inside with our waists tightly locked. I could even feel my balls kissing the lower end of her buttocks.

I lowered my upper body and lay over her sweat-drenched wet body with my face right over her face. With our waists locked tightly against each other, I slowly started to rotate my dick deep inside her vagina. We were sweating so heavily as if we were fucking under the shower.

Every time I rotated my waist, my dick rubbed hard over her inner flesh. I even started doubting whether I was crushing her pussy deep or her flesh was crushing my dick from all sides. But I just loved the feeling of her wet and sticky vagina flesh gripping my dick all around.

This time Kavita also seemed to enjoy it. She continued to keep her eyes closed. But every time my dick rubbed her inner flesh, she moaned in a sensual voice, with a half-smile on her face. Her sensual moaning kept my lust peaking further and further.

I dropped my face and slowly sucked her thick lower lips, kindling her vagina deep. Kavita did not respond to my kiss by closing her upper lips on me. She continued to keep her mouth open. She kept moaning sensually with every movement of my dick inside her.

Our missionary sex position at this point seemed just like a curtailed sex scene in old Indian movies. Though not much movement between the parties, the hero gently lies over the heroin. Both were sweating heavily, and both gave an expression of ultimate ecstasy.

We continued the same way for maybe, close to a minute. I then suddenly started to feel a strong tickling sensation traveling from my balls through the length of my dick. My dick erupted, and I ejaculated, splashing multiple rounds of my semen inside Kavita.

As my semen gushed, I could not control my emotions. I loosened my hands from her wrist. Kavita immediately tangled her fingers with mine tightly. I moaned loudly with my eyes half-closed every time my dick splashed my semen inside her pussy.

As I finished ejaculating, I closed my eyes and rested my forehead on her left shoulder, breathing heavily. Kavita was also breathing heavily. She slowly removed her tangled fingers from mine. She slowly rubbed my upper back and whispered in my ears, “It’s ok, it’s ok. Relax,” and kissed my cheeks.

As I finished ejaculating, my dick shrunk in size, became softer and slowly oozed out of her pussy. I lied over her for a few seconds. I rolled over and slept beside her, still trying to get my breath back.

Kavita then slowly rolled over me. She was looking at me with her chin over my chest. I then looked at her and, nodding my head, asked her, “So? How did you feel it?” She stuck her tongue out and said, “Loved the second half, but the first half was so painful when you behaved crazy.”

I giggled and said, “Yes, I purposefully fucked you hard.” She stared at me and asked, “What?” I said, “What if you start to teach me how to fuck a woman if I had been gentle with you?” She gave a confused look and said, “I did not get you.”

I then reminded her, “Do you remember how you ragged me 17 years back saying you would teach me how to kiss a woman? She thought and said, “Yes, I do remember. So?”

I again giggled and said, “That’s why I went in full throttle at the beginning. So that you don’t teach me how to fuck a woman seeing me being gentle with you now.” She gave a starring smile at me, enlarging her eyelids.

We then lay down for some time on the bed. Close to about noon, she freshened herself up, dressed and left my home.

So, friends, this was my real-life sex experience with my elder brother’s college friend, Kavita. Please let me know your feedback on my story about doing kinky stuff with her in my bedroom. You could also write to me at my mail id /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”b8d3d9d6d6d9ceddd6d3d9cc8081f8dfd5d9d1d496dbd7d5″>[email protected].