Bus travel sex with hot figure colleague Anusiya

Hello everyone, this is the story that happened between me and my colleague Anusiya. We both are from the same native. We never traveled together and we are working in a Bangalore IT company.

Due to Pongal, I was planning to travel to our native so while booking a ticket, I asked Anusiya –

Me: Do you want me to book a ticket for you too?

After a few minutes of thinking, she said: Ok.

Then I booked 1 single seat for me and 1 seat for her in a double bed seat. Coming to her figure, she has a damn good figure 34-32-36. Her outfits are always exposed to her figure, especially the cleavage part. I am sitting next to her in the office daily, so I get a chance to see her cleavage, bra, or sometimes lace of her panty.

We started talking about a lot of things in the office. Sometimes we talked about adultery topics too. She won’t express much but I had a guy feeling that she really enjoyed the topic whenever we discussed it.

On the day of traveling, around 4 pm we were about to logout. She said that she wanted to go to the restroom. After a few minutes,  she came and she carried something in her hand. But it was fully covered and she kept it in her bag. When I asked, she said, “Nothing”, but I was a bit curious and wanted to see it.

While she was talking to other colleagues, I peeked in her bag. To my surprise, it was her blue color lingerie panty. My mind was blasted with a lot of sexual thoughts about how she was not wearing anything inside the jeans. And her pussy was directly rubbing her jeans. I was getting an imagination of how her pussy would be, was it hairy, shaved, or like that.

With those thoughts, I went to my room and I fucked my roommate. (Yes, I am interested in both guy and girl and my roommate is my slave in sex. I will tell in my next story how I made him my slave and how I fucked his girlfriend too.)

Coming to the story. Around 8 pm, I picked my colleague Anusiya from her hostel in an auto. She was sitting close to me and our shoulder and thighs were touching each other. I was already full hard-on and covering it with my bag. While getting down, she slipped out and I got a chance to grab her waist and ass. She said thanks for catching her but I was the one who should say thanks to her to catch her curvy ass.

Once we settled in the bus, she felt discomfort with another girl sleeping next to her. I was settled in a single seat. Then Anusiya asked me to shift next to her. Without hesitation, I asked the other girl and we shifted the place.

The bus started and the lights were all off. We started talking and we both became close together bit by bit. Finally, her head was on my shoulder and I used this chance to put my hand around her. She said that she was getting back pain. I used that chance and rubbed her hand as much as I wanted over the dress. She was wearing a yellow churidar and leggings.

The massage took a few minutes. I was on cloud nine and I put my hand on her ass. She didn’t respond to anything overconfidence. Then, while sleeping, I hugged her and she responded very well and we talked about some hot topics. I kissed all over her face.

She asked: Why keep kissing me?

Then I asked: You also kiss me.

Within a minute, she placed her first lip-lock which lasted for 5 minutes. Once she broke the kiss, I came on top of her and again kissed with passion for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, my dick was rubbing her pussy and she adjusted according to the rhythm.

Once I broke the kiss, we caught our breaths back. Then I touched my colleague’s boobs over the churidar and pressed them. She liked it. I kept my hand to her dress over the neck and grabbed the bra. It was so soft. Then I slightly removed the bra and played with both her boobs continuously. Then we again kissed each other.

My other hand was exploring her body fully and reached her pussy over the leggings. I rubbed her pussy. She opened the leggings and let me explore inside her pussy. When I touched her panty, it felt so good. I went inside and for the first time, I was touching her pussy.

It had no hair and was so soft and wet. I played with my colleague’s pussy for 15 minutes with my left hand. My right hand was on her boobs and our lips were sealed.

Then I lifted her churidar and grabbed her boobs with my mouth and sucked them. Meanwhile, she fully removed her top and bra. While sucking her boobs, I removed her leggings, and now she was in panty only. Anusiya came on top of me and removed my dress and grabbed my dick like hell. She stroked my dick like anything and gave me a blowjob for 5 minutes.

After that, I cummed in her mouth and she drank the whole cum. Later, I drank some water. She grabbed my lips with her lips before I drank the water. She sucked all her water in my mouth. This made me more harder again and we continued it for a few times.

Then I came on top of her and removed her panty and sucked the wet juice. She wanted me to finger her pussy and asked me, so I did her fingering. While fingering, I asked –

Me: Why did you remove your panty in the office?

She was surprised and told me that she did masturbate in the office which was why removed her panty. She and another girl used to do this frequently in the office she said. Hearing this, my mind was blown and I fingered her with 2 fingers in my colleague’s pussy.

I imagined there was another pussy waiting for me to play. Then I started playing with my tongue in her pussy. No matter how many times I sucked her juice, it kept on coming due to the tornado twist in her pussy. Then I grabbed her boobs also. She was in tremendous pain and pleasure.

She wanted to moan like anything. But due to the situation that we were on the bus, she controlled her moaning and suffering like anything. She was in mixed feelings of pleasure and pain and controlling the moans. Seeing that, I was getting so horny.

I directly thrust my 6 inches dick into her pussy fully. Anusiya was surprised and in pain asking me not to fuck her. I didn’t mind her voice and started fucking her. Due to her multiple orgasms, it was very easy for me to fuck her pussy. I continuously fucked her for 20 minutes and unloaded my cum in her pussy. Then she inserted her finger in her pussy and took my cum and tasted it.

After that, we had one more round of sex. She positioned herself in cowgirl style and fucked me like hell. The realization that we were surrounded by people on the bus and we were covered by only single curtains, made us more horny and we fucked each other at that point. We didn’t care if we were caught while having sex on the bus.

After 3 times of hardcore sex, we slept naked on the bus. At 5 am, I got up and asked her to dress up as our stop would be coming in another half an hour. My colleague wore her clothes without a bra and panty and asked me to keep it and give it to her when we meet next as she won’t be wearing anything that day. I happily took that panty and kept it.

She said: Still half an hour is there. Why don’t you give me a gift?

Saying this, she pulled my dick and started giving me a blowjob. To our surprise, the girl we switched seats with, saw us while my colleague was giving a blowjob as the curtains shifted due to by air. She was in shock and I closed the door immediately. But that girl didn’t say anything and she left. (That time, I didn’t know that we were going to be her sex slaves!)

But Anusiya didn’t know that the girl saw us. Her focus was on me. When I saw through the window, Anusiya’s father was coming on a bike to pick her up. I was on cloud nine that his daughter was blowing me in the bus. But he didn’t know. With those thoughts, I unloaded my cum in my colleague’s mouth.

Then she left and her father picked her up from the bus stop. We continued our fantasy through video calls while we were in native. Once we got back to Bangalore, our sexual fantasies went to different levels. I will tell you that in the upcoming stories.

This is the true incident that happened in my life and we are still sexual partners and it is still continuing.