Kajal Strips for Her Business

Hi friends, I am Kajal from India. I’m 27 years old married businesswoman. Little about myself. I was working with a private company and later started my set-up.

I am 5.7 tall, fair, slim with dark eyes and long hair. I have a sexy and hot figure of 34c-26-36. Men always looked at me and ate me with their eyes. I had a few incidents in my job, but I will share this first.

I was looking for a new project and came across an MNC in the entertainment industry. I learned they are looking for a local company to manage their new project. I sent them my proposal and got a reply to meet them at their place, which was in Africa.

So I prepared myself and reached there to meet them. I relaxed and prepared for the meeting the next day. The meeting was at one of their beachside resort. So I reached there in time and called them from the lobby. They asked me to come to the conference room.

I was wearing normal office wear. A long black skirt and a tight pink shirt with top two buttons open and inside a pink lacy bra and panty with a blazer. I reached there and moved inside. I greeted them and introduced myself. They also introduced themselves.

David was a big, muscular black man aged 58. Tom was aged 54, a typical African guy. Jack was the eldest, aged 65, white guy.

I took my seat and gave them a presentation for almost an hour. I looked that they were looking at me more than presentation. I completed it and asked them about the same. They told me it’s good, but they can’t go with it. They also had good offers from others. I tried to make them understand how we can do better.

David: See, Kajal, it isn’t easy to give you the offer on the presentation which you have shown.

Me: Sir, can you tell me what changes it needs?

Jack: Give us 10 minutes to discuss.

I moved out and waited for 10 minutes. And came back.

Me: So, sir, can we move further?

Tom: Yes, Kajal, we can, but with few terms. And it’s not any compulsion. You can decide on your own if you want to move ahead.

Jack: Kajal, you are very hot and sexy. Your body looks amazing. We had never been with any Indian lady here. So we want to explore you.

Me: What? What are you saying?

David: It’s not force. You can think and let us know. So listen to our terms.

Jack: Kajal, as I said, we want to explore your body for the weekend. So we will fuck you as we want. We will fuck you together. We will fuck you bare in all your holes.

David: You will not say no to us. We will do as we want till Monday morning.

Tom: We will use you as we want. That includes using you for our benefits and sharing you.

Jack: We are running an adult club here. We had never show of Indian Lady in it. So we will make you perform there in the adult club.

Me: What do I have to do there?

David: You will be dancing on stage like pole and strip dance. Once you are stripped naked, you will perform a live sex show for them.

Me: What? What are you saying? How can I do this?

Jack: Kajal, it’s business. Take it or leave it.

Tom: Don’t worry about your identity. No cameras are allowed. And also we are having special shows. So only VIP guests are allowed.

Jack: And the deal will be three times for which you had come.

Me: Three times?

Jack: Yes. Three times for a special, sexy lady.

Tom: Think about it and answer in 10 minutes.

I was left thinking what to do. I was also in desperate requirement of funds. So thought to move ahead.

Me: OK. I agree, but no force or humiliation against my wish.

Jack: Agree. Sweet lady.

David: Great. Kajal. You will enjoy and earn a good project.

Tom: Good, baby. It will be an amazing journey with you.

Jack: Kajal, now relax and remove your blazer.

I removed my blazer and kept it aside.

Jack: Your boobs look prominent.

David: And your ass is also sexy.

Tom: Kajal, be relaxed by removing the buttons of shirts.

I know if I hesitate, then I also have to do it. So slowly, I removed all buttons to expose my lacy, sexy, transparent pink bra.

Tom: Wow, looks amazing. Kajal, your boobs are a treat to enjoy.

Jack: Yes, baby. We had never seen such a sexy pair of boobs.

David: Why don’t you take the shirt and keep it aside?

I removed it completely and put it aside. I was only in a bra on the top portion of my body. I was sitting in front of them.

Jack: Baby, please remove your skirt and let us see your sexy thighs.

I stood up and dropped my skirt on the floor. And kept it aside to expose my body in a two-piece and high heels.

David: Sexy, you look stunning, Kajal.

Jack: Yes, you look like a baby doll. Baby, have a catwalk in the hall to give us a show of your curves.

I moved around and shared my body to let them look at my curves.

Tom: Lovely. Kajal, you can become a great porn star if you want.

Jack: Yes. That’s true, baby girl. Your curves are amazing. People will enjoy it a lot.

Tom asked me to come near to them. I moved near to him. He had a close look at me and asked me to move around. I moved and gave him a close look at my body. He pinched my tits to shock me and told its great.

Tom: Guys, she is hot. Let the entire resort have a good view of her.

David: Kajal, you had come through the lobby. Right?

Me: Yes, sir.

David: We had forgotten the key to our suit. So you have to go there in this two-piece and bring the keys.

Me: What are you saying? How can I?

Jack: Baby, you are our little slut. And will do as we want. No arguments. Let the whole resort see what a slut you are.

David: Yes, dear. And here, as of now, you are the only lady available. Rest all are men. So, let their eyes have a feast.

Tom: don’t think much. Anyhow, all will see you having live sex in the club. So don’t think much and go.

Jack: Yes. Go and call me from the lobby. We are seeing you from CCTV cameras.

I was left with no option. But still asked them to let me wear the clothes.

Jack: No need. And you must know that slut is bound to be naked. But still, we are letting you move with the two-piece.

I moved outside slowly towards the lobby. I can find guys looking at me with hungry eyes and commenting on me. I found a few guys in the waiting lobby and reception. I asked the reception guy to hand over the keys to me. He asked me to call and have confirmation. I called Jack.

Me: Hi, sir, I had reached in lobby. Please instruct him to give me the key.

Jack: Why should I tell him again? I had already told him. Now show him your sluttiness and take the key. You have to make him feel that you are a slut.

I cut the call and smiled at him. I gave extra movement to my boobs and asked him in a sexy voice about the suit keys. He saw the movement of my boobs under the sexy bra and smiled. He told me the number and also handed over the key.

But while giving me the key, he spanked my ass and felt the curve. I moved back and entered back in the conference room.

Jack: Good work, baby. Do you know why we sent you to take the key?

Me: No, sir. It must be you guys had forgotten.

David: No.

Me: Then why did you send me?

Jack: Everyone should know that there is one sexy slut for tonight’s party in the adult club. They should know how sexy and hot slut is going to entertain them.

Tom: Good work you have done. So you must be rewarded. Come into the centre and sit on that lower single sofa.

I moved into the centre sofa and sat on it. All three guys stood up, moved near me, and surrounded me. They dropped their trouser in one go, and their big cocks sprang on my face. I was shocked to see three throbbing cocks. They were bigger and ready to rip me apart.

Jack: See dear, what you had made effect. Even our old cocks are ready to get back their past glory.

David: They are ready to explode without feeling your body and curves.

Tom moved his big African cock near my face and put it near my lips. And asked me to open my mouth. I opened my mouth and took his tip, which also made me difficult. But I managed to start him sucking. David moved my hand on his cock followed by Jack in the other hand.

So I had two big cocks in both hands while sucking another one. I was sucking Tom hard and deep while caressing two others. They were enjoying me playing with them. Jack and David also moved on the front side, making me suck them in turns.

They were making me gag on their cocks. Even tears were rolling from my eyes, and they were choking me. But they were forcing me to suck them deep. They made me to such them for almost half an hour. Then asked me to keep my mouth open and showered me inside my mouth and on my face with their cum.

I was drenched in their cum. Even cum flowed on my bra. They enjoyed making cum shower on me. They asked me to dry them till the last drop, which I did. Their cum was all over my face, chin and breast. They left me drenched on the floor and moved back to their seats.

David: Guys, she sucks very well. I had never experienced like this.

Tom: You are right. It will be an enjoyable weekend with her.

Jack: Yes, guys. It will be wild to enjoy all her holes.

David: Kajal, get cleaned as we go out for drinks and snacks.

I moved into the adjoining bath, cleaned myself, and had a good bath. I wore only panties as my bra was drenched. I wore a bathrobe on it. I moved out and found all of them ready.

Me: Guys, where are my clothes?

Jack: Wait, dear. It’s coming.

David: Special dress for you.

Tom: Hey, remove that robe. No need to wear informal clothes while being with us. Give it to me.

I removed it and gave him. They can see my naked tits and small panty.

David: Wow. Your boobs and tits are amazing.

Tom: All will love to see each part of your body.

Jack: Your naked boobs are a treat to enjoy. Come here.

I moved near him. He grabbed my boobs and played with them. All of them played and enjoyed the firmness. Then we heard the knock on the door. While continuing to play with my boobs, David asked to come in. I tried to move away, but he held me tight.

It was the waiter with the packet of the dress. He kept aside, enjoyed looking at my almost naked body, and left with a smile. David spanked my ass and asked me to open the packet. I opened the packet and found the dress with sexy inners.  I took the bra, which was a light pink transparent one.

As I tried to wear it, I found it to be smaller. When I asked them, they told me to wear whatever it was. I wore it well and found over half my boobs from the bra. Even my tits were pointed and ready to get attention. I wore a g-string, which was hardly covering my holes.

Then it was one piece light pink transparent slit dress with a very low neck. As I wore that, my half-boobs were on display. Even the slit was from both sides high till my waist. It exposed the entire bottom and front, making me almost expose my g-string and, in turn, my holes.

I was looking like a real slut who was going to entertain the whole crowd. All three old men got very excited seeing me this much hot.

David: You look hot. Men will enjoy eating you.

Jack: Yes, Kajal, you look super hot, making all of us horny for you.

Tom: Kajal. You will learn today what a slut you are.

David: Yes, dear. All will see how big slut you are.

Jack: All oldies will get to know what a slut they have missed till now.

David: Kajal, we first go into the VIP bar and then to the club. Let the men in the bar feast their eyes on your body before making you nude in the club.

Jack: Kajal, be ready to do as we want and show your slutty skills as we want.

Tom: Yes, darling. Make everyone happy here.

And they asked me to move along with them. We moved towards the VVIP bar, which was in the corner place. As we enter, we can see almost all the tables full, being the weekend, leaving the reserved one in the centre. Walking inside, I can see guys’ eyes stooped on my body.

We moved towards the centre reserved table. It was single four sofas and a table in between. My entire thigh was exposed as I sat, letting them look at my inner thigh and g-string. I tried to make it cover, but David stopped me and told me to let all enjoy. So I was now sitting, exposing my entire thigh and g-string.

David: Kajal, see, everyone is looking at you.

I looked around and saw most of the guys checking on me. The waiter came and took the order of them. David stopped him to take my order and asked me to look around. I asked in puzzle, and he told me he would ask me to go to a selected guy and earn a free drink.

I looked at almost all the guys looming at me. Jack asked me to look at the corner table. As I looked at that place, I found three old guys sitting and enjoying the drink.

Jack: Look at them. They are the oldest among here. You have to earn four drinks for all of us from there.

David: Show them how hot and slutty you are and earn the drinks.

Tom: Remember, you are a slur for this weekend. And slut do as they are told. They don’t argue but use their curves and holes. So be a good slut and do as you want.

I looked at them again and found they must be above 65. I stood up, moved towards their table, and asked them if I could sit there. They smiled and asked me to sit. I sat, and they could see my deep cleavage and half-open boobs. They introduced me as VJ, aged 70, Ken, aged 68. Aamir, aged 75.

Aamir: Hey, why did you come here? Are they not with you?

Me: Ya, they are with me. I showed you guys alone and came to join us for a drink.

Ken: Ohh. Sure, you can have, and he ordered the drink for me.

Vj: So Kajal, you look very hot. And your body curves are really good.

Aamir: We will show your posters in the club invitation. You are going to perform there. Right?

Me: Yes.

Vj: Yes, Aamir. I have heard from the manager that she will perform strip dance followed by live sex.

Aamir: So you are a slut to make us enjoy.

Ken: So Kajal, show us something hot as your drink is on us.

Me: Don’t you think I look hot now?

Ken: You are certainly. But that hotness is for all here. What is special for us?

Me: What do you want?

Aamir: Show us how is your tits?

Me: What? What are you saying?

Aamir: See, if you will show us as we want, I will give you this much money.

And he opened the briefcase full of money. I was shocked to see a full-money briefcase.

VJ: So hope you have trust now. We will give you money as well.

Ken: So Kajal, show us your long legs keeping here on the table.

As I kept one leg on the table, the bottom was displayed.

Ken: Wow. You look like a sex bomb.

Aamir: Kajal, all money can be yours if you complete our desire.

Me: How?

Aamir: Just sleep on this table and let us three fuck your mouth in front of all here.

Me: What are you talking about?

Aamir: Yes. All will see you naked in the club in a few hours. So what’s the harm in showing them here? You will also take cocks in your holes there. So why not here?

Ken: Hey, come on. You are slut for tonight. So don’t think much.

Ken called the waiter, made the table clean, and asked me to climb on it, and he will adjust me.

I decided to obey and moved onto the table.

Ken (in a loud voice): Hey guys. Look at this slut. She is going to blow us. So enjoy the show. All guys’ heads turned towards the table. Ken made me sleep on my back with my head hanging while my bottom under my waist also hung.

Ken moved near my legs and parted it to expose the thin g string hardly covering my pussy. Every guy was cheering. Then he moved towards my mouth and unzipped himself in one go. His entire cock inside my mouth to shock me. And he started to fuck my mouth deep.

David looked at that from his table, and all three moved towards the table.

David: Hey guys, this is our slut. So let’s make her double penetrated here.

And David slid my g-string apart and showed his big dick inside me. Now, both of them were facing me deep and hard. I was moaning loudly. They were thrusting me deep. Tom approached my boobs and lowered my dress to expose my tits. So, the guys were enjoying the show.

Now Ken and David were on the verge of cumming. Without any warning, they cum inside me deep and filled my holes. VJ and Tom then replaced them and, later, got funded by the other two guys. I was exhausted. And restless.

The guys left me almost dead on the table and moved back on the table. I slowly got up, moved on the sofa, and sat.

David: Kajal, your pussy is so tight and enjoyable.

Tom: Yes. She’s tight.

Jack: Guys, her pussy is so tight. So imagine how tight her ass hole will be?

Tom: True, it will be real fun to fuck her ass.

David: Still, it’s a couple of hours to the club show. So, let’s move to the casino.

I was damm tired. So asked if I could take a rest. But they refused and asked me to join them. Tom asked me to have a good shower, got fresh, and told me we would go. Sk that your tiredness will minimize.

They took me to a nearby suit and waited for me to get fresh and come while discussing how to explore me more and more. I came after a good bath, and they changed my dress again. This time they first gave me a small size transparent red knitted bra with holes on tits to get them exposed.

Then Davis gave me a g-string, just a string as I wore it. It disappeared between my ass, and it looks like I’m nothing underneath. Then he gave me a micro skirt that hardly covered my ass. And on top, he asked me to be in a bra only and let all enjoy the show of my sexy boobs.

More to come in the second part.