Call Me Mommy – Part 7 (Public Sex)

Hey guys! HarDick69 is back with the incest series he’s been writing. All of my stories are based on real people and situations. Let’s continue the fun with my mom.

After our midnight fun and the shower sex, things were going to be in favor of me and my throbbing veiny dick. Mom swallowed my cum and turned off the shower. Mom left the bathroom with her towel. After drying myself, I got my clothes and started getting ready.

Mom was getting ready too. I went to her room so that we could get ready together. She was trying to hook up her bra. Her nipples were puffed up and erect after the session. I stood behind her getting ready and looking at the mirror.

I moved her hair down from her back to her left shoulder and hooked her bra. I kissed her bareback. I saw mom biting her lip from her reflection in the mirror. We both got ready to leave.

Mom: Sweetie, can we go shopping today evening? My colleague’s marriage is two weeks away.

Me: Why not? What do you say about us going to a movie afterward?

Mom: Yeah, sure! Make sure you get me a saree that would make me look better than Vidya Balan. Haha!

I spanked her ass and grabbed both her buttcheeks with both hands.

Me: You are the best, mommy! By the way, is your colleague female?

Mom: Yeah. Why do you ask?

Me: Nothing, mom! I’m looking forward to seeing her. Let’s hope she isn’t as hot as you.

Mom: You silly motherfucker!

We shared a laugh and left.

After college, I came back a bit late. I had forgotten about the shopping. Mom was waiting for me with a not-so-happy face.

Me: I’m so sorry, mommy! Let’s leave fast. I guess we will have to watch the late-night show.

We went to the same mall where we bought mom’s lingerie earlier. We browsed through wedding collections and chose kurta and a mundu (as we call them here in Kerala) for me. While browsing through the women’s collection, we bumped into the same salesgirl from earlier.

Salesgirl: Hi there, sir!

She saw us in the wedding collection area and the dress I chose. She took my dress from my hand.

Salesgirl: Oh, I see the occasion of your shopping. Madam, aren’t you looking for a saree?

Mom: Yes, something that would match both of us.

Salesgirl took a few pairs of saree and blouse sets from the shelf. My dress had a glossy light red theme, so the salesgirl chose the saree blouse sets with the same color. The design of the saree and the design of the blouse were the varying factors.

I was protective of my mom, so I thought of choosing less sexy ones. But she had asked me to choose her the best. So I selected her a sleeveless blouse with a deep cleavage cut and a sexy glossy saree to go along with it.

Salesgirl: You want some inners to go along with this, ma’am?

Mom: Sure!

Salesgirl chose a couple of strapless bras and normal and laced panties of the same color and handed them to mom.

Salesgirl looked at me and said: I’m guessing you guys will try it out?

I nodded. Mom blushed, anticipating something nasty would happen in the trial room. Mom went in first with all the selected dresses. Salesgirl got me alone now, so she continued from where she had paused before.

Salesgirl: I thought you might call me. Guess you guys are inseparable, huh?

She exposed her navel and cleavage by adjusting her pallu. Luckily it was a blind spot for the cameras in the shop. She grabbed me by my crotch and slowly massaged my cock through my pants.

My awestruck face got sweaty, and my breath became faster. On the other hand, the naughty salesgirl pinched her nipples over the sleeveless sexy blouse she wore.

“I think I need some help here!” Mom must have been tired of waiting for me to make a move and enter the trial room.

“You better continue with what we have between us,” the salesgirl whispered and let go of her grab on my crotch. She signaled a ‘call me’ and proceeded to attend to a customer. I bolted the trail room from inside and turned towards mommy.

“You wanted my help?”

“Yeah, tell me. How do I look?”

Mom looked so lovely and gorgeous in the saree. I got close to her as if I was examining every detail of her dress. I dropped her pallu on the floor, exposing her smoking hot blouse and navel.

Mom’s quick reflex was to cover her boobs and belly. Her face slowly turned to a sly smile. I lifted her saree down from her legs, held it in my hands, and exposed her bare luscious thighs. I held it high till her hips and clamped my hands around her waist with her saree crumpled up.

Now her panty was exposed. She wore a lacy red panty. It was a thin one, so it didn’t cover much ground. With both my hand locked around her, mommy leaned onto me and locked lips. Now I grabbed her ass and lifted her panty from her wedgie.

Her hips moved back in a reflex. I sucked my middle finger, made it wet, rubbed her G-spot, and performed rhythmic fingering. I spread mom’s pussy lips with my index and middle finger and rubbed her wet crotch. Mom covered her mouth, muffling her moan.

I pulled down her panty and loosened her saree. After releasing the knot of her blouse, mom was completely naked except for her glossy red bra. Then it was all a rush. We had to finish whatever we started and leave the trial room without arousing any suspicion.

Mom sat on the stool kept in the corner of the room and unzipped me. She loosened my belt and brought my pants and underwear to my knee level. She took out my cock, which was already hard from the salesgirl’s rubbing. She peeled out my foreskin to reveal my pink cock head.

Mom’s enthusiasm doubled. She stood up and called me by my name and nothing else. She didn’t call me sweetie or baby. She called me my name like I was her hubby. My dick twitched wildly.

I put her left leg on the stool, and her right leg remained on the cold floor. I widened her legs, bent her back and loosened her hair. I spat on my palm and rubbed it on mommy’s wet fleshy pussy.

Mommy called me by my name and asked me to take her right away. Without any hesitation, I slid my cock in. Mom’s wet ever-welcoming pussy treated my throbbing cock well. My dick could feel her heartbeat through her tight warm pussy.

My mommy supported her weight with her right hand on her knee and left hand muffling her sexy groans and moans. Her hair kept falling on her face. So I held it together while caressing her ass with my other hand. As the pounding got harder and faster, my grip on mommy’s hair became stronger.

I pulled her hair from behind, but my sweet mommy didn’t complain. Her milky jugs jiggled inside her bra. The reflection of us fucking made me hornier.

Salesgirl called from outside: Are you guys OK in there?

I replied to the salesgirl while gasping for breath: Yeah! Augh! We’re fine. Just give us a few minutes.

Salesgirl didn’t leave her place outside the door. Her shadow didn’t move. She remained still, listening to our grunts and the sound of my balls hitting my mom’s ass and the occasional muffled moans of my mommy. Other customers must have left.

Mommy didn’t notice this but wanted to climax fast. Mom thrust her ass back. Both of us were thrusting each other. Mom climaxed when I rubbed her G-spot along with my passionate fucking. But somehow, I had to hold back my cum. Mom realized this and knelt on the floor.

She unhooked her bra, threw it on the floor and squeezed her voluptuous breasts around my wet hard cock. She gave me a thorough titfuck. I spat into her cleavage, making it slippery and sticky.

Mom didn’t notice the soft gasp on the other side of the door when she removed her bra and threw it on the floor. It landed next to the door. The salesgirl must’ve been very turned on listening to us fuck.

I cum on my sweet mommy’s boobs and let a sigh of relief and accomplishment. The shadow on the other side of the door left its place. The dress mom wore before was hung on the clothesline, and so was her lingerie. I pocketed her panty.

Mom looked concerned about going out for dinner and cinema without wearing panties. I reassured her with a strong liplock. “Trust me. I have some plans,” I muttered.

We were leaving after billing. I found the salesgirl staring at me, then at my mom’s wet cleavage and messy hair. She didn’t approach us. She just watched us with awe and lust as we left the counter.

We took tickets to a cheesy romantic flick after having dinner. It was quite a risk to do something inside the theatre as in Kerala. We had cameras even inside the cinema hall.

A tall guy sat on the seat in front of me. I exchanged my seat with mommy and winked at her. Luckily the tall dude might cover up her crotch area. My hand was on her lap when the movie started. Before the interval, my palm was rubbing slowly against her inner thigh.

I felt the leggings getting wet when I touched her pussy. After grabbing popcorn, I continued from the place where I paused. After what happened in the trial room, I thought that mom’s battery might have been exhausted. But clearly, she was all in on the fun after the recharging dinner.

I rubbed my fingers over the tight leggings. I felt the wet wedgie and flicked my finger left to right so fast that she bit my shoulder. Mom was helpless. I continued teasing her with my occasional intense pussy rub for a while.

Neither of us could recall whatever happened on screen. Even though she didn’t climax, mom hugged me tight on our bike ride home.

Days passed, and the day of her colleague’s wedding arrived.

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